Paleo No Cook Eats and Healthy No Bake Treats!

Lots of ideas for no-cook and no-bake healthy eats in this week’s newsletter. Plus, a special announcement!

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Our Real Life

Last week was Father’s Day. It had me reflect on how our lives have changed since Matt & I fell in love so deeply that we literally created life with our love. Because, once upon a time there was a girl who’s passion and drive had yet to be harnessed. Her life was a bit all over the place without direction. She accidentally met someone whose love for her was so clear it reflected back in a way that allowed her to see herself differently. The two to became partners, best friends, lovers. And that love grew a child, a life with meaning, purpose, and direction. As the family grew, so did their love and affection for one another. It allowed them to see different sides of the other, from best friends to parents of 3 amazing humans who have characteristics of each of them.

It’s been crazy, and sometimes so fantastic I nearly exploded from joy, and other times so hard my only solace was knowing you would be there to hold my hand. But I thank you every day for our boys and this family. For I would still be floundering and the world would be a worse place if it weren’t for the love you share. We had an awesome Father’s Day with the man who gives his all to make our family the best it can be!

For Father’s day weekend we even got to spend some time at DC’s Comic Con. As expected they had very limited food choices, but we made the most of it and found a few things to tide us over – we all shared a big salad, barbecue meat, coleslaw, and one order of fries to share. It had our boys eating more veggies than they would have with bunless burgers & fries! We left with tired feet, filled hearts, entertained brains, and bellies ready for some real food!

This no-makeup face courtesy of a day I knew would be filled with happy tears! Cole officially “promoted” into middle school… which makes me feel so proud, and also kind of old. I’m sure some of you remember us from when we first went Paleo – when Cole was 4 years old. So I’m sure I’m not the only one asking, how can this be happening already?!

Since it was the end of the school year for all boys, they brought home their journals, and a page in Wesley’s said, “I have not been to McDonald’s.” Honestly until this moment I hadn’t realized… we do eat out not infrequently but we have a list of standard and safe places we go (click here for that series on the blog). So, it was interesting to me when our Paleo baby, now 7, pointed out a simple fact in a way I hadn’t truly realized. I never want my kids to feel deprived, but I also know he’s not missing anything there!

Our Favorite No-Cook Healthy Eats!

We’re currently staying in an AirBnB in between houses – we moved out of our old house on Saturday and then move into our new house on Tuesday. These are some of the foods we packed in our bags while we’re in limbo – but thought with the busyness of summer, picnics, pool side snacks, and the simple fact that when it’s hot no one wants to cook, you might want some of these ideas, too!

Safe Catch Tuna is always a staple in our kitchen, and this is our go-to brand because each fish is tested for mercury. It’s great to have on hand for dinner when you’ve been spectating extracurriculars all evening, or when it’s just too hot to even think of cooking anything. Find it –> here.

Simple Mills Crackers are a super-easy no-cook way to round out a lunch. I love them with tuna salad or roast beef. Plus, they are some of the best tasting crackers I’ve tried, Paleo or otherwise! Find them –> here.

We can’t talk about quick, no-cook meals without mentioning Collagen Veggie Blend. It has been a life saver lately! Each serving has 20g protein, 1 serving of fruit, and 3 servings of veggies. It’s the quickest and easiest “meal” you can make! Get a discount when you get it in “Stacy’s Favorite Things” Collection –> here.

You’ll always find Epic Bars in our pantry and in my purse because they are the perfect meat bar for busy summer nights or when someone needs a substantial snack. While some of them have a texture that can be off-putting for some – our kids like that it’s not too tough like traditional jerky. Our favorite is the Bacon Bison Cranberry, which is also AIP-friendly for me!Find them –> here.

Rx Bars are made with egg whites, nuts and dates. They are slightly sweet, so a great choice when craving something sweeter but still wanting clean ingredients and good protein. The Maple Sea Salt and Chocolate Sea Salt are AMAZING! Find them –> here.

Snack Mates are a newer product that the boys have been loving! These meat sticks are made with great ingredients, are a smaller portion size, and have a milder and non-spicy flavor for younger taste buds. Find them –> here.


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Our Favorite No-Cook Recipes

Matcha Latte Collagen Bites

Cranberry Orange No-Bake Bars

No-Bake Peanut Butter & Honey Protein Balls

Cinnamon Raisin (NOT) Rice Pudding

Coconut Pecan Date Rolls

We Recommend…

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