TPV Podcast, Episode 275: Cancer Risk from Personal Care Items

Ep. 275: Cancer Risk from Personal Care Items

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are talking about the hazardous components of a lot of personal care items.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 275: Cancer Risk from Personal Care Items

  • News and Views (0:41)
    • This episode is inspired by Stacy’s post on Federal Regulations
    • Sarah also read State of the Evidence 2017 from the NIH
    • We are constantly bombarded by toxic compounds that are everywhere in the environment and can lead to bad health conditions!
    • But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember the protective effects of veggies, nutrient sufficiency and sleep.
    • Check out the EWG app to scan items to find how toxic items you use are.
    • The NIH paper went over the evidence of breast cancer to determine why the rates are increasing.
    • These chemicals are not just about breast cancer, but can cause all kinds of chronic disease.
    • Hormone disruption is one of the key reasons. Extra estrogen can cause breast cancer. For example, hormone replacement and birth control
    • You will find issues in hormonal products as well a disrupters like BPA in plastics.
    • Stacy likes Beautycounter products
    • Sarah uses Buffalo Gal and Primal Life Organics.
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