TPV Podcast, Episode 276: Combining AIP with Other Diet Protocols

Ep. 276: Combining AIP with Other Diet Protocols

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah answer a common question: can I combine the Autoimmune Protocol with other diets and protocols like keto and intermittent fasting?

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 276: Combining AIP with Other Diet Protocols

  • News and Views (0:41)
  • Meredith asks (13:04), “Hi Dr. Ballantyne! I found one of your articles on intermittent fasting and the autoimmune protocol. It indicates that we should not do both as the same time due to putting too much stress on the body. However, do you think that’s it okay to do both if I have already been on IF and Keto for at least 3 months prior to starting AIP?”
    • We have done shows on Keto and our opinions of it. Hint: not fans. Start there for more!
    • The AIP is supposed to be a nutrient dense diet and Keto and IF will make it hard to impossible to get the nutrient density! You’ll lose the most important part of AIP!
    • Many people who go too low carb end up making their conditions WORSE! Stacy experienced this.
    • AIP removes inflammatory foods, adds nutrient sufficiency and lifestyle factors and ends up being great for immune, endocrine and all over health. It, by itself, should resolve most conditions you might be using Keto and IF for.
    • The only things Sarah could conceive of using with AIP, would be a short term low FODMAP diet for SIBO, but typically you can’t resolve SIBO with diet alone.
    • Even then, don’t do any other diets without the supervision of a health professional
    • Even GAPS and SCD, which are recommended for gut health, the AIP is already designed to help gut health!
    • Fasting is recommended for the “spring clean up” effect of autophagy. But autophagy is also a part of sleep and exercise! So you shouldn’t need IF
    • And women especially don’t get the benefits because their hormones are usually much more susceptible to making up the loss of calories with hunger.
    • Keto was originally for people who had epilepsy because it usually reduced the number of seizures by simulating starvation.
    • But women tend to lose their periods and fertility on Keto. Not good!
    • Keto does supress the immune system. So you might see relief from inflammation, but over time you become susceptible to infections. It’s not regulated, it’s just supressed!
    • Keto also harms your gut friends, too. Your favorite friends need carbs and fiber! This leads to poor digestion plus mood effects and lots of other problems.
    • Keto may cause the same IRREVERSIBLE effects to your gut microbiome as antibiotics!
    • But really, listen to your body. If you’re looking for something to add to Keto and IF, then maybe they aren’t working for you and you should give them up.
  • Next week is going to be a great show about a story Stacy’s been sitting on for a while!
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  • Outro (37:16)

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