The Fattest People in Paleo

I’m from the internet. I know things. I know how paleo is perceived out there by the non-believers. I hear “The Paleo Diet is only for super athletes.” Why wouldn’t people think that when one of our heroes is Mark Sisson? I also know the insidious fat hatred that lies in the dark underbelly of the paleo movement. We all know that many vegans like to find all the fat people who eat meat and make fun of them, but I’ve heard our own paleo people commit the same kind of character assassinations on their own allies. Frankly, I’m tired of it and I won’t engage or acknowledge it anymore.

Stacy and I changed our lives by changing our diet. We started a website to share the fact that this is possible to do for anyone. If a pair of slobs like us can crawl our way back to health this way, then anyone can. Once the kids came on board and changed their lives, too, we were convinced that there were many people out there that needed to have this information.

We’ve spent a lot of time and energy on this, not because it pays well (it doesn’t; Stacy will never be able to quit her job or even take time off because of what we do), not because it boosts our ego (I can hardly handle social situations so it’s actually a hardship for me), but because we’ve started to see the impact it’s having.

People email us (daily) about how much benefit they’ve seen, how we inspired them, and how grateful they are for us being there. People have improved life threatening health problems by going on this journey with us. The children are the most impressive though. People get their kids to eat vegetables for the first time after seeing them in Eat Like a Dinosaur; we’re told that their kids are excited about a healthy dinner for the first time ever. To everyone that lets us know what we mean to them, thank you. It is only because of you that we have the strength to carry on in the face of the criticism we are sometimes faced with.

Criticism? you ask. Why, yes – and it’s not just us. I read people responding to the much talked about Ancestralize Me post about leanness in women with comments such as “This just sounds like a fat chick trying to justify her fat ass.” That’s not helping anyone. Once Durian Rider pointed and laughed at us saying, “This chick has more fat and muscle than the guy lol!” And just the other day this troll emailed us to say:

Stacy looks a mess to me, despite her weight loss, and eating meat x3 meals a day is NEVER going to make you healthy. full stop. Even the idea of it makes me feel ill.
when I found your website I thought it was good to start with then I realised it was all about selling some book and making money. Shame really. I really don’t want to hear one more word about ELaD, especially when it’s followed by a post written by Stacy saying how shit her health is. How is Paleo so great if your health is still bad???????????

Believe it or not, Stacy responded kindly to this person who then e-mailed again with more insults. Wow! I’m super stoked to have our very own hater! Does this mean we made it? It must be all those nonexistent piles of money from working tirelessly on a non-monetized website devoted to helping people get healthier that means that we made it. Or maybe it’s the adrenal fatigue my wife has from staying up late so many nights putting together a book and website. They must be after us to ensure we don’t fulfill our evil ulterior motives… trying to help families eat and live healthy, happy lives.

But the real question here is, how are you going to tell somebody who’s lost 135 pounds that they are a mess? To begin with, Stacy is perfectly aware that she is not yet where she wants to be health-wise (yet). More importantly, how can you say something so awful to someone invested in figuring out her own path to health? Clearly, Stacy is a person who has been working on getting healthy. Why would anyone want to discourage that?

Look, we’re the fattest people in paleo still.

Stacy, as she’s noted, hasn’t lost weight in six months and is still around 200 pounds. I stepped on the scale today and I’m 175 lbs. I could be leaner, if that was a goal. It’s not the goal for us though. What’s important for us is the tremendous improvements we’ve all seen in our health – and our kids’ health – over the past two years. We are by no means perfect specimens, but we believe that we’ve discovered the secret to our own good health and want to share it with as many people as we can.

We do this by being as honest as possible and revealing as much of ourselves as we can. This is not easy for us to do, but we feel it’s the most powerful tool we have. After being morbidly obese for an entire lifetime, will Stacy have lingering health issues, extra skin and stubborn fat? Yes. Do we look forward to having thousands of people think and talk about us behind our backs – or attack our inbox or Facebook wall? No.

Frankly, I have a hard time standing it. I’m an anxiety-ridden freak. I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t think I’ve made it clear enough how serious I am about social anxiety. Ever since we started the blog, I’ve become increasingly paranoid about being recognized in public (which happens regularly) while doing something not paleo. It’s as if I feel like there are paparazzi representing the Paleo Police following my every move, just waiting for that slip up that they can nail me on. My paranoia has grown to the point that I can hear every criticism I know people are making.  I imagine people whispering about how I’m still not ripped, pointing out the few pounds I’ve gained this winter. Is he relapsing? Does he even care about his health? Is he eating subs with potato chips for every meal? It’s hard to bear, trying to be a beacon like this.

In contrast, Stacy is the bravest human being I’ve ever met. She’s the face of the blog. She’s recognized more often. She’s willing to put herself out there more, yet knows more than anyone exactly how far from the end of her journey she still is.

All our blogging and book writing pursuits are because Stacy feels that paleo saved her life. You know our story. She was beyond morbidly obese and the paleo diet helped her crawl back from the precipice. It was her idea to post the infamous underwear photos. By most people’s standards, Stacy is still just  fat. And that will be the whole story for them. I can’t imagine what that feels like to know that people are actively noticing and commenting on the most embarrassing part of you all the time, without you knowing. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

Yet, despite knowing that she wasn’t at goal, or as lean as she wanted to be, Stacy walked right among the most beautiful and fit people at PaleoFX. Somehow, despite the fear of humiliation, braved the comparisons and stood proud for who she was, what her motivations are and where her journey has taken her.

We realize by virtue of putting ourselves out there, we’re allowing ourselves to be judged. And often the standards set by the paleo community are pretty high. When you compare Stacy and I to people who started off fit and became fitter, or normal and became fit, or even overweight to normal, we will be found wanting. We were both obese, after all. Before we came along, the female representation of paleo life change didn’t even start off weighing as much as Stacy does now. Most of the famous paleo success stories did not even lose as much as my comparatively paltry 65 pounds.

We’re healthy. We’re happy. That should be enough. If not for this blog we’d have no reason to not feel thrilled and content with exactly where we are right now – no comparisons.

Coming to terms with your limitations and accepting them is hard. Learning to not care if others accept them is harder. We’ve both damaged our bodies in the past to the point that we’ll never look as good as the leading lights of paleo. And that is OK! It does not mean that we don’t have our own perspective, our own voice to add to the conversation. Nor do your flaws mean that you can’t join in either. So what if haters gonna hate? Think about the overall positive impact that’s being had, instead.

I think there’s not a single person on this planet that wouldn’t be better off with some version of an ancestral diet. So many people are sick or fat or out of shape and don’t think there will ever be a solution for them. There is not a kid out there that couldn’t use more vegetables and less crackers and candy. I will never tire of hearing reader’s near miraculous turnarounds from incorporating a real food diet for their family.

If connecting those people with the answer to their desperate pleas means that someone is going to call me ugly and Stacy fat, so be it. I’ll live with that knowledge.

Can we all agree that this system of living has benefits for everyone, not just the super athletes at the annual Crossfit Games? Then let’s accept all our brethren in the movement, regardless of size and shape. Let’s stop trolling each others’ inboxes and Facebook walls, or posting on Reddit and Paleo Hacks. If you wouldn’t say it to their face – don’t say it! There’s room for a variety of voices in this movement, because in order for the world to get on board – we need identifiable people all around.

We’re ignoring the chatter and criticism for us and our book not optimizing performance and our paleo(ish) treats being replications of neolithic disease. Let’s all drop the in-fighting and start figuring out how we can save the world – the general public – one person at a time.  In the meantime, Stacy and I will continue to be the fattest people in paleo. We’ll continue to try to inspire people by putting ourselves out there and braving jerks who clearly aren’t yet happy and fulfilled with their own lives.

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  • Great blog post!  So honest, so REAL.

  • Tlscott84

    Great job to the both of you! You’re both an inspiration. I’m sorry that brings along people and their negativity but keep standing strong in what you believe and know there are people around the globe you are inspiring each and everyday with your story and knowledge!


  • Linda195720769

    You guys rock for sharing your lives they way you do.  I for am glad there are some everyday folks sharing.  I am not a Crossfitter, or what I would consider an athlete, but appreciate what you share for us average folks.  Please ignore the naysayers and mean people.  You have come so far!  I am constantly looking for resources on Paleo living.  And when asked about how I’ve improved life share about Paleo.  I’d be interested in the Washington Area support group I believe I saw mentioned on your blog awhile back.  Hang in there and keep up the great work 🙂

    • Thanks!

      We do run a meetup group (go to meetup.com and search for paleo parents), but there’s also one in DC and there’s other various groups around here (including a Weston A Price group and a Holistic Moms group as well).

  • pea soup

    You guys both look amazing – huge improvement….Stacey – you look healthy and pretty. : )

  • I would hardly call you fat; but thank you for being the
    real and attainable voices of Paleo.  I find you very motivating as I am not starting out as an athlete who wants to be leaner and fitter.  I am an overweight mom who just wants to live an healthier and more active life via Paleo!
    Keep up the good work!!!!

    •  We will indeed! That’s our goal, to be an inspiration!

  • Kristin Danenberger

    Wonderful post! People will always try to bring you down, inside and outside of the Paleo community, and everytime you don’t let it get to you, you win.  Our society has a disgusting habit of thinking body criticisms or even ANY type of body comments are appropriate or acceptable.  There is a terrible amount of prejudice based on physical appearance in our society and it seems to certainly exist heavily in parts of in the paleo community, from what I see online.  Thank you for continuing to stand up and fight prejudice bravely – it gives others the courage to feel good about themselves as well.  And just so you know, normal people who don’t hate themselves think you guys look wonderful!  Your family is beautiful and healthy.  Just keep doing what you do.  Can’t wait to read Eat Like a Dinosaur to my kids (when I have them) to explain to them why I don’t eat grains and dairy in a positive and productive way.  Blessings to you!

    • Thanks! People can always try to bring you down, but they won’t succeed unless you let them!

      • Lori

        Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing post.  For the past 10-15 years I had maintained 130lbs, 5’5″, and looked great after 2 kids (age 36 at the time) and ate mostly Paleo.  I worked very hard at it.  But then I experienced an extremely debilitating case of chronic fatigue.  (I was prompted to post as I read about Stacy and adrenal fatigue- which is almost always a part of chronic fatigue).  Please be careful, I beg you.  I have eaten a GAPS – no dairy- diet, which is very close to Paleo, for over 9 months and I can barely slow the weight gain.  I’m almost over 190 lbs, and for the first time in my life, I can feel the horrid negativity of how people view obesity.  So my compassion flows for others that have felt that for years or their entire lives.  I can barely find a doctor or practitioner to even begin to understand chronic fatigue and no doctor/practitioner has the slightest bit of a clue what to do about the weight gain.  When I tell them what I eat, and I still gain weight, I can see in their eyes that they think I am lying about what I eat.  Despite the fact I had previously spent 36 years with the insight and fortitude maintaining a great weight on the Paleo diet!   And taught classes on it!   I think the Paleo following has a long way to go, and I think people like you are the ones to lead the way.  Paleo has been requisitioned by the athletic community, but if it is as good as it says it is, it will have to embrace the rest of us normal folk, who really, just need to be healthy.  And please, if you have already done so much work as to change your family to Paleo – huge!- don’t shortchange yourself by destorying your endocrine system.  It’s not worth it.  I can finally drive, walk, and don’t pray to die everyday.  You are doing life-changing work – and not just your own lives.     

  • Carrie@Gingerlemongirl.com

    ((((((((((((((((hugs!!!!!!!)))))))))))))))))))))))))) matt i’m right there with u, dealing with social anxiety. and i think stacey is one of the bravest people i know and i think she’s beautiful. kudos to you for sharing this and for honesty. we all love you for who you are. (well except the haters and they aren’t worth the energy.) thank you for being real.

    • I think Stacy’s beautiful as well. Thanks for supporting us, Carrie! We appreciate it!

  • Awesome post  Matt!!! Super like!! You guys have come such a long way. Woot!!

  • THANK YOU for posting this.  I have been paleo since August and while I’ve only lost about 25 pounds (currently hovering at 210), my health has improved every step of the way and my body fat percentage has continued to drop.  I feel like I belong in this community as much as the people who drop a ton of fat immediately, or who haven’t struggled with their weight before they found Paleo.

    •  And you do belong! As I said, everyone can benefit!

  • Jenentonic


  • Mel Cherney

    You know what? Anyone who spews such cruelty is so not worth the time of day. That said, I would actually like to THANK Stacy for encouraging me regarding Paleo on Kerri’s FB several months ago. I started doing Paleo on January 1 of this year, and as of today, April 16th, I am down exactly 30 pounds. Not only that, I have been able to almost completely stop taking my asthma medication and am beginning a very slow weaning of my anti-depressant as it’s making me too lethargic and not helping at all. Not only THAT, sedentary me is now going to Curves 2-3 times a week AND on my second week of Couch to 5k. Oh and not only THAT – my cholesterol was down 50 points in only 6 weeks. I have ELaD and am so looking forward to getting my kids on board with it. That’s a slow change however. But seriously, Stacy’s encouragement was what got me thinking about doing Paleo seriously. So thank you!

    • Jason

      Truly amazing! Congrats!!

      • Mel Cherney

        Thank you Jason! It felt slow-going at times, but looking back, I’m really impressed with how much I’ve accomplished. 🙂

    •  Agreed! That’s fantastic and you should be so proud of what you’ve accomplished!

  • Absolutely. Love ya’ll for being real and brave. It does so much for the rest of us normal people out here who won’t ever be  “athletes,” but who also would never go back to the old, SAD, depressing way of life we had before. You are proof that Paleo is for everyone, not just for a genetically elite few. Rock on. <3 

  • Yamachele

    Every day, I look to Stacy for inspiration to get in gear and stay in gear….So tell her to tell her haters to, for lack of a nicer way to say it, piss off….. 🙂 PLEASE continue to be there for those of us who will NEVER have rock hard abs and muscular physiques…We still count, too!!!

    •  We’re not going anywhere! Thanks for the support!

  • Ignore the haters!! You guys are doing great!!! Besides who cares what others think. If you’re happy and you’re on the right path for you that’s all that matters. I’m new to Paleo and I’ve definitely seen the benefits! Keep on keeping on and bravo for looking this ugliness in the face and ripping it a new one! 🙂 you have a fan here and I do have your book, my kid still isn’t on board with me Paleo-wise but she’s very interested in what is paleo and what isn’t. Just wanted to give you guys a virtual hug! thanks for all you do!

    •  Thanks! I think we’ve successfully shrugged everything off. Good luck with your little dinosaur!

  • Tears in my eyes, Stacy you are so beautiful!!  Seriously, you have lost so much weight and look amazing, your whole family does!  You look healthy and happy, what more is there?
    I used to compete with horses.  The saying was you weren’t a real rider till you had broken a bone.  Maybe having a horrid troll means you’ve made it as a blog?  Sickening.  I don’t know if you know who Brene’ Brown is.  She writes about vulnerability.  She just has a little video interview and was so critisized for it!  She wrote yesterday that the comments brought her to tears. 
    You have helped me, you have helped others, and you are beautiful.

    • Brene Brown is awesome, love her!

    •  I pulled up the video of her Ted talk and intend to watch it after I’ve finished with this stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • NatalieG

      I totally agree. Stacy you are beautiful and losing that much weight is amazing. Don’t let anyone bring you down. You two are doing wonderful things for people like me and you are a terrific example. Thank you for all of your time and effort!

  • Kelsey

    Absolutely amazing article! You both are wonderful and inspiring. I think that haters comes with doing well in life (which means you’re successfuly- yay!). The people who hate are truly unhappy and channel it in wrong ways. I myself deal with this as I’m the only Paleo eater in my family and amongst my peer group. Keeping a Paleo lifestyle in college is similar, I get snide comments all the time. But even though we may not be the leanest looking people, Paleo still changed my life for the better and made me feel like a better person. 

    Keep strong, your family is beautiful, healthy, and great!

    •  We will! Good luck being a lonely paleo eater! We know how hard that is!

  • Thank you for being honest and still doing what works. Haters are gonna hate no matter what. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished to date. Know that your story is inspiring to someone out there!

  • Hilary

    I would cheerfully delete those hater posts.  In fact, I would recommend it to keep the vibe positive for the ones who come searching for a way out of the health fog.  I really liked what Stacy said about how “people want a cure for syndrome X, not a dynamite body”.  Be a duck, and let those comments roll off.  Haters gonna hate, and it’s probably some fat fattie with their own self hate issues writing those anyway.  I for one am inspired at how you all turned around some serious health issues and morbid obesity in such a relatively short amount of time. 

    • We always try to stay as positive as possible. Even in this post, we tried to keep the overall message positive!

  • Kimberly Wallace

    Such a GREAT read!  I too have been {mostly} paleo for quite awhile and still struggle with losing weight.  Since beginning CrossFit I’ve actually put on about 10 pounds that I can’t seem to shake.  We seem to live in a society that is hypercritical.  You guys are doing awesome!  Be proud!  Hold your head high and know you are making an amazing impact on your health and the health of your kids.  I met Mark Sisson last summer and he was kind and gracious.  He said, “If you do the right thing 80% of the time and look the way you do, that’s great!”  Not every paleo person will be competing at The Games.  Keep up the good work!

    •  We will be proud! Mark is truly an inspiration for the concept that every one doesn’t need to look like him… oh the irony!

  • People who’ve never dealt with the struggle of weight loss are always quick to point out that you’re ‘fat’.  Those of us who’ve ‘been there, done that’ can relate and feel compassion for the hard journey that is weight loss.  And I mean significant weight loss, not 10-20 lbs.
    I’ve only just recently stumbled on your blog via Facebook as I’ve been on my own weight loss mission through Paleo.  I think you’re both brave and inspiring and, though I do not have kids, I LOVE that you’ve written a book to help families start on the right path.  It was the lack of knowledge about the foods we ate that led many of us to the undesirable weights we ended up at.  Teaching your kids about healthy eating (REAL healthy eating) is extremely important.
    In the end, I suppose “haters are gonna hate” but you two have been strong and that’s very admirable.  Hang in there!

    And for the record, I think Stacy looks amazing and I hope she knows she has just as many (if not more) lovers as haters.  Keep up the good work!

    •  Thanks! We completely agree that teaching kids about food early is the best path to healthy adults. Good luck on your own journey!

  • Very proud of what you have accomplished for yourself and your family and everybody else, it is huge! Thank you!!!

  • Kerry

    Well said, Matt.

  • Nick Hanson

    This is a great post.  Congrats to you both for all of your hard work and for making sure your kids don’t make the same mistakes you did.  That’s the thing you should be most proud of.  Your children aren’t going to have to go through that same pain and frustration.  

  • Erin Patota

    This post made me cry! I can’t believe people are being so unkind. It’s the real people in paleo that inspire me and my family. As you said, we’re not all super athletes, super lean or what have you. As a homeschooling mommy of 3 young kids, It can be hard to glean from some of the other Paleo voices because they live in an ideal that I can’t attain right now. I have challenges that are unique to me, my body, my life, my family. And so does everyone else. I find your story, advice and perspective to be very real and applicable to my life. I do think it’s about being healthy and that means different things to different people. The ideal will always be there, but we’re not all going to make it or make it at the same rate. (Your point about the years of damage some of us have done is really important and something I hadn’t really thought about before). But if we’ve blown it at one point does that mean we throw in the towel? Does that mean we have nothing to offer!! What a stinky attitude! No, It’s about making the choice and making the change. It is so sad that ANYONE would downplay, discourage or discount what you guys are doing for yourselves and your babies… let alone attack it. You’re right- The haters will hate. And the lovers will love! Keep you chins up… There’s at least one Paleo Momma with love handles and a saggy tummy in MD who is reading and inspired!

    • Jennifer

      Well said, Erin! I’m new to paleo, and am also a mama with love handles and saggy tummy. I’m so glad I found this blog…some of the paleo “stars” have great information, but Stacy and Matt, you show how “ordinary” folks with a job and a family can turn around their health too.

    •  I agree; everyone does have their own challenges and the benefits that some have aren’t equally accessible by everyone. We try everyday to overcome our setbacks and work harder the next day. Glad we can play some small part in your own journey!

  • Tami

    You guys ROCK, and I say PFFFFFFFFT to all the naysayers. I have been paleo for 14 days now with the help of your site and book and have seen marked improvement in my health and I was what most would consider already healthy and ooooo “ideal weight”. Yesterday I ran a whole 5k in 35 mins with full intentions to walk because, well, I HATE running and don’t do it well. It hurts. It didn’t hurt yesterday so I just took off and didn’t stop. That was the clincher for me. My daughter won’t eat a single vegetable but after seeing this is picking out recipes from your book to try and my son is making salads for us for dinner (although not eating them YET) You make a great postitive impact to so many don’t let the self absorbed kool-aid drinking elitist folks get you down.

    There is also a similar post by the chica that does gokaleo.com….about getting lean like the fitness models and what it really does to the body and how “strong is the new skinny” is just as dibilitatin as skinny pushers….”HEALTHY is the new skinny” she says…strive for that, no one will ever fit into a single body type. Ever. Thanks for your inspiration!!

    •  You rock! That’s fantastic that you have noticed such a difference in such a short period of time! Happy to help your family get healthier.

      I’ll check out that blog after I’m done here. I agree with the sentiment that pushing muscles can be equally as dismaying to those with no muscles!

  • There will always be those people who have to criticize… It helps them continue to do nothing about their own issues. Thank you both for being a role model. I appreciate you being real about the process. B.

  • Cara

    Wow.  I think you both are amazing for what you have done, are doing and I hope you continue to do it!!!  You guys are real, not people just trying to lose that last 10 lbs.  You and your stories are real life and will connect to FAR more people than the six pack abs and pull ups.  Cheers to you!!  Smile at the idiots-it scares them far more than tears.

  • Kelly

    Thank you for what you do!  You are helping our family be as healthy as can be!

  • Words I would chose to describe you Courageous, Beautiful, Devoted, Loving, Joy-filled, Teachers, Leaders and Friends. And the one who is perfect gets to throw the first stone…. no takers? good lets help each other walk the road before us and share some joy along the way. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  • ShannonB

    I hardly know what to say, Matt, except, Rock on! You guys are my favorite Paleo bloggers because you are the people I can most identify with. You are the most real. I was so excited when I discovered your blog because I thought,”Yay! There are parents out there doing this, not just athletes.” It is about more than just losing a few pounds (although we all have to remind ourselves of that once in a while) or optimizing your athletic performance. If weight loss happens, great, but it is about optimizing your life and health. My husband would never have discovered that he is gluten sensitive if he hadn’t gotten on board. I wouldn’t have figured out that gluten is a temper tantrum trigger in my 4 year old daughter if we hadn’t cut out the crackers (gluten more than sugar). Now, if I could only get her to eat veggies rather than a metric ton of fruit 🙂 Plus, there are other issues being addressed by adopting the Paleo lifestyle which have nothing directly to do with people at all, but with our planet and broken food system. I love the Paleo Parents blog, and you guys just keep on keeping on!

    •  Thanks! We’re happy to be a tiny part of your story!

    • Maiasaura

      Try frozen veggies. Seriously. At 4yo mine loved frozen green beans and peas right out of the freezer! The hardest part is trying to keep a poker face…they learn “ew” from us 🙂

      • Kristy

        My kids love canned veggies – I realize this isn’t quite as optimal as fresh or frozen a start.

  • Jason

    You guys are amazing, a real inspiration. I can’t imagine how many lives you’ve saved, changed forever. I just ordered your book because I wanted to support you and it seems like a great resource. Please keep up the great work!! From what I can tell, you have come such a long way in your health since starting paleo, and that’s exactly what it’s all about. Don’t listen to anyone who may be jealous, threatened, or just an (expletive) trying to tear you down because of their own shortcomings or ignorance. You both rock!! Congrats on all of your success so far, you should be incredibly proud. Your kids are so lucky to have you.

    •  We are definitely proud and intend to keep this up as long as possible!

  • Sharon Pieloch

    We love you guys!  For every hater there’s hundreds, maybe thousands rooting for you.  Some people don’t understand that paleo is a starting point–not the end of the journey for everyone.  There’s many of us out here (including me) who got amazing results by switching to paleo, but it didn’t take us all the way to optimal health.  It’s encouraging to know we’re not alone in the continuing journey. 

    •  Exactly! It’s all a journey to your optimal self! Thanks

  • Paulab

    I’m one of the fattest people in paleo, too, not to mention one of the oldest and most out of shape.  I’ve lost 50 lbs. to date, but more importantly, have seen great improvement in health issues.   You and Stacy have been “leading lights” to me and to many others.  Keep up the good work! 

  • thank you for this! i had a “friend” on a fitness site who was all about talking up paleo with me until she found out I was still obese and not one of the “beautiful, fit people.” Doesn’t matter that I’ve lost 60 pounds and have no illusions of how far I still have to go. We deserve to be healthy and have the hope that paleo brings as much as anyone else. Thanks for being the “voice” that looks like me! Because you are so right, if we can do it…there is no reason that the world can’t change.

    • ingerlisa

      Craziness! We don’t go from needing to be slim to slim overnight when we start pursuing a lifestyle change. Don’t give it up, Jennifer. This may just have me looking at the diet.

      • Thank you 🙂 I can honestly say, for the first time ever (in 20+ years and after every “diet” ever suggested), it isn’t an option to give up anymore.  I don’t ever want to feel how I used to, ever again – cranky, tired, self loathing. Even if I never see my abs again, I’m comfortable just feeding my body the way it asks to be fed. I trust that it will pay me back over time by changing into the body it wants to be 🙂  I hope you do try it for yourself. Give yourself 30 days. You owe it to yourself. I will gladly eat crow if you don’t feel better in your own skin at the end.

    •  That’s her loss! You’ve come quite a way! Congratulations!

    • tree peters

      ooooh, that “friend” you had really frustrates me. I’m glad you didn’t let it get to you. Obviously someone who has no idea what it takes to lose 60 pounds! Congratulations to you. That’s so wonderful.

  • I am new to your blog and have not tried Paleo yet, but I am working on it. Anyhow, I think you and your wife look AMAZING!!! Please, please keep doing what you are doing because you are both an inspiration to so many people. There are always going to be people criticizing because they just like to make people feel bad. I totally understand the social anxiety thing, I have it as well. I force myself to attend CrossFit classes every week, even though I am the biggest girl in there at over 240lbs. I leave class feeling awesome though, so it is all worth it. Now I just gotta get this Paleo thing down :P.  

    •  That’s great! It takes great bravery to be the biggest anywhere, let alone a CrossFit class! Thanks for your support!

  • Jennifer

    You make me proud to be ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ among the best company! My health is a challenge, my weight doesn’t fluctuate much, yet I wouldn’t swap my paleo lifestyle for a pair of size 10 jeans.

    Every judgment people make about somebody else’s body is a statement about their own self-esteem. Thank you for writing from the heart.

  • Ss1c59

    You both look great, such a difference.  If people don’t like what you have to say then they shouldn’t follow you.

  • Kellyandersen6

    You both look fabulous! Stand tall for what you are both doing for yourselves, your children, and the health of all of you! You are inspirational and I love your blog!
    Thanks for being a voice,

  • Nicki

    You and your family look amazingly healthy. It is too bad that in our society we cannot have more respect for one another. We all come in different shapes and sizes. I know that you represent healthy living because of the smiles on your faces. Being happy is a great predictor of health, even more so than a number on the scale. Keep up the great work!

  • Lucy

    You guys are doing great! “People are weird” is how I understand much of the obnoxious stuff people do. So glad you are putting it all out there for people to understand and learn from. Keep up the good work.

  • laura Medeiros

    If anything you have shown us that paleo isn’t just about fit people getting fitter, but anyone getting healthier. F the trolls, you guys ROCK!

  • Momof2

    Reading this was just shocking as it is hard for me to imagine people having the gall to spew such negativity & hatred at you.
    You have both done so much good for your community (virtual & otherwise) by being so open & sharing your progress.  Seeing how far you’ve come gave me hope that this way of life wasn’t just for the Crossfit crowd.  
    For a non-gym person, it is a bit intimidating to see all these paleo/primal blogs sporting photos of people constantly working out or showing off their perfect physiques.   More power to them if that is what they want, but it is *really* nice to have a more realistic example to see.  By realistic, I mean specifically for me – a homeschooling mom of 2, who has very little time for herself.  I’m not saying that working out an hour every day isn’t realistic for some, but it just doesn’t fly with my home & family responsibilities.  I also appreciate seeing this work from a family POV as my entire family is eating this way, too.I have the desires you have – to be healthier & to feel good.  I figure losing weight is pretty much a given as that goes along with being healthier but in the end it is just a number.  That number doesn’t qualify anyone as a winner or a failure.  The people who think it does must live very shallow, sad lives because there is oh-so-much more to living than what the scale or the tag on your clothes say.
    Kudos to you both for being real & putting it all out there for the world to see.  There are many of us who appreciate it more than you know.

    •  We agree! We wake up feeling good and that makes us winners. Good luck to you on your journey to health!

  • I’m so glad I was told about this post. Keep up the great work. You both look awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing. 

  • We started this journey obese and overweight, there are many of us out there that aren’t as vocal! While my husband and I have lost about 25-30 pounds each, I still have about that much to reach my goal. I was a lean 110 in college, and after pumping my body full of artificial hormonal birth control (which also made me depressed) I was up to 206 at my highest. I tried weight watchers and got down to 185, but was never able to loose more. Then I had two kids, somehow after breastfeeding, I was able to loose all the baby weight. I discovered Primal eating at our personal trainers office, and now I am down to 150! My husband has never seen me this skinny. We have been at this for a little less than a year, and are still not perfect. We’ve also been stuck weight-loss wise for 2-3 months now, but we know that we are still on the right path. We want to stay healthy for our two boys. I am so happy that we can avoid the CW low-fat diet with confidence, giving our boys the healthy fats and animal products they so desperately need to thrive. It makes me so sad to see magazines convincing people to feed their kids vegan diets. How can they be so backwards! http://www.kiwimagonline.com/2012/04/go-vegan/

    Keep up your work, and ignore those haters! There are way more supporters that don’t comment as much because we are not motivated by hate.

    •  Wow! Congratulations on coming such a long way! I read that article and found it to be quite disgusting.

  • Alicia K

    You sir, are just as brave and strong for sharing this. When both of you write, it is so evident that you truly care about your readers. This makes you beautiful no matter what others may say. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing your lives with us! Every email or Facebook exchange I have had with you or Stacy has been so helpful and it is so flattering when those I look up to take the time to respond to my questions or concerns. With that being said, every recipe I have made from ELad has been a HUGE hit. Except when I burned the granola yesterday : )

    •  Ah yes. In some ovens the granola can be tricky. We have a back-left hot spot on our that burns EVERYTHING! We do really try to give as much attention to those who seek it as possible. Glad that that comes through!

  • Ann Baker

    I am so sorry for your troubles as I am a recent recipient of your book and am so grateful for some great recipes to try.  I have 2 kids with celiac, one is an athlete, the other is a teen with an eating disorder and I have celiac/thyroid.  We have been gluten free for years but my son constantly had stomach aches, daughter with migraines and me with progressive autoimmune issues.  I have been trying to get my kids to eat healthier but its a battle and your book is filled with great ideas.
    Thank you so much and please don’t get discouraged.   I am convinced there is no one size fits all approach with nutrition and exercise and the key is finding out what works for you and HOW YOU FEEL.  When you open yourself up to the internet world you are inevitably going to attract people who take out their issues on you.  Please ignore them and focus on the positive effect you have on countless families.

    •  We won’t get discouraged! Good luck with your kids!

  • JenLambert

    I grieve that you even had to write this. Your journey is inspirational and all I can say is haters are gonna hate. The cruel comments are a reflection on their soul and character, not yours. Continue to define who you want to be in the world and refuse to live under anyone else’s labels. I think you’re way cool!

  • Julie

    You are beautiful people, inside and out! Don’t let the negativity of a few trolls drag you down. Even if you both had “perfect” bodies, people would still find something horrible to say, either out of jealousy or just because they are cruel, ignorant people with nothing better to do. For what it’s worth, everything I’ve read and heard about you guys and your new book has been positive. You are amazing people and I can’t even begin to guess how many lives you have helped change! I was afraid of how I was going to teach my future kids to eat paleo, but now that Eat Like a Dinosaur exists, I’m much less worried! Thank you for everything you do!

    •  Thanks for your support! We won’t let them get to us!

  • Brookmerkel

    You guys ROCK!! Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are both an inspiration to so many people!!! 🙂 

  • Alta

    I find the both of you to be so inspirational! Honestly, it’s people like the two of you that make it “attainable” for the everyday person to reach for a more ancestral, healthier way of living. If the only voices of paleo were those superfit Crossfitters, I think many people would think that paleo diet, like Crossfit, is simply something they could NEVER even hope to do or achieve. Knowing you are real people that transformed your lives to be HEALTHIER and to make your children healthier speaks so many more volumes. The haters and critiquers will always find something to criticize, so let them be. Someone who has the desire to leave hateful things out there in the internet obviously has issues themselves.

    •  Thanks! We’re happy to inspire as many people as possible!

  • Liz McLaughlin

    I just want to say first, great article. And secondly–both you and Stacy look fantastic! You both look younger, healthier, and leaner! I’m not sure what the haters are hating about and how they can say that the diet isn’t working, because it obviously is/has! Thanks for doing all that you have done and are doing. You are reaching more people than you imagine.

    And yes, receiving hate messages that are responded to with more hate messages (when you send a nice reply message) means that you’ve officially “made it” on the internet. 😀 Congrats!

  • Priscilla

    Hi Matt, I can not tell you how sorry I am that there are such haters out there in this world.  I love your blog and find you, Stacy and your family very inspirational!  ELaD has been so helpful in transitioning my kids over to paleo. Please know that there are people out here that think you are all wonderful and are grateful that you take your time out to blog and help us all.

  • Stephanie doria mclaughlin

    Hi you guys are awesome..  I love you story. I am a Paleo girl and just got my hubby and 1 of my kids on the band wagon.. we may not be perfect everyday of the week. ‘) but my hubby is down 15 and he needs about 50 more..  It is not about weight loss either for me though. That is a PLUS.. it is about being healthy from the inside out.  Anyone who has struggled with theire weight.. knows how to lose weight. But can you do it healthy for life?? YES we can. I am down 76 lbs and I would like say 10-20 whatever.. But I will never go back to NON fat or FAT free stuff ever again.. I love your story..

    •  Congratulations! That’s so fantastic that you’ve come so far! Good luck with the rest of your family!

  • Thank you for the honesty! Some people can be so mean; I think you are both beautiful; and how far Stacy especially has come is truly amazing. My kids and I love your cookbook; It’s been fun to get my oldest involved in cooking. I’m pregnant with my third, experiencing my first paleo pregnancy, and it’s not perfect! I’m gaining more weight than I would like and not exercising much; but at 24 weeks I’m not even at my pre-pregnancy weight from my first son – so I consider that in itself a success! Keep up everything you do!

    •  Thanks! We’re really glad you’re enjoying the book.

      And, hey, pregnancy isn’t easy and taking the small accomplishments when you can is very important! Congratulations and good luck!

  • Mindy Knappenberger

    Thank you, thank you, thank you both for sharing your family’s continuing journey to health with us!  I have lost 100 lbs, and will also always have the extra skin and health problems that may resurface someday because of previous harm done to my body, but respect SO MUCH anyone that strives to be better, and most of all, TO HELP OTHERS BE BETTER!  You are right, the haters are gonna hate–it’s THEIR sad problem!  How horrible to be that unhappy that you have to hurt someone else to make yourself feel better. KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON, and know that for every hater out there, there are probably 1,000 that love you and appreciate what you do 🙂 

    •  Congratulations! That’s so fantastic that you’ve come so far! Good luck on your continued success and health!

  • Tonja Pizzo

    WOW!!!!  Tell those meanies to shut the f up and you guys keep on keeping on!  I think your wife looks beyond fantastic!!  LOOK HOW FAR SHE HAS COME!!!!  I briefly met her (for 2 seconds–I’m sure she wouldn’t even remember me) at Paleo FX was soooo excited!!!!  I had been waiting on your book to come out for several months and was so happy to buy it at the “convention” and take it home to my little dinos (my son is Dino Crazy right now and he loves just looking at it).  I actually bought a waffle maker last week so we could make your waffles this weekend–(a HUGE hit by the way–so huge in fact, we are making a double batch for dinner tonight so they can eat them for breakfast all week).  Getting our children involved nutrition and food preparation is the key to the future of our health as a society and you two have nailed it.  I love you guys and hope one day we can meet in person.

    • Glad you are enjoying the book! Hope it helps!  We’ll be around at various things, so hopefully we’ll meet again!

  • Cheryl

    As with everything in life there is no way to please everyone. However, “unpleased” people often feel the need to lash out unnecessarily at what makes them “unpleased”. Definitely an attitude or maybe self-esteem problem. That’s why we have to focus on the positive results and try to ignore the other. I know that is hard, especially when people attack the ones you love. I’m only just getting started (at 58!) and my goal is to ease my joint pain and be off statins and BP medications. Sure I’d like to lose weight, too, and be more fit, but feeling well is my priority. So far I have appreciated immensely the encouraging words from people who don’t know me, but who believe my goals are possible. And nobody has “beaten me up” because I have been slow to start my 30 day challenge and when I did, could only last 2 weeks. I was encouraged to start again when the time was right for ME. From the uplifting knowledge received from blogs such as yours I am on DAY 8 of my new challenge. Please keep up the good work and remember that you are GREAT examples to the everyday person trying to change poor eating habits. THANK YOU!

    • Good luck on your journey! We wish you good health and a pain free life!

  • guest

    My mom is receiving the same comments. She is 65 and has had numerous hip replacements and until now wasn’t even able to bend over to pick something up off the floor without having help. With the help of cross fit and now paleo she is finally seeing that she is capable of doing great things with her body even though she is older. She told me the other day that she was thinking of stopping because she feels so embarrassed that she is the oldest and least fit person in the gym…. and i told her that she can’t quit, i told her to use these mean ass people and her embarrassment as learning opportunities and as a marker for growth… both for her and for them. People can be REALLY cruel especially if they are presented with the unknown or the thing they have been opposing for so long. Please don’t feel bad about what these people say because they are obviously cold-hearted or scared…. or both…. and no one who is living in fear of what they could be is someone who gives good advice. You are taking the steps to better your lives and the impact of these steps will last far longer then just your lifespan. I am truly proud of you two for stepping out there and doing something that most obese people couldn’t and wouldn’t ever do. You are the bravest people!!!! Keep up the good work!

    • the8ballmn

      Wish I could see your 65 year old mom killing it at the gym…. I’d buy her a damn steak dinner afterwards!  You tell her to keep up the great work!

    •  Wow! You mom is a total bad ass! That’s so amazing! Your mom is the most amazing person I’ve ever heard of and I hope she keeps it up for as long as possible!

  • Danielle Corrick

    Amen!  Please know that if someone is taking the time to write you about how you are a failure or whatever in their eyes, they must have a pretty miserable existence.  Who has that kind of time?  You are doing the right thing – we just got your book this weekend and I can’t read it yet because my 8 year old won’t put it down.  She’s reading it cover to cover.  Thank you.

  • Smpattan

    I think you guys are both amazing and you have come a long way. You both look great physically and I’m sure you are much healthier now than you were pre-paleo. Bless you guys! People saying such hurtful things about someone’s physical appearance are just insecure and heartless. Since I’ve started paleo (off & on) I haven’t lost any weight but I feel better (no acid reflux, gas, bloating, chronic headaches & fatigue) & I am happier. I have decided to step up the paleo & not fall off the wagon for those reasons. I’ve come to terms with the fact I may stay at my current weight (about the same size as Stacey) but I’d rather that and feel good versus going on a low calorie/low fat diet, feel like crud to be a certain size. I’ve got desperate & tried these when falling out of the paleo lifestyle and I end up feeling terrible!!! You both seriously rock! Keep doing what you’re doing, be happy in your own skin and continue to provide us great resources and information. Screw all the haters! They should be ashamed of themselves!

    • Smpattan

      Stacey has also been my biggest motivator with coming to terms with my weight and deciding my health and well being are more important than a size. No, actually she’s been my only motivator. I love her for that and that I am now comfortable in my own skin and feel more confident. Even though I have fat, it doesn’t define how I feel about myself and set my moods anymore. I won’t quit trying to get healthier but I’m not putting my life on hold until I’m my old size 6.

      •  Thank you! Glad we could be a part of your inspiration!

    • Good luck to you on your journey! It can be hard, but it’s so worth it, as you’ve found out!

  • YOU GUYS ROCK!  there are different paths for different people, and that is what make each of our experiences unique.  i went paleo in prep for my 40th birthday after having been overweight for more than 20+ years of my life.  i lost 20kg in one year and celebrated my 40th birthday the healthiest and happiest i have ever been.  while i love melissa and dallas hartwig of the whole 9 and follow their blog closely, through nomnompaleo, i found you guys.  what i was missing!  because you guys are getting healthy as a FAMILY!  and you are teaching your kids paleo and sharing with the rest of us how we can do it, too.  as gary taubes said in _why we get fat:  and what to do about it_, just because you follow a paleo/primal diet doesn’t mean that the fat (he uses the word “adiposity”) will come off all at once or even equally all over your body.  i’ve been “fat” for a long time and even with the 20kg drop from 80kg to 60kg last year, my thighs and butt are noticeably endowed with more fat.  it’s okay though.  i’m just happy to be healthier than i have ever been and happy to be alive.  KEEP UP THE GREAT/AWESOME WORK!  DON’T LET THE TROLLS ROCK YOUR BOAT!  you guys are such an inspiration!  xoxo, from Korea!!! *^^*

    • I just so happen to have the same issue. All the extra weight is between my belly button and knees. As a man, that’s not particularly flattering! But I’m just so happy to have made it this far, I don’t worry too much! Congratulations on making it so far!

  • Carrie Dadey

    The internet is such a double-edged sword.  In one way, it has connected us with people who can help us, who face the same struggles, who can inspire great change in our lives.  For that (and for you) I am grateful.  But in another way, it has removed our filters, made saying cruel things just part of the conversation, and eroded social graces.  Somehow the idea that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all has all but died in some circles.  Sometimes criticism that hurts can help focus on a issue that needs to be addressed in the long run…I think the debate about Paleo vs. strict Primal did that, and while perhaps the tone of the message was not appreciated, the message still had value, and to your credit you were able navigate that situation with grace.  I understand that post (from Peggy), because my son has such terrible digestion, and though I ordered and love ELaD, it is not going to be very helpful in my situation right now.  Because he simply cannot eat nuts, any sweeteners at all, cannot eat fruit, and cannot even eat sweet vegetables.  Still, he loved the book, especially the comic part, because as he enters K next year and will be eating very different lunches than his friends (meatballs and SeaSnax anyone?) he has a simple way to discuss it with them.  To point out that there are traps and stumbling blocks to Paleo is good for everyone to self reflect and see if they can make changes and meet their elusive goals.  Calling someone fat or ugly has no value.  I applaud Stacy for being so honest with her stumbling blocks, and knowing that she needs to learn more and make more tweaks, and also for not having the goal of being stick thin or looking a certain way, but feeling better and healthy for herself.  And I applaud Matt for loving Stacy unconditionally.  Trust me, not all of us are so lucky as to have a husband who would love us at any size.  

  • Ashley

    Congrats on your weight loss and your journey. I was once 250 and now I’m 150-160. I work out like a demon and eat paleo and can’t seem to lose any more weight. People snicker and make fun. I don’t care because I have never been this small. I have never felt better. Don’t let other people get you down. I try my best not to. I remind myself not everyone is meant to or can be a size zero. I have to live with the fact I was very overweight and it will be very hard to be lean without starving myself or overtraining. Isn’t the most important thing being healthy? I say it is far more important than washboard abs any day of the week. Keep being awesome. Haters are gonna hate. Ignore them.

    • Ashley, you’ve come such a long way and should be so very proud! Congratulations!

  • Pj

    Are you kidding?  The difference between one foto and the other is amazing.  That represents a tremendous amount of tenacity and consistency that obviously has really paid off.  Living healthy and exercising enough so you have healthy fit senior years are the daily habits we are or are recreating now. There’s a lot of junk out there…just throw that negativity in the trash where it belongs and float above it.  You guys are awesome…

    •  Thanks! We’ve successfully brushed off the criticism!

  • Michelle

    As other have undoubtedly said, screw the haters and enjoy your improved health!  My husband and I are probably the fattest people in the paleo/primal world, and I totally get how upsetting it is to be judged based on looks.  I was 295lbs and diagnosed with Type II diabetes when I got pregnant 21 months ago – my heaviest ever.  I immediately started a Paleo/Primal diet and the weight just fell away.  I used medication while I was pregnant to make sure my blood sugar stayed within a normal range, and I was stricter on myself than the doctors.  I wanted my numbers within normal range for a non-diabetic, and I got them there quickly and kept them there.  After I gave birth (my third son), the additional insulin resistance caused by the placenta went away and I had to stop taking the medication immediately.  I was able to keep my blood sugar numbers in the normal range with diet alone!  And I continued to lose weight.  I lost around 50lbs total – and have been at a bit of a standstill since I fell off the wagon – but we just jumped right back on!  I still have a good 75lbs to go, and I’m still really fat…and when I buy three 1/2lb packages of kerrygold butter and 10lbs of grassfed ground beef, I see the people staring, shaking their heads, I can almost hear the comments in their heads.  Yes I’m still fat, but I’m SO much healthier.  No one can see my blood sugar, they can only go by what is on the outside.  You never know the story behind the picture, and people just need to back off.  I don’t have goals of being skinny, lean, and built like all the pictures that get posted with the caption “Now she’s fit!” I just want to be healthy.  I’ll be happy when I fit into a size 14/16, but I’m not going for a size 4/6.  

    I gain more from your very real experiences, than I do from any others.  Seeing pictures of athletes over and over again and being told “That’s Paleo!” is not what it’s about for me.  

    It’s about my health.  

    So, keep up the good work – from one fatty to another 🙂  Though I think you look amazing and am inspired by your progress!

    THIS is what it’s about, and anyone who has a problem with it can easily stop reading or unlike your page.  I don’t get why people feel the need to be nasty to others…they need to concentrate on themselves first and figure out WHY they need to put others down in order to feel better about themselves.

    • Amy Winch

      Way to go Michelle! Keep your head up and know you’re doing what’s best for you and your family! 
      (From another Mom who’s hoping to get back to a 14/16, just as long as I can run and play with my boys!)

    •  Wow! That’s so tremendous! You’ve made so much progress and have a lot to be proud of. Good luck on your continuing journey.

  • Wow, that there is anyone out there who’s life is so empty that they would spend time commenting mean words on your blog.  Seriously, Matt, when your anxiety acts up, imagine the person who doesn’t have 3 happy boys at their feet and a super loving wife, but instead only has his or her computer, and anger that there are people out there in the world who are doing something, day-by-day, that has brought them more joy and health.  I find that most meanness is prompted by jealousy and laziness.  Usually laziness to spend time and energy discovering a better way than the rut that they are in.  Whether it’s a physical rut, emotional or spiritual rut, these poor people are in a rut.  Not that they will ever get out of it and thereby become nice, but . . . they are not worth any energy or anxiety or thought from you, because you’re already giving all you have to help them out of it, and they’re saying “Nope, closed minded” or “Nope, too lazy.”  Stacey is smart and perceptive to be compassionate to these people, because they are small.  That’s just sad–for them.  It has no bearing on the happiness and beauty of your family.

    I, personally, have nothing but admiration (for the perseverance that enabled Stacy and you to lose so much weight) and gratefulness (for the crazy amount of time you two put into having a very active blog) when most people with 3 young kids would be too consumed with child-rearing to even THINK about the best way to be healthy parents and have healthy children.  Whether we are talking about paleo, parenting, or just relationships, Stacy and you are beacons to a world of people who are too busy just going through the motions to nurture the most important things in life–their relationships, their health, their children, etc.      

    My ONLY disappointment with your blog:  That Stacy is usually the one behind the camera so we don’t get to see her face more.  She’s beautiful.  (Though, she also has lovely hands.  :-))  And she should be proud of her great amount of weight loss, even if she hasn’t figured out every detail needed to meet all her health needs.  Heck, I lost 40 lbs 7 years ago (and kept it off), but just this month discovered I won’t have a BM if I consume bananas and that VERY bad things happen when I consume dairy.  Does that make any diet and exercise knowledge I’ve gained over the years invalid because I didn’t have insight into EVERY one of my personal health issues?  I think not. 

    From now on, to all mean comments, please just reply “Go pound sand.”   You see, pounding sand is a useless endeavor, so has the connotation of “Go scr_w yourself,”  but you sound like you haven’t lowered yourself to their level.  You may also say to them in your head, “Go scr_w yourself,” and “You are a very sad, little person” but keep staying above the fray and just keep plowing along–learning more about health, sharing with us as much as you can (but don’t kill yourself for us!), but mostly LOVING that precious wife and family of yours.  It is only THEIR opinions of you (and God’s) that ultimately matter. 

    Hey, you’re a geek, right?  Then you know LotR references?  Just picture all haters as Gollums.  They’re weak little ugly things that want the perks of the ring without the responsibility and perseverance.  Heck, address all replies to mean comments with “Dear Gollum,” . . .      

    •  It is certainly true that Stacy’s not pictured on the blog very often. If you could see the quality of the pictures I take, you’d understand! I’ll try to encourage more out of her in the future, but watch the calendar for June 7th. We have a semi-secret event happening that day that will likely yield some seriously gorgeous photos of her!

      I like the idea of the trolls as Gollums! Perhaps I’ll adopt your advice! Thanks for your support.

  • Wow you guys are my inspiration!!!!! Giving up certain kinds of foods is hard!!!! BUt to be healthy and look like this we can do it!!!

    THanks for posting

  • Kania

    You “guys” are doing great. Keep doing what you are doing and try not to let the haters get to you. I switched to low carb in 1996 then to Paleo in 2003 and still got sick in 2008. Finally was diagnosed with chronic Lyme and Babesia last year. There are more factors to getting sick and healing than diet. You all have made great progress!

    •  Thanks! Hope you feel better soon! That’s certainly the pits.

  • Ldyclements

    I think you both are heroes.  I look up to you, admire you and respect you. Those who do not and can say such hateful things, going out of their way to do, don’t really have a life of their own, not any story to tell that anyone would want to listen to. Looking at your pics, my thought is “Wow! Look how far they’ve come. Look at what they have achieved!” And THAT, that gives me encouragement to continue to press forward till I have my own story to tell. You guys rock!  As for the book, who the hell wouldn’t promote their own and be excited about their first “baby”? I know I sure would… those that degrade that accomplishment have…..heinous envy. rock on Dino-dinerers, rock on. We need you and want you. 

  • erin

    Having been in and out of the paleo community for the last couple of years, I had heard of your blog but never explored it since I don’t have kids (oops, snap judgement). But this post was reposted on my facebook feed today and the title caught my attention. You two are amazing and so inspirational. Your website information is solid and well organized – you make the paleo lifestyle accessible and easy to understand for everyone. This is what the paleo community needs – the ambassadors that can reach out to the people that think this is only for those who are already superfit. Thanks for everything you have done, and everything you will continue to do to try to help make people healthier. Ignore the haters! 

    •  Yeah, we’re about a lot of things, not just parenting. But you go to the show with a single stage name and sometimes you don’t choose perfectly! Besides, PaleoPolymaths.com is just not as catchy!

      Thank you for giving us a try anyway! Hope you enjoy it!

  • LSZ

    Stacy looks amazing, and I am not just talking about the body type, but she looks amazingly healthy.  Anonymous people on the internet full of self-loathing should NEVER be allowed to dictate how someone feels or how someone should feel.  Keep rocking on with your bad self.  

  • You guys are amazing. Forgot those people who spend their day perusing your block to find something awful to post. They don’t count. What counts is all the good you are doing. I’m so glad to see someone still on the journey to get lean and healthy– those who have done it, can post their spectacular photos but I need to feel that there is that in-between stage that I’m going through. The learning process and watching my body change.You have both been extremely brave to put your life out there and shame on those who criticize. You are helping us all, keep up the great work.

  • Rashelle

    I’m so sorry that anyone would have the nerve to say those things about either of you!  I know it must be so painful to hear those things when what you’re trying to do is spread the word about how healthy you feel and are!  Don’t listen to the “haters”! There are so many people out there that need your help!!  You’re such a positive influence.  I guess it’s kind of like being a celebrity…they get picked apart by everyone, too….some say they just don’t read anything about themselves….but no wonder why so many of them struggle with eating disorders, alcoholism, pills, etc…!  People need to help, love and encourage one another!!  Thank you for putting yourselves out there, even though it’s incredibly hard for you.  You’re helping change  the lives of so many people!!  I applaud you and LOVE that you’ve changed your lives for the better for yourselves and your family and so many others!!!
    I’ve tried so many “healthy” lifestyles, including being a vegan and vegetarian and I have to say, I never felt quite “right”! I’ve only been eating Paleo for about 6 months and have never felt better!!  The world needs people like you!!  Keep up the awesome job you’re doing!!

    •  Thanks for your support! I’m so glad you’ve found such health as well!

  • Toni

    Love the post guys. Keep up the good work. I to know exactly where you are coming from. It is a journey. I would love to hear how you deal with the adrenal fatigue. You are not alone & it is a gradual process. The goal is not perfection but to get healthy. 

    •  About two weeks back Stacy posted about her new protocol. Search protocol and you should find it!

  • Jenn

    Hi Guys, I think you are going great things and the goal of making yourself healthier is an honourable one. I am in the same boat where I am trying to follow a paleo lifestyle that meets my lifestyle and am not at the weight I would like to be yet either but am working towards it. It’s a challenge and I am thankful every day for finding sites like yours for support. Keep it up!

  • Just a note from one Paleo person to another: I couldn’t lose weight with super low carb after a while because my hormones were all out of whack and low carb was stressing my body out (higher levels of cortisol). You may need to do some restoration of your metabolism just to get your resting metabolic temperature back up to 98.6 upon waking, but this includes cycling in fruit, oatmeal and rice for a couple of weeks (I know, sacrilegious, right? But, I assure you, fruit, yams, even cold potatoes are not to be items of fear-mongering as they have become in the Paleo community). I still believe in eating this way, but to lose weight, just going full on protein and veggies stopped working, if anything, it was going against me. Just some ‘food’ for thought. 😀 Congrats on the weight loss so far though, I’m very glad that your family is now on the road to tremendous health!

    •  We’ve been tweaking Stacy’s carbs for a little bit to see what works, actually. We’ll find a formula!

  • Jackie

    I think y’all are inspiring!  

  • Iris

    Honestly, this just makes me want to cry. I don’t understand, and never have, why people resort to such cruel comments. I see it everywhere on the internet and it makes me so sad that people spend their time on this nonsense. As a fellow blogger and cookbook author, I can empathize with the amount of time, energy, and love that goes into all of this for very little money. We do it to share what we believe with others, and getting hatred back is like a cruel joke. But I think you’re both amazing and beautiful, and I commend all the healthy choices you’ve made. Weight does not always reflect a person’s health status, and whether Stacy loses more weight is not as important as the fact the she is doing so many healthy things for her body. Research on weight control shows that when someone obese loses weight, their metabolism slows disproportionately. So someone who has always been skinny can eat more calories than someone who has been overweight and then lost weight. It puts someone trying to maintain a weight loss at a disadvantage, because he/she will most likely have to be much more careful with their food than someone who has never had a weight problem, yet will be scrutinized and judged more by people ignorant of the reality of how our bodies work.

    Anyway…love you and your blog!

    •  Thanks! We’ve experienced exactly that. It’s hard, but we’ll make it through!

  • Stephanie

    I applaud you for finding a healthy path, one that I, myself, have JUST started. Sticks and stones to the haters. I think Stacy is beautiful.

  • Shellie Schoenberg

    I commend you both on your brave words. As a busy parent and gym owner, I can tell you this blog has been life changing for my family and our little community here in New Mexico. ELaD has made eating Paleo fun for my kiddos and we are discovering ways to interact as a family while preparing healthy meals, which is totally awesome!!! I cannot express my gratitude enough for all you are doing for families and their health. I would not hesitate to call you both excellent role models. Keep changing the world!!!

  • Lisa J

    Thank you for all that you have done to inspire others through your blog and cookbook. I am new Paleo (3 months) and find your story and words of wisdom a beacon of hope for those of us who are not super fit Crossfit athletes. I am a regular person trying to lead a healthier life, and bonus – lose weight in the process. Following Paleo is the first “diet” (more accurately: “lifestyle”) that I can easily stick to and enjoy. I feel great and that is more important than the numbers on the scale. I love your cookbook so much, and I don’t even have kids yet! I had to buy a copy for my sister who is gluten-free and was struggling to find fun, easy recipes to make. Thank you for your contribution to my Paleo journey. I will be forever grateful that your blog, your story, and your cookbook have made my life better.

    •  We found it incredibly easy to stick to as well. Glad we could help in some small way!

  • I don’t follow a strictly Paleo diet, but I do eat and prepare many Paleo-friendly foods and blog about them. I’m semi-Paleo by virtue of eating (mostly) real from-the-earth plants and animal products. I dig the philosophy but know that I will never be as committed to it as you guys or any of the others, so I’m a perma-fan who dabbles now and then.

    With that said. I know what it is like to have your life–and weight–on display. I started out around Stacy’s same highest weight and have lost 80 lbs so far. I know that I am not the epitome of health by Paleo or CW standards, but I am healthier now–despite my ongoing problems!–than I have ever been, both physically and mentally. I know it’s hard for people to wrap their head around it, but I know how I feel. And I feel better now in so many ways than I did 6 or 7 years ago even though I am still obese. I’m not only healthier, but I’m happier. Mainly because I”m at peace with myself and food. No, not “fat acceptance”; life acceptance. Life is a limited amount of time, there is no point in spending any of it waiting to be happy and waiting for X to happen before you feel good. Feel good NOW regardless of your size and general life achievements.

    I also know what it’s like to have critics. Writing a blog and trolls just goes hand in hand. It’s unavoidable. But you know what? I love trolls! I’m important enough to them to be a distraction in their day. How awesome is that? Maino says, “when they hatin’ on ya then you know you’re doin’ somethin’.” So true.

    For every naysayer, we probably have 1,000 times more fans and supporters. My husband often reminds me that elephants don’t swat at flies; their minute presence and attempts are being bothersome isn’t worth the effort to a big, strong, fierce elephant.

    Oh, and trolls aren’t exclusive to overweight bloggers; ever blogger I know, despite how overall healthy and fit they look, how successful they are, how smart they are, has trolls trying to bring them down. Haters gonna hate! It’s what they do, lol. Happiness is the best revenge. They hate it. 🙂

    Be untouchable. It’s the best thing you can do for your health.


    •  Regardless of how you’re living, you certainly have a lot to be proud of! We feel the same as you: you have to stop waiting for health to arrive, you have to live while the living is good!

  • I think Stacy is doing as well as she can under the circumstances.  A new book, 3 beautiful children + a full time job.  Stacy looks radiant.  Paleo is a work in progress.  Supplementing is just part of what we have to do because even our veggies aren’t as nutrient filled as they used to be. Being able to get all of what our bodies need is hard work.  Rock on and keep doing what your doing.  Love your recipes and your outlook.  🙂

  • I really do appreciate your posts. This whole Paleo thing is new to me. I am definitely overweight, obese if you want to call it that. I know I need to loose the weight. I crave carbs and sugars way too much. I appreciate this journey that you have taken. I appreciate all the articles you have written and I really appreciate the great recipes that you post. I am looking forward to reading the Eat Like a Dinosaur on my Kindle. I appreciate the fact that you have it available in that format.
    Most people who make rude comments and posts like that, are typically doing it out of jealousy and stupidity,  It’s sad that they do it. But know that you are very much appreciated. In talking with a new friend, we were discussing her son and some of the hyper issues he has. She is looking to pull him out of school to homeschool next year. The school wants to put him on drugs. And from what she has told me, he is just being a boy. I feel for her. I think a lot of things can really change you when you are eating the right things!

    •  Glad we could play a small role in your journey! Thanks for your support.

      We happen to have a boy who can get out of control at times and it is hard! Best of luck to your friend!

  • Just ignore the ‘haters’ – you are making a difference in peoples’ lives and that is important!  Striving for leanness can be damaging to your health and mental health in so many ways.  It is far better to just focus on being well and happy trusting that your body will take care of the rest as and when it is ready to or needs to.  Where you are putting your focus is exactly as it should be – only as long as it fulfills/sustains you on some level – if not then it’s not worth it.

    Finally – your focus on getting kids to eat whole foods and vegetables is so valuable – in this land of pervasive fake chicken nuggets, poptarts and mac & cheese! Let’s make sure that the statistic I saw posted the other day that the next generations’ lifespan will be shorter then ours does not come to pass! 

    •  Completely agree! Let’s hope our children live a long time more than us!

  • Love you guys

    I read your blog because you are real people and you write for real people. I’m a tired mom, not a triathlete, and I’m grateful for your site and your book. I hope you make a mint! 🙂

  • Shirley @ gfe

    Bravo!! I have no tolerance for intolerant people on any subject. Know that you guys are changing lives daily and are continuing to change your own. Do you think that anyone would be encouraged to do paleo, if they only saw folks with perfect physiques at all the paleo events on all the paleo blogs? Uh, no … of course. As far as the trolls and haters, I’m a big fan of that “delete” button when it comes to negative comments. I know that one negative comments has more of an impact than a few hundred though. I guess we will always remain human and vulnerable and that’s not a bad thing. Still, I’m glad you wrote the post and shared such info because I think the topic needed to be addressed, and it covers more than paleo. As you know I’m not 100% paleo yet. But I find inspiration and guidance in your blog posts, FB info, etc. daily!  I and my support group absolutely can’t wait to see you guys in June!! 🙂 Matt, if you want to go off on a hike on the farm after your arrival instead of doing the presentation with Stacy and the boys, we’ll understand … seriously. 🙂

    Keep on keeping on! xoxo,Shirley

    •  Thanks Shirley! I’ll be fine as long as Stacy’s there. Glad we could be of some small influence for you!

  • Well put. Thank you for putting this out there into the Paleo world. It’s a shame that there will always be people out there that will always insult and point out the flaws in everyone but themselves.

  • My family and I are new to paleo. There are a few blogs that I cruise looking for recipes and one of them is nom nom paleo, she linked this post on her fb page and that is how I found your site. I can’t believe that people have been so cruel to you guys. The road to healthy living is a journey, and one that should be celebrated along the way. I went back through your blog and it seems that your wife has made huge strides…congrats!!! I hope that you guys can ignore the haters and keep doing what you are doing. There is no reason to not share your accomplishments, and ideas, advice, etc. with everyone else. 

    •  Nom Nom is wonderful, so glad she sent you our way. Hope you stay! Thanks

  • Melissa

    I struggle with being “wrong” and not “paleo enough” to even say that is how I have started living (barely). See? Even there, can’t say it. But I remember something Stacy tweeted before she left for PFX12. That it doesn’t matter where we are on our paleo journey. What matters is that we’ve STARTED it. And that’s what I carry with me. I’ve started it, and I’ve started it with my family. Thank you. Screw everyone else. 🙂

  • Melba

    I think you both look great! Especially comparing the two pics at the bottom. I’m impressed with the differences in both mom and dad, even as you can tell by looking at the children that it wasn’t what, more than a year, between the two pictures? Amazing. This is my first read and I’m feeling a bit inspired. Thank you.

    •  Yeah that was a about a year! Happy to inspire you.

  • Tracy

    It’s hard for me to believe that some people don’t have anything better to do with their time than to put down others–downright mean!  You guys are awesome!

  • So freakin’ well put! I guess when you champion a healthy way of life people assume you should somehow look like their ideal of a healthy person (i.e. supermodel skinny or sporting a 6 pack). There’s so much more to being healthy than that! I applaud you for finding paleo, making the change and going from morbidly obese to HEALTHY! I definitely look up to both of you as a source of inspiration. I was 225lbs when I started on the road to paleo and now fluctuate between 190-200 lbs. Am I where I’d ultimately like to be? No, but I feel freakin’ fabulous. Do people still snicker and call me fat? Yup. Do people wonder why I went from being a vegetarian for 14 years to eating meat daily? Yup. Do I care? Yes. I do. It’s hard to know that you have changed your life and are so much healthier than you were and yet there are people out there who would rather judge you for not being their ideal of beauty than applaud you for taking a step in the right direction. 

    I also can fully relate to the comment about feeling like the paleo police are out to get you. On those days when I know I’m cheating I get that same feeling and I haven’t put my whole life out there on the interwebs. What is wrong with us when we become anxious that others will judge us for decisions we make regarding our food? I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with food and I am working on breaking that cycle of shame. Yes. Sometimes I give in and eat cheese or something on the no-no list, but I think we all have to stop feeling so guilty over it. Look at where we have come? 

    You are both amazing and absolutely beautiful. 

    •  You’ve made tremendous improvements and should be proud! Here’s my irony: worrying about being caught cheating only makes me more likely to drink a diet coke or eat candy. I’m learning to relax my paranoia and I hope you can to!

  • Heleen Quantrill

    I hope that the amount of comments you’re getting here within an hour will convince you guys that you’re doing a great job and that it’s perceived that way too! For me too you guys are an inspiration because you are real and honest about everything. No one is perfect, but it’s great to see a really nice ‘every day’ (said with a wink) family do so well for themselves. And you guys look it, honestly. 

    Next time you get such a s#itty comment, post it here and we’ll have them! 😉

    But seriously, you guys rock and you help other people. That’s the main thing!

    •  More than convinced, Heleen! This kind of response is what inspires us to do more and do it harder!

  • Karyn

    I hesitate to share info about paleo eating because I’m still overweight, even though I know how much better this lifestyle makes me feel. I can’t imagine being a public figure like your family and applaud your courage. I’m so sorry people can be so cruel and rude.  But I hope you keep going because you are an inspiration for others who are working through a similar journey. I love that you are parents working on improving the whole family’s health – just like my husband and I. This makes “regular people” like me realize that we can do it, too, and that paleo is good for everyone!

  • Mijoy17

    Love you guys!  Rock on!

  • Savannahkay

    Hi Stacy and Matt ,
    Congratulations on doing what’s most important. Showing love. (to all, even rude, mean people)

  • Megs

    Love it! You said it all in your last sentence …haters hate because they’re not happy with themselves or their own lives! I think you both look great and you’re serving a vital purpose in the Paleo community. Not everyone is going to get the quick results that most newcomers see when they find paleo and see sites full of dramatic before and after pics. For those that have a lot of weight to lose or are plagued by diseases related to their weight, those pictures can be discouraging …I’ve been there, over 300lbs and so sick I’d have probably died within 3-5yrs had I not found Paleo. I’ve lost 65+ lbs but still have a ways to go. I’m happy for those that have been able to get those dramatic results, but at the same time it makes me wonder what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get those kinds of results? Thank you both for being so brave and showing that it’s not as easy as most make this Paleo thing out to be!:)

    • It’s unfortunate, but there comes a critical mass for everyone where your body becomes so used to being overweight that it stubbornly refuses to drop it. No one became obese overnight and no one can lightened their load in a day either! Congratulations on your progress and good luck on your continuing journey!

  • What a fantastic post! I just found your blog today and Facbeook and I’m happy I did. I’m not a strict paleo/primal follower, but I do appreciate much of the methodology, especially on exercise. I look forward to reading more of your posts and I am going to share this on on my own blog’s FB page. I feel like there has been a lot of negative voices in the food blogging world recently. There has been lots of he-said, she-said, I’m right, you’re wrong, banter going on and frankly, I’m sick of it too! Keep up the great work. Do what works for you and your family. That’s all that matters. I really look forward to following along on your journey!

    P.S. You know you’ve made it when you get a hater! 🙂 I’ll never forget my first hater! 🙂

    • Thanks! Hope you enjoy what you read. We, personally, are flies with honey types here. We’re much more interested in the positive encouragement of people who are trying to get it right than the demonizing of people who sometimes get it wrong.

  • You guys rock. Nuff said.

  • I can’t add anything unique to the comments that hasn’t already been said.  You and your family are truly an inspiration.

    • We’re so glad to be one for so many people!

  • Michellejstahnke

    It is ridiculous how cruel people can be. I for one appreciate REAL role models. I mean how many perfectly fit people are really out there? Seeing someone like myself on a journey like this be successful and really look amazing is inspiring! My personal trainer might look fit but she eats fast food! So how healthy is she really?

    • Glad to provide some inspiration to you! Continue your journey and one day you may do what Stacy did: convert the personal trainer!

  • Monica

    You all are beaming healthy! I just got my book this weekend and have a menu full of recipes. Can’t wait! Love, Love your family friendly blog!!

    • Thanks! Hope you love all the recipes you try!

  • Raquel

    You.  BOTH.  Rock.  Your kids rock too!  If everyone would spread love instead of hate, this world would be unrecognizable.  Some people, like politicians, feel the need to put others down to make themselves feel or look better.  Thank you for sharing and for putting yourselves out there.  That takes courage and gusto.

    • Thanks! We try really hard to keep it positive. If we’re trying to support families trying to get healthy together, there’s simply no room for negativity!

  • Jessica Newman

    I just bought your book yesterday! I’m sorry you have to have such negative comments, it’s just sad really. Your story is amazing and its great to have real life examples. The gift you have given your children is irreplaceable — keep up the great work!! 

  • Ohjoyanotherboy

    Ignore the haters, you guys have done a fantastic job!!  Amazing job!! and I am the fattest Paleo person there is 😉  I have been doing this longer than you guys and I haven’t had that dramatic of a change yet….not to discount being Paleo, I got pregnant and my journey took a little side step.  Hoping the next few months I reach my goal FINALLY!!  Keep up the good work and well the internet brings in all sorts of trash along with the good.  Don’t let it get to you.  There are more out there that support you guys than there are those that don’t.  

    • There are certainly more supporters than detractors! Thanks for appreciating us and congratulations on your pregnancy, whenever that took place! Good luck on your own journey!

  • JA Miller

    Thank you for writing this…Stacy, you are beautiful and you are strong!  I am happy that your hubby and you have made positive changes in your life.  I know it’s easy to say ignore the haters, but it is tough to do sometimes.  I have Hashimotos and a cranky immune system…but when I eat clean/Paleo, I feel better than I have in YEARS.  The weight isn’t flying off, but at least I *feel* better…feeling better will lead to moving more and moving more will make the scale move the right way.  Thank you for being brave, thank your hubby for his support (kudos, as having social anxiety is nothing to sneeze at) and hope you and the family stay well.  

    • Thank you so much for your support. We’re happy to hear that your diet changes have given you such improvements! That’s fantastic! Feeling better is the best reward this whole thing can give you, after all!

  • Y’all rock! Y’all’s story is so inspiring, and your amazing journey has just begun. Don’t stop. Especially not for haters!!!

    • They’ll pry this keyboard from my cold dead hands well after the Internet implodes! We’ll never stop!

  • Mezzovoice

    Absolutely wonderful. And if you look at the science behind it you will easily see that the first point in Paleo or even low-carb diets is an improvement of peoples’ health: blood sugar stabilises or normalises, lipid panels look great, blood pressure improves, IRS disappears, energy levels go up – that in itself is a very great achievement. Weight may go down but even if it doesn’t you are enjoying great benefits. Somebody once said: It is better to be healthy fit and a little overweight than to be slim, undernourished and ill.

    • We agree 100% and have seen all those improvements! Thanks!

  • the internet is a mean place. your recipes are great (even when you recommend using a spice grinder or some other weird thing!) your insights are helpful and you’re doing a great job. sorry for the trolls. don’t ever reply to them.

    • Thanks! The internet is not a mean place; the internet just so happens to have a small portion of very loud and angry people attached to it! Glad you enjoy our recipes, even if you don’t have our weird (but not mandatory!) tools!

  • Katie Osborne

    I think your family is the real face of paleo. You both are what most of the country looks like and took control of your lives to better them. I know better than anyone that after spending your life obese and having children will NEVER produce a flat stomach. NEVER! There is a small fraction of the paleo community that focuses solely on numbers but that’s a minority. It hasn’t looked that way until recently. Your posts, along with others, have shown us what lies behind the Mark’s and Robb’s. We are the foundation that this wonderful community has been built on. We are not super athletes, just normal people struggling to feel normal again. Those that say nasty things do so because they are unhappy with their own lives and are envious of the changes your family has made. Change is scary and drives people to say very nasty and hurtful things. This is true in all aspects of life. Hopefully that extra skin on our arms and stomach is tough enough to take it and keep going.
    Keep these very honest posts coming PLEASE! It helps me stand tall and know that I am not alone!

    • We’re happy to stand next to you! I’ve never gestated a single fetus myself, but even I have extra skin that will be with me forever. It’s all fine, though! I’m mature enough to look past it. It’s beautiful to me to seek change in your life and to grab it!

  • I just started Paleo just over a month ago, and when I started I weighed just under 20 pounds of both of you combined. People who are haters are just cowards who are too afraid to look at the people they are really ashamed of, which is themselves. You two are inspirations for me!

    • Wow, Brett! We wish you the best of luck and the greatest health on your journey! We’re so happy to play a tiny role in it!

  • Julie

    Haters are going to hate.  It’s what they do because it’s all they have to offer the world.  Sad, really.

    As a fellow paleo “fattie” (weighing in at 175 on my 5’1 frame) who lost a lot of weight also (about 110lbs), I’ve constantly felt like I’m not TRULY paleo, like paleo is for elite athletes, etc.  In fact, for over a year, I simply told people that I changed how I eat and I would describe what I eat (meat, vege, fruit, and nuts) but never identified myself as paleo because I didn’t feel like I had a “right” to self-identify.  Then I found y’all and I felt like I finally found folks I could identify with.

    So nothing but love to you both.

    • Thanks, Julie! You’ve accomplished so much and have a lot to be proud of! You’re amazing! You have every bit as much of a right to call yourself paleo as Robb Wolf!

  • Diane

    Oh Matt, I’m so sorry you and Stacy are having to deal with haters (although like you said, when you put yourself out there it becomes part of the deal, no matter how unfortunate that is!)  I find the 2 of you very REFRESHING in the Paleo world, because I’m like YOU!  I started this journey obese, and I’ve lost 30 pounds slowly, so I’m still obese (have about 50 more pounds to lose), but I FEEL like a new person!  I had so many health issues that have been eliminated or dramatically improved by eating this way.  I guess if there’s one piece of advice I could give you from the benefit of my years (I’m in my 50’s), it would be to IGNORE the haters.  They’re ignorant.  That’s not being mean, it’s a fact.  Think about it, what kind of people have to put others down?  Usually those who have their own issues, who are living with their own pain, or perhaps those who just don’t know any better.  You and Stacy are above that.  Keep your chins up (however many chins that might be, hee hee), and keep doing what your doing.  Because I guarantee there are lots of people out there who are benefiting tremendously from what you do (I’m one of them).  Bless you both!

    • Congratulations, Diane, that’s fantastic! And don’t worry; we’ll never let them grind us down!

  • You both rock. I’ve told Stacy that before. You are a rock for your family and do a lot of the heavy lifting that allows a busy woman like Stacy to eat even remotely healthy. Kudos to you, Matt. Stacy, you are a karking hero! I’m pretty sure you know how profoundly inspirational it is for other heavy women, desperate women, ill women, hopeless women to look at those underwear photos and see our own bodies reflected back at us. And then, to have a couple of progress shots next to them. Wow!  You really ought to have a laurel wreath to wear around for the fantastic example you’ve given the world.

    Arseholes are always going to be arseholes. And only an arsehole would speak to another human being like that.

    Keep smiling, keep doing what you are doing, keep walking along your amazing journey!

    • Thanks Leanne! We’re happy to do it because we know how much it means to give people that hope! And no arsehole will ever take from us the joy we have that so many can take inspiration from what we do.

  • Syl

    I’ve lost 8 lbs so far and I’m not strictly adhering to the plan. I only need to lose 7 more. I’m doing this ONLY for health. Not for what I look like. As for what you’re doing it for, that’s up to you. Even if you and Stacey decided to stay at your current weight, if you felt that was healthy and comfortable for you, then that’s your business. Seriously. Never argue with crazy people either. It’s a waste of time. I have social anxiety as well, but it’s gotten better over the years with the awareness of it’s presence and practicing tolerance for my being human. It’s not easy, but the strength increases with time and effort. When you look back, you won’t believe how far you’ve come. Having a website is a great tool for this. Keep it up. You can’t build muscles without resistance and you can’t get past anxiety when you aren’t challenged to do so. Good luck and I look forward to reading posts about your journey to health and not giving any unneeded attention to haters. Let them go to the “pretty pages” with the rock hard abs that I’m not really concerned about. 

    • Syl, we agree! Everyone’s health is their own, after all. As for the social issues, well, 10 years ago I wouldn’t go into a restaurant to get my girlfriend a glass of water when she was thirsty. Today, I’m often approached by strangers who want to chat. I’m pretty proud of myself!

  • I just want to say THANK YOU not only for sharing your voice and standing in the harsh light of criticism but THANK YOU for being a voice for true health.  For years we have heard that healthy=skinny.  Paleo changed that to healthy=strong.  I want to join your voice and say healthy=something more complex than either of those.  Healthy=things like moving toward ideal body weight, continually improving fitness, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, managing stress, pursuing inner peace and strength and on and on and on.  I have seen some really skinny, really strong UNhealthy people in this world.  Health is so much more than our weight or our leaness because WE – the essence of what it is to be human – are more than our bodies.  Our bodies carry a precious thing, and our outer health drastically impacts our inner health.  That’s why we need to take care of our bodies.  But you can care for your body and be a wasted, withered soul.  That’s sad.  Neither of you are that.  You are warm, open, authentic, real people who have embraced their journey and invited us to come along.  THANK YOU and ignored those withered souls who need to step on others to elevate their own self.  They won’t be standing on your shoulders though.  You’re too strong for that.

    •  This is perfect and we so agree! Thanks for your support!

  • Girligoddess

    Um. am I missing something? You guys look great! Your wife looks fabulous!

  • Lisaburkett

    What beacons you are, thanks for shining the light.
    Awesome post – I can completely relate. 
    (Health is all that matters and vanity won’t improve health- hope you don’t allow the judgement in.)

  • jessica kenney

    Way to go Matt! I understand what it means to be the fat kid in Paleo. I have been stuck since November. I lost 15lbs in October, but then I stalled. And I know what it means to feel like people are always watching and judging. I am so so so so super impressed with you and Stacy all of the time. I read everything you guys write and think of it as inspiration. So keep on ignoring those haters and remember, you guys have people out here who absolutely love you!

  • Peggy

    I cannot imagine having to read hateful words about me in any forum, much less public, and then have the grace that you and Stacy have shown (impossible).  That said, I would guess that there are exponentially more people who appreciate and thank you both for the great work you’re doing!  Paleo isn’t for super athletes… its for humans.  

  • My youngest brother told me last summer that if you don’t have any haters, you’re not doing it right.  So as far as I’m concerned, y’all are rocking it!  I’m looking forward to adding your book to my collection!

  • Erin

    Haters gonna hate. It’s what they do. It fuels them. Ignore and move on. Love you guys and your blog and your book!

  • Terry

    I have never read your blog before , but you can be sure I will come back. I have been following  the Paleo style diet PHD for about a year. I have not lost any weight and I have had no noticeable health improvements except for better Cholesterol labs. I think what you have achieved is great and I am jealous , but it is good to know that not everyone gets the results I am constantly seeing reported. 

    • As they say, your mileage may vary. There is no magic bullet that will get everyone there, but finding what’s right for you is the goal! Good luck to you in your journey!

  • Drchrista

    As a healthcare practitioner who regularly “prescribes” a Paleo diet for health reasons for my patients, I understand the paranoia. I definitely know what’s its like to be at the grocery store, or out to eat, fearful that I will run into a patient or someone else who will inspect every last thing in my bag or cart or on my plate. This kind of judgement & criticism is unhealthy physically and psychologically and it needs to stop. We need to return the focus of Paleo to being healthy, not just having 6 pack abs. You have worked so hard and you both look fantastic (I hate even making the comment because it puts the focus on the way one looks, which is the very problem we’re dealing with here, but alas, the only thing by which to make an assessment is an image on a computer screen.) Thank you for putting yourselves out there. I feel terrible for all the stupid criticism you’ve had to endure, but I truly believe for that every “troll” out there, there are at least 5 other people out there who are inspired and encouraged to doing some positive for their health because of your willingness to share your journey. Thank you.

    •  Dr. Christa, we’ve posted the concrete numbers as well (drops in blood pressure and cholesterol, clearing up of lingering health issues), but it’s all important. I’d like to inspire people to get their health on track for as many reasons as I can, be it looks, health or weight. Thanks for the support and it’s good to hear from people in healthcare who are getting on board with this!

  • Huzzah.  Well spoken indeed.  It is always surprising what people will become defensive about, and make no mistake…when people “attack” you in the comments, they are defending their own ideas.  Congratulations on your haters…it means you are driving the conversation and forcing some uncomfortable thoughts!!!

  • WOW!  What a gracious response!  It’s so awesome to see how you have grown and changed so much!  Your family is beautiful!  Even if your bodies will never be “ideal” just think… you are setting your kids up to be healthy from the start and to not have to work as hard as both of you have had to.  You are giving such a valuable think to your children.  That alone is commendable.  Also in this day I really don’t know many women who start out obese are are able to loose that much weight simply by diet change.  Just the improvements you’ve made speaks volumes!  Congrats to all of your hard work and thanks so much for your blog!  We LOVE you and support you!… and can’t WAIT to get our hands on a copy of ELaD!!! 😉

    •  Thanks! That is the real goal: setting the boys up for a lifetime of good health. Hope you enjoy the book when you get it!

  • Marielle

    I understand so much of this post. I’m a teenager who’s been 20-40 lbs (it fluctuates a lot) overweight since I was 11, despite everything I did to try to lose it. I only found out around last September that I have PCOS, which really messes with my hormones and causes me to have this extra fat on me despite the fact that I work SO hard to lose (it at least keeps me from gaining). Being a teenage girl, I of course have great anxiety about my weight and while I did go to paleo for other reasons (its anti-inflammatory qualities appealed to and have helped me greatly on other non-PCOS issues), I was really hoping that the weight would fall off like it did for so many others. It hasn’t – I feel much better, but my body composition is still the same. I’m actually in Fairfax too and whenever I hear about meetups (both yours and others in the DC area) I don’t even try to see if I’m available then because I don’t want to be the chunky teenager in a room full of svelte adults.

    It also affects my shopping anxiety. I feel like when I buy meat or something else fatty ( I’m dairy free, but I have a great love for coconut products and olive oil), people are looking at me going, “Well, THAT’S why she’s fat,” even if I probably eat way healthier than they do in the long run.

    Like I told my mother, I’m fully aware of what my body is going through, whereas she and everyone else only have a visual cue that’s cause is completely unrelated to my actions. I just always feel like I need to justify it anyway.

    •  Marielle, if you were to come, I’m certain you won’t be the biggest person there and certainly not the youngest either (although possibly the only teen, unless you count me as I read my comics and goof around on reddit). Our meetups run from a size 2 to a size 20. Real health is for everyone, truly! Considering the fact that you likely go to GMU, you can probably walk to our house, you’re missing out on free food, easily obtained! Also, I do know quite a few women with PCOS and while diet can certainly help, it is a lifelong issue that you deserve much appreciation attempting to work through it. Many just give up where you have attempted to try to resolve it!

      • Marielle

        I’ll think about it. Still very, very shy! But I appreciate your welcoming me. 🙂 And I go to high school in McLean, and if you live near GMU then you’re quite far from me; such a big county we’re in!
        And thanks!

  • Toni Rakestraw

    You are both terrific. Looking into starting the paleo diet for our family. Will be reading more of your blog. Keep it up… you’re helping yourselves and many others. 

  • Amy Winch


    •  Thank you for your support as well! Glad you’ve made such progress and realized that good health can be for anyone!

  • Jenny

    I think what you have done is amazing! I know how hard it is to be sick and fat. And Stacy you are amazing. Loosing so much weight! It takes time lots of time to bring your health back. I’m having to learn that now. So many years of eating crap does so much wrong to the body. You guys are truly an inspiration. I am grateful for you guys, all the paleo websites I read, and all the allergy free blogs I read. If it werent for all of y’all I would be struggling so much! And you know what you doing this for you and your family not anyone else!

  • Banglesnbows

    Anyone who looks at your before family picture and after family picture and then criticizes you should be ashamed of them selves. Just the picture alone shows not just two healthier parents, but a healthier family. You are doing more for your family than most of us. So chin up! You’re doing great. Food just seams to a sensitive issue for some, and its usually those who are hurting. Hurt the successful ones to feel better about yourself… That’s all it is. You guys look amazing! I always say, it’s not about being skinny. It’s about being healthy.

  • Lori L

    A wise woman (Eleanor Roosevelt) said that “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. I just recently found your blog and think you guys are inspirational. If you both feel great that is all that matters!! Cheers to you!!!

    •  I often think the same thing that you’ve quoted here. I’m dedicated to not letting anyone bring me down!

  • Breanna

    i’d been paleo for maybe 8 months before I started *interacting* in the paleo world for this very reason…because no one sees the 90lb weight loss first. they see the remaining 10 pounds of fat,  hanging skin that looks like more fat, lack of muscle definition…I didn’t have a home in paleo until you and Stacy gave me one by being so transparent, so brave and honest. I still feel like I don’t *fit in* anywhere else in the paleosphere with all the PHENOMENAL and strong superstar paleo women…and I sure wouldn’t take anything away from them…they work hard to be where they are, to be sure!

    Thing is? I work hard to be where I am…and I’ve been thinking lately about how i’m constantly feeling like i’m failing or doing something wrong because my body isn’t lean and ripped…because of all this comparing with paleo celebrities. but what if, WHAT IF I’m not actually failing at all? what if 90lbs lost is exactly enough? it’s a hard pill to swallow that my body may never be super lean and toned…but it’s a pill I need to swallow to release myself from what *might* be completely unattainable for me. the damage I’m doing by feeling like i’m not good/successful/healthy enough has got to be worse than the last 10 (or 20) pounds I “should” lose. 

    I’m terribly grateful for (almost) every voice in our paleo community, but there MUST be more voices that emerge that represent what we all say we want to see…fat people turning their lives around with a paleo lifestyle. We all go on and on about how this is the most incredible way to change our lives and our families, but we (as a whole) reject/judge/criticize those very people who DO IT but don’t “look the part.” 

    we’re NEVER going to win people over if they feel they have nowhere to belong in every phase of the process, not just their *after* photos. 

    as far as i’m concerned, you two are among the most important voices in this movement, and I couldn’t be more grateful for how far you go to make your voices heard, for the countless hours of selfless hard work and reaching out and getting out of your comfort zones. The gift you give us is priceless. 

    • JEN_M_I

      You may be where you to be… be happy!  Any lose is wonderful, stop comparing… you are your own individual..  And you are perfect as you are!

    • Raven

      I can’t say it any better, so I’ll just second the above.  Your family has given everyone who cares to listen a priceless gift, thank you for that.

    • If you look hard enough, we aren’t alone in having flaws in paleo, honest! We’re just the only ones who are willing to call ourselves fat! Recent posts by Melissa of TheClothesMakeTheGirl.com and Jules and Charles from PaleoComfortFoods.com come to mind where they talk honestly about setbacks.

      I do hope you can be happy with your hard work and realize your journey is a tremendous accomplishment and something to be proud of! We’re happy to have helped you in whatever small way we have!

  • Seeme55

    I’m sorry to hear that you are getting cranked…the people that put that much energy into hating lead small, shallow lives.  Your pat response needs to be “I’m sorry you feel that way” and move on.  They don’t even deserve the time to say or write that!  You are both doing something that you believe in, that is helping so many people.  Let that be the mindset that you stay in.  Good work!

    •  Let’s just say that trolls ought not expect a response or even a read from now on.

  • Kristin

    Thank you so much for writing this and for all that you do!  <3  I started my paleo journey at around 235 and started having doubts after losing about 20lbs.  Why?  Because it wasn't happening like all the stories on MS's site.  I got so discouraged by all the lean rock hard bodies that were doing awesome and losing weight fast while it took me 6 months to lose what I did.   I live in Texas and thought about going to PFX but didn't because of the embarrassment. 

    Paleo didn't give me a rock hard body but I did feel so much better.  I've quit losing weight at this moment.  🙂  Because I'm now 18 weeks pregnant with my third child!  So I got something great out of it!  I slipped off some due to morning sickness but have been slowly reducing my grains again and adding in more meats and veggies. 

    Thank you so much for being an inspiration for all the people like me who have a long journey ahead of them to get healthy!!!

    •  Kristin, everyone is different and everyone will reach their goals at a different rate. I lost much more rapidly than Stacy. Why? Because my issues were in no way genetic or hormonal or anything like that. Mine were a series of ridiculously poor decisions made over the course of many years.

      So, whenever you despair that you are not losing as fast as others, know that you’re journey is perhaps more noble: you have to work harder at it. And we’re glad to play a small part in it!

  • Suemurdock27

    I think you guys are amazing!! I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability! Certainly not easy!! And I think you both look great! And healthy!! Kudos to Stacy for the underwear pics! Truly a phenomenal change has taken place! Thank you both for sharing!! <3

  • Mariemanseau

    Great story!  There are a lot of us out there who great criticism from all over.  I had a lot of health issues and was getting fatter and sicker and now I feel great.  I’m not skinny either but I feel better than I ever have in my life.  If you are in a real stall get yourself a carb counter and start checking the carbs you are eating.  I found some of the paleo sites had way too many paleo treats.  I have been following more of an Atkins style of eating which is a lot lower in carbs til the weight is gone.  Keep up the good work!

  • Angela

    Here’s the deal, as I see it there are going to be supporters and haters in any endeavor. I categorize the “haters” this way, those that don’t know and those that don’t care. They can be divided into categories of fear or stupidity. They have their own fears, either of taking the leap of faith into changing their lives or fear that they will fail if/when they try something new. The rest are expecting a “quick fix” and therefore, no plan works for them because they don’t give it the proper attention or time that real change will need. Which in essence is how we all got to be this way, not giving ourselves proper attention. People like Stacy (and yourself too) that have gone from being very obese to healthy are remarkable and I commend you for putting yourselves out there, to show people that “normal” comes in many sizes. I for one, am sick and tired of our culture and media misrepresentation of what beauty and health look like. Airbrushed super model bodies are an endangered species, they are not real bodies. And with Stacy’s weight loss I bet she can relate to the way that our fashion industry is making it all ok just by changing sizes to accommodate our egos. In the last year, I lost 60 pounds, I went from a size 16 to a size 4. I still have a hard time believing that at 145# I could be a size 4. This is the first time I have read your blog and I was impressed by the feeling of reading about real people with real lives that are making a change not only for themselves but for their family as well. Good Job!

  • Joseph

    You guys are awesome, the more haters you have the better.  

  • Staci Bartlett

    I have never responded to a post before in my life, but felt that I couldn’t simply let this one pass by.  You are an inspiration to everyone who is trying to make a better life for themselves and I thank you for having the courage to do it publicly.

    • Thank you so much for supporting us! Glad we wrote something that inspired you!

  • Cecilia Krueger

    Great post! You guys both look FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work!

  • Julie

    So happy I stumbled upon this! I’m feeling a deep respect for your journey. Your then and now family photos are amazing! What a beautiful and vibrant family you seem to be. I am so grateful for your bravery and commitment to health. Thanks, also for not letting others projection of their own self-hate in your direction discourage you from continuing your journey. We have our whole lives to become who we want to be, and the journey is the whole point. 🙂 I look forward to reading more from you

    • Julie

      oh, and I am SO looking for ELaD at my local bookstores! My 5yo is so bored with the two veg and two meats he’s willing to eat- I think a dinosaur mighy be able to convince him to expand his horizons!

      •  Remember: if they don’t have it, ask them to order it! It’s widely available in all the major book wholesalers.

    •  Thanks! Glad to have you on board!

  • Carolyn

    Great post, Matt. Someone is always going to have a criticism. If you look on YouTube at a video of cute little kittens playing with a ball of yarn the third comment down is almost always something rude and cruel!  Thanks again for all you and Stacy do for the Paleo community!

    •  Ah yes, but I hoped paleo blogging was a kinder gentler place than the notoriously mean-spirited and dumb comments on YouTube!

  • sophie

    Whoever might be dissing you guys clearly doesn’t see that Stacy is the type of superchick that has three kids, then loses about my body weight off her own body, supports a family of five, and all that with a body that is more or less broken. If that isn’t achievement, what is? And you, Matt, as a SAHD with three little boys are my favourite kind of guy. I’m far from having a family of my own but you are such an inspiration!

    •  Stacy is about the closest thing to a superhero as I’ve ever met! We’re happy to have inspired you!

  • Jenilynn07

    You two are my favorite paleo people only because you are “fat” (and by “fat” I mean normal). I will never have a six pack or a tiny little body like some of the other paleo people out there. You guys have shown me that that is ok. My family and I are healthier and happier than we have EVER been and that is 99% because of you. Whenever I feel like I can’t keep it up, I just hope on your blog and read your before & afters. I think to myself “if they can do it, so can I.” So forget about the people who tell you that you aren’t perfect. It’s because you aren’t that many of us love you. Before I found your blog I was only changing the way my husband and I ate. After I am now changing the way my children eat. Oh and I LOVE your book. (I even did a happy dance when I got it) Promote away! The more people you reach the better. I’ve used it almost daily since I got it and it has really changed the way my children eat.

    •  I’m so glad to be a beacon for you that change is possible! Greatest luck on your own health journey. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the book!

  • you guys are such an inspiration, it breaks my heart that people are so full of hate and feel the need to put you down.  you improved your lives and that’s what matters.  i think you’re awesome.

  • Hey, you guys just keep on keeping on … You are doing great work and helping tons of people!  Keep it up!

  • CathyL-San Jose

    Just followed a link to your blog.  Don’t ever be discouraged by trolls who make negative comments and more importantly ignore Durian rider — he comes across more and more like a crack pot, raving lunatic — seriously the way he raves on in his videos reminds me of the kind of verbal diarrhea I frequently see in crack users. Who is he to comment? — he looks emaciated and much older than his years — not at all a good advertisement for the raw vegan frutarian lifestyle he espouses.
    We are all travelling towards optimal health and you and your family are wonderful examples of how to travel that path.

    •  Ha! We completely agree on Durian! At this point, we just find him to be hilarious!

      Who wouldn’t be crazy if you had to expel loose stools a dozen times a day?

  • Daisydoom

    I just want to say thanks. Thanks for sharing, thanks for putting yourselves out there. Thank you.

    I can’t imagine how hard it is to iddecide whether to gnore or put up with the haters because I do no social networking I am not brave enough to share my journey and yet I adore reading yours. Thank you so much. You are wonderful people. I too follow a paelo lifestyle and I too don’t look like a supermodel but today I squatted with 40kg 12 heavier than the boy that lifted before me in my circuit class.

    Keep going, because I need folk like you to encourage me, because you seem real to me.thank you again a million times.

    You both rock.

    •  Thanks! You are amazing, too, and ought to be proud of your accomplishments!

  • I am proud to know you both, ecstatic that you are local, in love with your kids, thrilled to eat your bacon and bacon cookies!  I, for one, could care less what people look like. I am drawn to people whose light that shines from within, and that would include you guys! I would be so happy to be able to get all of my patients eating healthier and making the changes you have made. As someone else said, “you can’t see the changes inside of people” including increased insulin sensitivity, decreased diabetic complications, improved cholesterol and triglycerides, lowered blood pressure, improved sleep, etc, etc. The most important changes occur on the inside, and that’s what leads to health. Bright eyes, clear skin and radiance follow. If people are too shallow to see that someone is healthier and happier, then too bad for them.

    I also want to say that no matter what you look like, no matter how smart you are, no matter how much you research to write an article, no matter how many times you practice a presentation, there will always be someone who wants to ruin it for you. I have written blog posts about it on my own blog, and on professional blogs. It is sickening to me how people misuse social media to spread lies, rumors, and generalized nastiness. There will always, always be someone who wants to show the world that they are leaner, or smarter, or better informed, or more skilled at debate, or whatever. These people make up a small percentage of the population who are never happy unless they are miserable. So, don’t worry, if it wasn’t your outward appearance that these folks made fun of, it would be your research, or parenting, or ……….[insert anything you can think of]. They just find your one area of supposed weakness and attack it.

    When these people make their comments, I always think of something I heard a long time ago, “What you think of me is none of my business.” Because it’s not – it’s their issue, their sadness, their insecurity. I also love the book The Four Agreements – my favorite is “Take Nothing Personally” because it’s not about you, it’s about them.

    Be reassured that all of us who stick our noses out there will get hit with something once in a while (or daily!) and it’s best to just keep on keeping on. I pretend it’s a big, heavy rock, and just visualize me dropping it when it comes to mind. Just let it go…….

    Don’t let the turkeys get you down!



    •  Well, the Internet promised us the free exchange of ideas, but forgot to warn us of the free exchange of insults. We put ourselves out there, perfectly positioned to be ridiculed, and, honestly, we’re kind of shocked at how little trolling we’ve gotten! With this blog, whenever there was a choice to either boldly stick our necks out or to protect ourselves from judging eyes, we’ve always tried to choose the former. We know there’s a lot of people out there that need this example, so we go ahead and do it.

      We are so glad to have connected with you, Ann!

  • ingerlisa

    You look great, you guys. The last photo appears most recent. One thing that may be of assistance in your continuing journey…mind you, I haven’t read through it all… is Kangen water produced only by an Enagic machine. You may be able to find someone near you who is giving presentations.

  • I can hardly believe I am reading this. You both look great, and it’s clear that you’ve both made progress eating the paleo diet and feel better for it. I think that, honestly, people will find something to complain about. I don’t think they realize just how harmful their words can be.. or maybe they just don’t care, either way… I wish you both the best. Good luck on your continued journey with paleo. Pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments 🙂 

  • Ambere Hartman

    You and Stacy are amazing! Thank you for showing people that Paleo can help all of us normal people too! Your family is an inspiration and beautiful! Thanks!

  • Steph H

    Thank you for being so brave! Let the “haters” hate and try and take it as flattery – they are probably just insecure and jealous of your amazing accomplishments. Your blog inspires me and helps me feel like I’m strong enough to start our family journey along similar lines. My husband and I are far too heavy, and both have medical issues that will only get worse if we don’t do something. Our son is already eating Paleo since he is sensitive to all grains, allergic to gluten and dairy. A paleo diet has made a huge difference in his health (and he’s only 2!) ELaD is on my list of books to buy!

    •  You’re definitely strong enough! I always say that if I can give up pizza, coke and beer, which I live solely off of for 18 months in my early 20s, anyone can do this! I’m so happy to inspire you! Best of luck in your own journey!

  • “If connecting those people with the answer to their desperate pleas
    means that someone is going to call me ugly and Stacy fat, so be it.
    I’ll live with that knowledge.”

    Well, I won’t. That sh*t’s just wrong, and it underlines the tunnel vision and petty pec-flexing that is the worst side of paleo (slash Cross Fit). I am SO SICK of the bassackwards tactic of get thin! be healthy! and the twofacedness of paleo people who conflate the two and then retreat to self-righteous “health markers” rhetoric when called on it. You guys have never lost sight of the real goal here, the LGN mirror-gazers did.

    Ah, the paleo police fear – I know it, just in a different form; I’m the only person anyone here has ever heard of who eats this way. Now that I’m pregnant, any deviations from dogma are seen as meaningful instead of emergency stop-gaps. I refer to Gnolls (cheat wise and cheat proud) and some .gif I just saw go around FB that said “one cheat meal will not make you fat, just like one healthy meal will not make you thin”.

    Now if only one serving of ox heart chili would give people some empathy – what could we acheive with sweetbreads!?

    • It’s like they’re saying ‘if you don’t have all the answers [I want to hear], then you have no answers at all”. If you had all the answers, presumably they’d follow you, lemming-like, over a cliff. This is the mentality that led to the Inquisition.

    • It’s solipsism for most of these people. “I’ve gotten to my own ideal, thus anyone not here is doing it wrong.” People are selfish by nature and the balancing empathy is in decline. Best you can do is keep living the best way you know how for yourself and share your experiences with those who wish to listen. Well, at least that’s what I do!

  • SB101

    Keep vibrating at your highest because you believe and are passionate about what you are doing. Don’t let negative people ruin your energy. You don’t need to justify or explain. Passion + Gumption = Money (a little or alot, doesn’t matter). That is the American dream, making a living or a few extra bucks by living your passion. It is envy and IGNORNACE to knock people who are doing their thing. I am proud to say that I contributed to your family’s income. Just got my copy of Eat Like A Dinosaur last week! And you promote other people’s work too. I think you guys are great! A great resource for me and even if I’m not, or my family is not, 100% paleo. Keep it up! 

    •  Thanks. We’re not going to change anything since this seems to be working pretty well for most people! Hope you enjoy the book!

  • I bet that hater doesn’t have the balls to post in public. I love your book, it’s already started helping me get my son to eat healthier. You guys look great, and you’re doing what’s right for you, and that’s all that matters. It takes years to get unhealthy, so it’s perfectly acceptable to expect it to take years to correct the damage. I’m still working on that, bouncing back and forth between 174 and 180 right now. You guys are a real inspiration 😀

    •  Since they clearly read the blog, I keep expecting a response. Alas, nothing yet. My original draft included the email address until it was pointed out to me that it might cause an avalanche of counter-trolling that would be seen as pretty vindictive, so for now he or she will remain anonymous.

      We’re happy to provide what little measure of inspiration we can!

  • Sarahrsprouse

    I think that your family’s journey is amazing. And your strength is inspiring. Not sure if you are religious or not, but throughout the bible it is clear that God often uses people’s weaknesses to make the biggest difference.  He transforms our biggest struggles into our biggest triumphs. You should both be proud of what you have done for your family – and the help you are giving to so many others. Your story was one of the reasons I passed “Paleo” along to my sister. She may not be as obese as Stacy was, but she isn’t that far off. And I truly believe Paleo can change her life for the better. YOU ARE BRINGING PALEO TO THE PEOPLE WHO NEED IT THE MOST! The people whose lifestyle is truly killing them – and our kids, they so need it!!! Be proud of that.

    • We are quite proud, certainly, and happy to inspire as many as we can to change their lives for the better. Thanks and good luck to your sister.

      (By the way, the paleo parents, officially, don’t even know the definition of the word “religion” so as to better appeal to everyone 😉 )

  • Jen

    Internet commenters will ruin the world. The people who attack in comments are your friends, co-workers, and neighbors, but online they’re bullies! I will never understand it. It is something that is going to become an epidemic and be the topic of news stories and psychology study, if it isn’t already. Also to the person who left that snarky comment: eating meat x3 meals a day is EXACTLY why I’m healthier today than a year ago. I have never felt better and the thought of only having a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast literally scares me! Besides the blood sugar spike and drop, I’m gluten-intolerant so I have good reason to be scared ; ) Paleo Parents keep it up, fight the good fight, and block the rude commenters. The rest of us don’t need that negativity either! High five to you.

    •  Absolutely true. Everyone wants to feel powerful and, unfortunately, a good many feel powerful when they troll on the internet. Best to just shrug them off and focus on the positive stories!

  • mram.ramirez

    Thank you so much for this blog post… I am with you two all the way.  So sorry I didn’t get to meet you in person at Paleofx.

  • Thank you for putting yourselves out there. I am just starting my journey for my self and my son who has multiple food allergies. I am currently 262 lbs and I think what you have done is amazing and I hope that someday I will be able to say I lost 100 lbs. Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone steer you from doing what is right for you. I live my life for me and try not to care too much about what others think of me cause no one knows what you are going through but you and (God). Thank you

  • Mel0vale

    When you get a hurtful remark in your comments, just move on. The person who wrote it is obviously not in a good place if it takes insulting others to feel better. Whatever you do that makes you feel better is great. Only you can be the judge of you. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  • Wow! This is an awesome article! I am tearing up for many reasons. As a paleo advocate and real person who sometimes falls off the wagon, as a person who is a crossfitter and fallen off the wagon, gained weight and became paralyzed by self hatred. This has been a welcome and surprise inspiration. You guys are beautiful and I am in awe of your commitment and dignity. 

  • R_shore

    I think you guys are totally awesome and inspirational. We just bought your book and love the dialogue that it has started in our house. I can’t imagine being the subject of that much cruelty, people really do suck. But I am so happy that you and your family are continuing on your journey to be healthy and whole. I look forward to being continually inspired.

  • Your bravery is inspiring. Thank you.

  • Word. Major props for this post. Just about sick of the all the comparing, almost like in a freaking gym lockeroom on “who’s bigger.” It’s NOT about that. It’s about our health. This community is still not as big as the SAD ones. If only we could stand together and be stronger than conventional wisdom — collectively.

  • Patty

    Stacy…oh my have you come a LONG way!  You look amazing and what you and Matthew are doing for your health and the health of your family is incredible!  Don’t allow the small, negative idiots to rent space in your head…they are clearly hurting and unhealthy in more ways than one.  Your family is an inspiration to me!  Thank you for ALL that you do!

  • Mary Anne Wise

    You are doing fabulous..  the haters will always be there.. Just smile and ignore.

  • Missy30567

    I want you to know that You and your blog are changing my life and the lives of my children!! I was so glad to come across a paleo blog that WAS NOT super thin athletes!! Just real people who had the nerve to be totally honest!! 
    I am nearly 45 with 9 children, I have an autoimmune disease that was making it impossible to even get through the day without help!!(I had to use a cane to walk across the room) I adopted Paleo and have gotten off ALL my meds and have energy to not only make it through the day, but I am hiking, and working in my garden as well! And I am happy!!!
    Dont get me wrong the amazing crossfitters, athletes, and ultra toned paleo’s are great!! But for me that is so far out of reach I would become discouraged! I never even had considered  trying my kids on it, UNTIL I found this blog!!! And let me tell you my kids are already improving (even though I havent gotten ELaD yet) behavior is so much better!! 
    And as for me I need to lose more weight, I want to continue to improve my health, and I never want to go back to how I was just a few short months ago….But your story and your blogs keep me focused on whats really important, and it has nothing to do with the scales!!! It reminds me daily I am not alone in this, and I can do it one step at a time just like your doing!!

    You both look terrific and your honesty is so refreshing!!
    A GREAT BIG THANK YOU from me and my family 🙂

  • Dev the Kultured Karaite

    I am so proud of you guys!!  We are on the journey too and have not arrived.  But the journey is so worth it no matter the criticism.  You are helping others and that’s all that matters.  Today’s world is all about having “arrived” and for those of us working on it, you are a beacon and an anchor!  Keep up the great work and the encouragement to those of us at different places on the journey, at different stages of health, all going forward to the same goal!!

  • Awesome.

  • People are always going to be rude and viscous online because they think they can get away with it.  While I didn’t start out as obese as you did, I dropped 130 pounds after going gluten and dairy free and healing my gut.  I felt the sting of many nasty, judgmental ‘fat’ comments while in that process. 

    Keep your eyes on your goal- good health. Your beautiful children having you there when they have children, not putting their parents into an early grave. Let the naysayers eat their own words because people see through their nastiness- their karma will return to them. They’ll be long gone by then, though, and your victories and your hard work will remain in reader’s minds long after they’ve forgotten the ugly comments made by others. 

    Readers see your realness, your character and consistency, your struggle and they love you for it because you’re just like them. Give me a real blogger like you who shares their struggles and trials over a perfect blogger who doesn’t seem human any day. I identify with you.  I can’t identify with them. Your readers keep coming back because they identify with you. In the end, that’s far more important than any your detractors.

  • Julie B

    Thank you for this post, and great response to the haters! This blog is the most inspiring to me of any of the paleo blogs, simply due to the fact that you guys are normal people who took on the challenge of living healthier, not some super-athletes who I can’t relate to. Keep doing what you’re doing guys!

  • These rude people must be blind, if they don’t see the difference on the pictures! Keep doing what you are doing and ignore them. Even one person you have helped so far is worth the effort. I understand you very well and admire your braveness. I manage Czech webpage for Paleo and eat this way for only four months, so I’m still overweight and feel shy to speak about Paleo with strange people, because I think that I’m still not very good example that Paleo works. Because that people didn’t know me before the change. So for that I admire you even more, you are great!

  • Heather

    Thanks for speaking your mind and sticking to your guns.  You are an inspiration to all on the journey to better health and improved fitness.  So many people are “not there yet” and it’s good to show the world the path you are on rather than just the end result.  Thanks for your hard work and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, whatever form that may take at the moment!  

  • Jedha D

    What an awesome post and thanks for sharing. Stacy, you look AMAZING! You both look incredible and what you have done is highly commendable! It annoys me the standards and expectations people set, it’s not about who can have the tightest and  most ripped 6 pack abs. Most people will never look like that anyway so why do we all promote it so much. Health is definitely the most important thing and if people can change their lives just a little bit and be happier, that’s definitely the goal. I guess there will always be people that judge, just got to ignore them and feel good about your journey. YOU ARE BOTH AMAZING!!!!!

  • Cathie

    Wow!  I just read your post for the first time!  Kudos to you both 🙂  You are making such a huge impact in my extended families lives!  They have wanted to “go paleo” but were afraid of what people would think if the weight didn’t “come off” fast enough!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Dawn

    I totally want to go find the people who are doing this to you guys and practice karate on them or something (well, I can’t do karate but you get my jiff).   I can only thank you guys from the bottom of my heart every day for being who you are!  If you hadn’t ever started this blog I probably would have never started paleo (on which I’ve started healing my endo, healing my daughter’s and my guts, and have lost what would seem like a lot of weight for a skinnier person).  I would have continued to wonder if my daughter could eat healthy since she canNOT have grains without severe stomach upsets.  And I would have never thought it was possible for me to be “average fat” which is my goal for now.   I am so gratefult o you guys that, if it wouldn’t embaress you, I would totally go all celebrity goo goo if I saw you in the streets (I promise to try to hold my cool, Matt, if we do ever cross paths).  So please,  I know it’s very hard, but don’t let the naysayers get to you.

  • It would have never in my wildest dreams occurred to me to say Stacy looks a mess, that’s not just cruel, it is simply absurd! She looks radiant and gorgeous!

  • Jamn1

    We are all on a personal health journey. We are all different. You go Paleo Parents! You guys are awesome.

  • Vanessa

    Wow!  Very brave post – I love it.  You all were great on Jimmy Moore’s show, too, funny and personable.  Keep up the good work!  I will have to share your story around, it’s very inspirational.

    Yes, if you have your own haters then you have truly made it. Someone thinks you are important and influential enough to criticize.

  • It’s awful that you guys receive rude criticism and hate mail, but I guess that’s what happens when you put yourself out there. I admire your honesty and bravery. 

    I don’t read every post because I don’t have kids, but I do enjoy your blog, and wholeheartedly agree that going primal/paleo has given my husband and I awesome improvements in our overall wellbeing, even though we don’t work out every day and aren’t athletes! I can also relate with the social anxiety thing…yikes! 

  • Beedragon

    Bravo!  Stay strong you two.  I’ve lost 40 lbs, going from 187 to 147.  Am I where I want to be? No.  But I will get there and I believe you will too!

  • Thank you for putting your lifestyle and your likeness out here on the internet. Otherwise, there’s no way we would have ever met, and we have so much in common. My husband and I don’t look like fitness models, either, and we both struggle with health in many ways. That said, eating a traditional diet has improved our health a great deal. I’ve talked about it on my blogs, as well, and luckily have not had anyone be abusive toward me about it. My friends who are women and blog tell me they have all gotten abuse from trolls, and feel sure that it is gendered. My experience and that of other feminist men seems to confirm it. Trolls are bullies, and women look like easier targets to bullies, especially when it comes to attacking people for their bodies.

  • This post totally warmed my heart! I’ve met these people whom seem to need to lash out at everyone. You are right, they are sad and hurting and seem to want to hurt everyone else so that everyone else feels a crappy as they do. You guys should be proud! While I’m not totally paleo I’m pretty close and have been eating a whole foods diet for a couple years now. I’m not the perfect shape either, I’ve got fluff to spare. It’s not what you look like so much as how you feel and I’m so glad you both know that!

  • Mary Mabie

    Your family has been an inspiration for me as I find my way through to better health. I too have reached a plateau long before reaching my goal weight and found it easy to beat myself and the paleo diet up as the cause. Reflection of where I started and the improvements made to my overall health do not warrant ridicule from me or anyone else. It amazes me that people are quick to ridicule the obese and even quicker to ridicule the obese working on improving their health. You rock Stacy!!!

  • Melissa Kruse

    I think you guys are amazing. Reading your blog constantly reminds me that my goals are attainable and that it is okay to be a work in progress!

  • Jo

    I love the fact that you represent “real” people who are trying to embrace this lifestyle. Kudos to both of you.

  • I am so sorry that you had to deal with a mean and hurtful spirit.  Often those who are unhappy with themselves lash out at others instead of having compassion.  You do a good job representing “normal” paleo people (like me) and making us feel our humanity.  Unfortunately, that person must have lost touch with that part of themselves.  Hopefully, they will find it again and realize their mistake.  In the meantime, keep reaching out to others and helping them find their own way to health.  You do make a difference.

  • DJ

    Anyone who would spew such hatred at someone who is trying their best needs to check on their own mental health. You can be fit, lean, and athletic, but if you are hateful, it is for nothing. Pity those people.

  • Blackbeltat40

    So Glad you posted this. You are in the real world and I thank you for it and  I love you even more!!!! Please don’t let haters stop you.  Why people think they have the right to judge is be on me!!! I will be buying your book ASAP. I have a 3 yr old and a 6ft tall 12 yr old. so I need all the help I can get. I still have weight to lose too, but what Paleo has done for my Type 2 Diabetes is amazing!!!! 

    Thank you again for everything you do!!!!!

  • Sammy


  • justanobserver

    Are you kidding me?  You BOTH look GREAT!  And Stacy… you look beautiful.  I’m not on Paleo.  My sister is.  I’ve been normal to slender my whole life… and Stacy, you just look wonderful.  Don’t stop and don’t give up and don’t be discouraged.  Don’t let people whose minds and vision have been warped by our society get you down.  It’s thrilling to see the smiles on the faces of you and your children.  I hope this note has been encouraging.  Thanks for what you do.

  • Ellen (CLNrun)

    Seriously, this blog post put tears in my eyes. Why must some people be so mean? So cruel? Actually, I know why. What you project outward is what you project inward so all that hate they are sending to you stems from self-hatred. It really is about them, not you. Not that knowing that always takes away the sting, but it helps a little. You guys are awesome! Keep doing what you do. You know that those of us who appreciate you are out here. I think your story is worth telling. Wouldn’t you know it, I literally have some Hissin Chicken in the oven right now from ELaD. First time trying it but it must be going okay because it’s crackling away :). Sending you love and peace!

  • Stacy I think you look awesome…you inspire others…you guys rock it…..stay the course…don’t listen to the doubters….you know what you want and how to get there…..you have done so well……you should be proud!

  • Kirsten

    Keep doing what you’re doing! You can’t possibly please everyone, but you are an inspiration to LOTS of us, including me!

  • Davina

    I have no doubt the two of you have been an inspiration to many people. At the end of the day, this is your life journey and no one else’s. I am so very proud for you that you have found your path to good health. Haters gonna hate. Usually, they “hate” on others because they really hate something about themselves. How sad for them. Ultimately, you will live a healthier, happier life, and that is all that matters. If you inspire even one person to live a healthier life, free of obesity and health problems, all the better. Let nothing stand in your way of living the best life you can live even if it means you aren’t someone else’s idea of perfection.

  • Rebekah

    I have been following your blog for several months now, and absolutely love it.  I even bought ELaD the ebook version.  My kids are already in love with the recipes.  We are not fully paleo around here, but love whole food recipes.   Stacy, I applaud your hard work to bring your family to their best health, including yourself.  It is a long road, no matter what the issue.  I have been working on some health issues for over a year with very little results, but I know the inside of my body is healthier.  I’m sure the same is true for you.  Many years of damage takes awhile to fix.  You’ll get there!!  Besides, what’s most important is what’s on the inside, not how other people “see” you.  Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you for sharing your lives with us! 

  • amber

    your book has been wonderful for our family and particularly for our children. i can’t imagine the disquiet and self-loathing of the person who made those comments. you all look great and your post here was full of great, lasting love for your wife and family. it beats everything else hands down.

  • mpez76

    I’m not a paleo person (found your blog through a family member and the post title caught my eye) but I have to say I feel for you.  I’m sorry people don’t have enough to worry about in their own lives that they need to go out and insult those who are sincerely trying to change theirs.  Don’t let the small-minded get you down or belittle your progress.  Those of us who have tried to change our lives for the better appreciate how hard it can be.  Maybe they’re just jealous? Or maybe they need to get a life.  Keep up the good work and know that the rest of us recognize your achievements.

  • Thebungalowgirl

    I think you guys are amazing, and Stacy is beautiful just as she is. Keep up the great work, I love your blog!

  • Hugh Tauerner

    Haters gonna hate. However anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that all of you are very much healthier than you were. 

    I started paleo on January 2, 2012. I’ve lost 6 whole pounds. SIX!!  So include me in the “fattest people in paleo” club — at 216lb and a mere 5’7″ I certainly belong there.

    However, I’m not taking diabetes medications any more and my blood glucose numbers are mostly in the pre-diabetic range and still dropping.  I’m sleeping better, have more energy, better mental focus. 

    Progress, not perfection.

    You’re doing way better than you were before. That’s progress. Keep on keeping on and maybe perfection will show up in its own sweet time. Maybe not. But you’re still healthier and happier than you were, so it’s still a win!

  • Lindsey

    This post made me cry.  I was 380 pounds when I changed my diet and now weigh right at 300 a little over a year later.  I’ve always felt judged and it makes me feel better to know that I am not alone.  I just found this blog after a post on FB by paleo comfort foods.  I will continue to read.  Thank you for your inspiration and support.  

  • Happyhousewife007

    Thank you so much for being brave enough to write this, and address what has gone on.  I think you are truly amazing!  This is my first time here.  I think what your family has done is wonderful!  I have been looking for some fun ways to incorporate Paleo for my children, so I’m even more jazzed to find you!  I just started Paleo about a month ago and I am slowly working out the kinks and I blog about it to keep me on track, and motivated.  I too am a very anxious individual and I can understand the angst that comes along with being so open.  Thanks to you and your beautiful wife once again!  

  • Emily

    You are an amazingly strong and beautiful family, I appreciate reading your blog every day and all of the inspiration you provide for the paleo community. 

  • Michelle Denhardt

    This is actually the first time I have read your blog. I saw this post linked from another Paleo site I follow on facebook. And I applaud you. I am 5ft6 and 159lbs. At my heaviest I was 220. I have maintained this weight loss with little fluctuation for about a year. I eat healthy (more of a modified paleo, strictly no gluten, dairy, legumes or soy), exercise 5 days a week (in addition to about 5 miles of walking a day as of late), but I am by no means small. A size 8 (narrow hips and shoulders, large chest and some belly fat that just won’t go away). According to the government, I am at the very top of my weight range, borderline over-weight. And I feel the same judgement when people see my healthy lifestyle and hear their voices in my head saying “but you aren’t skinny”. No, I am not. Nor do I want to be. I want to be healthy. And I am very grateful for people in my life who are supportive. Those who know that my body composition, shape, type is not the same as yours. Women are so hard on other women. It doesn’t have to be that way. Lift each other up. Tomorrow I will go to the beach and wear my two piece proudly. Not because I am delusional. But because I know where I came from and my fitness journey that lies ahead. And I know that I eat consistently clean and healthy. This is enough for me. 

  • Jennifer Shih

    Inspiring – keep it up!!!  “The greatest gift we can give to humanity is the revelation of the true self.”

  • Pamela

    Not much I can add, really, other than you made my day! Thank you.

  • Rose McIntyre

    I ran across your web site when I started the Whole 30.  I was thrilled to find a way to make this food change be successful with my family.  We are still struggling, but in 30 days, I lost 11 lbs and my BMI dropped by 2 pts.  11 lbs.  Although I’m 5’4 and 180 lbs, I’m still 11 lbs lighter than I was 30 days ago – now 60 days.  And my kids are starting to enjoy the food I cook.  They’ve always been good eaters, but giving up bread and the sort has been painful for them.  Almost nonexistent.  Your book is helping my family get on board.  And I’ve never thought of your blog/web site as a commercial.  That’s the strangest comment I’ve ever seen.  Whomever is giving you hate HAS NOT BEEN THERE.  There’s no way.  They are not 50+ lbs overweight.  Because if they were, they would see that you are both beautiful people.  Beautiful parents, raising beautiful kids.

  • i love your posts and your blog. my paleo journey began january 2, 2012 and i feel great. i feel like a ‘born again’ eater, but i don’t want to be that annoying (my kids have to stop me sometimes, talking about paleo).  i was freaking out last month right before our 20 hour road trip with our 4 kids (ages 17,15,13, and 10).  i was ready to throw in the towel for the two days and eat crap – but i read your family road-trip post and got some great ideas.  with a little effort, i packed healthy snacks/meals and though the kids and husband broke away a few times, for the most part, healthy eating. so thank you for the time you take to help the rest of us.  my kids don’t drink pop any more and apples and carrots and jerky and eggs and bacon are the foods of choice.  they don’t even notice that i don’t serve pasta with every dinner anymore! anyway, keep up the great work, your whole family is an inspiration

  • cyndye

    I’ve always felt that when somebody is trying to tear you down it’s because they have no self worth.  It can take years to undo the “conventional wisdom” damage that’s been inflicted upon us.  I also feel that when you are doing something good, evil forces will always try to make you feel bad about it.  If you ever start to believe the “haters” just look at your before photos.  THAT is something to be proud of.

    •  Thanks! They can try, but we’ve got the evidence and will never let them!

  • Diann_west_atlanta

    Hi: you are both beautiful. Check mate to all the unhappy anonymous trolls out there!

  • New to Paleo

    How honest and beautiful. I’m sure some of the people who have said horrible things have (or will) come to rethink them in their own time … I’ve just discovered you guys in the past week or so, already bought your book (love it!) and am starting to shift my family’s food in this direction. It’s a process, but I’m already feeling more energetic after just a few days of *trying* to eat as paleo as possible. So here’s another vote of support for you guys – your honest and REAL blog has just won one more convert.

    •  That’s what really convince Stacy her first week. All of a sudden, she wanted to jump off the couch and do stuff! So glad you found us!

  • Agapilot

    Wow! It amazes me how some folks can be so cruel and ignorant. I think Stacy is beautiful! And those kids look like a handful and then some which is exactly as they should be and you are looking good also. It was after reading Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, various blogs, and even more study into biology and nutrition I can never look at obesity and think its all their fault. Maybe those who still refuse to change even with the serious health threats or death, yes they are now at fault more so than most I know that look at various surgeries, hypnosis, pills, and more. My family wasn’t obese but going paleo/primal without changing anything else in our lives changed us for the better. Our son who actually was very active but always slightly pudgy now lean and even more active, me and hubby weigh less, health way better than it was, yes could lose more inches/weight but the health was why we tried it in the first place. All our kids feel better and now my oldest daughter who has recently “cheated” more than was actually paleo is doing a 30 day with her half sister who recently realized that her dad(my hubby) passed on his gluten intolerance to her and now trying the new lifestyle. Your stories so help those of us who are not the athletic end of the spectrum and especially to those I know who also have many of the same issues and health.
    Thanks for sharing!

    •  I think she’s beautiful too, which is how I know how wrong those who disagree are! Congratulations on your own success! That’s so fantastic. I always try to remember that my fair-to-middling looks will fade, but good health is a gift that could last a lifetime!

  • Ellyanah

    Wow, I am seriously disturbed about the lack of empathy some of your commenters displayed. Smacks of narcissism/sociopathy. Bad people exist in every group, we just need to make up for them by loving and supporting you guys! Way to go for making the choice to be healthier and for giving that gift to your children. Thank you for not disappearing and for continuing to inspire others.

    •  If some people have problems with us, I’ve got pages and pages of other people who say they appreciate us. And that’s enough for me!

  • *True* health is a process. Different
    foods work for different people. SO sick and tired of people
    knocking “fat” people for not living up to their “standards”. If
    one had to wear their “issue” out in the open like “fat” people do (say on a state-mandated
    t-shirt), how would *their* t-shirt read?

    Here are some possible choices….these are just educated guesses.

    Product Of Cousin-love
    Baby Penis
    Porn Junkie
    Mommy/Daddy Issues (Mommy Ignored Me, Daddy Hugged Me In The Naughty Way)
    Mouth Breather
    Internet Troll
    Pill Popper
    Throws Tantrums Like A Toddler
    “Disneyland Dad”/Deadbeat Dad
    Fondled By Priest And Now Angry At The World
    etc, etc, etc….

    Healthy people…..HAPPY people are too happy to knock anyone else in any way. there’s NO WAY the people sending these messages are even remotely healthy OR happy.  They prove that with the venom they spew.

    •  All I have to say is that I hope they felt better after giving us grief!

  • I hope that you are able to just set aside those cruel comments.  I’m thankful to have found you.  You both inspire me.  We just received your book and the kids love it.  My youngest who has been resistant to a lot of eating more vegetables has been going around chanting “Eat like a dinosaur” and his whole attitude has changed.  I was diagnosed with diabetes in January, and it was the catalyst to make changes.  Then I started reading about paleo, and decided to try it for the whole family.  My son with asthma has seen major improvements.  My checkup last week had non-diabetic numbers, and I have lost 59 pounds. My teenagers are excited about making recipes from your book, and that’s a big plus.  I know it was aimed at a younger crowd, but they are enjoying the book too.  We have already had anytime cookies, meatball salad, fools gold and mini egg pizzas.  Thanks for putting yourselves out there!

    •  This is why we have to set them aside! So happy to have played a small part in your own journey!

  • Meganne1982

    I just wanna say, I love you guys and your blog.  🙂

  • I love this post!  LOVE it.  I mean, of course it’s awful what *spawned* the post but it makes me feel better knowing that I am not alone. 🙂 🙂

    •  You’re never alone in anything! You just have to find the other people out there that are like you. So glad you found and appreciate us!

  • Jen_m_i

    I think you are all doing wonderfully!  I am proud of you both and would love to hear how you have done it…I need to lose 100 pounds, per my dr.  And think you are the best!

    •  We outline everything here on the blog! Read our about stories and then go to the get started tab at the top! Good luck!

  • You and your family are beautiful and awesome. Keep up the great work of being healthy, being honest and keeping it real!

  • This is incredible– you are truly my favorite paleo bloggers because of how REAL you guys are. Thank you for this, and keep doing what you’re doing and being who you’re being 🙂

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.  That’s all I need to say.  

  • Rebecca

    Anyone who dares to be different and defend their point of view will be attacked…it’s human nature.  It offends people who are unwilling or unable to step out of what they know.  You know what works for you and your family….feel sorry for those that feel the need to criticize you.  

    •  We don’t let them keep us down! Only we can control how we feel, after all.

  • Gtk

    I applaud you guys! It is amazing that people could bash a family that is making heathy choices for themselves and their kids instead of falling into the trap of drive through windows! Your success as a couple, as a family, as humans is encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jai

    You guys are AWESOME.  I am trying to find my Paleo groove with the diet over the past few weeks.  Started with GF after being diagnosed with celiac.  Stayed sick.  Went scd and grain free, then found paleo.  I like it, just trying to be consistent with our busy life.  I am obese and appreciate your honesty and courage to be out here.  You both look great and healthy.  Thanks for leading the way.

    •  Thanks! I hope you have great success! I know it really saved us.

  • Cari

    I think you guys look great!  Do not let the snobs get you down.  It is sad that they have to put others down to make themselves feel better.  They may weigh less but that does not mean they are happier.  Don’t let the haters get you down.  Walk proud and know you are doing what you need to do for your family!

  • Kellie McMaster

    I haven’t made the switch to paleo yet.  I have been sick the past two years and have had multiple surgeries.  My weight is at a high for me, except when I was pregnant.  I bought your book and I love it, and hope to begin incorporating the paleo diet into our lives soon.  I love you guys!  I love that you guys aren’t perfect.  Know what?  I wouldn’t want to be the perfectly ripped body that I wanted in my teens!  You guys are real, and honest and that is what makes me love you and share about your book with anyone I think will be interested.  Thank you so much!  My six year old Mcdonald’s loving boy (who spends half his time with Daddy and doesn’t eat the best while there) told me yesterday after I read the story in your book to him.  “Mama we should start eating like dinosaurs right now!”   So thank you Matt and Stacy for inspiring me to do more research into ancestral eating and educating my son, and boyfriend, and beginning to head in the right direction.  When time allows, I will be posting a fantastic review after making some of your recipes on my blog http://www.earthylilmama.com.  You guys are a beautiful family!

  • Kate

    Wow! I wish I had found this blog sooner. Loving it so far. You both are beautiful, and should take pride in your hard work. I am so sorry some people are so mean. I think your direct, yet compassionate approach is the best course. Perhaps the haters may take something positive from it. Keep up the awesome work! Can’t wait to read the rest of your blog, and catch up.
    Kate in Minneapolis.

  • Peg C

    I am so grateful that you wrote this post! I started eating “low carb” a few years ago, moving to paleo/primal about 18 months ago. My boyfriend just started in earnest a few months ago. We are both obese, and because the weight doesn’t come off all that fast when you’re really broken, we have been hesitant to tell everyone what we’re doing, for fear of the judgement. Thank you for being brave and posting this! I hadn’t been following your blog because I don’t have kids, but now that I hear that you’re going through the same struggles, I want to be here to support you. Thank you!

  • R. Childress

    The only critic that matters is the one inside our own head. You’ve done an amazing job. Inspiring. 

  • Tracy

    Oh man you guys. I am so sorry for all the neg. comments. I guess life has those moments, but downright meanness. You all look awesome!  Everyone wants to tell everyone how to eat. The other day I saw a bumper sticker that said GO VEGETARIAN. I thought to myself, why would someone push their eating agenda on someone else.  It was such a strong statement. I never feel you guys are trying to tell anyone how to eat or live their life.  Please know that what you give is tremendous strength to those who need it! Why would someone who is not doing Paleo or even thinking of doing Paleo choose to frequent your site? I guess you have to think about the person who is giving the critiscism and take it graciously, pick yourself up and move on. I view this sight as a journey not a manual per se.  I think you are amazing and your tireless effort to spread not only what has saved your life, but what you are passionate about.  I know for sure I would love to get my kids eating their veggies!  Perfect is not real.  You are a beautiful family!!!!  My family can’t go Paleo because of kidney issues, but man I dream in a big way because of all the health benefits everyone is having. 

  • Sammyjean60

    May I just say that not only is Stacy beautiful but she managed to snare herself an honest-to-gosh man. The kind of person who knows what his vows mean and protects his own (not to mention the rest of us out there). You are one gorgeous family. I’m still ‘obese’ as well but my own family and coworkers have seen such change (and I’m not even exercising, really) that they keep asking me what I’m doing. I just keep pointing them to websites such as yours and MDA and others. Imagine working in a two-person office with a very slender person who gets together with other folks and complains about how obese people should have to pay higher costs for insurance, how they should learn some self-control, yadda-yadda. In front of me, no less. There is a lot of fat-bigotry out there, far more than most other kinds. How ironic that turning to a paleo/primal diet finally gave me ‘self-control’. Probably because our bodies are no longer screaming for real food. I’m still about 200 pounds, married to a man who’s gone back down to 114 after I changed our household meals (and he still has 4 scoops of ice cream every night!), and the two of you could be brothers with your ‘wife-attitudes’. It is so good to know we are loved just because you really love US. The vicious folks aren’t being loved because they are making themselves unlovable. Sad, just, so sad.

    You guys hang in there and keep being A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Oh, and I want to look like Stacy in that sparkly outfit (already have the loving, adoring man!).

  • Weiz

    I enjoy reading your blog and following your recipes so much because you and Stacy are REAL people, who had real problems and solved the issues with real foods. I have the opposite problem of being very underweight due to muscle and fat loss from rheumatoid arthritis, and I am also constantly subjected to stares and sneers of looking like a bag of bones, so in a way, i hear you! I applaud your effort in making Paleo known and sharing your recipes so generously. ELaD is a great book and has inspired my seven year old daughter to eat healthy also. It’s our coffee table book as well as kitchen bench recipe book! Dog earred already, and splattered with sauces, but shows we use it well! 🙂

  • Dee

    “Keep away from those who try to
    belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really
    great make you believe that you too can become great.”  ~Mark Twain

    Your blog is awesome and so are you!  It is inspiring to read about all that you have accomplished in such a relatively short period, and I admire your goal of reaching out to people one at a time.  Paleo changed my life after suffering with Crohn’s disease for nearly 10 years.  And as a mom of two, I can clearly see that you are investing your time in your health, relationships, family, and your future together rather than squandering hours that you don’t have in the gym pumping up your ego.  Keep blogging, Matt, I hear you…

  • I cannot express how much it means to me to see a family so much like my own succeeding in living healthy lives while not obsessing about becoming superhero level athletes.  That’s just not in the cards for us.  Honestly, we’re bookworms and geeks and nerds here – crossfit etc. is not in our future.  Plus we’re poor as heck, LOL.  But we are HEALTHY!  I was eating Paleo for a while, but you all gave me the courage to transition my four kids.  Results?  Heck yeah!  Behavior?  Worlds better!  Daytime potty accidents?  Eradicated!  BMI?  UP!!!  (for my super scary skinny kids, this is a huge thing – they ate “healthy” but looked malnutritioned). 

    We live in the world.  Paleo is not our religion – we like the one we have just fine, thanks.  We don’t seek to do it perfectly, we just want our kids to grow up happy and healthy and to be as active as they choose to be.  I don’t want them to not do things because their bodies can’t handle it.  Nor do I want them to feel pushed into activities they don’t desire just because it “goes with our new lifestyle.”  

    Balance is so vitally important.  It seems, from the outside looking in, like you guys have it.  Even if you don’t, it’s obvious that it is what you are striving for and it is the image you portray.  Keep it up!  Your message may be the most important in the Paleosphere because it is the most attainable and desirable for mainstream society.    

  • Carriejoywarren

    Wow! Wow! Wow!!!

    1.  You two absolutely rock! You ARE doing what you set out to do! Get healthy AND inspire. Well done!!!
    2.  I am currently in the 303 range and the 200 range is my GOAL. If it’s less, hurrah. But I know that I can buy clothes, go bike riding, fit into seats in that range. So, *I* think Stacey is doing GREAT!! She glows and looks healthy and happy!
    3.  Be encouraged by the negative. I know it’s hard and seem counterintuitive. But I know that it seems the forces of Hell get unleashed against the Truth. It is INSPIRING to see REAL people continue to simply be consistent and reliable. (((hugs))) If you weren’t doing good things for others, there’d be no haters. Those haters inadvertantly hold up, not tear down, all you’ve done and will continue to do.
    4. Love that you are standing up for yourselves and your family. Well done!  Scripture tells us not to grow weary in well-doing. Be encouraged well-doers!

  • How very sad.  Kudos to you both…your troll wouldn’t be bothering if he/she had better things to do.  

  • Vglnte71

    You guys look great.

  • Tina W.

    I think you both look great. Especially Stacy – what great conviction you have! People should be congratulating you for helping people, not nitpicking about your weight. I commend you for your bravery, and I appreciate your honesty. Screw the haters. Thank you!

  • Sookface

    Hi. It’s terrible that strangers would speak to you so rudely. Who are they to judge??!!! I am just starting this journey. My hubby and kids think I’m certifiable and so I’m a lone wolf in the house. I think I commented before on Stacey’s story that her story could be mine. To a tee!!! Just switch the name. Did you have some trouble ever? Sticking to it? I work 40 hours a week, have two girls aged 5 and 7 in K and G1 who are also ballerinas, soccer stars, swim competitors. Most days are nuts. That’s a good day. Any tips for keeping me committed would be appreciated.

    The nut job critics aren’t your true fans. You have a huge following and are on the right path.


  • *raises hand*

    I consider myself a low-carber, not Paleo, though I’m sympathetic to Paleo because I can see the merit in it.  I also see the merit in certain Neolithic foods though (primarily dairy), and a couple modern things like coconut milk, which is why I’m not fundie about the Paleo thing.  That said, pretty much by default, because of everything I was eliminating to try to break a stall, I went Paleo for about a month, with the exception that I still use Splenda.  Say what you will, I don’t react badly to it and I only have a few teaspoons a day, as contrasted to my former full-sugar soda habit that could take me up to two liters a day or more of Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper.  BAD scene.  I’m much better now, and haters gonna hate.  Anyway.  I said all that to say this:  sign me up as one of the fattest people in Paleo too.  Or at least Primal, as I have reintroduced heavy cream for my coffee this week, in hopes that I won’t react badly to it.  I’ll be sad if I can never have cheese again (well, except maybe the very rare planned cheat), but I’ll do what I have to do–meanwhile, I’m hovering around 200 now.  But that beats 215 or 209 any old day, and it sure beats almost 250, which was my heaviest known weight since getting a scale.

    Anyway.  I get exactly what you’re saying.  And the worst part is, even if it could be argued that fat is somehow a character issue (and it’s not, ever), guess what?  There are slender people out there who have the exact same health problems your average fat person has.  High blood pressure, deranged cholesterol profile, high triglycerides–even nonalcoholic fatty liver disease!  And they don’t know they have any of this stuff because they are slender, and everything in society is telling them that means they are “healthy.”  Scary.  They even get as far as type 2 diabetes before they clue in.  It’s just that fat people make easier targets for social derision, because metabolic syndrome in the absence of obesity is invisible.  I give it another twenty to fifty years before the experts start hand-wringing about “invisible fat people.”  Oh mah stars and garters.

    Hang in there.  Any idiot with working eyeballs can see you’ve both done incredible things for your health and for your children’s futures as well.  You know, I thought ditching the Neolithic carbs was supposed to *improve* eyesight?  Maybe the ones giving you so much grief are in the “safe starches” crowd.  Oh well.  Their problem.  You ROCK.

  • Oh yeah, reading the comments, that was the other thing I was going to say about the whole being-seen-as-fat thing.  Again, even if fatness were a moral issue–and it’s not–you can’t tell by looking at a fat person how they’re behaving.  We’ve been so inundated with this mythology about fat people being lazy gluttons that we can literally see no other possibility.  I tell ya, even when I was eating SAD, I had my days where I ate more than I should have, but I had my days where I hardly ate anything, either.  And now, being in ketosis, I eat even less.  If that were what it’s all about then I should be back at 130 or 140.  I’m not there.  HM.  Maybe something else is going on besides the overeating or the under-exercising driving the weight gain.  Naw, we won’t accept that.  So we also don’t notice the fat people who’ve lost 100+ pounds already and who are healthier than they’ve been their entire adult lives.  I know for sure nobody sees my increased energy to get housework done (I’m not where I want to be yet but I’ll get there!), the way my tummy has gotten squishier because so much of the fat is gone already, the way I sleep better at night, or the way my fingers never swell up like sausage casings anymore.  Sometimes you have to count your own rewards because everyone else overlooks them.

  • Kristine

    honestly, i’ve been paleo for 3 years and I didn’t lose a pound, not one and I had weight to lose.  Was I obese nope, 5’10” 175lb female that is athletic – then after being strict paleo (no dairy, nuts/seeds, or night shades even) I gained 13 lbs and it wasn’t muscle.  But I got healthier, my hair got nicer and actually started to grow back, my eyebrows that had fallen out grew back, and my skin go healthier.  I should mention I had lost my hair etc due to autoimmune.  Paleo isn’t going to make everyone ripped and who cares?!  Health should not be measured by a 6 pack of abs.  

  • Stacy, you are beautiful! And so is your dedication to your health, to raising  healthy and happy little people, and to sharing your story. Carry on <3 Let the haters hate. People who feel bad act bad. They could benefit from eating Paleo and perhaps a hug. 😉 
    Health and wellness are not for the select few. It's for all of us. Ones who've given birth more than a few times, who have life-long hormonal and weight issues (like yours truly here). 
    Thank you both for what you are doing and stay strong <3 
    P.S.: made those cinnamon-y dried apples today. Yum! They are all gone now.

  • DanielleRachelDassero

    I think you all look great…

  • Carla

    WOW!!!! that is messed up!!! First I want to say how beautiful you are Stacy!!! and btw… I LOVE THE UNDERWEAR PICS!!!!! absolutely without a doubt INCREDIBLE!!!!! You guys are amazing and are a TRUE example of changing your lifestyle. BE PROUD!!!!! xo

  • jan

    Dude, I tip my hat off to you and your wife. Never saw your work or blog or book before, but am on Paleo too. I don’t care about all the scientists, criticasters or trolls. I care about real human beings and you and your wife are heroes to me! Don’t be discouraged by ignorant people. Keep strong and thanks for all you are doing!!! 

  • teriseago

    You two are beautiful, and you are doing wonderful work.
    Stick to your guns…and thanks so much for what you do!!!

  • Janelle Deeds


  • Kelly

    I am always shocked that people do not realize that, when we come across something that makes us uncomfortable, our legs can walk out of the room or our eyes can be diverted to the right or left or our head can move in a direction as to redirect our thinking. Then there are those who love to fight and that’s all that know is anger and conflict, two things that will insure illness and disease. Anger and hatred are almost a sure thing for the growth of cancer cells. 

    Your pictures amazed me! Not because of your weight loss, congrats, but because you skin and hair look so amazing. Wow.

    Dear Skinny Hater, Yes I am fat but much more inspired by this family then any skinny person I’ve ever heard ranting. Please try to remember that these people have children. You should not say things that would hurt their children’s feelings. They just don’t deserve that. If you still decide that you MUST spew hatred, there are a hundreds of other people out there that would love to join you on your journey. This couple doesn’t sound like they belong to that group so get out there and find your tribe. Let us know how that worked out for you.


  • Andrea Groves

    Haters ‘gonna hate, even if you were ‘perfect’ (what’s that?) physically. I’m so sorry you had to recieve those awful comments. I have always been so impressed by how truthful Stacy is, and how she doesn’t give up sharing and sharing about her health, despite the fact that weight loss is going slow. I respect her for how strong she is in continuing on and not putting herself down (which is so easy!) If you ask me, your family looks great. Hey, maybe not everyone is at an ideal weight, but you all have that healthy glow that comes from diet, love, and joy. Keep on and don’t let others discourage you!

  • Jaclyn

    Here’s something I *would* say to your face: THANK YOU. You guys are amazing. And beautiful. I think you hit the nail on the head when you pointed out that people who bother to nit-pick and criticize aren’t happy enough with their own lives. It’s *them* I feel sorry for, not two strong parents who took charge of their lives and their kids’ lives. You guys rock my socks.

  • Stacy and Matt……..one bit of advice.  Forget social anxiety.  Just continue to run your own race.  Many of us will take care of the paleo elitests.  They too have their own dogma to trip over.  Most of them are unaware of what it is, just yet. they do not even know what they dont know.  This is the kind of post that inspires change and adaptation.  We need more of it in this community. 

  • Everyone has a way of being where they are at their best, a place from where anything is possible, and they are totally in step with the universe. This way of being can be elicited, amplified, and ultimately set as the default ‘state’ for moving through the world.  You two, need to be duplicated and replicated a lot in this community……….This community is sadly lacking your character.

  • I have lost 145 pounds, and have 50 more to go.  One thing I have learned is that most people only see the fat you have left, and not what you have accomplished.  They would rather take weight loss advice from some skinny dude who has never had to struggle with obesity.  As Tom Naughton once described it, being born at the finish line does not mean you won the race.

    The last 50 for me is a real struggle to lose, it is incredibly stubborn.  If excercise and diet alone could have me losing 2 pounds a week I would be a rake right now.  Being over weight so badly for so long makes me wonder if this talk about a new “set point” is true.  Possibly requiring extreme measures to drop the last 50 pounds, which may not really provide any health benefits at this point.  I am in wonderful fitness and health despite it.

  • Catforman

    I cannot fathom why some folks find it necessary to be mean in such a public forum.
    Life is a JOURNEY, NOT a destination- Stacey is still on hers, for crying out loud! We ALL are, for that matter-how dare anyone judge?
    Keep the faith, Stacey. I think you will be the one laughing in the end. WITH a kick ass blood profile.

  • Tina Beth Holloway

    Mean people suck. I love you guys, you rock. I am also a “fat-Paleo”… I only lost 15 lbs when I restarted & for 4 months, nothing. But you know what? I MAINTAINED that through all the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, Valentines & Easter. I am VERY happy about that. Now that winter is over & my busted foot is healed I am hitting it hard & getting serious, dropping my few cheats I allowed & ready to get fit. But without folks like you two, I never would have been able to stick with it. That’s where I get my encouragement & inspiration… is from those of us that have “not arrived” & are still in the process. I go to the Primal/Paleo gurus & superstars for information & am thankful for their help but it doesn’t hold a candle to what you & Stacey have done for me & others like me. So, thank you. And hang tight. In my humble opinion, we “fatties” have accomplished more than the “I need to lose that last 10 lb & get down to 7% body fat” crowd. Not helpful. At all. Much love & gratitude,

  • Tina Beth Holloway

       a note of interest. I also threw away my scales & measuring tape. I am not going to let numbers define me or discourage me anymore.

  • Shannon

    Stacy – you are so positive and have such a positive self-image that it is motivating to others who are in a simlar boat as you.   You are truely beautiful and have accomplished so much.  And Matt – you are awesome.  Your love and support for Stacy is so wonderful to read through this post.  I just loved reading it, and I am disgusted by the evil/hateful things some people say.   Some people have NO IDEA what its like to fight every day to lose weight.  Most of those people think “oh, well maybe that person should eat less or excercise more”.  For those of us who are fighting this battle, we know it is so much more than that.   I too am a working mom of 4.  I do 95% of the cooking.  I also have a part time job that I do at night.  I am lucky to get 5-6 hours of sleep each night.  Some people’s bodies would shed weight like crazy with this non-stop activity.  Unfortunately, my body is the opposite.  I retain/add weight when I am stressed and fatigued.   I too get tired of the nasty comments, but I know I am eating right and besides being tired, I feel really great…and when I am feeling really down, I just look at my beautiful family and just rejoice in how blessed I am… 

    Stacy and Matt – you guys are really an inspiratiion to those of us with a family who want to make sure we are giving them the best foundation for a happy and healthy life!

  • dmoffett

    Another very done site for those seeking a healthy lifestyle, thank you.

    I found low carb/paleo lifestyle two years ago. I’ve lost 155 pounds so far.
    I feel great. I promote this way of life. I tell my story on my blog.

    • dmoffett

       Another very WELL done site, I meant to say.
      The pictures of me are before at 340 pounds and the now me at 185 pounds. 10 more to go.

  • Emma

    I only found your blog a short time ago, and have only commented a couple of times, but keep coming back because I think your family is fantastic!  I LOVE that you feel real and come across as being down to earth and relate-able.  Actually, whenever I do mention your blog to others, that’s one of the first things I mention.

    I have read through most of the comments, and it seems that everyone’s feelings mirror eachothers, including my own.  I’m glad to see, from some of your replies,  that you are putting more stock and value into what we think and say instead of a small handful on nasty comments.  Your doing so is really validating to those of us who think you are wonderful… that you value our opinions (those who care about you) over a few opinions that really mean nothing in the big scheme of things.

    I’m glad you put this whole thing out there though.  It’s good for the primal/paleo community as a whole to stop putting looks before health.  We all know that someone can look good but be unhealthy.  The responsible, intelligent people in the primal/paleo-sphere can help to get the focus put on health, and help to stop this nonsense.  As someone else said, if I’m remembering correctly, this is not a diet for athletes, this is a diet for humans.  The whole point of the primal/paleo eating, if the originators are going to remain true to their original claims, is about eating the way we were biologically designed to eat.  It was never supposed to be about who has six pack abs and who doesn’t.  I’m sad that is has devolved into that type of thinking for some people.  So, lets focus on the food and our health, and allow eachother to discover our own path of healing without being criticized while doing so.

    Thank you for being the visible voice of reason and common sense in the primal/paleo community.  It really does help others to see that it’s only a segment of the community that places looks over health.  They may be making a lot noise, and getting undue attention, but they are not the face of the true, grass-roots, back-to-real eating lifestyle, which consists of a large variety of people at different places in their journey of reclaiming their health through a real food diet.

  • Monday-evening

    I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing for us non-Barbie/Ken folks. I have activity intolerance related to several significant chronic health issue. I am overweight, am a moderate-paleo and was so embarassed when I would visit the FB sites of those whose idea or personhood and value is vested in  body configuration and their sense of being better than the rest of humanity by power of their “superhuman” abilities to persevere, do ever so much more and do it better as they live their true paleo lives. I actually feel sorry for themselves and see them as so less than they think they are. I actuallyI consider it a form of body dysmorphic disorder but those folks have hostilely turned that so harsh judgment of their own bodies outward onto others instead. I was blessed to find the Civilized Caveman (who is quite fit and committed to that) who kindly told me to go for paleo anyway despite not being able to cross fit or sometimes even take the stairs without such effort and pain. I used to body build, was an EMT, forest fire fighter, nurse, etc, am now disabled. I am not bragging about the past or complaining about my present. Just wanted you both to know you helped make my day! I admire you both and appreciate this site. Thank you SO much!

  • Guest

    I’m sad I don’t have anything more meaningful to say than: “Go you!  The both of you!”, and “Haters gonna hate!” 🙂

  • PaleoRo

    nuff said…… I’m paleo and plump too. Compared to before-paleo I’m about the same weight.  BUT…My health has improved sooo much I can never go back to where I was.  I can feel happy I can feel good.  I feel awful that you guys have to defend yourselves.  You have put it on a website for all to see so…….. bad with the good I guess. I wish you more healing and happiness in your journey.

  • Sam Knox

    Excellent article.

    One correction: Participants in the CrossFit Games are elite exercisers, not elite athletes.

  • Paula

    Best sense of health and well-being I’ve read in a while. You’re family looks great!

  • Paula

    That’s supposed to read YOU and YOUR family look great! >>>>

  • Well said! And there’s one thing you didn’t mention along with being healthy and happy — you’re risking public critique to bring other people information, ideas, and insights. Your recipes are great, and it’s obvious that they are tested and written with love… we ate your meatloaf cupcakes this evening, and your licorice sausage for lunch — and we are well past our active parenting days! We just know good food when when we taste it!

    I know (from personal experience) how hard it is to achieve and maintain a big weight loss… I hadn’t realized how much you had lost, Stacy. You’re beautiful and you’re so obviously adored. That’s a big YIPPEE in my book. Thank you for your encouragement, your recipes, your creativity, and your willingness to share your lives with us out in Blogland! I hope this post encourages all of us quiet readers to remember to speak up in gratitude from time to time.

  • Stacy I am a holistic health coach and I am still 90 pounds from my goal weight…I am so impressed with how brave you are. You stepped forward mid journey when most of us wouldn’t dare. I am so afraid to make appointments to meet with clients or schedule workshops because I am afraid of what people will think or say. I hope you know you represent the average paleo person. There are a lot of elite athletes out there but most of the real people I know are people just like you…well almost….most of us aren’t as brave as you are.

  • Taylor Walls

    You two (and your whole family) are amazing. I’ve been following your blog for months now, even though I’m only 23 and I don’t have any children. I keep your site on my Bookmark Toolbar and am often browsing your blog in-between classes. I love the effort you put into this blog and I’ve read all of your stories, which completely inspired me to cut out certain foods from my diet. Although I’m not perfect yet in my dedication, I’ve seen strong positive results with my clearer skin, and weight loss.

    I can’t stand how others can be so critical of our appearances, especially when we are working hard to change ourselves. Some people don’t want to listen to anyone except for poster models. It’s very frustrating. But you two should know that many of us listen and follow your advice. You two have been my poster models when showing interested people what Paleo can do. Thank you guys so much:)

    • Emma

      It’s wonderful that you’ve learned this before having kids…teach them well.

  • OH and you all can’t call yourselves the fattest people in Paleo LOL  if Stacy is only 200 I have her beat at 220 !!  Love you guys and my caveboy loves your blog too !

  • I only recently found your blog and I have to say that it was a breath of fresh air so see people who, well, look like me and are coming from the same place that I was at. I will never be a super fit paleo super star. A lifetime of eating junk has damaged my metabolism so that even following a low carb (and now paleoish) diet for almost 8 years can not repair it. Yet my health has improved greatly and that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about having super low body fat. It’s about health. When these losers write you their hate mail just remember…there are more of us than there are incredibly fit, beautiful paleo people. What you do is making a difference. Don’t let them get you down and keep up the great work!

  • vlog_monkey

    You both look awesome! Congratulations on transforming your lives.

  • Janknitz

    Well said, Matt and Stacy.  I’m sorry you have to put up with that kind of criticism.

    I follow a Paleo way of eating with a low carb emphasis but I never say I’m Paleo because I always feel like I can’t fit in with the “cool kids”.  I’m 52, sedentary and have 100 lbs or more to lose.  I’ll never have ripped abs.  The kind of exercise recommended is just not going to happen for me–I’m thrilled that I’m able to walk a few miles, lift very small weights (wimpy 1 pounders) and do Tai Chi.  When I started this path, I couldn’t even walk across the room, so that is a big accomplishment for me.  But because of my fitness, I never feel like I can fit in with the Paleo crowd, AND I get the distinct feeling that many of the Paleo crowd would prefer that I go away and not join their club. 

  • OMG!! People need to look at themselves and not pay so much attention to others!! Stacy and Matt you have done amazing things with your lives/health! You should be proud of where you have come from. I am inspired by your journey! Thank you for putting yourselves out there and making the Paleo lifestyle easy to follow and inspiring to be a part of!!

  • Themarn4

    I love how real you guys have been and it encourages me in my own journey to health. I get intimidated by the “perfect” representation of others and worry about what I do wrong; it’s comforting to see and learn from your honesty and your own learning process.

  • Jillm

    Good luck.  You are doing really well.

  • janine

    I’m pretty sure if the Durian Rider hates you, you are on the right path.  There are always the few shallow, ignorant people out there that have to be negative.  Your book is awesome. Your honesty is refreshing.  Keep up the great work.

  • Heidi

    Well, it looks like for every one troll you have about 300+ fuzzy bunnies (??) lol – whatever the opposite of a troll should be 🙂

    Thank you for this post. So honest. So encouraging. I admit I thought it ‘was just me’ that found some paleo professionals to be …um, how can I put this nicely… unaware of how life with a family actually is on a daily basis. Example: ‘just get more sleep and you’ll improve’ said the pro to the mom of 3 under 4 yrs & the infant was scheduled for surgery. Hah! Good one! Sleep is just *right there* isn’t it? … Can always pick out those without children 😉

    So, again, thank you for this post. I <3 Eat Like a Dinosaur. My kids enjoy asking me, "Mommy, would a dinosaurs eat [blank]?" and than letting a giant RROOOOOOOAAAAAARRRR go afterwards. Yeah, that's how we rol around these parts.

    Talk soon

  • Kmavalov

    I’ve been reading your blog since Feb 2012, I’m married to a navy guy and I have 5 kids.  I used to call myself the skinniest fat girl around, after having my 5th baby I was only mildly over weight, however I was so sick and tired all the time. My hormones were all over I had my gallbladder removed at 21…yes I said 21! and I was just plain sad all the time.  From the outside we looked like a perfectly healthy family but we were far from it (skinny doesn’t equal healthy).  So I went all in after years of dabbling with paleo I decided to do it strict.  I had amazing results on the inside and outside, I looked better and most importantly I was feeling great.  However it only lasted about 4 months before the old ways crept back onto my plate because I didn’t transition my kids at all.  So I was making 2 separate meals at feeding times and buying goldfish and animal crackers in bulk (for the kids of course) then all of a sudden goldfish crackers were talking to me or “all natural no added sugar” fruit gummies were just jumping in my pockets so I gave up.  I was an avid paleo blog reader and I have all the books but none of them were helping to teach me retrain my kids so I convinced myself that 60/40 was good enough and that my kids “needed” the crap to keep them full……..Then I found y’all and I started reading your posts and seeing all the yummy transition foods you use to help your kids.  I was still struggling, then your book came out and I ordered it ASAP! We’ve been 100% for almost a month now and after the 2 week detox which was insane, detoxing while your parenting 5 kids who are also detoxing is NOT FUN!  We’re finally past the phase where they mourned they’re morning cereal and they are really starting to enjoy the different foods for breakfast and snacks (those were the two main areas I never made paleo). Without your book I never would have pushed myself to transition my kids.  Your book and blog has been such a source of knowledge and support for my family Thankyou.  Your passion to help other families be healthy is an amazing gift!

  • Well said. Keep trucking!

  • Tanya

    That’s horrid. What ever happened to “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all” HUH? I’ve had a couple of angry days these last few days, so I come to catch up on my favorite blog and see this. Matt, I am an anxiety-ridden freak as well and my husband is a say anything to anyone kind of guy, so I know where you are coming from. I also live in a very small town where people are spiteful and vindictive and at the moment I do not want to even leave my house. I am sorry that you guys have nasty ass people saying such rotten things, and I know that it only takes one rotten apple…. but chin-up and keep on keeping on because you know what – who cares what everyone else thinks as long as you guys are happy. And for the record you both are just great great people and parents, lol and I don’t even know you. But I can tell by your posts and your pictures, you two have an exceptional family life, you are raising those boys in such a loving nurturing way that every parent should go to your site – maybe they could learn to be better people and better parents. Keep up the great work…but jeez go to bed already 🙂
    p/s got ELaD – love it, made lots of stuff, will comment later

  • ischoll

    I love your book and my kids do as well. I hope that it will morph into ‘their’ cookbook soon as they are only 6 and 8. My little one is now talking about this or the other thing being healthy or not. Anyway, here is a good quote that I have heard. “Your opinion of me is none of my business”. Besides, opinions are like belly buttons, every one has one. Be happy about your accomplishments and not what other people say about them.

  • Babypt9

    I applaud both of you for your lifestyle changes!  I think that there will always be haters, people who get some kind of kick out of putting others down.  Why?  I have no idea, not a shrink.  I am, however, a PT who sees MANY of those skinny people in my clinic and I know from your blogs, you two would put them to shame with the strength and muscle you have!  Be proud of where you are and how far you’ve come!  Is this the ‘end’ of the journey?  Not by a long shot ’cause, min my opinion, you all are just gettin’ started!!  You provide so much encouragement and written assistance to so many people that I, for one, am so happy to have you as a resource!  Thank you for all you do, and keep your chin up!  I, too, am not at the ‘end’ of my Paleo journey either healthwise or weight loss-wise…. NOT going to stop me ’cause Paleo/Primal lifestyle is what has helped get me healthy and lose 42 lbs (so far).  Love and LOTS of hugs!!  Debi (BabyPT) 

  • TBotting

    Matt & Stacy, keep on keepin’ on.  Definitely appreciate the much-needed shot of PERSPECTIVE.  Unfortunately, those that need it most won’t be able to see it.  Health is the goal and we all have our own starting points and specific holes that present special challenges (some physical, some mental).  Anyway, kudos for the sharing.

  • Lamakofka

    We all come in all different shapes and sizes, nobody should judge you other than to commend you for how incredibly well you have done and to applaud you for all the time and effort you put into this community. I think the thing people should be looking at is not the weight but the incredible health gains that paleo has to offer, and the sustainability of it – you don’t very often hear of someone who reverts back to their “old” ways after becoming paleo – that in itself is a pure miracle – what other “diet” has these kind of results health wise and has the sustainability – NONE!! Celebrate how incredible you are and what you do for the “average” joe, the ripped crossfit body is unattainable by 98% of the population. I have been paleo for three years and been doing crossfit for that same amount of time and I too have had to come to grips with the fact that I will never look like most of the crossfit women – I have had 2 kids, was almost 200 pounds for 6 years and I am over 40 – 65 pounds lighter and have been for 2 years but still have loose skin and excess fat – but seriously who cares. I am fit and very healthy. I think we have to take pride in the fact that we are raising children with the knowledge of where health comes from and revel in the fact that they will never suffer from the things we did, that in itself is more important than any haters – let them hate.

  • Stacey first of all I think you look amazing! Good for you keeping it up I am new to Paleo due to health reason like evil gluten, MSG, ect and it is hard. Especially since my family is not exactly on board as of yet. We have a very strict budget and I was wondering where and how you paleo for a family of 4 with 250 a month? And how in the world can I get my whole family to eat strictly Paleo? Any advice would be amazing and gratefully appreciated.

    •  Harmony, we do have a few posts on the site on these topic (try the get started link under start here). That’s a tough situation for sure! Pay special attention to the video featuring Cole and Finn on eating Paleo!

  • Thank you so much for this post.  I have only been doing Paleo for eight weeks (low carb for a couple weeks before that) and have lost 27.5 pounds but have a LONG way to go (80 pounds or so). You are both amazing and anyone can see the huge improvements you have made. Your words are so encouraging and inspiring and I thank you for sharing them with us.

    •  That’s incredible, Yvette! Congratulations! Thanks for the support!

  • Nora

    I want you to know that you have been a huge inspiration to me and my family! We love your blog, and your cookbook!
    I hope you can continue to look past that nasty-ness, and continue to bring hope and great recipes for all of us that love and follow your blog! Thanks for all your hard work, and time!

  • Jenny78

    Congratulations on the incredible progress you both have made. The before and afters are incredible and the lessons you are teaching your children about life and health are fantastic.
    People should be better than to be hateful to anyone but ugly is as ugly does. I am glad you know that it is THEIR problem. Kudos on a well done journey and best wishes for a smooth go for the rest of it!

  • Excellent post!

  • Cat @ NeoHomesteading.com

    People are jerks. *duh!* you guys inspire me to eat better BECAUSE you remind me of me. I can not relate to a 150lb woman who is just dying to lose another 5lbs. I can not relate to a man who wants to be all ripped and buff. I’m not sterotyping but from my view I see a lot of opalescent, fair haired weebles.

    We are not striving for athletic performance, we are just hoping to feel less like crap. We are fat… I don’t really care. I’ve always been “large.” I found a physical from when I was 15 and I weighed 178. If only I could jump back in time I would beat some sense into myself. It takes a pretty scummy person to say such yucky things about someone. We are all our own worst enemies, I know I don’t need help self destructing. I would much rather be fat than be morally bankrupt. Skinny doesn’t buy love!

  • Karla

    It never fails to amaze me how rude and mean-spirited some people can be.  Must be a miserable existance to get your kicks inflicting pain on others. Dont let it bget you down.  You both look amazing and I love Eat Like A Dinosaur, son loves it too!  Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many.

  • When I met Stacy, one of the first things I felt compelled to say was that I’d been on this journey too, but wasn’t yet at my goal weight. It’s just a habit I have, I guess. Like others have said, everyone sees what you have left to do, not what you have done. Even if what you’ve already accomplished is more than most people ever will! After writing about health and lifestyle on my own blog, I too feel all the pressure of still being fat. (Though for me it’s still the in person pressure.) One thing I say now is that I’m glad I’m fat. Because, you don’t have to be fat to have metabolic syndrome and be on your way to horrible health–cancer and heart disease, etc. You can be thin and not know it’s all that bad–because we’re a fat phobic country and believe obesity is a cause, not a symptom so obviously if you aren’t fat you aren’t in trouble with nutrition. My three year old kid will steal the cabbage off my plate because it’s her favorite food. She’ll pass up sweets for it. But, there will always be someone looking down their nose over their kid’s low fat string cheese and fat free gummy bears because I give her lard on her roasted vegetables. There will always be some real food article reader or writer who will believe I’m not trying ahrd enough because I’m not skinny. I was inspired by you to begin with. But, I’m inspired by you now in a different way. Let the comments of the critics bounce back to them. They must have incredibly low self esteem.

    •  You know, that’s an excellent point. I’ve known more than my fair share of unhealthy skinny people who think they’re the picture of health simply because of their BMI.

      Sarah, you are great. You’re making the best strides towards health that you can and that’s the best anyone can do! Good luck on your journey!

      By the way, sauteed cabbage is the best!

  • Becky

    You guys are awesome and so is your book. Ignore t hose who pass judgement

  • Amanda

    You have made great strides. And look at those healthy babies! Keep doing what you are doing. No one is perfect and nothing is an overnight miracle!

  • Furrypals_5

    Haters are gonna hate! You guys are a beautiful family—so keep doing what keeps you healthy and feeling good and don’t listen to the meanness and hatred out there. Hateful people have issues and just want to drag everyone they can grab down to their miserable level! The only thing I’m confused about is why I have gained 20 lbs doing pales now for 6 months????

    •  Test your body fat. Perhaps it’s stayed the same and you’ve add muscle?

  • ER

    You know, I was vegan for a while, and vegans tend to feel embattled in a similar way. Like everyone is going to make a knee-jerk comment about why they’re not scrawny (or if they’re scrawny how unhealthy they look – as if that’s not a function of all kinds of complicated biochemistry), or about how all vegans are preachy jerks or what have you. It’s tiring just getting a meal. 

    What strikes me now that I’m integrating some animal products back into my diet is that Paleo folks have polar opposite stereotypes attached to them, but they still have to fight others’ assumptions. Every flaw – for vegans and paleos – seems to magnify some hater’s preconceived notion of what a person should eat. It’s ridiculous.

    Probably we don’t eat the same thing. But we definitely have a desire to be our healthiest selves in common. Way to be out there: mistakes, flaws, and all. 

  • Lorii

    Quite frankly, I think yours is one of the BEST Paleo examples. How many people out there are starting out exactly where you were at the start of your journey, feeling hopeless at the pictures of these lean, sexy bodies that are the Paleo “ideal”? I think the best testimonial is one that is real. One where the folks involved are showing themselves going through a real STRUGGLE. The whole “Oh, I went paleo and lost 100lbs and look hotter than anyone on the planet in 6 months.” can be misleading. People need to realize that your results MAY VARY!!!  Everyone is going to have a different journey and some folks may have to work longer to get “there” and others may never get “there” at all. I think it’s important that everyone knows that. If all everyone ever sees is the ideal outcome, how many people are going to get discouraged and walk away because that’s now how their experience has gone? Stay strong! You guys have made very obvious strides and you look fantastic! In the end, you have to get where YOU are happy with yourselves. That’s all that matters. =)

  • Bea

    a pure and simple thank you is what I have to offer. I am still figuring things out ( like managing an over booked life and tini budget ) but I AM FIGURING them out. This is a painful but honest and beautiful post. 

  • You guys are awesome. . . there are always going to be haters in this world and the internet makes it so simple to spew vileness that we can’t escape from them.  BUT. . . you both know how far you’ve come!

    We’ve only been Paleo for about 3 weeks (with a few cheats) since ELaD arrived in my mailbox and I lost 10.2lbs in the first 16 days. . . that’s good enough motivation to keep going.  I’m actually excited for my annual exam in June so I can show up with less chub and better labs!  We are so convinced that Paleo is a good thing that I bought more copies of ELaD for family and friends.

    My kids need the Paleo treats. . . we already ate healthy by most standards but without something to resemble a cracker, cookie, or bread they’d freak out!

    I know that we will never be the ripped CrossFit peeps. . . I just want to be healthier and raise my children to have an awareness of how nutrition affects our bodies.  You guys are a great example and are helping so many of us do that!

  • Rebecca

    First of all let me say thank you to the two of you and your boys for all the work you have done… not just in the Paleo community but for all parents out there. I bought your book and have had more fun with my boys in the kitchen helping me create food. They are learning how to chop, mix, measure, and experiment with all of the recipes. They are willing to try things they don’t think they will like and I encourage them by telling them that if they don’t like it now they may in the future because their taste buds shed like snake skin (didn’t Stacy say that?!)

    We are a family with two boys that has been on the lifelong journey to eat a healthier, more balanced diet. Your book has helped us on that journey. Notice, I said lifelong… I lost 45 pounds a year a half ago doing some crazy diet. I started exercising, ran my first marathon, then switched jobs and stopped everything all together. I put on 10 pounds and am now getting back into my exercise routine and being more strict with what I eat. (I cut myself some slack because we moved, and I changed jobs… twice!) This is such a challenge because the “bad” food is everywhere. I hate going to a grocery store because the majority of the crap in there isn’t even food yet it is marketed to suck our children in. Your book has shown my boys that I am not a crazy mama… that there are people in the world who changed there diet and feel better; that they can feel better if we make healthy food choices, and that healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad.

    I hope that you do not let the haters dominate your headspace. Since I have been on my quest towards better health I have become a huge fan of Jillian Michaels. I listen to her podcasts and have read her books. She is not paleo but she does talk a lot about healthy, organic living. She also has taught me a lot about the journey of weight-loss on a psychological level. Losing a large amount of weight, while being an amazing thing, is a weird thing too. It takes a while to adjust. People do put so much pressure on you to not slip up or eat any treats and then often criticize you for not being perfect. I think some people become jealous of the change when you lose weight and then choose to criticize, passing their own insecurities off to you.

    You guys have not only lost a ton of weight (big life change even if it is a positive one), then successfully wrote an amazing book, and are now in the spotlight. These are all huge life changes… and unfortunately will earn you some criticism from some very insecure people. Cut yourself some slack, give yourself some breathing room to take in all that you’ve accomplished, and smile because there are tons of us out here that love you for all that you’ve done and for who you are! I wish you many blessings to come, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Rebecca A. and family

  • JodiDGee

    <3 you! 1 year ago i was diagosed as pre-diabetic. i started off on the whole foods route and lowered my blood sugar but my AC1 levels were still not in a goof range. i also noticed my levels would still fluctuate dramatically during the day and i was eating constantly to try to control it. i rarely felt "hungry" but felt the effects of lowered sugar. in January we went gluten free to help with stomache issues and adhd. because of my insulin resistance most of the gluten replacements were empty carbs that ended up making my sugar fluctuations worse. so we chose paleo. i have not lost a single pound but have lost a size and a half in my clothesn we cheat with dairy and i know if/when we cut out dairy the weight loss will be faster. i LOVE having real bacon again AND feeling the fat melt off my body! i can feel my ribs, collar bone, and hips again and i am weighing in at 196 my heaviest weight 18 months ago was 235 (i had an eye disease -contact lense rlated not weight related -that took the first 26 lbs). keep it up Stacey! thank you for your vulnerability. God bless!!

  • Katherine

    Thank you for your blog. Your family is beautiful and is an inspiration to me. I’ve been paleo for five months and haven’t lost an ounce, however my health has improved tremendously. To feel good without so many problems is all I really want. Yes, I’m fat, but I don’t need to be a size 10 to be healthy and happy. Keep going! And thank you.

  • Ginny5626

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

  • PDX SH

    You guys are the truly beautiful people.

  • Emily Liles

    I think you and your wife are doing AMAZING!  My husband and I started living the Primal lifestyle in January 2012.  As of today, we are down a combined 105.3 lbs.  We feel amazing and have so much more energy.  Both of us were (and still are) morbidly obese.  But we’re getting healthier and I hope to reach my goal of under 200lbs by my birthday on May 6th.

    Thanks fo much for having the courage to write about how you’re living and keep up the great work.  I just ordered your cookbook and can’t WAIT for it to come in.

  • Tracy

    HUGE hugs from this very new to the Paleo lifestyle mom – you both inspire me every day- love you blog. I have not done this to loose weight (thought two years ago I did loose 100 pounds and have kept it off) I have done this because I think it is time to find a way of eating that actually works for my body.  The haters – well they are just that, they have negative engergy around them and want to bring you down with them – egnore it as best you can and know that you have more love than hate in your followers (and you only need us peacefull loveing types really!) again, hugs. Great post!

  • Although I don’t agree with everything Paleo, it does offer great results if you stick to it. I see that it has done wonders for you guys. Stacy has gone through an amazing transformation. So what if she’s not at her goal weight, yet. It’s not all about the looks, but your health. That is what everyone needs to realize… This is about your health so you can enjoy life and be around for your kids for a long time. Besides when someone is morbidly obese and start to lose a large amount of weight, they’re going to have excess skin left over. Stacy’s skin could be weighing an extra 15 to 20 pounds. Plus losing weight slower is much better for her body and she’s less likely to relapse. 

    I hate when people criticize others for being fat. If you don’t like it, why not encourage them instead of berating them. 

    Stacy, you look great and you’ve accomplished a lot! 🙂 You guys are doing a great job and I congratulate you both!!!

  • EC

    i’ve been lurking here for a couple of months enjoying the recipes (oi, the granola!!!) and the inspiration as I transition my family to a primal lifestyle (unfortunately not so easy). i pre-ordered and greatly anticipated my ElaD book, which has surpassed my expectations!!!

    i am one of these already-fit and getting fitter converts, but i love this lifestyle and i love love love reading your blog (and book). i have a resistant husband and two semi-resistant kids, and it is sooooo nice to hear your stories. i see you have lots of comments here, but i just wanted to add mine so you know.

    thank you very very much and i wish for you all that stacy could earn enough to quit her day job

  • Lindsey Walther

    Haters gonna hate.  I say ignore them!  I just came across this blog tonight (via a recipe linked on pinterest) and I think yall are FABULOUS!  I’m a paleo baby (in my first week!) and I LOVE to hear stories about improving health!  I’m excited for the day where I have more energy and just feel plain good.  Keep on doing what you’re doing and remember all the people out there that are THANKFUL for you!!  

  • Maplesugrrl1109

    I don’t usually comment on blogs, and I don’t follow a strict paleo diet, but I am gluten free. I think the both of you have worked too hard and too long to listen to people who want to discourage you. You’ve done so much for yourselves, and you shouldn’t have to listen to creeps who don’t see your success. Keep up the good work! 

  • Pen

    Keep up the great work, beautiful people

  • Kim

    You both seem like genuine, wonderful people and your blog has certainly helped fuel my Paleo journey. Please know that your risks and honesty are much appreciated, and I’m personally offended that anyone would feel it necessary to belittle your contribution to or presence within this community.  Keep doing what you’re doing guys, we’re all better for it.

  • Klee

    I love you guys!  Durian Rider is a jerk!  Keep pushing!

  • Anne

    I only discovered your site about a week ago, just as I was about to go paleo. I used your “eat like a dinosaur” slogan to get my daughter excited about eating more veggies, and it worked like a charm! Your site is amazing, and you guys seem really friendly and down to earth. I will be a frequent visitor! 
    p.s. Stacy, I think you’re gorgeous and glowing with health! 

  • Lovessams

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • You both look fabulous.  Keep up the awesome job

  • Great article….Slowly over the years my hubby and I (and our two girls) have changed the way we’ve eaten…not strictly one “following” but a mixture of several things, but always working towards going whole grain, organic, grass fed, less preservatives. We have weight to lose…have we lost it all..NOPE! Have we gotten frustrated when others do..YES…have I felt like there’s a stigma around those who are “overweight” to any degree..YES..and it’s sad. I hate when people assume that people who are overweight are unhealthy and eat terrible. So way to go. I appreciate you being willing to share your journey and be real. I realize that change takes time and I’d rather lose my weight slowly and keep it off. I know there are still changes I need to make and I’m making them slowly. I can’t wait to read more of your blog. Keep it up.

  • Rita

    You are amazing!

  • Sunshinemom24

    Stacy,  keep up the great work.  Do not worry about what the world says.  I think you are looking great.  The important thing is how you feel and that you are breaking the cycle with your children.  You will give them such a great gift by teaching them how to eat good, quality food.
    Keep it up!  You both look great!

  • Nicole T

    Thank you for your honesty and sharing your journey.  One of my three children is on the autism spectrum, so we have followed a gluten-free, dairy-free diet for the past 15 months.  We bought your book and have tried several recipes.  While we have liked almost all of them, the biggest hits have been the Beef and Broccoli as well as the chocolate chip cookies.  It is RARE in our household that all three kids like the same thing and they gobbled up the Beef and Broccoli raving the entire time about dinner.
     I used to love to bake and was always the one asked to bring desserts to potlucks.   However, with an autism diagnosis as well as dietary changes and very little time to even sleep, I felt like I had lost that part of my life.  The recipes you have given have brought me back in touch with a favorite hobby. 
    We used to allow our ten-year-old to “cheat” a little (since she does not have a  true gluten allergy) by buying lunch at school.  However, after trying some of your recipes, she is now completely gluten-free.  In fact, my two oldest (ages 6 and 10) have no desire to eat gluten, period, because they feel so much better without it.  Thank you for putting together the recipe book and helping others become healthier.  Please, please continue to ignore the haters and keep doing what you are doing!!!  You’re imperfections make you human and I have no idea how the two of you accomplish so much with three young children;p.  You are an inspiration and I thank you from the bottom of my heart:).

  • DanielTaylor

    This is excellent. Most of us more hardcore paleo ppl come off like jerks bc we are so damn passionate. Still others were jerks to begin with. This is life I believe. But to be healthy and look healthy are still two very different things and how one feels day to day is far beyond important. There needs to be more stories like yours to help ground what is a very real and beneficial movement.

    I will always be supportive of ppl that are proud of themselves and carry themselves with dignity and honor and live from their heart. This includes you guys. And anyone else that stands up for themselves and others. Keep up the strong work!

  • Verogruiz

    Thank you for staying strong and being here for us. I have a child with classic autism who has horrible eating habits and admittedly so have I most of my life. After my daughter was diagnosed 5 years ago I immersed myself in the biomedical movement and learning about the importance of having a healthy body chemistry and the huge role diet and nutrition play in that. I immersed myself to the point of exhaustion and burnout. The elimination diets were so focused on data collecting and such a spotlight on all the things we couldnt have it overwhelmed me. I took the last year off and while we remained gluten free and mostly dairy free I still weighed whether or not to take on diet again because I just didn’t know if I had the energy or the strength. I was already struggling on my own running the therapy program by day for my daughter, raising a typically developing 4 year old little girl, working a grave shift full time and trying to be the best partner I can be to my husband. Then I found the Paleo diet and it’s focus on good clean foods you could have and not focusing on all the things you couldn’t have and 4 months later I have more energy, I have never felt healthier, my daughter is increasing her food repetoire, I became a good cook (LOL), the digestive issues I had have all but vanished (gas, bloating, inconsistent bm) and I just feel like a better person.

    I read your blog and surf thru your recipes almost every day! They are delicious and so realistic. I also purchased your book and the girls and I read through it a few times a week trying to decide what new recipe we will get to try this week. I love the commmunication and curiosity it has sparked for my kids and the support it gives our family on this new healthy journey. You guys are awesome and I loved reading your story and on so many levels I can relate. Thank you for sharing your journey with is and thank you for being part of mine. Best to you and your beautiful family!

  • Ailsa Washington

    I’m with ya, I’m also stuck at 200 pound but so much healthier. That’s what I now focus on is how I feel not the weigh loss. Can’t wait to meet you on the cruise. Oh and by the spelling of realise the person sending the nasty comments must be a Brit I can only reassure you that not all Brits are ignorant!

  • km2012

    Nicely said. I know I’m late to this post, but just wanted to add +1.

  • Sbfoley

    Great blog, thank you for your transparency! And I am IN LOVE with your grain-free granola 🙂 thanks so much for sharing your stories and your recipes.

  • Kristi

    Just found your website.  I love this post- I keep reminding my kids every day- skinny DOES NOT mean healthy.  Keep doing whatever is making your family, your lives and your marriage HEALTHY. Wishing you every success on this journey!

  • I have been reading different entries on your blog for the last 2 days.. And I love it! Thank you for being such an inspiration! And I’m sorry to hear about the criticism. I think there always will be some of that “from the other side” of “food philosophy”. But why people have to be really nasty too I don’t get.. Anyway – we are not completely paleo yet (more a Atkins type of diet – its hard to get rid of the cream in the coffee…), but we do love that there are people out there that had such a success, and that write about it for the rest of us to learn from. 

    Thank you!Helen, Norway, northern Europe

  • TurtleMom23

    I’m sorry you and your wife have endured such hate. As the kids today say, “Haters gonna hate.” Blessings to you both.

  • you guys look awesome and happy! -and look at those beautiful babies you’ve made!
    trolls will be trolls, glad your openness and sense of humor allow you to rise above!

  • Rebecca Magliozzi

    I think Stacey and all of you look great! Don’t listen to the haters.. We can’t all have 6% body fat. it’s about eating healthy and taking care of ourselves.
    My kids and i can’t wait to buy your book! My two boys have PANDAS, an autoimmune disease that attacks the basal ganglia of the brain (triggered usually by strep), and I have autoimmune thyroid disease. The oldest, who’s already GFCF and also has autism just started having anaphylactic reactions, so we are going to do more Paleo eating now to lower our inflammation. Thanks for all you do. The book and concepts are cool and make kids want to eat healthy. They are ingenious!

  •  Thank you so much for an incredibly brave, incredibly true, enormously inspiring post!  Shame on the people who would make cruel comments just because you guys don’t fit a rigidly specific idea of what paleo/primal people “should” look like.  Health doesn’t look the same for everybody. I hope anyone who forgets that this isn’t just a lifestyle for Ironman triathletes gets a reality check.  Thank you again!  Looking forward to reading your book!

  • Loved this! I’m so glad I discovered your site. I’ve been off-and-on paleo-ish for a couple of years now, and I’ve lately resolved to clean up my act. Thanks for the lovely post.

  • CarrieLJP

    OH MY GOSH! You all are AWESOME! I found this post through Katie’s blog, Wellness Mama. Seriously, I got chills like twelve times reading this. Stacey is gorgeous, and you look great! I’m even more motivated to read more of your blog simply because I can relate to feeling “less than qualified” as you kind of describe. Man, you make me feel so much better about my less-than-ideal self. You have seriously inspired me to get healthy, not perfect.

    And for real, not that vanity matters, as you’ve so eloquently described, you both look absolutely wonderful! And your family is GORG! Love those precious smiles 🙂

  • WhoopDeeDoo

    I love the honesty of this post. I love that you’ve offered the world a window into your obviously precious marriage. I love how you support each other. You both look radiant. Please just keep keep’n on…

  • nicole

    you guys rock my paleo world!

  • heather phillips

    Hey Stacy, you know what? I would be THRILLED to look as good as you do. I would be THRILLED to be that close to “Onederland!” That picture of you…the one in that gorgeous silver evening gown? That’s going to be my inspiration/goal picture.

    How ya’ like THEM apples?

  • Miatrost

    You two are inspiring, stay strong and don’t listen to the haters! They are jealousy-ridden, CRAZY people who have nothing better to do with their time other than insult you. Their rude comments are just a manifestation of their own insecurities. Don’t listen to them! Keep up the hard work. 

  • Staceylou

    It’s not about being thin, it’s about being healthy! You have lost a lot of weight and you look amazing. Everyone starts at a different level. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

  • Caro

    I love your blog.  I love that you found paleo and committed to change.  It makes it looks less intimidating, and I’m one of those people starting out in the mildly overweight category.  I have forwarded your blog to so many people.

  • Iammysunshine

    You both are doing such a wonderful job with this website. I visit OFTEN to get ideas and inspiration, and would be terribly upset if this wonderful resource you’ve created was suddenly gone. Please don’t ever let idiotic comments and hateful people stop you from doing the wonderful work you’ve been doing. After a lifetime of poor health and eating habits, it makes sense that the journey to health will be slow and arduous. I’m so excited to see the success you both have so far! Congratulations for that, and keep it up! I know you will!

    Why don’t you take a few of your favorite comments, print them out, and post them where you can read them whenever you need a boost. Ignore the ignoramuses of the world. Giving them too much time and energy is bad for your health! :O) Don’t forget: You have lots of fans……. and I am one of them!

    Cheers, Love, and All Good Things!

  • Amanda

    I have only read this one post on your site and I am saddened to hear that people are attacking you without even knowing you, based on you the fact that you choose to share your personal beliefs. 

    I think you both look incredible and should be nothing but applauded for not only making yourselves healthier, but that you kids look healthy and happy too!

    Well done!

  • Sandra

    I want to tell you guys that you are my FAVORITE Paleo blog…and I’m a big paleo blog reader. I love that you are real people, that you are a family, and that you cook delicious and easy-to-make meals!!! I think your entire family, esp Stacy, is beautiful! Don’t let anyone get you down…keep on cooking and blogging, because we’re out here reading and cheering you on! I bet that person who wrote those hateful words has some serious issues in their own life where someone out there made them feel small and unloved…I hope that something in their life happens that they can stop passing on the hate and can make a change in how they feel about themselves and treat others.

    Love you guys!!

  • AMEN! Stay strong and keep up the good work. 😀

  • galler5

    I have 3 toddlers as well and my husband and I are new to paleo and were curious how do we cut dairy in their diets without affecting calcium intake?

    • Using whole ingredients instead of milk for calcium actually incurs a greater intake of calcium. Calcium is present in almonds, greens, broccoli and lots of other foods! If you search paleo calcium you ought to find articles from Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson and Balanced Bites.

  • abby

    i am just starting the paleo diet after losing 45 lbs on weight watchers (i resolved i WOULD NOT start pregnancy and be overweight) and i am so inspired by your story and this post that i could just cry. thank you, thank you so much for everything you do, your kindness, and your willingness to put yourself out there. you are both such an inspiration!

  • Great post….

  • THIS. THIS THIS THIS THISTHISTHISTHIS. Bawled my face off reading this post. I love you guys and you’re amazing and I love you. I’ve lost 45 lbs since starting Paleo 5 months ago and in the back of my mind I always worry that people are thinking, “If she eats only meat and fruit and vegetables and runs 5Ks, why is she fat?” DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW FAR I’VE COME! It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever be a CrossFit super star with a lean, hard body. I will probably always be a little bit squishy. And that’s ok. Because I turned my life around. And so did you guys and you’re an amazing f-ing inspiration and I share your blog with all my peeps. Keep on fighting the good fight and F everybody else. Seriously. <3

  • Heather

    It makes me feel ill, that people are so mean and hateful. you’re both beautiful, your children are beautiful, and you are good human beings. Thank you for giving so much of yourselves, so that we may all benefit.

  • Stacy, you are gorgeous. I would KILL to look like you (I started at 280lbs in September and am down about 10lbs now… without exercising yet [to prove a point to someone who can’t exercise that just changing diet lifestyle can change you]).

    We switched over from the SAD to a whole foods diet in September, which has done tremendous good for my husband and I. However, I want to go the next step and dive into Paleo. My husband, however, loves his bread stuff and his milk. He gives me a hard enough time about not having junk food and soda (though he has been good about not drinking soda and getting more water), so I’m not sure how I can get him away from the bread (aside from not baking any, since we don’t do storebought) and I definitely would have a fight on my hands if I made him give up the milk.

    He thinks the whole paleo/primal is just another fad, as does everyone around me, it seems. I hate that you get zero support from people when you turn away from what people classically think of as “healthy dieting” the whole low fat, no meat, etc diet. Then how have I lost weight by eating MEAT and whole fat dairy and OMG carbs in the form of 100% whole grains?!

    That aside, I could probably give up grains 95% of the time and not miss it (that 5% is these crazy good oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I make… Show me a substitute and I’d be 100% paleo). I already have a few paleo recipes under my belt, so should I worry if my hubs doesn’t go “whole hog” with me? I feel like a bad mommy when I tell him he can’t have even more than I’ve already restricted him. He just doesn’t get it.

  • Rebekah Ukes

    I know this is a little late considering that it’s been almost a year since this post was written, but I just read it and thought my two cents were worth throwing in the pot.
    That said, I am a fat woman in paleo. I just found this way of life last summer and in three months I lost 30 pounds which was 10% of my body weight at the time I found paleo. My highest weight on record was around 313.5 a year ago and I am now around 270. To me, that is amazing! I would also like to point out that even though I am still very overweight – obese – I did not get that way by following the paleo lifestyle. I got that way by eating too much junk food. I even went vegan for about two years and did not lose weight. I was eating whole grains and lots of stuff from scratch. But my body stayed the same or got bigger. Now I can feel myself changing. Even when the scale doesn’t move quickly, my body is kind of deflating. It’s kind of awesome.
    I would like to thank you both for doing what you do. I am sure it is not easy to be so scrutinized! Stacy, you are an inspiration! I cannot wait to be like you in terms of weight loss, health gain, or anything else you do that is so amazing! Please keep up the hard work so people like me can follow in your paleo footsteps!

  • Kattus

    This is incredibly inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

  • Juli

    I hate that this article even needed to be written. You have both been such an inspiration to me, and I am having such a good time learning from you . Just keep on keepin’ on, you are both AWESOME!

  • amy

    we’re out here- paleo folks who don’t look like movie stars, regular folks, trying to make good choices for our families. we like you guys, are grateful for pancake recipies for our kids, and we’re cheering you on. we’re not as loud as the jerks, but we’re here. i asked my library to order eat like a dinosaur, and they did!

  • A very brave post, thank you very much.

    You are correct, the Paleo community is a tough one, especially on body fat/perceived weakness. I appreciate, as I’m sure others do too, how you and Stacy are putting yourselves out there to be judged and scrutinized. It is too bad people can’t just let things be and stop criticizing. In fact no one is forcing them to read your blog… all they have to do is walk away.

    Although I’ve personally traveled a different path to Paleo, there are times I know I identify with Stacy. At my heaviest I was 225 (female, 5’4″). I have been doing Paleo since September 2011 – I was around 135 at that time (lots of starving yourself will do that). My husband and I do home workouts (P90X & P90X2) and I can’t tell you what a difference eating meats (oh yes, I was also Veg) and whole foods did for my muscle mass. The scale tells me I’m 155, but this has not fluctuated since winter of 2011, and I feel so much better… still, there are times when I don’t feel like a “Paleo success”. I’ve tried T-totaling sugar and not eating fruits and restricting carbs… my weight and body just seem to be happy here. I have “spots” on me I’m not happy with. But for now I know I just need to be thankful I found a way of eating and living that makes me feel so much better and healthier than I’ve ever been before. If you guys have found this too then I hope you will be able to continue on your journey and remain strong, despite any negativity coming your way.

    I can’t identify what it would be like to be in the Paleo Public Eye, but I applaud your family’s bravery. Thank you for providing us with another perspective, and a Paleo family success story. I love watching and reading to see what your family is up to, and will continue to do so!

    Thank you again,

  • You go guys xx

  • I have been checking your website out for a few months and I thought it was wonderful to see REAL people who are not perfect, who are still working toward their goals and even struggling sometimes because you represent REAL LIFE. Thank you for being honest and transparent. Thank you for continuing to do this regardless of the few who would rather tear down than build up. I haven’t adopted a paleo lifestyle (yet) as I am still adjusting to a Celiac lifestyle first but its coming. I am tired of being so tired and feeling the hormone surges etc. I understand Stacy and what she felt like and how much better she must feel and I thank you Stacy for being so humble for us who truly appreciate what you do. Keep doing what your doing because its truly inspiring for us. Thank you.

  • MariaG

    Thank you for this post! It takes a lot of courage to really put yourself out there. I’ve been doing Paleo for about a year and have reached my goal weight, but am still having some health issues trying to rid myself of Candida and heal my Leaky Gut. I’ve seen huge improvements!!! But, some days can be rough. Your article reminds me that sometimes some people around me can be very judgmental about why I still have die-off and fatigue since I look so much better. And, sometimes I find myself even judging others as to why they haven’t lost all the weight? It came off for me & if they’re following the plan it should for them too? Your article reminded me that not everyone has the same story, and that we all (including me) could be less judgmental of each others. We all have our areas where we feel strong and weak. Thank you for the humble pie. You two are amazing!! All the best of luck to you and your inspirational family!

  • I am, like Stacy, still “in progress” in regard to the weight loss. I have been eating primarily Primal/Paleo since March 2012, but have not lost anything since August 2012. I have gained and lost the same 10 lbs over and over again, so I understand Stacy’s troubles. I only lost 38 lbs before my weight loss halted, not the amazing 130 lbs Stacy has lost. Unless people have been in the obese category and have tried to lose weight, I don’t think they can understand fully what it’s like to “still be fat” while also being an amazing success story. I personally look up to you and Stacy for what you have done to change your family’s health. I think you are beautiful people and I love your book. I look at Stacy and all she has accomplished (and what Matthew has accomplished as well – can’t slight his efforts a single bit) and I’m inspired! I see the pics of her crossfitting and I’m inspired! She’s heavier than I am (by only a few pounds), and she’s lifting WAY more than I am. So she’s not making gains on the scale (in terms of weight loss) but she’s totally kicking butt in other areas. I’ve seen how she interacts with her children on the video blogs and I aspire to be a patient and kind mother just like she is. I have read the improvements you’ve experience by changing Cole’s diet and wish I had the strength to fight my son’s diet to see the same changes in him. We all have faults and weaknesses and tribulations, and I’m convinced the only reason yours are pointed out is because you’re in the public light. No one chooses to see what people do right – only what they do wrong or haven’t accomplished yet. We all have a story that is not known to the greater public. Be proud of your story and your accomplishments and ignore the haters and disbelievers. You guys are amazing and I am so glad you have let us into your lives.

  • Keep up the great work you all rock don’t lisen to haters ! paleo is for all! your doing great !be healthy who care about skinny healthy is always better all ways 😀

  • Coco

    Oh wow, we’ll said!! I commend your strength and bravery. I’m sure many would have felt defeated and given up by now but you and Stacy are obviously strong and winners! Best wishes to you both in your amazing journey and life changing endeavors.

  • Kelley

    I think you guys look awesome. I only hope I can do as well in trying to improve my own health. Thanks for putting yourselves out there.

    • Good luck! It’s all tiny little steps until you wake up and realize you’re healthier!

  • FireStorm Weaver Bladewing

    I had to write to you and tell you that this is the first time I’ve found your site, but I am ecstatic. The reasoning may not make sense to some people, but I had reached the point where I was ready to walk this road alone. I honestly didn’t think that there was even ONE other person like me in the Primal/Paleo world. (Just to be clear, I’m primal, not paleo — I found that I do better with butter, cream, cheese, and half-and-half in my life… my health is better, my body stronger, and my mind happier… and that’s the goal, right?)

    Anyway, I am 5’5″, and weigh 308 lbs. Believe it or not, this is GOOD. 3 years ago, I was 5’5″ and weighed in at a whopping 393 lbs. I got down to 275, but slipped off track for a while, and am having to re-calibrate.

    Thing is, I know I’m not perfect, and I know that, at 50 years old with MS, it may be challenging for me to get my body mass down as far as is socially acceptable…. but that doesn’t mean that I have to eat crap and treat myself with disrespect… and I try not to.

    You CAN be fat and still be doing your best to take care of yourself. You can be fat and have done everything you can, and that’s just the way you are… the idea that EVERY ONE of our ancestors was lean and trim and perfectly sculpted is absolute BUNK, and so is the idea that being thin confers some kind of social or intellectual or even health “bonus”.

    There are things that contribute to a person being very -un-healthy — eating food raised in a toxic waste dump of chemicals, cow-plops (or pig plops or chicken plops), and GMO grain sludge by people who couldn’t care less about them – -yeah, that’ll make people sick. Sitting around and not moving, and being afraid of the outdoors and sunshine and laughter and play… yeah, that’ll make people sick, too.

    My favorite things about the Paleo/Primal movement have little or nothing to do with body size — they have to do with choosing to eat food that we know where it came from and how it was raised — food that is raised on ITS natural diet… or planted in soil that hasn’t been stripped of every nutrient it’s collected over centuries by monoculture, over-planting, and pesticides. I love that our culture treats exercise like play, and treats PLAY like a need — not irresponsibility. I love that laughter and sunshine and wind and light and SLEEP are all valuable and have equal balance with good, satisfying work. What I -don’t- like is the idea that if you’re not at 6% bodyfat, you’re doing something WRONG, or you’re just a lying sack of whatever, who has no idea what the word “health” even means.

    As I mentioned earlier, I have multiple sclerosis. I’m 25 years post-diagnosis, so as you can figure out, I have some mobility issues. Primal eating has LITERALLY gotten me back on my feet. I may be 300 lbs, but I can walk a mile or more comfortably. There are skinny people in my office that I’ve walked breast cancer events with who were panting and heaving half way through… I ALSO rode my motorbike, solo, from Texas to Virginia and back this spring — something that wouldn’t have been possible without my nutrition and health choices.

    I applaud you. I hope that you’re staying strong on your journey, and that your health and joy are growing ever stronger.

  • Mel

    When did Skinny and Healthy become synonymous? Nothing matter but happiness. Period.

  • Heather Burris

    Bravo! You both look great, but what’s better is *feeling great* – nice to see people who know the difference!

  • Melanie

    Haters are going to hate! It’s what they do. You cannot put yourself out there and expect to dodge the bullet. The test comes in what you do with the bullet. Let it roll off your back. Responding (though human) just fuels their fire and makes them think of more idiotic things to say. I think most people are jealous and they take out their lack of motivation on the very people trying to give it. I follow several facebook pages on weight loss and the Paleo diet and I have to say people are HATEFUL. I am shocked at the things they say and honestly, if they are so perfect and opinionated, they should spend that time writing their own blogs. But people attack what they do not understand. Please, let it go. The stress is not good for you and the haters love that it bothers you. Channel that energy into being that much more, that much better, and let the haters go drown themselves in a vat of unhealthiness.

    As for Stacy, GIRL… You rock. Let no one tell you any different. You know that saying about Tigers who’ve earned their stripes? Well, you have earned your stripes in a big way. The only person who matters is you. Those haters DO NOT matter and their opinions DO NOT count. You inspire people. Putting yourself out there comes with a price and that price is dealing with ignorance. I think you look fantastic. Anyone who disagrees is BLIND. Keep your chin up.

  • Melanie

    Thank you for writing this. It’s beautiful as is your family. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves to help others. I can’t imagine how hard that is and I, for one, truely appreciate it.

  • Debi Reese

    You both are my inspiration and heroes of sorts to me! Its disgusting that people still point fingers and call you both names instead of looking at the journey for what it is… a JOURNEY. Stacy is a beautiful woman and she’s VERY lucky to have you, her dearest husband and best friend as an advocate and shining knight. The cohesiveness of your relationship, family and marriage is what inspires me the most about your blog today… I will keep reading you two, facebooking with you and buying ELaD for my nephews and nieces because I believe in you!! Keep being yourselves and be true to those people, the ones you are right now!! The “real” people within the Paleo community ADORE you. Who cares about the riff raff?? Thanks for being YOU.

  • Erin Williamson Bigler

    Are you kidding me?! I LOVE you guys. I take Stacy’s advice precisely BECAUSE she has made so much progress. Who cares how much she weighs? A girl who can do what she’s done, must really be on to something! (When I saw her CrossFit handstand pic the other day I literally teared up and whooped for joy!) We aren’t full Paleo. I decided life wasn’t worth living without some corn chips and hummus, but my kids all have Celiac Disease so we use your recipes because they’re gluten free by default. I’ve recommended Eat Like a Dinosaur to all of my friends. Keep up the good fight. Haters gonna hate.

  • Kim

    You are both so courageous! I don’t know you, but I’m so proud of your for taking charge of your health and the health of your children. Just keep ignoring the haters. We just started our second whole30 and are trying to include our kids in it more this time. Looking forward to checking out Eat Like a Dinosaur with my 4 and 2 year old.

  • Cindy Neri

    This post breaks my heart Matt. My husband and I met Stacy in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and she is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. I am also very sad about your SAD because I’d hoped to meet you someday too. As a wife, mother, working woman, with 100 pounds to lose, I can not relate to Mark Sisson on any tangible level. And while I absolutely love Diane, Haley, and Bill, there is no way that these young, single, childless, working from home people can understand my lifestyle and needs. You and Stacy are my Paleo heros because you walk in my shoes every day. I would have quit trying a long time ago if I only had these “perfect Paleo specimens” to look up to. I can’t emulate their lives but I can relate to you. And you know what? I represent the masses of people in this country who need your help! So if you can possibly ignore the haters, then please do because you have so much inspiration and hope to offer to those of us who desperately need it. We need books like Eat Like A Dinosaur to show us ways to transition our kids. And we need books featuring lots of easy, home style cooking for the crock pot and make ahead casseroles as well as packed lunches for school. And we need to see how other people work through the struggles that we face on a daily basis…..only the two of you offer us that! Thank you for sharing, your work has improved the lives of my family members more than you could ever imagine!

  • Danielle C

    Wow, I’m just so mortified that there are so many people that feel the are perfect and can criticize anyone! Thank you so much for continuing to put yourself out there – you are making a difference in so many lives.

  • life of being judged

    This totally resonates with me. I love you guys! Its not just the diet either where you find judgment. Its exercising too. I just want to learn to lift heavy, but there is so much judgement in the gym its hard to get past it. Sometimes, I think people shouldn’t pass judgement and just let us “fail” if that’s the path we have chosen. We don’t know how the journey is going to end. We always assume the worse out of people. If I could just be left alone and unjudged at the gym, I would get more done. Being happy is more important than any other aspect of our health. Without it, we will fail to be healthier. Having a happy environment will promotes calorie burning and muscle building because stressors aren’t blocking all your progress. Stop judging because judgements are why the world is unhealthy.

  • Lindsey

    Bravo! Love you guys! It always works out that the negative is louder than the positive. You both have helped so many. I hope you keep fighting 🙂

  • Angela

    Keep doing what you are doing! And yes you know you made it when you have haters! You have been so inspiring to my family and I.

  • Kate

    Stacy and Matt, you and your family are beautiful. You all are an inspiration for change and becoming healthy. Getting healthy is a journey, and it’s wonderful to notice and celebrate the incremental changes that happen over the course of that journey, no matter how long that journey takes. Five years ago I was a complete mess. Migraines were constant; each day was not a matter of would I get one; it was how bad that day’s would be. And when one went full-blown, I was knocked down in agony on the bathroom floor for 3 days at a time. I walked into things, fell down a lot, tripped a lot, and had tingling down my left side most of the time. My neurologist told me I was just one of those “lucky” people in life who gets migraines, and there was nothing he could do about it, except keep me drugged up on ever more powerful crap that didn’t work. I also had digestive issues, sleep disturbances, vivid nightmares that were becoming worse, anxiety, needing to nap constantly, falling asleep in traffic, and behavioral changes. Even as my health got worse, I continued my regular job (barely) and as a dancer with a 10+ hour per week dance schedule (with increasing difficulty). I was the fattest dancer in the troupe, even though I ate three lean meals per day, ate yoghurt and oatmeal for breakfast, watched my fat and sugar intake, ate my veggies, and exercised on top of the crazy rehearsal and class schedule. After a particularly bad stretch of days with a migraine, I was talking to my dad on the phone. I remember sitting there with a piece of buttered toast telling him that I noticed bad things happened when after eating pizza. How could pizza be bad? It has bread, dairy, veggies, and meat. He said, “Maybe it’s gluten. Your birth mother had some kind of wheat problem, and you had food allergies as a baby. The doctor said you’d outgrow them.” I dropped my piece of toast, and so began my journey. Within days I started noticing positive changes in my headaches and sleep patterns. No more naps!!!

    I discovered all of the gluten-free goodies. I gained weight. I eliminated dairy as I found it too caused headaches and gastro issues. I gained weight. I broke my foot and had to stop dancing for awhile. I gained weight. I eventually stopped dancing, as the broken foot was never quite the same. However, all the while as I refined my diet, I felt better and healthier in spite of the weight gain. I was happy. I slept well and had no nightmares. All of the clumsiness disappeared. I had far fewer headaches, and those the migraines that did go full-blown presented differently and lasted less than 24 hours. (Changing the diet uncovered a neurological issue that required surgery.)

    I went from 140 to 195. All the while, I was told by friends: the dietary issues are in your head; if your health is now so good, why are you gaining weight; if you feel so good, why are you so fat; if things are so much better, why are you still getting headaches; etc.

    Last June I went fully paleo. I figured I was mostly there anyway being gluten, dairy, and soy free; might as well get rid of the rest of the grains and legumes. In spite of not being able to exercise beyond walking due to that pesky neuro problem and two surgeries in the past six months to correct it, I have lost 20 pounds and have kept it off with diet alone. I was just given the ok to start exercising again following the second surgery. So far no problems. With paleo, I have the healthiest relationship with food that I’ve ever had. I don’t want sweets. I eat three meals a day with no snacks and never have a blood sugar crash. I don’t mindlessly eat just to eat, because I don’t feel the need or desire to do that. I’m no longer pre-diabetic. I don’t feel guilty when I eat red meat, bacon, avocados, olives, and coconut. I don’t feel guilty about food at all. I feel amazing and have so much energy. Yes, I am still fat. So what. I feel good. I feel happy. I feel healthy. HEALTHY IS BEAUTIFUL.
    Do what is best for you and your family. Feel the love from those who support you and to heck with anyone who sends negative vibes. Y’all rock! Thank you for being who you are and for sharing your journey.

  • Annemarie

    Funny…I don’t see fat people, I see beautiful people. Great post. Keep on keepin’ on, because you guys ROCK.

  • Chelsea Driskell

    Personally I find you two more inspiring than people who were fit and became fitter or normal and became fit. It takes a huge amount of courage, drive and determination to tackle the challenge that Stacy has. It would have been easier for her to stay the way she was. But no, she took the hard path and I say ” WAY TO GO WOMAN!!”
    Everywhere we look there are the shallow people, the mean people. Unfortunately the internet takes the humanity out of a lot of people and because people don’t have to see the emotional effect words have on others it’s a virtual free for all. Its up to decent folks to take the high road and say “NO, Enough” Because really we are dealing with old fashion bullying, and it is never OK. Thank you for your blog. I was so happy to find a site that was family driven and something I could relate too. You two seem like very real people, that I bet are great to know. And in my book that is way better than six pack abs. 🙂

  • tree peters

    You guys are great and Stacy is a goddess. I really appreciate you, Stacy, sharing your photos and sharing your life here. I have no problem with you guys selling your products and am getting the dinosaur book for my daughter. I appreciate all your advice and knowledge and kindness….

  • April Strouse

    I never heard of you guys until this morning, going over my Facebook feed and one of my friends posted a link to this post.
    Already love you!
    Normally my family eats pretty primal, it started because I got into the hCG diet and then no carbs because I figured out they make me feel terrible and sick. Well now I’m pregnant (almost done thankfully) so I’ve been eating stuff I know better too… Because of bread alone in the past month I’ve done all my gaining, 20lbs, LOL. It’s insane how much just eating one sandwich a day can make you gain, especially pregnant! I can’t wait to get back to the grind and resume all the things I hate right now, like cooking…
    Anyways. Tell your wife I would kill to be 200lbs and she looks GREAT and even her skin is glowing now!
    PS to the haters: you can be healthy at any weight, and you don’t have to be a stick person or a musclebound psycho to have a healthy lifestyle and make good choices.
    Most of those people are more unhealthy than fat people:-)

  • frizbeechick

    i think you both look amazing! so inspired by your journey.

  • Lisa

    Living well is the best revenge. So many people try to improve themselves in silence so they don’t have to face the negativity. Your courage will save lives.

  • Malinda

    with paleo and crossfit I was finally able to loose almost 30lbs last winter/spring and then I got pregnant… I/we struggled with infertility for 5 years and at this moment I’m 5 short weeks away from meeting this little one we’ve waited so long for. For me, paleo/crossfit isn’t about getting ripped, showing off my body and competing with others at the crossfit gym/box or in a competition… it’s just simply about feeling good, feeling able, feeling empowered to be the mom I want to be, to see my child grow and understand what it means to eat real food and be active WITHOUT it being the chore that it has become for myself and my husband. Oh how I wish it came naturally to me to move my body and eat in a way that would bring me a skinnier version of myself but I’m going to do the best I can do each and everyday for myself, my husband and our little family… THAT will be enough. Maybe it will change someday but I’m not going to force it to… if that change is meant to be it will come in another chapter of my life/journey but it’s not the destination… I don’t need the skinniest version of myself to feel as though I’ve succeeded in bettering myself.

  • melissa

    brave, honest, real… nothing else matters

  • Paleo Bliss

    Thank you both for being amazing, and strong. Thank you for sharing your stories, recipes, and insight. I just 4 months ago. I’ve lost 30 pounds, and no longer have to take 2 medicines I had taken for over a year. I have a long ways to go, but know that I can. If you had asked me a year ago if I thought even losing 10 pounds was possible I would have laughed, after trying to for years. Your website is one of the first I found, and one that I truly enjoy. Thank you for being a huge influence in the paleo universe. Please continue doing what you are doing because there aren’t enough people like you in the world. (Also please get some sleep, it is more important than updating the masses 😉 ) Ignore the trolls- you could post a cure for cancer and someone will find fault with it and call you names. You both look gorgeous. Great job, keep fighting the good fight!

  • Cassy

    “Your Healthy your happy and that should be enough” Very powerful right there! I have only been doing primal/paleo for 2 months but not religiously. I feel better and I may not be losing weight but I FEEL BETTER! I am over what people say or think because it’s not their life, it’s mine…. Kudos to you for writing this!

  • Micah

    Well said. My hat is off to both of you.

    You are not alone. Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness mentioned being recognized in public while grocery shopping and the stress that caused (Chocolate Raspberry Cake in the cart).

    You’re both human. You are not perfect. Love yourselves. What you have done is a tremendous accomplishment. And the fact that you are still working at it is amazing!

    PS-There is nothing wrong with making money off of your site, your books or however you see fit. If people decide they don’t want to be apart of what you have created because your supporting yourself, that’s their problem and NOT yours.

  • Annie G

    Thank you so much for writing this article. This is JUST what I needed to read, and hear. I, too, struggle with social anxiety. I worry far too much about what people think of me, instead of solely focusing on my own thoughts, opinions, and desires for myself. I am in the process of converting to a real food lifestyle, and it isn’t easy… but I’m trying. Sure, people look at me, and judge me (I’m sure!) But I’m also trying hard not to care. That isn’t easy either. I really appreciate your words, and the movement you guys are actively working towards! HUGE Kudos to you guys!!

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for this very real, brave post. Your work reminds me of a book I’m reading called “Daring Greatly”-it’s what you are doing-putting yourself out there, taking the risk, facing the criticism….and helping and inspiring scores of people along the way. “Paleo” needs people like you guys. The world needs people like you guys! Nice people, vulnerable people. People who aren’t holding up a perfectionist model that is impossible for 95% of us. Bravo for what you have done for yourselves, your kids, and for so many others.

  • Jess

    Well done for raising a healthy family – that is what counts! And you all look great, I wouldn’t say you are fat at all!

  • Kimberly

    You are both awesome and I’m thankful for the work you do! We are all on a personal journey and it looks different from everyone else’s. I’m sorry people feel the need to be ugly and vile towards you. Know that you are inspiring me on my Paleo path. God bless!

  • kurt

    Look at humans who are closest to nature. They are trim. You all deserve the same. You can have the same. Bring vegan has changed my life.

    Look at the people who push these diets. Cordain is a scammer. He uses old stock photos on his books l. This aline turned me from the paleo diet. Atkins was overweight when he died. Nice killing diet for you.

    The last thing is this. Your brain burns about 25 percent of your caloric intake. It prefers glucose.v your kidney cells need glucose. . The point is your brain would function better with the carbs. Remember, it isn’t the sugar that’s the problem. Your cells are so smothered in fat that the sugar can’t leave the blood stream.

    • Actually, the brain prefers ketones and that’s a well demonstrated fact found in medical textbooks the world over. And not only that, we’ve never been very low carb.
      I know you’re trying to be helpful, but this sort of unasked for preachiness is rude and offensive. We have never gone to a vegan blog to insist that they embrace eating meat.

      • Kurt

        Your post moved me…thats why i posted. I mean no offense. All i’m saying is lean is something you can have and you dont have to settle for less.

        You said in another post you were convinced about the science in part due to Loren Cordain’s book The Paleo Solution. But look at the man. He prints books with his photo from 10 years ago. Looking at him now how could I have listened to him? I’ve listened to most of his lectures on youtube and began to eat as he suggests we should.

        The point is, many promoters of this diet are overweight. This leads me to believe one of two things: First they are following their diet to the letter. If they are following it to the letter then it doesnt work for everyone. Now if that isnt true, then they arent following their diets, in which case how could I listen to them? It’s like the retirement home I work at. We have an overweight nutritionist who munches on donuts and sips diet soda! I dont see how that can even be justified.

        I experiment. So I started gorging starch (Dr. McDougall) and I’ve never felt better. Weight loss came at a brisk but normal rate. Blood sugar is great. I can chug orange juice and eat 1000 calories of potatoes and rice and tortillas and my blood sugar never went higher than 128.

        I’m just saying, I tried Paleo and moved on. I would only say try it and see if you dont get that leanness you want. If it doesnt work, then go back to paleo. For all I know, this is the best for you. I’m just saying experimentation is key in the search for the perfect diet.

  • Phil

    If you think Paleo is good, you’ll be in for a super treat if you try The 80/10/10 Diet

  • Jessica

    You guys belong in the HAES community. Hugs to you both!

  • Susan

    I have experienced the same prejudice in the paleo and the non-paleo world. I am no where near where I would like to be weight wise. I wouldn’t trade the incredible way I feel on Paleo for any thing though. Stay strong both of you. You are a daily inspiration to me and though I have never met you I consider you to be in my small circle of friends. I love all of your books. Your “Eat like a Dinosaur” is my go to gift for every baby shower I have been invited to. 🙂 I feel like you are the voice for the majority. Screw the minority because part of the Paleo I believe in is a big support network that would never offer anything but encouragement, support and love.

  • Laurie Woznicki

    Actually, I think I am the fattest person in Paleo! But, after a little more than a year, my A1c has gone down a couple of points and now falls within the normal range and my cholesterol numbers make me look like an athlete. I love the Paleo lifestyle for how it has made me healthier. You guys are an inspiration, thanks for sharing yourselves for the good of others. <3

  • Kelsey

    It’s so incredibly frustrating that many of my friends still think of weight and how “fat” they are as the most important marker of their health and happiness. Your blog and podcast gives me the language to frame things differently in my conversations with them without sounding preachy, and hopefully i can help their perspectives to shift eventually. Not everyone is supposed to be skinny! I also want to say that I really look up to you guys as role models, not just for paleo and health stuff but for your amazing family and your teamwork on your projects and how you all approach difficult situations. Y’all are awesome.

  • Katie Young

    Shame on people who focus on what is yet to come instead of the achievements that have already been made. You and your family inspire my son and I to keep on keeping on when we feel like giving up because it’s not going fast enough – you give us cause to look at where we have come from instead of just focusing on the finish line, because truly there is no finish line, only the progress that we’ve made in our journeys.

  • kate

    You guys are awesome! thanks for writing this!

  • Tracym

    Why anyone would try to down what u are doing is not understandable to me!! Congrats in making a choice to do better and be better. I’m jealous as I have yet to find the motivation. I’m lazy, tired, and fat and why that isn’t motivation enough, I really don’t know. You guys are awesome!!

  • Heather Catallo

    I have to say your honesty and transparency has been truly inspirational. My husband and I have been at it for about a year, and while my husband has lost 30lbs, I haven’t really lost anything, but feel much healthier and know I have a lot more energy. It’s been great being able to see how you get your kids to help out in the kitchen with you, and all the fantastic recipe’s as well as guest posts. Being a parent, it’s hard to say no to the kids when they want certain things. I’ve found with the paleo community and especially your blog, I rarely have to.

  • Sandy

    Don’t listen to the haters, you guys are doing great! Keep exploring your health and fitness journey and don’t let them get you down. You provide such an important resource to so many of us, I appreciate all your hard work and I’m inspired by your whole family.

  • Annie

    WOW…560 comments! (Cant wait to read them all, but not right this second) …I feel silly to admit I think of your family at least a few times a week. I have been an athlete and a yo-yo er for years, and just had 2 more kids and 4 surgeries in the last 3 years…loving my body and FEEDING it is a daily goal here, for energy and parenting and etc. Just today I rode my bike with toddler seat and TRAILER all the way across our hilly California town to meet some friends and let the kids run around…I kid you not, just today on the really tough hills I thought “I want to look more like STACY!” I weigh right around 200. She exudes grace and vitality and I like her sassy haircut. I have your Dinosaur book, and my mom gave it to all my sibs as Xmas gifts after seeing it at my house. I wish I had written this sooner, but after seeing these petty, insecure people criticizing my heroes, I HAD to speak up! Signed, YOUR FANS, annie y familia

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Annie! They mean so much to us! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Jordan Ferguson

    Being healthy isn’t about being skinny!! I love yal’s approach. This is my favorite blog because of the fact that these are real people who made real mistakes who changed to real food & are on a journey for the rest of their lives to remain that way. Being healthy doesn’t happen over night. There’s new information to learn every day & it is a process. Cheers to the real food eaters who are still on their journey to get where they want to be. Cheers to all the encouragement this couple has given me on my own journey!

  • Kay

    I love you guys. Matt, I have social anxiety too, so I understand how much of a burden this can be for you. But the haters hate blindly; the admirers admire with clarity of who you guys are and how far you’ve come. <3

  • Karen

    I’m so glad I read this. You are super inspirational. I’ve bought both of your books and recommend them to others who I think could benefit from this change (so, everyone!) – and learn how to get their kids more engaged in the kitchen (which I agree is extremely important!). I feel very supported by the work that you and others are doing in the blogosphere! (i.e. thepaleomom.com, phoenixhelix.com, others) Stacy, you are AMAZING! And you *know* this despite the criticisms. You are strong, you are empowered, you are confident and you are brave. All of that radiates out of you and speaks to me. There are people that are so invested in their SAD lives, that they feel that a person still working on their health is evidence of paleo failure – which cannot be further from the truth! I have RA and only got my life back by cleaning up my diet with Paleo. I’ve had a relapse, so now I’m working through it with AIP/The Paleo Approach (and it’s working!). People look at me and tell me that “of course you’re losing weight, you’re starving yourself” (because I’m not eating grains or candy!?!). People are so ready to dismiss what they don’t understand or what they see as too big a shift from their daily lives. We don’t need to convince them, we just need to be confident and comfortable with our choices! Thank you for putting yourself out there so that we can learn and be inspired by you!

  • Amber

    I appreciate you guys!!!! And you guys are the most relatable (for me personally) of all the Paleo writers out there. Stacy has me wanting to do more strong-woman training. Thank you for all that you do!!

  • Leah

    I just want to say a few words of encouragement for the two of you. First of all- way to go! You have made very difficult life changes for the betterment of yourselves and your beautiful boys, that in itself is a huge accomplishment!

    Also, I wish for both of you that you can learn to let the negative and the cruel things some say about you roll of your shoulders. Instead, focus on the positive and the beautiful in your lives. Just one look at your family and sweet kids tells me that you have MUCH beauty in your lives, focus on that.

    Lastly, I think your wife is gorgeous- make sure you tell her that! Some people are just blind to real beauty.

    Congratulations on your achievements, your hard work and your perseverance! Keep it up!

  • Sarahb

    Thanks for being willing to be vulnerable and share your story. That’s brave and it does make a difference.

  • Korri

    Your. Family. Kicks. Ass. That is all.

  • Jeanine Ackles

    I just want to say I have purchased your 3 phase paleo book and love it. I find your story inspiring even though i’m a rather small person with not a ton to lose i want to be healthy and feel better. My weight loss is slow and when I get frustrated and want to give up REAL people like you inspire me to keep going.I feel you and your family have made leaps and bounds with your heath and losing weight. You both should be proud! I can”t believe how some people can lose perspective so easy…just because Stacy is not model thin doesn’t mean she is not beautiful!

  • Shannon Horch

    My reasons for becoming Paleo were to feel better. That’s all. The weight loss I experienced was a bonus. I’m nowhere near the size I’d like to be but I am so happy with how I feel. Amazingly better than before.

    Keep doing what you are doing. Those that matter and practice the same methods are behind you a million strong.

  • Roz

    I think you guys look incredible, and are doing wonderful things for the real food movement!

  • I’m new to Paleo and I’m doing it to save my life. I could care less
    about being ripped and am not interested in visibly epic abs. I’m
    interested in eating healthy, curing diabetes, no longer having the word
    “morbidly” start any description of me, and living an amazing life 365
    days a year. I’m interested in leading by example and changing the lives
    of my parents, my sister, my friends. I want non-judgmental, positive,
    inspiring people leading me down this path and that is what you bring.
    Those giving you a hard time might be physically fit, but they are
    clearly not emotionally or psychologically fit. They have issues that
    extend beyond nutrition if they are going to invest time in bringing
    down people that are trying to be healthy and help others. Please keep
    doing what you’re doing. Karma is real.

  • bastylefilegirl

    Matt, I hope Stacy
    inspires you to become less self-conscious about what people “think”
    about you. There are so many unhealthy “skinny” people and the
    thought that just being a certain body type is so false and you would think
    “healthy skinny paleo” people would know this. You all are clearly
    promoting a healthy lifestyle that works for you, and have made tremendous
    strides the fact that people have an issue with you is their problem and not
    yours. Be well! 🙂

  • Born4Travel

    Thank you for being “real people”. A family I can look at and go…”oh, look how well they are doing and how happy they are. I bet I might be able to do it too!” I will never be super skinny, but then again health isn’t a destination it is a journey. Thanks for being a light along the way. 🙂

  • Nicole Weidenbenner

    Thank you for doing what you do. You have been where I am now. Seeing how you turned things around and got healthier gives me hope that I’m not beyond help.

    While I do follow other Paleo personalities as well, I don’t think they really understand what it’s like to try to exercise when you’re obese. Or trying to pass on the unhealthy food choices when they look so good. Those others, they say the right words, but I don’t think they really get it. I know both of you do.

  • Angie Conley

    Okay, so you’ve plateaued. That’s not a big deal. My weight loss has plateaued in the 330’s for over a year now. So, you’re not the fattest people in Paleo as I see it. Haters will hate. I’ve not been doing Paleo for long, but the biggest victory so far is waking up pain free for the first time in years. There’s more to it than losing weight. Keep inspiring. Don’t give the haters a second look.

  • You are an inspiration, for taking the leap, changing your life, changing your children’s lives, and sharing your knowledge. I love your book and have used it as inspiration in my house for cooking, and recommend it to my patients. Keep up the good work. Anyone who does anything outside of the mainstream is criticized – believe me, as a licensed naturopathic doctor – I know.

    Your approach of reaching out to teach children is vital. I start teaching second graders about the basics of nutrition and they are so receptive and love eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Preventative medicine works best when it starts young.

    Please keep up the good work, making Paleo accessible for everyone. You have and will continue to help so many people and families.

  • Karen Beaty

    I think you guys look amazing! And I’m blown away with how much work you have put into it (all of it- the blog, the book, the entire lifestyle change). You’ll never please everyone so try not to let the haters be forefront in your minds. You have helped so many people.

  • Crieda Shupp

    So beautifully written! I am about 100lb overweight and decided to give this a go because traditional diet has failed more times than not. Had some slips, not perfect but it hasn’t even been a month and am down 4lbs. Had some health issues that made working out not possible. I loved Stacy’s post about her strength. Y’all are so inspiring. Your journey is amazing. Thank you for sharing. If ever you are down in Virginia Beach please let me know. Would love to meet you and maybe your veggie loving kids could rub off on my youngest.

    • Hi There! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, we are from Virginia Beach and go there often.

  • Alicia

    Beautiful, honest, raw and real… That’s what I love about your blog. Thank you for putting yourselves out there and being real people. It’s inspiring. Your post gave me good bumps because it’s not often you get this kind of writing which comes from a place of truth. Bravo.

  • Ronica Smith

    You guys look amazing and I’m sure you feel amazing too! And you should! I’m glad you can shake off the haters. They’ll be there no matter what you do or how you do it.

  • Gina63

    Best to you and your family. Though not a paleo, I know people who have really been changed by it and if it works for you and yours, and makes your life better, then that’s what counts. Remember, some people just aren’t happy unless they are taking shots at others. Pity them, and move on. ♡

  • EndoscopicSquat

    You 2 have done amazing, & have every right to be proud how far you’ve come! I say the “haters” out there are simply jealous! Keep up with good work!

  • Beedee50

    You are an amazing family and bravo! for all that you do (for yourselves, for the Paleo community, and for anyone who wants to learn more about how to turn their health around).

  • Stacie

    Thankyou for being transparent and real about who you are and what you struggle with. That’s something you done see much of on the Internet and social media because everyone only shows the good stuff and feels like people don’t want to see the bad. But as people we all have both and by sharing and being real you inspire others to reach out and transform their situations. I admire your transparency and just want to encourage you to shake off the haters!

  • Ryel j

    I love everything about this post. Thank you!

  • Katie

    That IS enough. Bravo to you and Stacy for making these changes for your family. It takes guts, courage, and determination to take charge of your own health. 80/20…YOU GUYS ARE AN INSPIRATION TO MANY, MANY PEOPLE!! DO NOT LET THE NAY SAYERS AND INTERNET TROLLS BOTHER YOU. Bullies – that’s what they are!!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words and for your support! 🙂

  • Thos

    what if, what if – you just don’t read the negatives (there’s a delete button for a reason) and ignore those that are super fit? Mark’s Daily Apple and your site have just about all the info you could want on Paleo. Focus on yourself and not what you think other people are thinking about you. There’s freedom in that – and I’ve seen many posts on here responding to haters…just let go and stop spending your precious energy on it.

  • Amy Schilling

    You are brave and honest and tackle topics many don’t want to even acknowledge. There is a whole community out here that loves you guys and your kids. Keep your head up and know you are helping so many of us every day.

  • Wow. Just wow. You are such an amazing supportive husband, Matt! You two and your children rock. So Inspiring! Keep on doing what you are doing. Sorry for the haters. I guess that means you’ve made it big! Thanks for keeping it real!

  • Beautifull, just beautiful post. You guys are on your journey and in addition to making incredible strides and also taking care of your family, you are brave and selfless enough to share it all with people, and that is absolutely wonderful — anyone who says otherwise is just an idiot, I’m sorry.

    I think the issue behind the criticism is two-pronged:
    1. current society has been conditioned into thinking that there is such a thing as a magic pill, and they expect the results for any change to be instantaneous. God forbid something may actually require work and have a process; progress is not good enough, it all needs to happen immediately, or they are ready to move on to the next thing, because “clearly this isn’t working” (though they didn’t even give it time to work!!)
    This fixation with instant gratification is one of the main causes of the current state of declining health and well being, and it’s keeping people this way because they cannot get past the idea that if you don’t wake up tomorrow magically slimmer, buffer, more energetic and with better skin, than it’s a waste of time. For Pete’s sake.
    2. Unfortunately many people are so insecure that they need to put someone down to make themselves feel better. It is sad but true.

    I applaud you for sharing your truth and your journey and for sticking to what you know is right, trolls and haters and naysayers be damned!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words and for your thoughts on the issue, couldn’t agree more!

  • Don’t let the words of a few diminish the fact you’ve accomplished something amazing – getting kids to eat veggies and teach them about making better choices. You’re becoming part of the SOLUTION!

  • Katrina

    You guys are a true inspiration and I love that you aren’t afraid to be real!

  • Maureen Anne

    Thanks for having Stacy’s back on this Mathew. You are a good husband!!

  • We are so grateful that we have been able to impact your journey and love that you reached out to share – it is always so rewarding to connect with others who are taking on a lifestyle overhaul! Thank you for the kind words!!

  • Tarin

    I’ve had weight issues most of my life. I think I actually started out pretty healthy, but my mom was always on me, which lead to unhealthy behavior on my part. That is mostly behind me now. I have a 2 year old girl and I am working very hard to raise her so that she has good body image and is healthy. She’s an amazing eater, loves kale bowls, raw veggies, grilled meat, and pretty much anything healthy I put in front of her. I still have some birth weight to lose (and then the 30bs I had on me before that) but I throw on a bathing suit to go swimming with her and do “belly bumps” (high 5s with our bellies) getting dressed in the AM. We follow the paleo diet because of my husband’s autoimmune disease, but I see it as an incredibly healthy diet. Stacy, let me tell you, you look awesome! I mean you look like a rock star, and I can tell from how your write and how you hold yourself in your photos that you have some amazing confidence, and I think self confidence is way more sexy than ripped abs. All I can say is most people who offer up criticism are not happy with themselves, so ignore them. You guys are wonderful, and I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Thank you so much for all the kind words and for reaching out to share your story, it is so inspiring to hear how you are impacting your daughter’s health as well! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Ashlee Cardwell

    I’m just now seeing this because I follow Stacy on Instagram. I’m definitely not a Paleo blogger or anything, but I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis with bleeding ulcers when I was 15 and given medicine to treat (in a smaller town, before doctors were catching wind of gluten intolerance). The medicine became too expensive to afford as I entered college and grad school, so I just got sicker and sicker. I lost a running scholarship because my joints were too weak to sustain training. A recent sweet friend is Celiac, and suggested that I try a Paleo style diet. I feel good for the first time since high school! I’m about to be 30, and feel better than I did when I was 20! The funny thing is, I actually weigh a little more because I’m actually retaining what I put into my system. So, it’s inspiring to see stories like your all’s! You both look amazing – she looks so incredibly healthy and happy! And even beyond how you guys look, I am just continuing to be amazed at stories of people taking control of their health through diet. Ignore anyone who’s negative about it – they probably don’t understand its use for healing, and I for one love seeing her inspiring Instagram posts! Just wanted you to know that you’re reaching lives of random people who are nobodies in the Paleo world 🙂

  • Valerie

    Love this! Thanks for sharing and the transparency. I’m so sorry you have to hear/read the cruel comments from the ignorant. Keep doing what you’re doing! I always tell myself that even if it’s only one person that’s been inspired by something I’ve shared, then I’ll take a criticism by another <3 Valerie aka: @cocos_paleo_kitchen

  • Kathryn Englishbee Dean

    I can’t even imagine what that must be like. You both have my vote for being amazing people doing amazing things. Hang in there! Sounds trite, but I mean it with all my (Paleo) heart! ❤️❤️

  • HeyItsK

    I am sad that a post like this even needed to be written. I understand how it feels to wonder whether people believe any health information coming out of your mouth because all the “experts” look like they model on the side. Thank you for weathering the storm so that your message is shared. I hope one day your books and blog will be so successful that you can both have permanent vacations!

  • Anjelica Fs

    You two are incredible, and have now brought tears to my eyes. How rude!

    Seriously…. love you both, and your whole family (even though we’ve never met!).

  • I am fat, Paleo & I love myself, my body & all I have achieved.
    Not only do I get made fun of for being fat but I get shamed for eating healthy too – I can’t win!
    I have tried every diet under the sun & was very close to getting stomach surgery but like people say – diets don’t work & you can eat your way through a lap band & put all the weight back on so I stopped dieting & lost 40kgs following a Paleoish lifestyle. I also have food allergies but people still make fun out me for avoiding food that will make me sick.

    You can’t please everyone, I am just going to keep doing what works for my body and what makes me feel well & ignore all of the nasty comments.

    If those people were secure in themselves they wouldn’t feel the need to attack others. Their opinion of me has nothing to do with me & everything to do with their own issues.

  • Leslie Ann Johnson

    I just want to say you and Stacy ROCK! I think you both are amazing, I think your journey has been long, hard and something I can’t imagine, and I am immensely thankful you have both been willing to share it. My son is ADHD and for the first time ever, has shown an interest in cooking and eating healthier foods all because of Eat Like a Dinosaur (it is the ONLY cookbook he will cook from). I stalk your website all the time for little gems of knowledge on healthier food choices, ways to incorporate healing foods, awesome recipes, and encouraging posts on everything health-related. Don’t listen to those who don’t have something nice to say. They are usually so insecure and so unsure of themselves, that they project it onto others. Carry on and know that there are so many of us cheering you both on as we journey along with you. Hugs to you both! Leslie

  • Megan Dicks

    Wow, you guys are amazing. Well done and well said!

  • Lori

    I just stumbled on your blog, searching for ways to try to go Paleo on a budget and shopping at Costco. All I can say is, RIGHT ON! My husband and I are obese. Our daughter is big for her age and loves food. Our son is the thinnest (he has there “perfect BMI”) but he is an extremely selective eater and basically exists on carbs. We, too, may become the fattest people on Paleo! We’re just getting started, but I’m looking forward to reading your blog, finding your books, and learning how to try to live healthy in a state where everyone is richer and thinner. (Colorado)

    Keep it up! I’m counting on you all as our real life examples!

    • Thank you so much – happy to be there along with you on the journey to health!