TPV Podcast, Episode 311: Sarah’s Back From Canada!

Ep. 311: Sarah’s Back From Canada!

In this episode, Sarah is back from Canada and we catch up on what has happened in the last three weeks!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 311: Sarah’s Back From Canada!

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Sarah is back from Canada! Stacy wants to test her accent!
    • Sarah had a terrible flight fiasco on the way back and was a day late returning
    • While Sarah was gone, Stacy had an experience where her roof rack tore off the roof and hasn’t been able to go paddleboarding.
    • Stacy meanwhile played Settlers of Catan: Game of Thrones edition!
    • The biggest news: Stacy has no kitchen! It’s being renovated!
    • Sarah in Canada saw her family and took her girls camping for the first time!
    • When her girls were little, she was intimidated to take them, but her brother was there to be the outdoorsman expert!
    • Stacy hasn’t gone tent camping since Cole was a baby. Because she encountered a bear last time.
    • Sarah was camping where bears and wolves and cougars were! She taught the girls how to be safe around wildlife!
    • That’s all the show! Sarah is too jet lagged to do research! But excellent shows are coming up!
    • Get your questions in! We want to hear from you! And there’s no end to questions we can answer and topics we can address!
    • Engage on social media! That’s how we get feedback!
    • Thank you for listening!



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