We are the US Wellness Meats Featured Chefs!

It’s March!!
The month of our book release is finally here!

We already told you we’re celebrating all month long (go enter the first of our 4 BIG giveaways!). So, what do we have for you today?  Um, how about the elatedness of being the US Wellness Meats Featured Chefs?!

We are so honored to be able to contribute some kid-friendly recipes using affordable cut of US Wellness Meats‘ awesome grass-fed and pastured products.  Over the last several months you’ve seen us recommending the fantastic services of US Wellness Meats, a humanely-raised meats company delivering to your door from the comfort of your internet. Known for their excellent customer service and fantastic support in the Paleo community, we are so thrilled to join the ranks of their “team.”

You might be asking how that benefits you, our reader. Well, first of all, pretty soon we will be having a BIG giveaway of their fine products! It will be a chance to eat your way through the book, so to speak. Also, we did a pretty fun interview that might be worth checking out… if you like stalking reading about us.

More immediate than that, though, is that part of being the Featured Chef for the month means we had the opportunity to create some great recipes with their delicious products. What does this mean? Four new recipes by us will be posted at their site featuring their products. We will be sharing them on our site as well, one per week throughout March!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see:

Meatloaf Cupcakes

Licorice Sausage

Sweet Heart Jerky

Not Beanie Weenies

What are you looking forward to trying?
We highly recommend the 75/25 Ground Beef, which is on SALE through March 3rd!

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  • Cat @ NeoHomesteading.com

    Sweet heart jerky! Too cute <3

  • Diane

    Your recipes look TERRIFIC!  I’ve ordered a few times from US Wellness, and I’ve been thrilled with the products we received!  I’m lucky to have great sources of grass fed beef at wonderful prices right here in my own back yard, but there are a few specialty products that US Wellness carries that I can’t find locally.  Their service has always been excellent too!

    • That’s been our experience too. They’re really quite helpful and their 75/25 ground beef is to die for!

  • Trilogymom77

    I’ve gotta try the Not Beanie Weenie!  What a throw-back to a comfort food of my childhood!

    • Hope you love it! Cole tells me it’s his favorite after school snack.

  • msxaniamore

    Hello – Just wanted to let you know that I just ordered your book.  I did so even though I no longer have small children in the house (they’re all 25+ and have lives of their own) – but the recipes looked that great!  [SMILE].  I can’t wait to get it and get cooking!  Thanks for sharing and for your hard work 

    • That’s great! While the book looks like a kids book, the recipes are all ages!

  • congrats!

  • Kimmy

    Wow that’s awesome! Can I ask where did you get the digger cutlery from??? How cool is that!!