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Don’t forget – healthy skin isn’t just what you put on the outside – or in.
It’s a combination of healthy living, for your inside & out!
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Q: Why Beautycounter?

Have you looked up the products you’re using on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database? I bet you’ll be surprised to learn what’s in them and how they harm your health! From endocrine hormone disrputers, to heavy metals, and scientific links to cancer you’ll find it all in the products most people use day in and day out.

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Sources for above (1) and (2)

The US does a TERRIBLE job of monitoring the toxicity in our hygiene products. Even though our skin is our largest organ an 70% of the chemicals we put on it are absorbed into our blood stream within 26 seconds. The EU has banned 1400 chemicals from hygeine products. The US? 11.

Think about that for a second. Think about your loved ones health.

Years ago I switched over most of my hygeine routine in a series I called Skintervention. At the time, the only products I was aware of were the department store brands that I’d come to love – full of toxins – or very natural brands that meant I was rubbing (stinky) fermented cod liver oil on my face. But, considering the lengths I went to live a healthy lifestyle for the sake of my health (including autoimmune diseases which are linked to environmental triggers) I was willing to make the sacrifice of lovely scents and textures to save my health. I saw improvement in my skin when I switched, but still had bouts of adult acne when I’d eat inflammatory foods or menstruate (from hormones). I also was still using a few brands of toxic beauty products because I just couldn’t find anything to replicate them that was more natural.

When I heard about Beautycounter I couldn’t believe that something could genuinely feel like something I could buy at Sephora but be made with non-toxic, real ingredients that wouldn’t cause my body harm.

Like, literally. I didn’t believe it. I refused to try it for months.

But, when I realized my skin was starting to show wrinkles I started looking for a more natural alternative than the mainstream anti-aging products. I reached out to my safer skincare mentor, Liz, and asked her what products she would recommend. She immediately told me I needed to give Beautycounter a try.

So I researched it. I ended up choosing the Countertime Rejuvinating Collection to try – my favorite products of the set are the Rejuvinating Radiance Serum and the Rejuvinating Night Cream. I also love the Rejuvinating Toner Pads. I choose these products because they were 3rd party tested to show results! The Serum and Pads both naturally exfoliate with fruit acid, which is less abrasive on the skin, but allows for deep penetration of the hydrating components of each. I find them to be highly effective!


It was pricey, but offered the same quality as department store without the toxic ingredients. “It’s my face, if there’s a place to splurge in the budget – this is it.” So I gave the Countertime/Rejuvenating products a try.

Not only can I now give my own testimonial about reduction in wrinkles as well as improvement in inflammation of my face – including significant reduction in adult acne. After learning more about the brand and how much toxins affect health – I’m dedicating part of our (new) blog’s mission to ensuring people are Healthy on the Inside & OUT!


Q: What are your favorite BC products?

You can join my Healthy Inside & Out Facebook Group where I share more information about safer skincare as well as post selfies and detail the specific products I used that day. In general, here’s a list of my absolute-can’t-live-withouts.

But I LOOOOOVE the products I currently use. What would you suggest I replace [X] favorite product with?

I’ve got an entire post dedicated to Safer Skincare & Cleaner Cosmetics swaps!

My Make-Up

My Skincare Routine

My routine is:

  • Shower (about 3 times a week) – use the charcoal cleansing bar on my face and body wash on my body.
  • Every morning – I remove my make-up with the soothing baby oil rubbed into my skin then wipe off excess with a dry towel, then I use half of a toner pad (to save money, I find a whole one isn’t needed) on my “problem areas”, then use a pump-and-a-half of the radiance serum on my entire face.
  • Before bed – I put on the rejuvenating night cream on my entire face – yep, don’t even remove my make-up! No need when they’re clean ingredient based!
  • Once or twice a week I’ll also use a mask (I love the No. 1 Brightening for regular use and the Charcoal No. 3 Balancing Mask as a spot treatment or if acne flares). After the pores are detoxified they’re ready for premium hydrating moisturizer, so I recommend either the radiance serum / rejuvenating day cream or a face oil after.



Before BC+1 Mask on Real Everything

My adult acne has improved dramatically compared to prior Skintervention results,
I rarely see zits now – but I use the Toner Pads and Charcoal Mask as a spot treatment when it do.


The Boys

Kids Sun Stick on RealEverything

Do you use other products, that aren’t Beautycounter?

Yes. The exceptions to BC are as follows:

I am super happy to report that my entire routine is now completely non-toxic… except one item. I’m STILL in search of the perfect deodorant, unfortunately everything I’ve tried so far either irritates my skin or makes me feel like a dirty hippy. I can’t wait to see what BC’s deodorant will be like (anticipated in early 2017)!



Q: I want to make the switch to safer skincare but am on a budget, what do you recommend getting first?

Look-up your most toxic products on EWG’s Skin Deep Database. Then prioritize swapping out as things either run out, or based on what’s the worst rated and most toxic product you use.

Want something more specific recommended? Choose what matters most to you from the below:


For $50 – My “Worst Offenders” Immediate Replacements:

Anti-bacterial soap and hair sprays (which you literally spray into your face and open oraficies) are often the WORST items in people’s daily routines. I recommend replacing them immediately with two of Beautycounter’s most affordable and best products.



For $66 – For the Family:

Anyone can use this shampoo, conditioning & body wash set – it’s affordable and smells fun & fresh! My boys love it and I’ve heard lots of moms use it too! The baby soothing oil is one of my FAVORITE and most versatile products at BC, it’s everything from deep hydration on my winter elbows to soothing discomfort when Finn’s eczema flares to my daily make-up remover. It’s ah-maze-ing!



Make-up Maven:

It’s an investment to replace ALL of your make-up, but this it highly-pigmented, high performance make-up that can be (and has been) compared to the likes of the top department store brands, winning Allure’s Best of Beauty Award 3 years running! I happen to agree with Allure, and have included all 3 of their selected award-winning items in this recommended “package.”


bc-if-only-so-much-to-spendIf you only had $139 $118 to spend, what would you buy?

  • The Jet Set ($58) set with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and charcoal soap all in one!
  • Lip Shine ($26) – don’t keep ingesting BAD quality lip products!
  • Texture Sea Salt Style Spray for hair ($26) – after all you are spraying it AT your head!
  • Band of Beauty Membership – $29 gets you the FABULOUS Nourishing Rosewater Mist ($35 value) PLUS 15% of each order in future product credit and free shipping (yep, buy all this and you’ll then get $20.85 off your next order with BoB Membership)
  • Whatever thing I’m offering as a monthly special! Make sure to join the Facebook Group to never miss an offer, but each month I have a special sale that I offer my clients and if you’re buying a large order I bet you’ll qualify for something good! At the very least, e-mail me and I’ll send you a Charcoal Mask sample because you’ll want that next!

Don’t forget to add Beautycounter’s “Band of Beauty Membership” for ($29),  which is essential their version of a loyalty program similar to Amazon Prime. With membership you’ll receive a gift from Beautycounter and you’ll also get 15% of every order in future product credit PLUS free shipping over $100.


Q: Speaking of Loyalty Program, do you have one?

Yes! You get $10 Cash from me for every friend you refer when they place an order and a FREE ITEM from me when you make 5 orders over $35 (I customize for each individual based on your prior purchases). All you’ve got to do is fill out THIS FORM to join the program!


Q: How do you remove the  mascara?!

“I love the way it stays on and lengthens my lashes but for the life of me it’s so hard to take off. Any suggestions?”

A: Use oil! I use the Soothing Baby Oil and a dry washcloth. Just give yourself a batman mask (I use two pumps to remove the make-up on my face) and it wipes right off with a dry towel! I posted a video of me doing it in this Facebook Live if you want to see, join the group and then it’s the last 2 minutes.


Q: Beautycounter+

What is the difference between the full-size and the Spa Sets?

The full-size products are individual products whereas the Spa Sets are smaller versions perfectly sized for trial and travel.

Are all the Beautycounter+ products new formulas?

Only three of the formulas are existing. The oils you knew as Hydrating Face Oil (now No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil) and Balancing Face Oil (now No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil) and The Charcoal Mask (now No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask) are just in new packaging with new names.

What are the benefits of the new No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil?

The newest oil features Vitamin C and is best for those concerned with dull, uneven skin. It brightens and revitalizes skin.

What is the difference of BC+ Facial Mists and the Nourishing Rosewater Mist?

Rosewater Mist’s key function is hydration, whereas the BC+ Facial Mists deliver both hydration and treatment in one. You may still use the mists the same way, to prep the skin, set makeup and refresh skin the entire day.

Don’t forget the INSIDE part!

Everyone’s always looking for a quick fix. I get it. I’m human too. But you didn’t get “unhealthy” overnight, and healing won’t happen by simply purchasing new make-up either. Being healthy inside & out is an ENTIRE LIFESTYLE. Here are some of the other critical components that help me feel my best.

Sleep & Reduced Stress

If you google “paleo sleep” you’ll find countless articles, with medical research citations, touting the importance of sleep. You may not fully factor in the value of hormonal reset and cellular regeneration, but that literally means your body fixing itself. If you aren’t sleeping, that luggage you’re carrying under your eyes won’t go anywhere. And you will age more quickly. That’s a real thing!

Have you ever noticed how much more aged and less lively presidents look as they leave office versus coming in? That’s what 4 to 8 years of chronic stress (i.e. making decisions that affect a nation) and lack of sleep will do to you. I’m a terrible culprit myself at this, but I always look and feel my best when I take things in stride, slow down my life, and get good rest.

Broth & Vital Proteins

I often soap box about the importance of nutrient-dense foods, but the one thing I find the absolute most beneficial to my skin health is drinking broth. Rich in micronutrients and collagen, the easily digestible amino acids made from the bones of healthy animals help my body feel it’s best – from the inside out. As we noted on our post about gelatin and it’s benefits:

Gelatin (and collagen) has numerous benefits (grass-fed being our specific recommendation):

  • helps tighten loose skin
  • helps improve cellulite
  • helps joint recovery
  • supports skin, hair and nail growth
  • improves digestion
  • pure protein
  • promotes relaxation and a good night’s sleep
  • can help heal your gut

As you can see, gelatin (essentially the dehydrated collagen of broth) has a lot of specific benefits to your appearance, as well as health. I’ve noticed drastic improvement in my skin, hair, and nails since consuming it regularly and cannot encourage you enough to do it, too.

Vital Proteins are collagen peptides, they are a higher quality than standard store bought. They contain more of the healing protein and amino acid content per serving. Read my detailed post here, which also includes an exclusive coupon code (VPA-0626-97BR1-LYIQ) for 10% off + free shipping (also available in the sidebar of the blog)!



As I noted in my review of The Paleo Approach, following an AIP diet and then reintroducing foods has been a savior to my health. In fact, in my latest health post I attribute it to the reason my Hashi’s is without symptoms. More than that, it has also helped clear up my skin for the first time in my life. As a teen I went on prescription medication to help with cystic acne that affected me well into my 30’s. It wasn’t until I started truly learning about my own food intolerances with AIP that I have been able to heal my skin. Of course, eating a micro-nutrient-rich diet full of antioxidants is also fantastic for the skin… and that’s the definition of AIP – win win!

Q: Why did you become a Beautycounter consultant?

Because I effing love the stuff and want every person in the world to throw out their toxic hygiene products and replace them with something safer. Since BC was the absolute best performing of all the better beauty products I’ve tried, I’ve become obsessed. I’ve become that obnoxious person telling everyone I know… kind of like I did when I started Paleo!

As a buyer of the products I was only helping myself and the boys. As a consultant, I’ve already helped thousands of people because of the hundreds of customers who are sharing that message with friends and family!

But seriously, I know people have their own theories about MLM, pyramid-schemes, and network marketing. The fact is, Beautycounter is no different than any other affiliate program I could use as a blogger. I’ve chosen to take this mission on because it matters to me. I go into detail about that in this post. You can read all of my “real beauty” related posts here.


Can I join your team; will you be my mentor?

Yes! Team Healthy Inside & Out is on a mission to help people remove toxins from their lives and I’d love to have you join me on this mission! However, as I’ve been very honest about recently, I’ve been very careful with my life to manage stress for my health – and currently working with a team of passionate people who want to better the health of others through safer skincare is my passion and makes me happy. But, if this becomes too much I may have to “retire” from being a mentor so if it’s something you’re considering please contact me. There’s more info in the table below, but check out what being a consultant entails here.

What is the difference between being a Customer, Client, Consultant, Host, or Member?

Host Member Consultant
This term simply means customer. If you’ve ever bought BC products, but never done any of the other things, this is what you are! This is a customer (client) that hosts a “social.” There are unique hostess rewards offered by BC headquarters (in addition to all of my personal specials!) that hosts are eligible for depending on the sales of the social. Think of this like a tupperware party, but for safer skincare to help your friends and loved ones make over their makeover. This is what Band of Beauty (BoB) “membership” customers are called. BoB is just like Amazon Prime or a frequent buyer program ($29 annually). The advantage is a gift with purchase, free shipping on orders $100 or more, and 15% of every order becomes “product credit” to use on your next order. So it’s like 15% off always! Consultant (or affiliate) is someone who signs-up to spread the message of safer skincare by selling the products. Since buyers buy directly from BC HQ this simply means sharing links, hosting parties, or embracing this mission in the way that moves you. (like me, I’m a consultant!)
Ready? Place an order HERE. Want to learn more about being a host? E-mail me! Sign-up for your annual BoB membership HERE. Thinking that you might want to turn your love of BC into a job? Sign-up HERE or e-mail me!

Alright, I’m ready… what do I do?

  1. Join my Facebook group so I can keep in touch with you about sales, specials, and news.
  2. Follow the links in the above table to either place an order, host a social, become a member, or join as a consultant!