3 Hour Tour to Polyface Farms

We’re currently on another of our beloved weekend road-trips (yay, WordPress iPhone app!). Today we head to the Salatin family farm, Polyface, for a self-guided tour and access to the best meat available.

We plan to stock up on bacon, organ meat and pork backbone – our favorite and most affordable of the cuts of meat Joel and his family offer. Normally we get our meat from a much more local drop location every 6 weeks; but, Stacy was wearing her genius hat and forgot to hit “submit cart” on Polyface’s ordering site last week. So with the long weekend to spare, what better way to get our Labor Day BBQ meat than by (finally) visiting the farm by which all others should be measured.

The backbone “chops” will be gobbled up with Matt’s Texas BBQ sauce on Monday, when we host a Paleo potluck. Because, when you’re torn between the squee and utter intimidation of Primal Palate coming for dinner, you better serve the best food possible. Yes, that’s right – holy awesome, Batman!

Now, we do consider ourselves utterly lucky to have Polyface (and Bill & Hayley) within driving distance, but it’s not exactly close. Google Maps says 2 hours and 40 minutes each way. So, of course we prepared survival packs for the car. Here’s a quick snapshot of our road trip lunch boxes…


Each boy gets an identical bag: roasted seaweed, Brother’s freeze dried fruit, Lara Bar, apple squeezer, 2 hard boiled eggs and homemade ground venison jerky (click our Amazon recommendations in the side bar if you want more info on the products).

And our survival food: large coffee.

We have a magical weekend planned, filled with a variety of ways to wish summer farewell and welcome in Autumn. We hope yours is just as fun and fantastic!

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