Blueberry Coconut Milk Smoothie

Today, we have a special guest writer to introduce our blueberry coconut milk smoothie. His name is Cole; he is 6 years-old, in 1st grade, loves to read, play hard and just learned to tie his shoes. Also, he happens to sleep across the hall from us.

“We made a blueberry smoothie for breakfast one day. It was red. It tasted sweet and it was creamy like ice cream. I like smoothies for breakfast, but I don’t ask for them all the time. Eggs give me more energy for school than smoothies. Making smoothies is fun because you get to push the button on the blender.”

From time to time, when I don’t have the desire to make eggs and bacon for breakfast, I’ll make the boys something simpler like a smoothie paired with hard boiled eggs or lunch meat leftover in the fridge. The boys love making them and will pour over our freezer supply of frozen fruit looking for just the right ingredients. Then comes the fun part: BLENDING! Here is a favorite of ours, the blueberry coconut milk smoothie. This is great for kids on school mornings because it’s has a high fat and caloric content, but minimizes the free fructose (as blueberries, like most berries, as well as bananas have a favorable glucose to fructose ratio).

Blueberry Coconut Milk Smoothie
dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free


1 C frozen blueberries (we love Costco’s wild organic)
1 14 oz can full fat coconut milk (we like this brand)
2 bananas
14 ice cubes
Optional: 7-10 drops vanilla stevia*


  1. ♥ Place all ingredients in blender in listed order
  2. ♥ Blend until smooth

This makes enough smoothies for our family, about 4 servings. Let your kids help with everything on this one (♥)!  The boys love this one and we hope you will too!

*Stevia is a low glycemic load non-caloric sweetener. We don’t use it because we find the fruit sweet enough, but a few drops goes a long way if this isn’t quite sweet enough for you.

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  • Julie

    This sounds great, and I know my daughter will love it.  Can you talk (or point me in the right direction) about canned coconut milk. The one can I bought and incorporated into a smoothie had a HORRIBLE taste. I’m not sure if it was the brand, or I’m looking in the wrong place for coconut milk. I’ve been a little hesitant since to buy another can and try it. The only place I see it at my grocery store is in the ethnic foods section.  Help!  Thank you!

    • Julie, I’ve updated the post to include the brand we like best.  We’ve tried them all and that brand (using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program) and Thai Kitchen offer the best fat content and consistency for us.  We wish it were BPA free also, but the brands we’ve tried in the BPA free containers haven’t been our favorite.  Good luck!

  • Aw, thanks Cole for the recipe! How talented at such a young age!! Hehe, I look forward to the day our kid helps with our Paleo recipes! 

    • His Pumpkin Cider Latte is one of our bests, too! 🙂

  • Shirley @ gfe

    Go, Cole! I’ve made smoothies with very similar ingredients and I love them. Thanks for the great recipe! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Primal smoothies… my favorites!

  • Thank you Cole – Jamie loves your smoothie!
    (p.s. could it be that one has to get used to coconut milk – as jamie gets diarrhea if he has too much?)

    • I’m no nutrition expert, but I would say anything that gives you diarrhea should be removed.  He may have a coconut intolerance, but more often it’s usually the guar gum found in quite a few canned coconut milks.  Try a brand without it, we like Natural Value (http://astore.amazon.com/bellaonlinepr-20/detail/B000LKVIEG) best, after having tried a million brands) Good luck!

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  • Elaine

    I can’t have bananas, but I like Blueberry Coconut Milk smoothies with ginger and a little honey! So good. Sometimes mango too. I also can’t have avocados but they used to be my other favorite smoothie addition…..really makes it taste like ice cream!

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  • I found coconut milk at Trader Joe’s that is not in a can. Doe the coconut milk for this recipe have to be in a can? What exactly are we looking for in the milk? Thanks for the recipe, looks like it will be a recipe we use often in our home!

    • You want thick, 100% coconut milk. If what you found is the boxed kind with water and some additives, that’s drinking milk. The two would be the difference between 2% milk and heavy cream. It would work, but for the rich, filling version we enjoy we recommend the 100% kind in a can 🙂

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  • Just an FYI- Whole Foods brand Vanilla Stevia has traces of milk in it.

  • Good coconut milk without additives and in non-pba cans cost approximately $3.29 a can where I live. I’m trying my hand at making my own today, with organic dried coconut and hot water.

    • Will definitely work, too!

      • well… my own is certainly lacking in creaminess but it is a good addition to many recipes. but not all 🙂

  • Tim

    Awesome! I did not have the vanilla stevia so I just added 1 stevia extract packet and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Turned out great! Thanks for the recipe.

  • Michelle Lee

    I’m making this for the family for breakfast tomorrow! Can’t wait to try it. We have a one-year old addicted to waffles (gluten free, but not grain free) and I think he’d really benefit from going Paleo like the rest of us have recently. Unfortunately he refuses to eat ANYTHING but waffles for breakfast. I’m hoping to find something else he’ll like just as much that will be more nutritious for him!

  • Bibi

    I look forward to introducing this to my children. Looks great!

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  • Sheryl Craig

    I am sensitive to banana, is there something you could substitute for the banana?

    • Avocado with a bit of honey could replace the creamy sweetness the banana gives.

      • Kate | HappyForks.com

        Avocado works really well in the terms of smooth and thick consitency, however every time I used it as a base for smoothie, the taste was a little bit odd to me. Beetwen other fruits mango also behaves well, but my most recent discovery is the smoothie based on cooked and peeled sweet potato with a lemon juice! I have checked it – sweet potatoes have even the macronutrients on the similar levels what bananas. Isn’t it worth to try?