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Eat Like a Dinosaur Turns 3!

Years ago there were a handful of paleo books on bookstore shelves, Paleo Magazine had just launched, and no one was talking about paleo kids and the unique process of transitioning a child into a paleo lifestyle. At that…


Cinnamon Apple Creamed (Hot) Cereal

As we've said before, Sundays are the one day a week that Matt gets to sleep in. And on those days, Stacy often invents things. One morning, Matt woke up to discover that she had recreated something reminiscent of…


Pumpkin Pucks

Stacy is one heck of a baking savant. Seriously. While I enjoy baking and have read books and recipes and taken classes to get good at it, Stacy has no academic background in baking. Some might see this as…


Hot Pot at home, and jackfruit too!

We wrote about how to do hot pot once already, but that post was from before this blog was even called Paleo Parents and those pictures don't do the experience justice so James & Brady graciously agreed to let…


Mini Egg Pizzas

We get so disappointed looking around the internet for Paleo + Pizza as a search term. Inevitably we come across many (delicious looking) Primal recipes which include cheese. Since we are a dairy-free family, this hasn't done us much…


Banana Caviar Pudding

When I was growing up, a special treat for me was tapioca pudding. I loved all the little "bubbles" and always wondered why they never popped. Now I'm old(er) and wise enough to know the answer. Well, I…


Packing a Paleo Lunch is Easier Than You Think

Thanks to Sunny, I finally have the motivation to make a post that's been long overdue. I know one of the hardest challenges for us in the beginning of adapting a Paleo lifestyle (that's removal of dairy, grains, legumes,…


Grain Free Granola

I'm going to leave the title simple. We've been teasing our granola recipe for enough time that we're racked with guilt on having held out this long. We just really wanted to get the site relaunch taken care…


Apple Pie Cupcakes and Caramel Icing

I've been working a lot lately. A lot, a lot. I finally had a breather and got to come home a bit early, allowing me to help with preparations for our local Paleo potluck meet-up. We…