12 Reasons to Celebrate: GIVEAWAYS!

12 reasons to celebrate YOU!

Normally we’d be scrambling this time of year, but with how things have gone we got our shopping in early, our foster kiddos have left, and it’s eerily calm. Time to bake and practice some self care (while Matt and all the delivery people try to get us our orders in time).

I’m excited to wrap up the year with my annual 12 days of giveaways! I’m gifting one random lucky community member one of my favorite sustainable, healthier, small businesses, fair trade, or B Corps favorites everyday.

Each day we will reveal the full details of what’s being given away as well as the entry (or multiple opportunities) to win. The giveaways will be shared on Instagram, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss one, choose to “get notifications” from me to not miss any! (to do this, go to instagram.com/realeverythingblog and under the “following” box, click to drop down arrow and select notifications you’d like).

We’ll choose one winner at random for each day, based on the entry criteria, and announce the winners NLT January 4, 2021. No purchase required, not sponsored (tho some giveaway items have been gifted by these awesome brands I truly love and reached out to).

Each day we’ll reveal the next giveaway, so keep checking back. Today’s is:

12, Jan 1 – the Grand Finale: ditch diet culture and chose to nourish yourself instead!

I am so over our obsession with diets.

I wish I’d known sooner, but I was too busy swimming in the ocean to be able to see it was drowning me.

Now, I see so much in our culture that all boils down to one thing: looking good. Not actual health.

So, if on this start of a new year, find better things to spend your time on than yo-yo diets. We know scientifically that almost all “resolutions” don’t make it past 30 days. And in that time the damage we do to our bodies can range from dehydration to nutrient deficiency with a near-guaranteed does of muscle loss if you’re doing a deprivation diet.

If you want to make changes and build in habits to support your health – awesome! But throw away your scale before you do. Because the temptation to pretend that’s the goal while obsessing over the water fluctuation quarter pounds lead many to disordered eating and mental illness versus true wellness.

Instead, I present to you… real food. Just eat it. And if you go off the rails sometimes, move on. No shame or guilt, just make adjustments that are right for you and your goals.

One of the ways I stick to the choices I prefer is Balanced Bites meals. They were new to me when quarantine started in 2020 and they have saved me countless time. From being able to work thru busy days with back-to-back Zoom meetings to choosing one instead of ordering out, I cannot tell you how much I’ve come to depend on them.

We could all use an easy button going into 2020 right? Please do yourself a favor and check out Balanced Bites meals. And, they can accommodate whatever your dietary needs – dairy-free, nightshade-free, etc. All are already grain and gluten-free while still being flavorful, made by a real human in BPA-free recyclable microwaveable trays. They’re simple to reheat and full of nutrients, food that nourishes and fills you up – versus having you feel less than or empty. There’s no room for crappy diet frozen foods in 2021 or beyond.


Use the code STACY at checkout for $15 off first box of meals



11, Dec 31 – Spa time is any time!

I can’t stop, won’t stop for Blue Tansy. My sensitive skin is loving it as an oil. I’ve been using and loving Primally Pure‘s for years – in fact I even did a deep dive into the science of it’s health benefits and have a Sugar Scrub Recipe that uses it as the base!

I also love me a long, hot soak in the tub. I listed it as one of the 8 Detoxification Tips that actually promote your body’s own detoxification process, not just some marketing buzz word. And a dry brush made the list too! This spa kit with the blue tansy oil features all 3 of those favorite things: bath salts for soaking, a dry brush, and blue tansy body oil. One of my favorites, bundled up to help you save – yes, please!


REALEVERYTHING10 for 10% off




Day 10 Real Everything Giveaway - Equip Protein

10, Dec 30 – Tried and true, only the best for you!

Recently on the podcast, we took a deep dive into collagen, gelatin and bone broth. We shared that the brand we’ve used and endorsed for years had changed their formula and was no longer something we wanted to consume. In fact, we heard from a LOT of you that the updated formula was causing symptoms that indicated gluten contamination we feared. Rest assured, I did a DEEP dive into companies and brands in my own research and am excited to share Equip Foods with you.

Not only is their collagen clean – not just pure disclosed ingredients but their manufacturing process doesn’t add undisclosed ingredients some brand’s labels would never reveal (anti-caking agents, chemical solvents, etc.). Equip foods is truly the only brand I trust and use at this point. Not just for collagen, but I am completely obsessed with their 3-ingredient protein powder and more affordable grass-fed lever pills, too!


Use the code STACY at checkout for 15% off!


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May the odds be ever in your favor fine print: this giveaway is not sponsored but items we genuinely use and love are gifted. IG is not associated with this. Winner chosen randomly and will be notified NLT 1/4/21. You have plenty of time to try to win!

9, Dec 29 – New year new clothes!

It’s not “new year, new you.” You deserve to be comfortable and ditch diet culture BS convincing you that somehow a random date means you need to feel shame and change yourself. If you want to implement healthy habits, GREAT. But make them sustainable and in a way where you feel you really are focused on long-term health, not short-term results. Because science has shown how negative that yo-yo can be on our health: lose weight and muscle mass, then gain it back later as fat. Yeah, no thanks.

How about instead deciding you love your body, and it deserves comfort. If and when you lose weight you’ll want to treat yourself then, don’t deprive yourself of basic needs (clothing that fits) out of body shame!

Wantable is the only clothing subscription company I have found that actually listens to what you want and offers sustainable clothing choices in inclusive sizing. I love that you get to personally work with a stylist who gets to know you, can see your specific selections or preferences from their “stream” (yes, you can request items in your box as well as be surprised). And then they offer special themes – like lately lots of cozy lounge wear active box or holiday glam style box (you can choose “style” or “active” or both). You can also choose any timing rotation you’d like, when you keep more you save more – and I’ve found this is the only service where I’ve sometimes wanted to keep whole boxes and never gotten a single box I didn’t absolutely love at least an item or two.


Take a look today and get $25 off your first order!


ENTER TO WIN $100 CREDIT from me:
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8, Dec 28 – Detox dogma!

I really don’t like the word detox, but your body does have a natural detoxification process that we can work with by reducing a toxic load. Using clean products on your skin is one of the best ways to do that! Not an enema or taking laxatives… that just flushes poo doesn’t actually support a detoxification process, y’all. OK, we clear on that? If not, checkout this blog post with lots of detail: 8 Detoxification Tips.

When Beautycounter discontinued two of my most beloved products – the Rejuvenating Toner Pads and Nourishing Rosewater Mist – I went on a quest to find replacements. Read all about it on this new blog post.

Today you can win 2 of my favorites, the swaps I have been on the quest to replace our beloved old favorites:

  • Indie Lee Radiance Renewal Peel pads are a fantastic swap for Beautycounter’s discontinued Rejuvenating Toner Pads.
    Vitamin C promotes the appearance of an even, supple, and luminous complexion. Infused with an exfoliating blend of java plum and banana extracts—plus AHAs and beta carotene—these pads slough off dead skin sans irritation for visibly brighter skin with a silky soft texture. I personally have sensitive skin so I can’t use them day and night every single day, but these are fantastic for additional exfoliation (from both the textured pad and botanical acids) when my cycle makes me more prone to acne
  • Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist is the best replacement for Beautycounter’s discontinued Nourishing Rosewater Mist. Many brands sneak a “fragrance” in their products so be careful! This one is the most clean, true scent and by far performs most similar. I use this after I wash and before I apply my Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence for a bit more true Ph balancing. Rose is fantastic for anyone with irritated or sensitive skin of any kind. It’s also great refresher after you apply make-up, mid-day pick-me-up if your skin is feeling parched, and especially post work out to “refresh” and balance your face after sweating.The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water can help reduce skin redness, prevent additional swelling, and soothe the discomfort of acne. According to research from 2011 , rose water is rich in vitamin C and phenolics, making it a natural, anti-inflammatory option for inflamed acne. [source]


Go take a look for yourself and use DETOX10 at checkout for 10% off 


2️⃣ Comment, tell us your favorite skincare item(s). I love researching and learning! And if it’s no longer avail, let me know – I’ll see if I can sleuth a swap for you 😘
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7, Dec 27 – Non-toxic nails for you and the earth!

You know how I love my nails, but it’s been so hard to find clean products for my body and the earth! This has been quite a journey to find a brand I solidly stand behind. I remember getting my first job as a teen because after Homecoming I fell in love with acrylic nails. It wasn’t in our family budget, so I literally worked to pay for my own nails. Since then I learned more about the known carcinogenic and other toxins in nail polish and have tried a ton of non-toxic products. For the last few years I’ve been getting 5/7/9-free gel polish at local non-toxic salons, but with everything 2020 brought I wanted to limit exposure and do more manis at home.

This year I tried a lot of things myself at home. I thought polish wraps or press-on nails was going to be my go-to, but then I realized how much wasteful packaging each set was and couldn’t justify the unnecessary plastic. Enter Fed & Fit’s original recommendation. I’m so grateful Cassy shared her find, because it really is the best non-toxic polish I’ve ever tried. It dries unbelievably fast so the “dings” I’d get from other brands didn’t happen, and it stays on the longest I’ve tried of non-gel colors!

I’m so excited to share this find with you and OFFER a deal to make it more affordable. These are perfect for you and your littles! The Mini Kit is the perfect size with little hands while the System is full adult sizes.


Enter the code REALEVERYTHING20 at checkout for 20% off


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6, Dec 26 – Dress up your jammies or get glam!

Every single time I wear my Tiny Tassle earrings on Instagram, you all go crazy! And now, you can win an item of your choice from me! Honestly just putting in a pair of earrings even when you’re in pajamas for the third day in a row, can make you feel like a million bucks and totally fool whoever you’re Zooming with!

I personally have and love a ton of items from Mimi: Berkeley Bows, Edmonston Tassels (the cornflower blue is stunning), Face Masks (I love the Candy Craze and Mimi’s Favorite Things), and the 3 pictured earrings: Stonos, The Vote, The Rainbow Row Tassel


Treat yourself to some ear ornaments, enter the code Tinseltassels at checkout for 15% off


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5, Dec 25 – Live, loud, proud and colorful!

Today is Christmas, and while our family doesn’t celebrate the religious aspect – we do focus on meaning that matters to us: giving love and support year ’round. When thinking about what brand I wanted to feature today, there’s none more reflective of the joyous, cheerful nature of this holiday than Lucky + Lovely. Run by a Black woman who features messages that empower and lift up, I’m excited to share Melanie’s creations with you today.

Messages like “Empowered Women Empower Women”, “World Changer”, “Woman on a Mission”, and “Strong as a Mother” are just some of the bold, beautiful and FUN she creatively shares. Any Atlanta readers out there? They’ve got a whole collection just for you! And who doesn’t love a hand written card from a friend?!

From jewelry and swag to stationary and home goods, I’ve loved partnering with Melanie to provide swag through my business and for my team. While there are a lot of Etsy shops out there for similar items, Melanie’s customer service is incredible. And, supporting more Black owned businesses is part of my ongoing commitment to continue to do better.


Have some fun looking around and use REALEVERYTHING for 15% off! I love the oversized pouches, the stainless steel tumblers, and comfy swag.


Follow @luckyandlovelyshop and of course us @realeverythingblog Then comment, share something cheerful or uplifting!

Want a bonus entry? Tag anyone who you think would want to enter, too! Each comment is an entry as long as you did the first two steps.

May the odds be ever in your favor fine print: this giveaway is not sponsored but items we genuinely use and love are gifted. IG is not associated with this. Winner chosen randomly and will be notified NLT 1/4/21. You have plenty of time to try to win!

4, Dec 24 – Fair trade matters!

Noonday allows you to shop the world and make a global impact! To make a difference in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, they partner with “Artisan Businesses that share a passion for building a flourishing world. They develop these businesses through fair trade, empowering them to grow sustainably and to create dignified jobs for people who need them.” I love that they also empower women-owned businesses to support adoptive families. I’ve loved working with my local rep Karen Barnes. She gives amazing customer service if you don’t yet shop with someone, I always try to support an individual when buying direct sales since it doesn’t cost me anything but helps someone else.

She’s giving away the adorable southwest-inspired Drifter Bag and Free Spirit earrings. Due to allergies, I’ve had to give up jewelry with any metal that touches my neck and Noonday is one of my go-tos for swapping out my accessories this year.


Shop with Karen Barnes here!  Spend $75, unlock three half off specials. Spend $100 get 15% cash back! My personal favorites: Peruvian Pom Wreath, cute Clutches, and the leader earrings: Piroutte, Wilderness (shown to the left), Birds of a Feather, Tropica, and Free Spirit.


Info to come!

3, Dec 23 – Feel good, do good!

This year I’ve been wearing leggings like, everyday. So I feel qualified to give my expert opinion that these are THE BEST compression leggings I have EVER worn. I was a competitive Strong Woman. Walk in the neighborhood several times a week. Ride my Peloton. Sit in the chair working online. Lay on the sofa and watch TV. I cook and clean. A LOT. And these high rise leggings are my ride or die. Compression means they hold you in a bit, but they do not squeeze. And these leggings in particular are the perfect rise (right under the sports bra) with a really wide band so you can squat, nap, or ride without them riding up or down.

Earlier in quarantine I tried out approximately a bajillion leggings. I even tried other styles from ZYIA. I love that they have a goals to produce an eco-friendly clothing line and improve packaging to reduce carbon emissions and impact on the earth. These leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles! They’re size inclusive, too. Carson Champ has helped me find a bunch of pieces I love and by shopping with her I’m also supporting a small, woman-owned business. Win, win!


Shop with Carson Champ here! I recommend the Logo Stripe Light n Tight Hi-Rise, the All Star Bra (still supportive after you remove cups), One Strap Tank looks so cute with a strappy sports bra, and their crop Ts are perfect for on the spin bike.


Head over to my Instagram and follow @lifeasachamp and of course us! Comment, tell us if you’ve ever tried Zyia before

Want a bonus entry? Tag anyone who you think would want to enter, too! Each comment is an entry, as long as you did the first two steps.


2, Dec 22 – Baking with small businesses makes it more sweet!

People, despite Jen (the owner) being a really good friend I buy my own Legit mixes because a) they’re legit* good, b) I want to support a small, woman-owned business doing her thang for our community, c) I’d feel badly asking for that many freebies. We love love love the pancake mix and use it for waffles, too. When I heard about her new Seasons Eating bundle I was so excited to try it. Of course, it’s another slam dunk! As evidenced by the fact that it’s sold out several times. We truly love everything she creates! The mixes are super kid friendly and taste AMAZING!  Our pantry is especially full with the Pancake Mix that is not only gluten, dairy, soy, nut and nightshade free, but just as simple to make as the boxed mixes. The Season’s Eatings Bundle  has everything you need to enjoy a food safe holiday! We’re actually testing the everything dough for our Monkey Bread later today so make sure it’ll be perfect for Christmas morning.



Use the code Stacy10 at checkout for 10% off.  Valid only thru 12/31


Head on over to my Instagram and follow @legitbreadcompany  and @realeverythingblog. Then comment with your favorite thing to bake for the holidays (tagging the creator will make their day!)

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1, Dec 21 – You deserve safer and cleaner beauty!

This giveaway is too good to share, valued at $214 you will only find it in our Healthy Inside & Out e-mail sent on December 21, 2020. Didn’t get it? Sign up before 12/25  and we will re-send to you. What is it? These little bottles all pack a BIG punch, and they’re a great way to try some of my favorite safer skincare out yourself for less or to gift loved ones. They use sustainable, refillable, glass and use less components – better for the earth and you!


Switch to Safer by 12/27 for 20% off by using code CHANGEFORALL20! Or, shop the Big Clean Up event for up to 40% off HERE. Choose Stacy Toth at checkout so we can thank you.


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