Real Life Paleo Chapter Preview

Here is a preview of the chapters from Real Life Paleo, along with some information on how we categorized the recipes! 

We tried very hard to make the book as user-friendly as possible. In doing so we marked recipes that feature an aspect of convenience that people would want to be aware of. Those categories are Under 30 MinutesOne Pot, 5 Ingredients or Fewer, and On the Go. It was important to us that we include a good deal of those kinds of recipes because we knew that many of you have busy lives that don’t lend themselves to complicated recipes, with long prep and cook times. We also marked recipes that we thought were good as Holiday or special occasion dishes. These will certainly enhance your celebrations, but also make great dishes on their own.

Between each recipe section, we included a table that shows you more than just the recipe names. We have a grid to show you at a glance what recipes are in each category so you can quickly scan the page and determine what recipes are going to work for your individual situation.

Breakfast from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Appetizers from Real Life Paleo from Paleo Parents

Mains from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Sides from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Drinks from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Condiments Sauces and Dips from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Childhood Favorites from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Snacks and On-the-Go from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Sweets and Treats from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Allergens and intolerances were also extremely important to us, given our own family’s needs and hearing how important it is to so many of our readers. We marked every recipe in the book with Nut-Free, Egg-Free and Nightshade-Free check boxes. While no recipe in the book contains wheat, grains, soy, or legumes and only one recipe in the book features dairy products, we thought that some might appreciate some of these accepted, but potentially problematic ingredients to also be listed. Not only did we mark this on the page, but we also created an overall allergen index in the back.

Allergen Index 2 from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Allergen Index 1 from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

We spent hours of brainstorming recipes that could meet so many people’s needs. Because of the time we spent during the past year trying to figure out what features would be useful to people and how to best represent them on the page, it also enabled our creativity. You’ll notice that there are a LOT of recipes in this book and that most of them go beyond “normal” paleo. We tried to consider all of the needs for people we possibly could when developing recipes. We know that many people out there desire a book that helps them navigate their particular situation, and we hope that Real Life Paleo can be that book for you!

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