TPV Podcast, Episode 160, Sugar Q & A

Ep. 160, Sugar Q & A

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah host a follow-up discussion to the sugar show and address listener questions on sweeteners.

The Paleo View TPV 160 Part 2 Sugar

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 160, Sugar Q & A

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Stacy dropped all her babies off at school this last week and has all the feels, especially because the end of summer and her upcoming mid-30’s birthday
    • The Paleo Parents went away for a long weekend over Labor day and really enjoyed their time together
    • Sarah’s youngest also started kindergarten this year, but her kids going back to school has been a very freeing experience for her schedule, which has allowed her to better use her time with them after school
    • With the new routine in Sarah’s life she is feeling a significant reduction in stress, and both Stacy and Sarah noted how their cravings are impacted instantly when stress is managed
    • Sarah feels a compulsion to binge while she is stressed, while Stacy tends to crave very palatable foods as opposed to nutrient dense ones
    • How stress has evolved and how stress was at one point beneficial to our existence, but now is more of a hormone disruptor
  • Two weeks ago there was a sugar show and we ran out of time for questions, but have many sugar related questions in the queue that have to do with various aspects of sugar and consumption, so this show is going to be a questions heavy show
  • Science with Sarah (13:52)
    • This week Sarah wanted to share more information on her favorite sugar and why it shouldn’t be on the no-list because of how nutrient dense it is
    • Black strap molasses is a bi-product of sugar refinement
    • Sarah feels that it is a super food because it has some very compelling nutrition, and personally feels that it is delicious
    • The nutrients in 1 tbsp. of molasses and how it compares to other forms of sweeteners
    • Stacy and Matt use black strap molasses in their popular Mongolian beef recipe
    • When it comes to sugar what matters most is dose, not necessarily which sugar you chose
    • It all boils down to moderation and what works best for your body
  • Questions & Answers (25:47)
    • Jessica – how should a diabetic handle the process of adopting a paleo diet?
      • Stacy approaches paleo through a low carb template, which is something she would recommend Jessica looking into
      • Eat a lot of non-starchy vegetables to help with satiation, and add those fats to further help with satiation
      • Sarah notes that even when someone is diabetic it doesn’t mean that they necessarily have to do low-carb or even no-carb, it is more of a measured carb diet template
      • Sarah recommends keeping the carbohydrate intake moderate and to consume them with protein, fat and fiber to slow their absorption into the bloodstream
      • There are a number of negative things that can happen if you go too low carb
      • Working on insulin sensitivity, managing stress, getting enough sleep, being active, and focusing on nutrient dense foods will all impact the diabetes equation
    • Steph – unable to successfully incorporate wine without feeling terrible from the drink, why? Even slight cheats with food lead to extreme swings in feeling terrible. (39:46)
      • Stacy doesn’t have great liver function and has found that she responds ok to some alcohols over others, and in particular has found that what she pairs the alcohol with (i.e. kombucha or sparkling water) makes a big difference
      • Stacy applauds Steph for listening to her body, and encourages her to continue experimenting to see what drinks and treats limit the crummy feelings as much as possible
      • What Sarah thinks may be happening on a medical level and suggestions for focusing on liver health nutrients
      • When the carb flu comes into play
      • Taking some time to explore food sensitivity testing
    • Joanna – what is a safe age to provide your children with the room to make their own food choices? (50:36)
      • Stacy feels like this is an evolving part of her family’s paleo journey, and they discuss more about their rules and how they parent with those guidelines in Real Life Paleo
      • Why Stacy believes so strongly in empowering her children to make decisions unique to their needs and what their bodies do and do not tolerate
      • Engage and educate your children, they are more eager to get involved with the details than you would think
      • Sarah is still in the phase where she is trying to guide her kids toward better choices, but they are just starting to be in situations where they have choices and can learn from independent choices
      • Stacy notes that it may not necessarily be an age, but may have more to do with intuitive parenting and your child’s personality and where their development is at
  • The two different camps on sugar consumption in the paleo community
  • What to keep in mind when it comes to differing opinions and doing the research to find what is best for you and your family
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  • Some great topics are lined-up for the next few weeks
  • Outro (1:15:27)

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