Grain Free Granola

I’m going to leave the title simple. We’ve been teasing our granola recipe for enough time that we’re racked with guilt on having held out this long.  We just really wanted to get the site relaunch taken care of before publishing it, in order for it to be the kick-off of our new kid-friendly approach.

The good news is, since we’ve been sitting on this recipe for a while it gave us a chance to try it a few times before sharing it with you – and hopefully the result is the absolute best grain-free and refined sugar-free granola you’ve ever tasted.  If nothing else, we hope it’s good enough for your kids to dig into a big bowl as cereal with hemp, coconut or almond milk running down their chin.

Grain-Free Granola
dairy-free, wheat-free, peanut-free, soy-free, fish-free, shellfish-free, egg-free (contains tree nuts)


  • 1 1/2 C sliced almonds
  • 1 1/2 C unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1 C walnuts, finely chopped or pureed
  • 1 C macadamia nuts, finely chopped or pureed
  • 1 C dried cranberries
  • 1/2 C soft medjool dates
  • 1/2 C coconut oil, melted
  • 1/3 C honey
  • 2 tsp cinnamon

Instructions & How Kids Can Help

  1. ♥ Combine almonds, coconut flakes, nuts and fruit in a bowl
  2. ♥ Whisk together oil, honey and cinnamon
  3. ♥ Pour oil-honey mixture over nuts and fruit and mix, let little hands mix well
  4. ♥ Spread onto a single layer on lightly oiled baking sheet
  5. Bake for one hour at 275 degrees, stirring every 15 minutes to prevent burning

Note: All steps which include the heart symbol ( ♥) are steps your children can do with you!

A small note: You can interchange ingredients as you’d like, but keep in mind the more sugar you add, the more likely it is that it will burn! ALWAYS check in on this recipe and pull it out early if it starts to get too brown!

This recipe makes a hefty batch that you can store in your pantry for quite a while.  It is wonderful to eat loose by the handful or as part of a trail mix; but our boys love it by the bowl full with a handful of berries.  Once you’ve made a batch, feel free to play with the nuts to include your own favorites – just make sure to always keep sliced almonds and coconut flakes as the base.  Our kids particularly love the cranberry and dates combination but we’ve used raisin and chopped apricots with good luck too.

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  • Robyn

    This looks delicious! I’ve been eating primally for over a year now, but have been slower to move my kids over. We’ve eliminated cereals entirely, but since my oldest doesn’t eat eggs, that has narrowed our breakfast choices. I’m going to whip up a batch of this granola (yum!) and see if he’ll chow down mixed with some strawberries (his favorite). Thank you!

    • Robyn, we hope your family loves it as much as ours – it offers a nice break from eggs and the kids LOVE being able to feel like they’re having a bowl of cereal 🙂

  • Jos

    I’m curious but most dried cranberries are sweetened with sugar. Where did you get yours?

    • These are, in fact, sugar sweetened in this case. Amazon does have options, though, like:

      Eden’s Organic (apple sweetened)

      Ocean Spray (elderberry sweetened)

      I can definitely vouch for the unavailability of unsweetened cranberries. I’ve tried to find them as well, but even the bulk cranberries in the grocer seem to be sugar sweetened. We’ve compared grams of sugar and found that the amount consumed in a batch like this would be negligible in a single serving.

    • Jeanne

      wilderness family naturals offers freeze-dried cranberries without added sweetener…they’re delicious.

      • Jeanne, thanks!  Do you know if there are any online co-ops for them at wholesale prices?

  • Anonymous

    Looks tasty…after work activity just planned. We will see how it goess. 

    • Hope it works for you, we can’t keep it in the house!

      • Anonymous

        Just made it! Delicious….I don’t think it will last long…

        • Doesn’t last long for us either. I have to keep it on a high shelf.

  • Heidi A.

    I just made this, and my 5-year-old son loves it!! My house smells so good right now. Loving your site!

    • We just completed our weekly batch too. Glad you’re enjoying our work!

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  • Mariannakeeth

    I made this for my husband in anticipation of our first gallon of raw goat milk, oh my gosh, We went through it in a few days and I’m making more, this is amazingly good. 

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for letting us know – it’s one of our favorites too!

  • Brianelam

    This recipe is amazing.  Only problem is…..I can’t stop eating it.

    • We are with you on that one!

      • Brianelam

        Dried prunes work well in this also.

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  • Monifah

    So yummy!! I thought that it would never crisp up as it still didn’t feel crunchy when finished baking but being out the oven for 10 min turned the ‘slurry’ in beautiful, crispy, crunchy, fingerlicking best granola E*V*E*R!!!! Wow this is good, I almost went through my whole batch of freshmade almond milk in one day because of it, and have been munching on it all day long. Kids started out eating the ‘batter’ mixture already, which also tasted fantastic. Am making some hemp milk now for breakfast tomorrow, can’t wait! Thanks so much for this recipe, my expectations of the book are through the roof now ;o)

  • paleograndma

    I’ve made this granola at least 6 or 7 times, and I have to hide it from the family.  Seriously, this is outstanding.  I add the fruit (cherries instead of cranberries) the last 15 min., as my oven is too hot.  This is sooooo good!

    • Thanks a lot! We’re pretty proud of this one. We can’t keep it in the house either!

  • where did that bowl come from? I really want one!

    • I linked it in a comment below. At this point I’ve linked it so many times, Jo!e ought to send me free stuff as a reward!

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  • sara k

    What an adorable site! I just made this granola and truly hope I can stay away from it until the kids get home from school! Great recipe

    • Thanks! Really, I just avoid it altogether because once you start eating it, you can’t stop!

  • lw

    You mentioned that it will keep for a while. I live alone so it’s only me that will be eating this. How long is a while?

    • I’ve had some in the pantry for a month with no ill effects. It’ll likely last even longer than that. You could definitely freeze any excess as well. Hope That helps!

  • Rebecca Klooz

    I made this for the second time in 2 weeks because it’s that delicious—THANK YOU! This morning I actually made it into cerealand poured almond milk over it. It was just as good. I haven’t had cereal is MONTHS, so what a fun treat and change.

    • That’s awesome! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so much.

  • Tom R

    Mine came out very well done at 45 minutes at 275, stirring every 15 minutes.  30 minutes would have been plenty. Surely there’s not that big of a difference in ovens.  Thoughts about my poor results?

    • Well, we like ours browned, not blackened and 60 minutes gave us that. Extra sugar (honey and also dried fruit) may cause burning a little early. But if you feel it’s done at 30, pull it out! There’s no reason to keep it in except to crisp it.

  • Lisa Dembouski

    I’ve made this twice now and both times The Husband has been elated; it’s worked beautifully no matter what nuts/fruit I had laying around (so long as I kept to the almond/coconut base and  kept the oil/honey ratios as you direct).  THANKS!

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  • Ulla

    I made a batch of this last night. Instead of the cranberries, I used dried cherries, which are more readily available where I live. I managed to slightly over bake the granola, but even though it leaves a tiny little bitter aftertaste, my husband could have finished the whole batch straight off the baking pan! I wonder If I should reduce the oven temperature, or the time not to burn the next batch? Also, could Goji berries be used in this, as well? I’m not sure how they react to baking. Anyway, even slightly burned, I thought this recipe was awesome! My older son liked it well enough, my younger son refused to eat it because of the bitter aftertaste. I’m hoping he’ll like the next batch, because I’m definitely making one soon! Just hope I’ll manage not to burn it 😉

    • Becca

      It only takes 45 minutes to bake for me, so maybe just watching it more closely and cutting down the time may be all you need to do. I could eat it all straight from the pan in one sitting because it’s that good! 🙂

    • The secret is that the more sugar content, the quicker it would burn. If the cranberries are replaced by cherries or raisins or anything like that, it’s more likely that it will burn. I’m going to edit this post and include this information!

  • Seatolax

    I made this for the first time this weekend. I have never made grain free granola before. The end result was yummy but very oily — is it possible that I used too much virgin coconut oil or is the end result supposed to be oily vs dry? Thanks

    • Hmm… I would say it’s not supposed to be oily, but not exactly dry either. It ought to be sort of like how dry something deep fried is after you let it drain. If you feel yours turned out too oily, there is no problem reducing the oil slightly next time.

      • Seatolax

        I reduced the coconut oil to about 2 teaspoons on round 2 and also added pumpkin seeds and no macadamia nuts and it’s perfect now, not oily. Thanks! Great recipe!!

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  • Karie

    Thank you for this! Being new to Paleo, I have been getting together ingredients and ideas to do JUST THIS! Now that I have the directions and a sample recipe to try, I’m all set!

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  • GRC

    Made this today with raisins. WOW, it is to die for! I don’t think it will last very long!

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  • Sarah Petteys

    Hi there! Making this granola right now and already looks/smells delicious.  I love your site as a brand new mom (my 3 week old baby girl is napping in her carrier as I write this) and am getting back into Paleo which I love as a lifestyle and health choice.  Keep up the great work!

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  • Brookerosolino

    Just made this! OBSESSED. Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

  • Aehayes421

    Looking forward to making this recipe.

  • Laura Marlatt

    6 months into eating paleo and I couldn’t stand another minute without cereal!  Just pulled this out of the oven and it is delicious!  I am not a fan of coconut, so I was nervous but it is so good!  Even my picky five year old loves it.  Made it with dried cherries and didn’t have mac nuts so I added pumpkin seeds.  Thanks!!

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  • Jami AuBuchon

    This is seriously addicting! I don’t want to share with anyone! Thanks for giving us a cereal alternative!

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  • alicia

    Made this last night and it is awesome, even with a couple of modifications. I didn’t have enough dates or cranberries on hand so I added a finely chopped granny smith apple. Also, a little short on cinnamon so added a little pumpkin pie spice. Thanks for the recipe, I will being making it over and over.

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  • I really am keen to try this – but am not a fan of cinnamon at all. Any ideas for something else in its place?

    • I think you should use whatever spice you do like or none at all! Experiment!

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  • mollye

    Hello, I just made this granola for the first time and it is delicious!!! Also made the house smell so good. Just curious, what is a serving size because as I’ve read in other comments, I think I could eat the whole batch in one sitting! I am also loving your website. My personal trainer gave me the link for the granola and I’ve been checking out the rest of your site–very cool. My husband and I have been Paleo for about 3 months now. We also have 3 boys, a six year-old and 23 month-old twins. I’ve been telling my husband that I would like to get the kids eating more Paleo, but they don’t always like what I cook, so when I came across your site, I was very excited to try your kid-friendly recipes. I was telling my husband the title of your first book and that I think I would like to buy it and my six year-old said, “You’re not turning me into an herbivore!!!” He wasn’t interested in listening when I tried to explain that I am not planning to try to turn him into an herbivore. Anyway, I think I’ll still buy the book and hopefully, the six year-old will come around! Keep up the great work!

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  • penelope

    When you say fresh dates, do you mean the ones that are still yellow in color – not the dried ones? Can we use dried pitted dates instead? the fresh ones are not available here this time of year.

    • we mean fresh medjool dates, you can find them online (the link in our sidebar to food on Amazon shows the ones we use). If you use dried dates, they will over-sugar-caramelize and get too hard/chewy when you cook them.

      • penelope

        I guess those ARE the ‘dried dates’ I was referring to – when I said fresh dates, I meant dates still on the branches and are still yellow in color, like you see on the cover of the United with Earth medjool dates. Thanks for clarifying! I’m going to make this recipe tonight!

      • Kamela

        I’ve made this several times with dried dates, but the nice soft ones with the seeds still in that you can get at Trader Joe’s. I chop them up fairly fine and it comes out great.

        Also brought this recipe to a big party I go to every year and it disappeared in no time at all, with several people asking for the recipe. Thanks for this – it’s a great one!

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  • Heather

    Omg best granola ever! I replaced dates with raisins and once cooled threw in some seriously dark chocolate chips!:) i will be making this over and over again as its also a hit with my kids! Thank you:)








    Honey is a simple sugar and should be avoided at all costs

    • Elaine, if you don’t like a recipe, don’t make or eat it. We don’t welcome unconstructive negative comments, so I’ve deleted the 3 other comments you made. Please find a recipe and site you do agree with and hang out there, it will help ease stress for you.

    • Lisa

      Not when the honey is raw. Then it is a natural sugar

  • What is the nutritional content of this recipe please? I have made several times and it is amazing, and find myself eating as a snack at times, but wanted to guage the caloric intake.

    Thank you

    • We’re family food bloggers, not nutritionists, so we don’t provide nutritional information. But you could input the ingredients into fitday.com or something similar and portion it out to determine what your intake is. Nuts are dense but also high in nutrients, this is not the kind of thing to eat alone in a day or two! 🙂

  • I left out the dates and raisins….and even then, this stuff is AWESOME!!!!

  • pleagiaeast

    I have made two batches now, with the advice of my daughter who put me onto this site. First batch was too oily, so I cut that down, and next time (3rd) I will cut the honey down a bit, too. I can hardly make it last a week, and I am the only one eating it! One hint. I add the fruit AFTER it came out of the oven, and I did have to cut the baking time down, and the temp down a bit. Definitely this is a recipe with lots of flexibility. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, sliced almonds, sliced coconut flakes, broken cashews, walnuts, coconut oil and honey, cinnamon, chopped dried apricots – ambrosia! I may try hazelnuts sometime, too. It helped to melt and mix the honey and coconut oil before trying to add the dry ingredients.

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  • WhiteRiverWild

    This really is the best granola ever. On my second batch I did make one change though. I added the fruit 30 minutes in to baking because baking them the full hour turned them into tiny tooth breakers. They were so hard. So if you like your fruit in your granola to be softer, add it 30 minutes in or add to the finished product. Really, try this recipe. I will make it for the rest of my life.

    • Rebecca Severson

      I totally agree about the fruit! I used dried dates and raisins and the dried dates are fine but the raisins are SUPER chewy. The dates were pretty soft, so they’re perfect. I also pulled mine out at 40 mins because it seemed like it was getting really brown.

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  • Tina E

    for those with not so great a nut tolerance, any ideas? I think I could do walnuts, but that many nuts– scare me! Also, can we use maple syrup instead of honey? This is awesome, thanks!

    • I would find another dish, this is a rare dish that’s really nut-based and can’t be substituted like you can with almond flour

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  • Sharon

    I’m making this for the first time and I can’t wait to eat it! I’m just afraid that once I start it will be hard to stop! Love so many of the recipes that you’ve shared! Two of my favorites are your Rocky Road Blondies and your Mongolian Beef. I also love the story of your journey, Stacy! I can relate on so many levels. You inspire many! Thanks to both you and Matt for all you do in the world of Paleo

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  • Martha Yoder

    how can i print the grain free granola recipt without all the other stuff being printed

  • Martha Yoder

    i don’t see a print logo. thank you

  • Martha Yoder

    how can i print this recipt without it printing all the other stuff on the screen?

    • BGruenwald

      Copy and paste!

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  • lisa4902

    Is this the “old” or newer version of the cereal recipe in the book. I just bought the book”kindle” and book recipe is a little different with no fruit.

    • This is the original recipe, depends on which book you have – Real Life Paleo includes an entirely different recipe.

  • So I thank you for featuring this recipe that I have never seen before in your newsletter. It’s in the oven as we speak. I love paleo granola, and I love testing out new recipes. Thanks PP.

    • So happy to see this feedback!! Hope you enjoy!

      • It’s very sweet (but I have been having Diane 21dsd granola lately, which I had just finished the morning I saw this post. )
        It’s a delicious granola and completely satisfying. Will be making it again for sure.
        Thanks again.