Easy Paleo Breakfast Foods & Recipes!

In this week’s newsletter: get out of your breakfast rut with these foods & recipes whether you’re up for a lazy Sunday brunch or in a hurry!

Our Real Life

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Lots of feels this week- I opened up about self acceptance and how I dealt with a debilitating injury and being on anti-depressants… and how a devastating death in our family rocketed me straight outta my funk. If you’re struggling with loving yourself, or feel you need a little uplifting, I hope my words can help you —> here.

Plus my completely honest and deep feelings about being a successful woman in a position of power, something I’ve really never shared about here before, and how my goal is to inspire all women to advocate for themselves.


Another reason I’ve been feeling more self-love lately is how happy I’ve been with my skin, a reflection of healthy – inside and out. But more than that, there’s been an unexpected joy found from building a community of women who are passionate about safe skincare products and lifting each other up. I’d love for you to be part of that conversation too, where our new motto is: “Love yourself enough to respect yourself and always accept yourself as you are, make choices to be your best self, healthy inside and out.”

Our Favorite Quick Breakfast Eats

Paleo breakfast eats

Grain-Free Banana Muffin Mx
So good, and so quick and easy- we love these muffins for weekend brunch alongside a big pan of eggs, bacon, and veggie-loaded hash.

Rx (Egg White Protein) Bars
These are a household favorite, and we appreciate the super clean ingredients. Plus they just taste good! Maple Sea Salt and Chocolate Sea Salt are our favorites for when we need some sunstantial but are in a hurry!

Pukka Licorice and Cinnamon Tea
This is a wonderful coffee substitute for me- it has a really deep flavor with lots of spice! And it isn’t too heavy for my stomach in the morning.

Legit Bread Company Grain-Free Bread Mix
This bread couldn’t be simpler to make, and the texture and flavor are incredible! We baked a couple loaves and turned them into french toast sticks!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
Without fail, this is the one thing I have every single day, usually stirred into my warm beverage. It contains protein and nutrients that are great for me in the morning, and it’s one very easy thing that has done wonders for my health. (PS: 10% off and free shipping with HERE with code: VPA-0626-97BR1-LYIQ)

Our Favorite Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast Pizza

Blueberry Breakfast Cookies

Seafood Egg Casserole

Apple Bacon Not Potato Hash

Blueberry Coconut Milk Smoothie

Beautycounter News and Sales

Self Love and Care BC Plus

So excited to introduce you to a new line of products, Beautycounter+, learn which items are my favorite and why, plus find details on how to get a free vinly sticker or mug with the motivational motton I mentioned above! —> the details are here!

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