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In case you missed last week’s podcast, I’m in a phase of self care and acceptance right now. I know this is going to get long winded, so let me break down what you’ll find in this post:

  1. It’s not always easy, how acceptance brought me peace and joy during the most difficult time of my life
  2. A celebration of self with a NEW TRAVEL MUG design, available March 2017 only!
    Plus, the Healthy Inside & Out mug version 2.0 returns for those that missed out in 2016!
  3. The new line that makes my skin look as great as I feel, Beautycounter + (learn what I love and why)
  4. Beautycounter SALE SPECIAL: get the motto or mug free with purchase of better beauty products through my shop.
  5. If you want more info, don’t miss the Giveaway & Live Events in the Healthy Inside & Out Facebook Group.

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Self Acceptance, Self Respect, Self Care, Self Love – do it all

As I openly shared in the Fall of last year, I went on anti-depression medication because of how overwhelmingly frustrated and sad I felt. This wasn’t the first time in my life I’d been clinically depressed, but it was still difficult to acknowledge and address because I felt like a failure – a stigma I had hoped to break with my honesty and openness on the podcast. An injury changed my life – and I was having a difficult time adjusting, not to mention the chronic pain now part of my daily life.

I’ll be honest, I lamented. I sulked. I said things to myself and about myself I wouldn’t allow my children to say about anyone. I wasn’t in a good mental place. The medicine helped, but not completely. I still needed to personally invest in making the leap of faith to accept myself. As I was. Accepting my injury. Accepting my weight gain. Accepting that I’d lost lifting.

And then one of my closest family members passed in a tragic death that destroyed not just my world – but my husband, whose brother had been his best friend, and my boys, who lost the Uncle who’d lived with them their whole lives.

And suddenly everything else, especially my own personal “failures” became stupid bull sh*t. I realized how valuable life was. How you’ll never know the next time you have a moment to connect with special people in your lives. I realized there were bigger things in the world than my own personal emotions. Suddenly, I was rocketed out of that funk I’d been struggling with for over a year.

Self Love on Real Everything

And there I was, face to face with myself. I realized there was a lot to like. And a lot more love that needed to be given.

As we vacationed in California in January I found myself relaxing back into life. The cadence of laughter was frequent, tears of joy more frequent, positive emotions just as readily available for me as sad or negative ones.

Living Life in CA on Real EverythingI was finally balance. I was in peace. I’d accepted.

And now, that’s my mission. I can’t fix everything for everyone. But I can help us find the light. I can help us feel our best. I can help us love ourselves, so that we can love others more fully.

It’s OK to love yourself AND want to change.

It’s OK to not already be exactly where you want to be.

It’s OK if you’re not ever going to be the same as you were.

Because, guess what? You get to be something different! You get to learn. You get to grow. You get to find the next amazing thing that will bring wonder into your life.

Being Goofey on Real Everything

Hey look at me having fun, being silly, and doing full body shot photos…
it’s almost like I like myself and am enjoying life!

And as insane as it sounds, that’s what Beautycounter did for me. It’s allowed me to not only to help others find their healthiest best self through a means other than just food, but it’s also allowed me to be empowered and help other women who want to make their passion their business. Which is why this March I’m focusing on self love ♥

Vinyl Motto & Mug Available March 2017 only!

Feature Self Care BC Plus

This is our new motto, friends.

Image copyrighted. Don’t steal. I’ll find you and kick your ass.

I selfishly decided March’s special would be this mug that I personally needed. A reminder I need to see everyday. I will fill it with Cinderella Butter Broth, Matcha Lattes, and Decaf Americanos. I will remind myself every single day that I deserve joy, love, care, and acceptance – from myself, and from others.

Need a positive, uplifting support system of women? We’ve got it goin’ on gang-busters over in the Healthy Inside & Out Facebook Group – we’d love to have you join us there, too! For example, I often do Live video chats that are very friendly, informal, and open. I’ve been sharing photos of my face NAKED and getting my eyebrows threaded there.

Of course, part of the reason I’m comfortable sharing my skin completely naked and without a filter (though, admittedly in good lighting) is because I’ve never been this happy with my skin. Even in this post from Dec 2015 before my flare my skin wasn’t as dewy and I had been perfectly AIP-Paleo with no treats or alcohol to get it looking like that… I took the below shot at a gluten-free bakery 😂

Before BC+1 Mask on Real Everything10 minutes after eyebrow threading – no makeup, no filter

As a mother of 3, a prior smoker *gasp*, and a woman enter her *cough* late thirties – being in love with my skin isn’t something I expected. But I found products that bring out the best in it! Ok, let’s talk about that legit natural rosy cheek glow.

Beautycounter +

Lest you forget, my skin has NOT always looked like this. Even after switching to a natural skincare routine I still suffered from adult acne regularly. Only since using Beautycounter have I been able to see a significant reduction in the inflammation on my face and consistently have nice skin – even when not eating or sleeping perfectly! So let me introduce you to the new line of products, and the specific one I am obsessed with.

Self Love and Care BC Plus

Beautycounter has just launched a line of products that are “supplements” to your regular skincare. They’re intended to give additional treatments in specific areas. These do not replace any other regular skincare products you may use, specifically with Beautycounter that’s either the Nourishing Essentials or Rejuvenating Countertime lines.

I personally use and psycho love the anti-aging Rejuvenating Countertime line, my prior review on why is here. So for me, my routine is:

I have found particularly, in testing BC products, that my skin response really well to products high in Vitamin C or fruit acids, both the toner pads and serum have fruit acid. So while I am a geek over the scent of peony, and really wanted to fall in love with a cute pink mask (No. 2), I became a dreamy-pretty-pretty-princess when I used No. 1 – Brightening, which has both Vitamin C as well as Lime Pearl Extract.

Feelin Myself on Real Everythingonly wearing Lip Conditioner + Mascara: glowing from good skincare, confidence & self appreciation

The mask says that it “instantly revives tired skin, revealing a brighter-looking complexion. Polishing kaolin clay deeply cleanses and revitalizes while Vitamin C minimize dark spots for a more even complexion and radiant glow.” I mean, it sounded like hyperbolic BS. But then I used it. I literally said to Matt as my head hit the pillow, “You wish your skin felt this good.” And then I woke up and took this selfie, head still on the pillow and mascara still under my eyes – I couldn’t get enough of my creamy “brighter” skin that had an “even radiant glow.” Those crazy ladies at Beautycounter were right. I actually am going to start spot treating some darkening “age spots” with the mask overnight and see if it helps.

BC Plus Stacy's Favorite Brightening

So, is this product for everyone? No. Your skin might prefer the No. 2 series, intended to firm, tone, and give a more youthful appearance – restoring skin’s elasticity and smoothing the appearance of fine lines. Or many of us already love the No. 3 Balancing Face Mask (the Charcoal Mask simply re-packaged and renamed). I added a section to our FAQ page to answer common questions about the new line, too.

BC plus Plumping peony Stacy Toth

What do I recommend? Try out the Spa Sets. These smaller sets will allow you to test and try products until you can, like me, determine which one helps you bring out your best self. It’s the most affordable way to try out then new products. Then, once you find what you love, start hoarding away the stuff – like me! #notkidding #sorrynotsorry

BC plus Charcoal Balancing Stacy Toth

What’s the Special I’m Offering?

  •  Buy ANYTHING from March 7th to March 20th and get a motivational motto for self acceptance (no minimum purchase amount)
  • Spend $125 or more* get the motto AND the Black “chalkboard” inspired motivational MUG FREE FROM ME!

Motivational motto freebies graphic

*amount is before tax and after promotional credit used and must be placed through for me to track the orders

How do you Buy a Mug if you Don’t want any Beautycounter?

You can purchase it directly from us! Just e-mail us or comment below and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

  • Healthy Inside & Out Mug – $18 shipped
  • Self Acceptance Travel Mug – $23 shipped*

*18oz capacity insulated travel mug is double walled, stainless steel inside & out, BPA-free

This deal ends March 20th, 2017!

Upcoming Events & Giveaway

Over in our Healthy Inside & Out Facebook Group we’ve got several events going on:

  • Today only, March 7th 2017 you can still enter the 1K Giveaway celebration for a cosmetic bag and a $50 Gift Certificate to fill it
  • Tonight March 7th at 9:30pm EST I’ll be doing a LIVE video discussing today’s post, the special & new line launch
  • Saturday March 11th at 7pm EST I’ll be doing an In Person party and will be recording it LIVE to share and engage with the group

Join us, or not – just promise me you’ll give yourself a smoochie boochie in the mirror today ♥

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