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Summer Paleo Potluck Recipes!

The official start to summer is here! And we’re sharing our favorite warm weather potluck foods and recipes to kick off summer! Our Real Life We’ve had so much going on lately and not enough time at home or…

Real Food

Paleo Ice Cream: Recipes and Toppings!

Warmer weather is here- are you itching for ice cream yet?! Our favorite healthier ice cream toppings plus lots of ice cream recipes, all in this week’s weekend wrap up! Our Real Life My babies are growing too fast! Do…

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Paleo Pizza Party!

It’s a Paleo pizza party extravaganza in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life So… we prematurely called our house off the market. Our buyers backed out and we had to quickly pivot to getting it perfect shape and back…

Real Food

Healthier Fruit-Sweetened Treats

Fruit-sweetened desserts, plus our busy week traveling to NYC and the new Wesley Waffle! Our Real Life All, our “real life” has been out of control lately! If you’ve noticed a lack of posts and sharing on social media, its…

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How and Why We Eat Nose to Tail

Eating nose to tail: why it’s important and our favorite recipes and foods that utilize the whole animal in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life Shrimp and greens omelette courtesy of my Mama! We’ve been hiding out at her place when we’ve…

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Travel Ideas: Paleo snacks and fun car games!

Starting to think about Spring Break plans? Traveling? Just a busy person constantly on the go? You’ll love this week’s products & recipe recommendations! Our Real Life I wish you could have heard the squeal of laughter from Wes…