Breakfast of Busy Champions: Coffee Collagen Veggie Smoothie

If you’re too short on time in the morning, or just not up for a full meal, try Stacy’s go-to! This quick and easy smoothie combines the benefits of the trifecta: collagen, vegetables, and coffee!

Why this Combo

Coffee. A couple weeks ago The Paleo View covered a very controversial topic: Coffee. For years people have been debating whether coffee was health promoting or health destroying. And Sarah has some great news for you coffee lovers: It’s quite health promoting and you don’t have to worry about drinking it if you love it! Give that show a listen to find out what’s it’s doing for you.

Collagen. Of course, I’ve got a TON of info on why collagen is a super amazing health food.

Veggies. Not long before that we covered powdered veggies, and why the Collagen Veggie Blend is a fantastic way to get in extra servings of the micro-nutrient and fiber-rich superfood.

Breakfast is Key

Then this week on the show we talked about how breakfast really is the most important meal of the day (see Ep 381). Sarah put together a lot of research to show just how important breakfast is, and it’s really inspired us to make better choices in the morning.

The problem is, when you don’t have a gallbladder an early morning meal is tough to digest. But a smoothie works great!

Stacy likes to drink her coffee (cold brew) in a smoothie with the Collagen. This way, not only she getting the benefits of coffee, but also the super impactful dose of nutrients! Since we know that blend can be quite bitter, and having it with coffee might seem weird, we wanted to share this recipe so it can be referred back to – previously it was just memorialized on Instagram.

Stacy drinking Coffee Veggie Smoothie

Coffee Veggie Smoothie Recipe

Coffee Veggie Smoothie



  1. Place all ingredients in a blender jar.
  2. Puree on high until completely smooth

This smoothie is just slightly sweet, but the coffee and chocolate flavors definitely come through. According to our calculations, this smoothie hits about half the calories as Sarah defines as a decent sized breakfast. Add in some protein like a couple hard boiled eggs and your breakfast is complete!


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