Top 6 Sustainable Safer Swaps

Can anyone tell me why in the world we are still using single use plastic products? OK, well, other than some are just too darn hard to give up! I’ve been working on swapping these items in our home and am sharing my Top 6 Sustainable Safer Swaps. Look under the description of each for why I recommend these specific brands – not only will it be better for the planet, but many are better for you, too!

  • Who Gives a Crap, TP for your bum that’s better for you and the earth
  • Humble Co floss picks, yep PFAS-free zero waste floss sticks
  • Best of the best menstrual recommendations, and why I do not use Thinx
  • Hippo Sak, trash bags made with recycled ocean plastic or plant-based materials
  • Lunchskins, because hard as we try reusable just doesn’t work for us
  • Clean Deo, recyclable clean-ingredient deodorant that doesn’t stink

1: Who Gives a Crap

We’ve been using Who Gives a Crap toilet paper for about 2 years now. We’ve recently also started getting their paper towels and tissues. Why this brand?

  1. It’s a subscription that’s delivered to your door. You can pause it at anytime, but it’s magic to never run out of TP, especially when there was a shortage in the world – we didn’t have to worry!
  2. Earth friendly materials: choose from either 100% recycled paper or premium bamboo for an earth-friendly sustainable option. Plus no plastic wrap around the paper… it’s all eco-friendly, even the recyclable box it arrives in!
  3. No dyes, inks, or scents – so important around those sensitive areas that absorb more easily!
  4. Good for people: they’ve donated almost $6M to provide sanitation and toilets of almost 2 million people in need!
  5. They’re a B Corp: they use the highest standards for social (people) and environmental (planet) impact.
  6. It works! It doesn’t pill or fall apart, it’s not rough or too soft.

Give it a try, if you use this link you can get $10 off!

2: The Humble Co’s Floss Picks

I’ve kissed a lot of frogs when it comes to flossing. With 4 teen and pre-teens in the house, convincing them oral hygiene is important is an up-hill battle. While I also love Cocofloss if you like traditional string, our family flosses more with picks. Here’s why we switched to using Humble Co’s floss picks:

  1. They’re zero-waste and plant-based! Made mostly from cornstarch and even packaged in eco-friendly packaging.
  2. PFAS and BPA-free. What’s PFAS? Well, the EPA says “can cause reproductive and developmental, liver and kidney, and immunological effects”. And yep, most dental floss contains PFAS – directly inserting those harmful chemicals into your blood if your gums bleed.
  3. The Humble Smile Foundation gives back, carrying out projects in vulnerable communities of 37 countries.
  4. Vegan and cruelty-free, which many personal care products are not due to unnecessary animal testing.
  5. They work! Developed by Swedish Dentists, the high quality anti-shred double strings work as well or better than any other brand (even “regular” I’ve tried).

We get ours from Amazon, you can find them in my Favorites List here.

3: Menstrual Swaps

I go into great detail about the what and why of switching menstrual products on Episode 322 of The Whole View podcast, but the short of it is: there are 3 options I find work best for most people, are better for them and the planet. If you haven’t yet switched, definitely give it a lesson for the many reasons it’s so important!

  1. My personal preference and the most sustainable, longest-term solution: silicon menstrual cups. This is the one I use. These have been tested as safe to not leech chemicals and have drastically improved my period – less cramps and reduced my cycle from 6 days to only 3!
  2. Organic cotton pads or tampons. I recommend the Honey Pot beloved black-owned business.
  3. For people of all ages, period underwear has become very popular. In my extensive research, I recommend Knix leakproof styles. They are committed to ensuring safety with testing of toxic chemicals. You can read more here and if you wanna try this referral link will get you $15 off.

Did you know the popular brand Thinx period-proof underwear was tested and contained PFAS? Yep, the same hormone disrupting chemical noted above that the EPA says is not used in the US. In the most vulnerable area of your body for a chemical that can affect your fertility hormones. See the EWG article here, there’s even a class action suit about it when I was googling. No thanks! That’d why I love that Knix brand tests for safety.

4: Hippo Sak Trash Bags

How about some really good, cool news? While Seaspiracy had it’s (vegan propaganda) faults, I’ve cracked the code on better bags! We’ve been using these trash bags for over a year and LOVE them. Who gets excited about trash bags? Well, me. I think often about what happens with our trash – where does it really go? Why are we putting compostable materials like leaves from our yard in plastic bags? And for Pete’s sake – why is there added fragrance in so many brands?! I wish I could replace all plastic trash bags with the two options from Hippo Sak:

They’re both fully tall with the handles overlapping on the outside of the trash can so that it’s so easy to pull up and take out – this was a major issue with most other brands I tried.

We get ours from Amazon, you can find them in my Favorites List here.

5: Lunchskin’s Paper Snack Bags

Confession: I can NOT stand silicon reusable bags. Constantly being wet and never fully clean leaves me constantly worrying about mold. If it works for you, awesome! But, beyond dry goods or things I freeze I never reach for them. And a “swap” is only as good as you actually replacing the original item with it. Here’s why I fell in love with Lunchskins:

  • They’re like a cute wax bag, but they fold out on the side to accommodate being filled easily.
  • Unlike a wax bag, they include a sealable strip or stickers for closure and don’t easily rp.
  • When your kids throw them away, you won’t cry. They have multiple sizes and designs.

We get ours from Amazon, you can find them in my Favorites List here.

6: Beautycounter’s Clean Deo

Deodorant was the very last item I swapped for safer of all my personal care. I tried all the more natural brands, and I always ended up funky or with a rash and irritation under my arms. I wrote about how Clean Deo is the first one that works for me, and how I use it in this blog post, Clean Deodorant for Sensitive Skin. Here’s why I love it:

  • Uses soft scents without fragrance
  • Balanced pH helps reduce body odor without irritating skin
  • It’s a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, which allows the body’s own natural detoxification process to work properly
  • It’s refillable!

I also want to give a shout out to the first safer, sustainable makeup from Beautycounter – made using 100% post-consumer recycled resin, too! This Cheeky Clean Blush is a multi-purpose item – great on cheeks, eyes, and lips, but it’s also multi-tasking in that it contains skincare ingredients to nourish. It melts perfectly into the skin for a seamless skin-like finish.

Choose me Stacy Toth at checkout, and get 20% off your order with CLEANFORALL20 here.


I’d love to her your favorites! What did I miss?

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