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Healthcare, Low-Income Disadvantage & Fat Phobia

This month, I’ve been doing more for my health that I have in a long time – I’m taking advantage of preventative healthcare. When I left my corporate job, one of the questions we asked ourselves and nearly every…

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Stacy’s Basic Face: Flawless in 5 (minutes)

No one is flawless. Which makes each and every single one of us fantastic in our own wonderful unique ways. Period. No ifs and or buts. As middle age has encroached upon me, I’ve become more comfortable in my…

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5 Friday Favorites: Couch Potato Edition

Hey everyone! It’s really a series because here’s the second installment of 5 Friday Favorites. Inspired by Valentine’s Week and snuggling loved ones, we’ve focused this week’s 5 favorites on all things snuggling on the couch. The goal with the…

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A new series: 5 Friday Favorites

Alright friends, here’s the thing. I’m always overthinking blog posts, and they become thesis papers 80 times a human capacity to read by the time I’m done. And while I won’t ever stop providing well-researched information and educational content,…

Real Beauty

8 Things Every Man Needs to be Clean

Get it, my pun there? “Clean”… as in clean products to not be dirty, stinky boys? As often as we talk about safer skincare and cleaner personal care products, we’ve never dedicated a post to men’s products. And I’m…

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