TPV Podcast Episode 217: Underweight Kids

Ep. 217: Underweight Kids 


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss how to help kids who have issues gaining weight.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 217: Underweight Kids

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Sarah spent time in the woods in a place with no internet access! It was crazy!
    • She pet an alligator and a snake! Very cool.
    • Then she went to White Plains to a health conference Fitness Expo 2.0
    • She got to do a talk and do a cooking demo on her Perfect Paleo Pancakes
    • It was a good opportunity to share paleo with a diverse crowd!
    • Sarah might be becoming an American citizen!
    • Australia does have a compulsory election system that seems to be fairly accurately described by Sarah!
  • Question from Megan (22:02): “My son was born at 31 weeks and was growth restricted in the womb. The doctors told me to deliver so he would grow more and because I was having other complications. I was never able to breastfeed but did pump breast milk for him. They told me to fortify with formula so I did so but stopped when he was 6 months. He is still not growing as they would like but has no health issues. 2 months ago I was told to fed him pediasure and I hate it. The first ingredient is water and the 2nd is sugar. What are your recommendations for paleo foods an 18 month would eat that would help him gain weight?”
    • There are nutrient dense paleo foods and calorically dense paleo foods
    • Sarah had a daughter that was borderline failure to thrive and was recommended to give her heavy cream instant pudding
    • Sarah thinks this led to lots of food issues because she became used to eating food dense with fat and sugar and made her picky
    • This issue can be caused by nutrient deficiencies. Macronutrients, obviously, but also things like zinc, retinoic acid, iron, vitamin D and calcium.
    • Amino acid deficiencies, as well. Especially from animal sources.
    • Eating animal foods is better than using nutrient supplements.
    • Meat in North America isn’t considered a first food, but this isn’t the case in other countries
    • Eating meat was always a challenge for Sarah’s daughter. She didn’t have the jaw strength and was afraid of choking. Occupational therapy and constant reassurance helped her.
    • Once she started eating muscles, she hit a giant growth spurt and started putting on muscles.
    • Micronutrient analysis might be a good idea for a underweight child.
    • Perhaps it could be an allergy leading to not absorbing nutrients.
    • Stacy recommends M&H Naturals Beef Protein powder, though that’s not available anymore.
    • Dairy is definitely a growth promoter. Especially whey protein, which is much less likely to be allergenic.
    • Stacy’s smoothie (liver, spinach, vital proteins, beef protein, coconut milk powder, coconut milk with water, and a frozen banana)
    • Hot Chocolate Squares from Real Food RN
    • For more on why Sarah doesn’t like Stevia, see this show or this post.
    • Feet powder is unflavored BCAA powder.
    • Chicken Liver Mousse
  • Outro (52:35)


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