Travel Ideas: Paleo snacks and fun car games!

Starting to think about Spring Break plans? Traveling? Just a busy person constantly on the go? You’ll love this week’s products & recipe recommendations!

Our Real Life

crispy oven wings

I wish you could have heard the squeal of laughter from Wes when he put my water on the table. “I’m watching you!” Life with three boys is certainly interesting! With all of them hitting major growth spurts lately, it’s hard to keep enough food on the table. These Crispy Oven Baked Wings are a household favorite and always turn out PERFECT! Truth: we have to make two trays and rarely have leftovers 😲

Of course we also add plenty of veggies, instead of cheap carbs that would affect their health. But, part of why we feed our boys with whole, real foods is for the health benefits. Or as I call it, being “healthy inside & out.” Especially since Cole is not a tween entering puberty, more factors come into play for us to help keep his hormones balanced.

paleo and beautycounter helped adult acne

Did you know that I used to have TERRIBLE acne? Both Matt and I were on medication as teens and still have scars. When we went Paleo it got better – but not completely. These untouched photos of my naked skin are from three time periods:
• Top left: on Paleo but before “skintervention” (still using over the counter products)
• Bottom Left AFTER switching to more natural products and focusing on lifestyle factors affecting my skin (sugar, nightshades, dairy)
• Right side top (no makeup) and bottom are after using Beautycounter for 6 months and being more in tune with my body’s intolerances, and consuming Vital Proteins daily.

This is not some single-solution commercial. There is no “cure all” perfect solution for everybody. But for me, I had forgotten how bad my skin really was until I looked back at old posts. CRAY-CRAY the difference of NOW with Beautycounter, right?! Not just the acne but the tone and “glow” of my skin and natural rosy cheeks, highlight not a single blemish (only moles).

Good skin takes work, just like good gut health. If you want to be healthy inside and out it is about lifestyle, food, and skin care products that don’t disrupt hormones! I’m so grateful to have finally figured out all this for myself in order to apply it to helping the boys as their hormones begin to surge!

Our Favorite Travel Snacks and Car Games!

paleo snacks on the go

Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts
These are our favorite “snacking” nut because of it’s higher Omega 3/6 fatty acid profile, and one that we always take on trips! They are crunchy, salty, buttery and filling – the perfect road fuel!

Epic Maple Bacon Cracklins’
The ultimate savory and slightly sweet protein snack- these have saved us from the hungers on more than one occasion! We love that they only the highest quality ingredients.

Inka Plantain Chips
Another salty snack must-have, we love pairing these with an on-the-go salad to round out a travel meal. We prefer this brand because of the higher quality cooking oil.

Bare Apple Chips
We love this portable fruit- it’s crispy, slightly sweet (contains only fruit). And while a real apple is a great choice too… these crispy dried apples don’t make messy sticky hands (life with boys!).

For more Paleo to Go tips, be sure to check out our e-book that is all about this very subject!

young boys travel games

This one is a lot of fun and lends itself well to the car- and now that our youngest Wes has started to read, it’s a great game for the whole family to play!

Travel Bingo
Made for the car! This is a great one for longer road trips and encourages the boys to take in the scenery around them.

Rush Hour
We like this one because it is a strategy-type game that forces them to use their brains… which is a great way to keep them busy and prevent melt-downs on a long day of travel.

Our Favorite Travel Snacks Recipes!

N’Oatmeal Cookies



Grain-Free Granola

Banana Bread Balls

Apple Pie Balls

Peanut Butter Honey Protein Balls
peanut butter honey protein balls on real everything

We Recommend…

Thrive Market Collagen -  Real Everything

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