Are You Healthy Inside & Out?

Healthy inside and out means putting good foods on the inside and safe products on the outside – this week we’re traveling (as a couple to Chicago!) so focusing on health is on the forefront of our minds. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite products and recipes for healing from the inside out in this week’s newsletter! 

Our Real Life

We’re so very grateful for your love and support over the years, and especially for putting our fist book, Eat Like a Dinosaur on the Amazon Best Sellers List last week. It’s unbelievably cool to see it in the number 1 spot again, thank you! Especially at the top of the list for “children’s heath” options, compared to some of what was around or next to it, I love the idea that parents may discover this book as a way to nourish their family!

While it’s not perfectly paleo, huge KUDOS to Starbucks for finding a way to make a truly gluten-free warm breakfast option – even certified GF because they are self contained in a bag they reheat them in! I’m happy to support companies who are meeting customer demands – like almond & coconut milk and these sandwiches. Ingredients perfectly clean? No. But as part of our 80/20 approach these are foods that don’t help heal, but also don’t cause harm for us and we are so grateful they exist!

Paleo Pro-Tip

Health isn’t just about food and what’s on the inside!

Do you know what you’re putting on your body every day? From lotion and makeup to sunscreen and perfume… even your hand soap! I love the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep website, where you can look up any product that you put ON your body (not just in) for things that can cause hormone disruption or that have been linked to cancer. This is how I transitioned to safer skincare and cleaner cosmetics entirely – by removing the worst offenders one by one.

Wanna know what I recommend to replace your absolute favorites that you think you just can’t give up?

We have a whole Safer Skincare FAQ page with our favorite swaps for getting safer makeup and skincare in your every day routine! Check it out —> here!

Want to learn even more? Join the Healthy Inside and Out Facebook group here!

Our Favorite Healthy Products for your Outside

Countermatch: patented adaptive performance that allows it to uniquely work with hydrating any skin type appropriately (dry, oily, etc.) to find the ideal balance. It also has other fantastic ingredients which balance redness, help with acne, and all sort of other magic. With 3rd party testing proving this to have longer lasting hydrating power than other high performance moisturizers, it has quickly become a fan favorite that sold out in less than 12 hours!!

Hair Care Collections: a brand new line of salon-quality, clean-ingredient hair products for every hair type! Replacing your hair products was one of my top two priorities because when you are spraying something AT your face you can breath it in. Standard hair products are also among some of the most toxic items in most people’s personal care routines.


Charcoal Cleansing Bar & Charcoal Mask: formulated with binchotan charcoal from Japanese ubame oak, these best-selling products gently wash away impurities, helping to detoxify the skin and absorb excess oil without harsh surfactants.


Baby Soothing Oil, Baby Collection & Kids Line: the baby soothing oil is one of my favorite products – I use it daily on my super-sensitive skind, it’s so gentle it’s perfect for eye make-up removal. The entire baby line is unscented and works wonders on even the most delicate skin. All three of our boys use the kids’ line of shampoo and conditioner without a fuss!

Hand Lotion & Soap with Pump Duo: two gentle, moisturizing formulas designed to revive dry hands. Both the Hand Wash and Hand Cream are packed with nourishing ingredients such as organic aloe and chamomile and leave a subtle, refreshing citrus scent. We have this set in every bathroom in our own home as well as the set I put in the office bathroom to avoid anti-bacterial soap filled with fake fragrance.

Our Favorite “Healthy on the Inside” Recipes

Cinderella Butter Broth Latte

Chicken Noodle Soup

Matcha Latte Collagen Bites

Chocolate Superfood Pudding


We Recommend…

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