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Real Beauty

Are You Prepared for a Season of Change?

Hey there, friends! As we prepare for our move to Florida, I can’t help but notice each leaf falling from the trees around me here in Virginia. Apples, and pumpkins, and dry skin, oh my! The season of change…

Real Life

This Is 38.

This is 38 on my birthday… well the internet version anyway. Let’s put 37 on review: I found my new sport: water aerobics! After a 20 year career as an executive in government contracts, I left corporate America. I…

Real Food

Heather’s Low Carb Berry Cheesecake

Thanks to our friend Heather for sharing her keto-friendly low carb cheesecake, that can be made paleo-friendly with dairy-free options we included below. She’s been toying with starting a blog, so let’s all encourage her in the comments! When…

Real Food

Fig Neutrons

Alright, if the cheeky name wasn’t obvious enough – today’s recipe is a healthy snack take on one of our favorite prior treats. Figs are one of Stacy’s favorite fruits, but their season is so short-lived, this dried-fruit version…

Real Life

For Andrew, on Mental Health Awareness Month

When my brother Andrew was born, my great grandmother famously proclaimed “he is energy from his head to his toes.” Nothing else has come close to encapsulating what my brother was like since then. For his entirely life, he…