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Due to supplies running low, we are forced to end the sample giveaway on Tuesday, September 20th. Buy now if you want to get your free samples!


You guys. I’ve gone completely “valley girl” with enthusiasm for recent discoveries for my new health routine. For years I’ve talked about the “Skintervention” I underwent to move toward safer skincare and better beauty – but never was I as in love with the products I used and how good they felt on, how wonderful they smelt, or how fantastically they improved my skin.

beautycounter-i-have-a-deal-by-stacy-toth-of-paleoparents-and-realeverythingThis is my SQUEE face!

The European Union has banned 1400 chemicals from beauty products – the US has banned… 11. We haven’t updated our regulations and laws about it since 1938! Many of the ingredients found in standard beauty products have been scientifically proven to be linked to cancer, infertility, and many other illnesses. If you’re spending time and money in the kitchen to improve your health – the next huge step for your wellness is to think about what you’re putting ON your body, not just in it!

That’s why today is SUCH an exciting day!

1. Today Beautycounter, the brand I fell in love with and have been using non-stop for months, launches for a short term “pop-up” in Target stores! How amazing to be able to point your friends and family to a nationwide chain and have them see for themselves this truly wonderful product & company!

2. What’s Beautycounter? I did a lengthy video answering your questions and showing you ALL of my favorite beauty products, including some other brands that are also rated well with Environmental Working Group.

3. To celebrate reaching mass audiences and help spread the word about the importance of this mission I have taken on with a vengeance, I have a huge opportunity if you’ve been wanting to try some of these amazing products! BeautyCounter Never List RealEverything

One: Nationwide at Target!

Starting today you can walk into Target and see for yourself what I mean by “non-toxic department store quality” beauty and skincare products. It’s only for a few weeks and the products are specific to this short-term launch, but this is our opportunity to show big business we’re paying attention to the quality of the products they sell!

Two: Learn More about the Brand & Products I Use & Why

If you’re wondering what some products are, how to use them, or if my eyeleashes are REAL or Falsies, I cover it all in this video I did through Facebook Live. I’m going to try to have Matt edit the video into the different components of the video so you can watch JUST blush or just mascara on YouTube… eventually – but for now you can at least watch it and read & comment on Facebook!

beautycounter-qa-demo-by-stacy-toth-of-paleoparents-and-realeverythingclick screen capture to be taken to the video

Here’s a list of the products I reference as ones I personally use & love:

Baby Soothing Oil (makeup remover and I put in my wet hair before the sea salt spray)

Beautycounter Brush set

Dew Skin Tint Moisturizer in No. 1

Mattifying Skin Finishing Powder

Jane Iredale Foundation Powder

Cream stick blushers layered in both Hibiscus & Caramel

Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy

Mascara demo’d in my Two Face comparison was Beautycounter Lengthening vs Tarte Amazonian Clay + Primer

Jane Iredale Mystikol kohl powdered eyeliner

Eyeshadow Duo in Slipper/Slate

Lip sheer in Twig

Lip Shine in Clear

Sea Salt Style hairspray

Discussed as obsessions:

Countertime face moisturizer: Rejuvenating Day Serum + Restorative Night Cream

Charcoal Cleansing Bar & Charcoal Purifying Mask

Sunblock stick (zinc based!)

Citrus Mimosa Everyday Body Wash & All Over Lotion

Surface Curls Shampoo & Conditioning

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

The result?


Here’s a pic of me on a Friday night (the eve of my 35th birthday) at the end of the day with no make-up touched up. No blemishes. Just radiating a healthy glow I can’t get enough of (and a boy I’m still madly in love with)!


I can’t express to you enough how important this mission has become to me. After seeing a huge turn in my own skin health as a result of using quality products, I want to spread the love – which I need your help to do!

Love the products you tried but hesitate to invest in others you’re not sure of? Maybe you have a friend you wish you could convince to try some things? Maybe you just love freebies? Well then, I’ve got the deal for you!



I am offering a FREE SAMPLE for each $25 you spend on Beautycounter. You can get multiples of the same sample or as many variety as is tied to your order value. Options include:

Something else you’re DYING to try but don’t see listed? Ask me and I’ll let you know if I have any I can give you a sample of.


For orders $150 or more (not including tax + shipping) I’ll send you either a SIGNED copy of our latest book, Real Life Paleo (geared towards making overall healthy life choices – inside and out!) or a full 5 mini-bottle set of my favorite Rejuvinating Countertime Collection (it will not look as pictured, but will be Beautycounter’s formal sample set which includes one of each in the line).

Spend however much you want and I’ll calculate what you’re eligible for and e-mail you accordingly. This deal will run through September 20, 2016 or until supplies last.


  • You MUST use my links here otherwise I can’t track your order for the freebies! –>
  • Yes, you can order 10 $25 orders or one $250 and still be eligible for 10 samples + either a signed copy of Real Life Paleo or a full Countertime sample set. Make it $300 and you can get both!
  • Yes, absolutely you can have me send these to your friends or stock up on gifts and we’ll personalize the books to WHOEVER you’d like!
  • Unfortunately due to the cost of shipping (because I personally will be sending these items), I can only offer this for US customers right now (your book will arrive via media mail). E-mail me if you’re desperate and think you have a solution.
  • If you’re interested in getting even better deals, ask me about becoming a Band of Beauty member (for $25 you get 15% credit for future orders AND free shipping AND a free thank you gift for joining worth the price of the membership!) or becoming a consultant/affiliate yourself!

I hope you join me on the revolution to become healthier inside and out. As someone who has struggled to optimize every healthy lifestyle change over the last several years I can’t tell you how I wish I’d found out about these products and the impact they’d have on my skin and “outside health” sooner. Every single one of us knows someone who has struggled with their skin or been touched by illness associated with the toxins in regular skincare and beauty products – it’s an exciting day to be able to point them to Target or online and say “this simple change could have a huge impact in your life.” It never hurts to try!

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  • Veronica Hummel

    Hi Stacy! I’m going to try some beauty counter products because I love natural skincare and have heard great things. I’m 30-years-old and am just starting to get my first wrinkles, but still get some breakouts. I have a nighttime natural skincare routine that I love but would like to supplement with some beauty counter products (skincare or makeup) but have limited income to spend right now. My question for you is: which products do you think give the most bang for your buck when you’re starting out?

    • What kind of products do you like to use? I could recommend the charcoal bar and toner pads or the nourishing cream cleanser and day cream because I know lots of people love them – but for me personally I LOVE the rejuvinating day serum and night cream – they’re more expensive though, but I can only speak to what I KNOW worked for me, as someone trying to stave off wrinkles and fighting acne I liked the clinical testing that had proven them effective. If you’re wanting to save money a Band of Beauty membership might be something you want to look into – it gets you 15% of each order toward product credit for a future order plus free product and free shipping. 🙂

      • Veronica Hummel

        Thanks! One other question. If I add a band of beauty membership to my order does that amount count towards any of your freebies?

  • Sarah

    Hi Stacy! I just made an order and bought an item at my target and I’m so excited! my question is, how to we let you know the samples we want to try? 🙂 I’m super curious about the charcoal mask!

    • Sarah, you should have heard from me via e-mail, let me know if we’re not square stacy @

  • Shannon Grande Contrastano

    Curious about how to get the samples as well as I placed an order last night, but I also was going to mention Juice Beauty- most of their stuff is rated pretty low and they definitely have more makeup. Have you ever tried their stuff?

    • If you placed an order I’ll email you soon to follow-up to send you samples, they are coming from me directly – not BC which is where your order is through.
      I haven’t heard of or tried Juice – I know Jen at Predominantly Paleo tried more than me and liked BC best but I’ve been so happy with BC I haven’t continued my search! 🙂

  • Jackie Everett Howe

    Are you still doing samples with a Beautycounter order?