Eat Like a Dinosaur: Sample Recipes!

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Eat Like a Dinosaur, recipe and guidebook for gluten-free kids

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If you’d like to see a full 31 page flip book, including sample recipe to the following, click here!

Included are some sample recipes, which you can find more information on within blog posts on our site:

This recipe is currently on our site, but it’s called Spaghetti Squash with Offal Meat Sauce – this variation offers a kid-friendly favorite, meatballs, as well as an option to avoid offal if you find it awful!

Shakey Pork BBQ is currently on our site, although we updated the photos for the book. It’s one of our favorite recipes though, one we make often because the kids beg to dip their meat in it. The kids love to help with the rub, it’s what we made in our promo video with the kids (notice Wes licking his lips!)

One of our most popular recipes on the site are Pumpkin Pucks, which helped “launch” our site into being a recipe index for gluten-free and paleo families! The updated layout in ELaD makes it even more fun for a kids to pick this as a treat to make with you!

But we’re not just repeating the site; 75% of the book is NEW! At over 100 recipes & food projects, that’s a LOT of new recipes to enjoy! Check out some of them in our video preview!

In addition to the allergen icons on each page, the book also offers an Allergen Index at the back of the book by chapter; if you’re looking for a nut- & egg-free snack, all you need do is look at a simple chart! We promise, it’s pretty simple! And remember, ALL recipes are grain-, dairy-, legume- and refined-sugar free: so no recipes include wheat, corn, soy or casein.

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