TPV Podcast, Episode 345: Stacy’s BIG News

In this week’s episode, Stacy and Sarah………………………………………. Listen to find out!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 345: Stacy’s BIG News

    • (0:00) Intro

      • Super excited about the news to share today!
      • Stacy doesn’t mind if we jump ahead to this exciting news Sarah is worked up about
    • (2:30) Beauty Counter Anniversary March

      • March 4, 2018, Stacy marched forth in support of Beauty Counter’s annual anniversary on Capitol Hill in DC to support better personal care products Health Protective Safety Laws for everybody!
      • Got together with different local people and met with local legislators to talk about personal care product safety act that we talked about last year but it died in Committee
    • (3:53) FDA, Claire’s, Justice and asbestos

      • FDA recently put out a notice that they would like more support after 3rd party testing on some beauty products at Claire’s and Justice
        • Results showed that some products contained asbestos, a known carcinogen – marketed to and targeting children!!!
        • FDA statement: The law governing the FDA’s oversight of cosmetic products — have not been updated since it was first enacted in 1938. The current law does not require cosmetics to be reviewed and approved by the FDA prior to being sold to American consumers. There are reasons why the FD&C Act doesn’t require prior approval of cosmetics before marketing… This means that ultimately a cosmetic manufacturer can decide if they’d like to test their product for safety and register it with the FDA. To be clear, there are currently no legal requirements for any cosmetic manufacturer marketing products to American consumers to test their products for safety. Tests confirmed the presence of asbestos in three of the product samples collected from Claire’s and one sample collected from Justice. All suspect Justice products, including the one testing positive for asbestos, were previously recalled from the market in 2017. The FDA issued a Safety Alert today warning consumers to not use three of Claire’s products: Claire’s Eye Shadows – Batch No/Lot No: 08/17; Claire’s Compact Powder – Batch No/Lot No: 07/15; and, Claire’s Contour Palette – Batch No/Lot No: 04/17 because they tested positive for asbestos. The FDA requested that Claire’s recall the products because they should not be used by consumers. Claire’s has refused to comply with the FDA’s request, and the agency does not have the authority to mandate a recall. The FDA is, therefore, warning consumers not to use these products and will continue to communicate our safety concerns about them. Read the full statement from the FDA here.
        • Kudos to Justice for recalling those products when 3rd party results were released!
        • Claire’s didn’t recall all of their products.
          • FDA warned consumers not to buy makeup from Claire’s
        • FDA needs us to take action because they know this is wrong. We need to tell representatives that we in America deserve better.  Products are banned in Europe, Canada, and other countries but not in America.
          • The FDA does not have the ability to recall products, they must ask a brand to voluntarily recall items.
          • Children are putting asbestos powder on their faces!
            • Problematic because it’s absorbed through the lungs
            • Have you asked your representatives to support the Personal Care Product Safety Act (S.1113) yet? This bill is currently in committees for review – it’s SO IMPORTANT to tell your legislators to support this bill!
              • Text Better Beauty to______________ and it will give you a short form to fill out that will go to your representatives asking them to support the Personal Care Product Safety Act
          • Will be able to enforce recalls if they act does what it’s supposed to do!
        • Health and Wellness coincides with Legislation
          • The relationship between corporations and consumers would be adequate to have products be high quality and not potentially carcinogenic.
          • We need to empower the FDA with the ability to test cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products and enforce basic safety requirements!
          • We should not be exposed to these toxins!
      • It should be easy to see that this is a problem that needs to be fixed and it’s frustrating that it isn’t
      • A recent case where Johnson & Johnson had to pay millions of dollars for knowing that asbestos was in their powder and continuing to sell it
        • Caused Ovarian Cancer because people were using it daily per the instructions
      • FDA wouldn’t have known to recall if a MOM hadn’t done her own 3rd party testing and then informed the FDA
      • Most consumers have no idea what to check for and are assuming that the government is protecting them even though the law hasn’t been updated since 1938, i.e. 81 YEARS AGO
    • (14:35) Stacy’s transition from Food Blogger to Beauty Blogger

      • After a lifting injury, Stacy trained 3hrs a day, 3 times a week and found a new passion.
        • It was a community, it was important, and connected to a different side of the health community that was really special and had not thought of.
        • Learning to love and accept yourself for who you are and still want to make changes and be your best self
      • Stacy had a void after a death in the family and connected to a new community with  Safer Skincare and Clean Cosmetics
        • Thinks of this as another arm of this health movement
          • So many things affect our health not just food and lifestyle choices
        • A positive outcome after such a traumatic injury and helped take Stacy out of a dark place
      • Become a part of an incredible community with Beauty Counter Family
        • Part of the leadership team that works with 300 women who advocate for safer skincare and cleaner cosmetics including products they sell but also products for those that don’t have the means to buy certain products
        • Become more passionate about this business than anticipated!!
          • Amazing community, family, and successful business
      • Wrote 3 cookbooks when she was Paleo but never had the stability to make that a career
    • (19:00) The Big Announcement!!

      • This week was last week for Stacy working at her corporate job!
        • Really big deal and really nervous
      • Thanks to listeners who supported Stacy and Sarah in these endeavors from purchasing cookbooks to shopping Beauty Counter  to supporting podcast sponsors
      • Became stretched to the max and had to make a decision to either pull back on a new passion and new family or run with it and see where it will take me
        • This summer focused on outside of corporate America and making this summer the summer of Stacy
          • Will be able to travel because you can travel and do this work!!
          • Taking Penny and the boys all over the country in an RV!!!!
          • Spending time bonding as a family
          • Telling the listeners first and thankful for your support over the year
      • This was not an easy decision, the vulnerability in sharing that this thing that started as a hobby and became a passion going to be able to support my family and wondering will it be fulfilling enough when you leave your corporate job
        • Impressive, brave, and inspirational to watch Stacy go through this journey and make this difficult choice that would have scared most people!
        • Able to focus on better work-life balance, better self-care, more family time and things that are important but have been a struggle
      • Sarah and the team wish Stacy the best and by the end of this summer, Stacy will know if this choice will work for her and her family!
        • The future may be a hybrid of the two worlds, but Stacy will be taking the summer to figure it out
      • Listeners, a huge thank you for your support. Sarah will be asking about traveling recommendations on social media and will be taking name suggestions on the summer RV and how to be successful on the road when traveling!!
    • (29:15) Upcoming Travel

      • Stacy and family will be going to Europe next week  for 3 weeks, back at the end of April, then leave on RV in the middle of June
        • Excited for what the future holds and the opportunity to do it
      • If the listeners have a bucket list item don’t be afraid to go after it, you have to step outside of your comfort zone and follow your passion to make things happen
        • It is nerve-wracking, it is scary but we have to go after them
    • (31:33) What really matters

      • What really matters are the memories we want to create
        • Won’t regret spending the summer  traveling in an RV with the family
          • We will regret the things not done or sticking with something because it feels like the appropriate, professional, mature decision to make
      • As nerve-wracking as it may be this is something that has to be done
      • Thanks to Sarah for being a supportive role model and showing Stacy that this could be done
      • We are so excited to watch Stacy’s journey over the next few months
        • Excited for more rants and epiphanies that our listeners love!!
      • Water Aerobics and Sleep are priorities!
    • (35:22) In closing

      • Follow the FDA’s warning suggesting consumers not use the products that contain asbestos
      • Be thoughtful and mindful in all areas of your life
      • Not bringing cloth napkins on the RV!
      • How can listeners make sure their children aren’t exposed to these harmful products
        • Stacy recommends you check out the EWG app.
          • Free app to scan products in house and will tell you the safety level
          • Replace the most problematic items first
      • Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good
        • Each change that you make is progress towards living a healthier life
      • Visit has all information about Beauty Counter, Ebooks, Skincare Consultations, etc.
      • Have a wonderful week and thanks for listening!!!
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  • Thank you for listening.


EWG’s Healthy Living App

Read the full statement from the FDA here.

FDA Safety Alert

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