About Matthew


Please used to associated our old blog, Paleo Parents, with my wife – Stacy. That’s because she was always “the face” of the blog and was “the voice” of our podcasts. But, despite severe social anxiety growing up, I find myself more relaxed with people the older I get. People don’t often realize that I am actually (usually) the recipe developer and chef in the family.  I’ve also written some of our most popular blog posts, such as:

My favorite recipes are:

I feel really passionately about equality for humans, evidence-based science, and supporting my wife.

I’m her biggest fan.

We’ve been together through sickness and health, thickness and thin – ultimately our bond is based on something more than what we look like, and our marriage has brought us closer together and better versions of ourselves.

That’s me, at 224lbs, above.  At my height I weighed 242lbs.  Below, I’m 66lbs lighter at 176lbs (and too skinny for my liking. Right now I weigh about 200 pounds, which I am very comfortable with.

My favorite things are learning, trying out new hobbies, and sharing information. Stacy used to call me the king of useless trivia, but now we just say that my brain is just thirsty.

Stacy has finally convinced me to turn that thirsty brain upon the world in the form of the Thirsty Brain Podcast!

You’ll often hear me talking about:

  • History
  • Science
  • Comic Books
  • Pop culture
  • Space

And you’ll hear my family rolling their eyes as I tell them bad dad jokes and try to teach them something they may or may not be interested in!

Stacy & Matt were the Paleo Parents ♥


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