Strong Woman Radio, Episode 36, Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Deadlift

Strong Woman Radio SWR 36 Top Tips Improve Deadlift

Welcome to Strong Woman Radio, a sanctuary free of testosterone (except for a few special guests), where ladies who like to lift heavy things can chitchat about the struggles and success that comes with being a woman in a male dominated sport. We welcome listeners of all sports, be it strongman, Crossfit, olympic lifting or more; but be warned we don’t like running very much unless we are carrying or dragging something heavy while we do it.

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Episode 36, Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Deadlift

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:14)
    • The only thing Stacy has been making time for outside of her crazy work schedule is time with a chiropractor
    • Stacy is also looking into incorporating an inversion table to help with her recovery
    • The night of the recording, Vivian was at pole
    • Vivian’s sister is really into pole and amazing at it
    • Who Stacy and Vivian watch on social media for inspiration with their sports
    • Vivian and her recent run
  • Things Happening on the Internet this Week (6:33)
    • The NAS Nationals women
    • Strong tattoos
    • Breaking Muscle article on training strongman
    • Ronda Rousey
  • Stacy’s ankle is not healing
  • Deadlifts (12:50)
    • Grip-tober
    • Why Our Way straps to help with grip
    • 5 Tips to Improve Your Deadlift
      • Not doing switch grip and using wrist straps
      • Set up right
      • Tension
      • Alternate the way that you deadlift
      • Protect your back and spine
  • Vivian’s 90’s dance party
  • Hurricane is coming – ready for an excuse to relax
  • Boot love
  • Frustrations on government budgeting
  • Why Our Way discount code – enter code SWR for 10% off your order
  • Let us know if these deadlift tips help you, and be sure to check out the Why Our Way straps
  • Outro (36:25)

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