Best Books of 2023

After graduating with an English degree, then going on to start a blog with daily posts, and writing 3 books in 5 years – all while working a full time job reading legal documents and raising 3 small kids – I took a decade-long hiatus from pleasure reading. And 2023 was the year of books for me. My goal was to read 50 and I was both thrilled and proud of myself to exceed my goals! After reading over 50 books in 2023 – fiction and non-fiction – here’s my top recommendations of the Best Books of 2023.

Best Books of 2023: Stacy’s Top 15

My overall top favorites aren’t necessarily the ones I find myself recommending regularly. I want to help others rediscover their love of reading: audiobooks, books on my Kindle, and the good ole’ paperback every now and then. Last year I wrapped up with my best dozen books of the year and I’m excited to share this year’s favorites from the 52 books I read. Overall, these are the books that long after I finished them I still think about the characters, the worlds, or the lessons I learned:



Fun facts

  • 16,257 pages read
  • 52 books read
  • 757 pages of longest book
  • 312 pages average per book

EVERYTHING I read in 2023

Well, of what I didn’t actively dislike or not finish intentionally. Note: I’ve bolded books I really enjoyed, and for specific recommendations you’ll see an image of those books.

What I’ve Read for “Work”

As a leader, business owner, and a podcast host, I am so grateful for the opportunity to read books on so many different topics. Here are a few I think you’ll find interesting – it pairs great with the podcast with the author (listen to The Whole View on your favorite podcast app).

Podcast Guests

Leadership & Personal Development


What I’ve Read for Fun

Read With Me (“Naughty” Book Club Books)!

One of the coolest best thing I did last year was start my “Naughty” Book Club with all of you! Here are the picks from this year so far. Want to join in? Join me at for my Book Club membership (only $2 a month or $20 a year). The act of just 5 pages a day can have a huge impact on your well-being, and this is a way to give yourself the gift of commitment and have a community to chat with all month long in the forums, through our group chat and/or on our monthly Zoom Call!

Short stories are a great way to get into reading:

I’d love to read with you! Join my virtual book club here (only $2 a month).

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