5 Friday Favorites: International Women’s Day Edition

It’s International Women’s Day! As you know, we’re all about inspiring women here at Real Everything, so for this installment of 5 Friday Favorites, we want to talk about inspiring women!

The goal with the series is to simply provide you with 5 things we loved this week. And this week we’re talking about our favorite people who are inspiring us. We aim to capture glimpses of our life here on the blog rather than just on social media. Hope fully you, too, will find something interesting for yourself as well! ♥

5 Friday Favorites: International Women’s Day Edition

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1 – My darling wife, Stacy

My wife in the most inspiring person I have ever met. Every day she works harder than anyone I know, accomplishes more than I could imagine and manages to make every person who meets her a better person, myself included! Happy International Women’s Day to the best woman I know. Love you, Stacy!

2 – Matt’s Boss, Sarah Seligman of Bakefully Yours

Recently, Matt started working at a local bakery business a couple days a week. He mostly started just to have something interesting to do. But instead of just busy work making cookies and brownies, he works for a thriving business run by an inspiring entrepreneur. She built a gluten-free treat empire on her own and made it look easy. And the brownies are outstanding! You can find Bakefully Yours products at many locations, including MOM’s Organic Market, 100 Bowls, Weird Brothers Coffee and more!

3 – Captain Marvel and her current writer Margaret Stohl

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Captain Marvel is here! We’re so excited to see the adventures of Marvel’s first female headliner, Carol Danvers! While it’s super cool to see Brie Larson in that iconic suit, we want to point out that for the past couple years Captain Marvel has been written by Margaret Stohl, one of the great female comic book writers out there. After decades of being treated as a plot point in the comics (with stories involving brainwashing, marriage, pregnancy, kidnapping and all the female character tragic tropes), in recent years the character elevated herself to prominence and came into her complete badassness. These days, after being shepherded by the work of great female creators like Kelly Sue DeConnick, G. Willow Wilson, Kelly Thompson, and Stohl, she is Marvel’s Mightiest Avenger and will soon be just as iconic as Iron Man, Thor, Cap and Hulk.

4 – Gregg Renfrew of Beautycounter

Now we’re involved with Beautycounter, true, and could be biased, but we think what Gregg Renfrew has created is absolutely amazing. All her life she’s been an entrepreneur and built things out of thin air. But when she discovered how shoddy the protection for consumers was in personal care items, she decided to do something about it. Today, Beautycounter is the safest brand out there for personal care and makeup and that is something she should be proud of!

And recently she’s been using the resources of Beautycounter to try to bring reform to the US personal care regulations! Beautycounter has been supporting the Personal Care Product Safety Act for years and their work might finally bear fruit! The bill is back up for debate on the Senate right now! If want safer, healthier products on your shelves, this is a good time to call your Senator and make your voice heard! Find out more here and read about Stacy’s lobbying efforts last year here.


5 – All the women in our lives

To all the women we know, our mothers, our sisters, our friends, our colleagues, and everyone reading: we love you, we appreciate you, and we celebrate you.


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