We’re heading off on our first camping trip of the summer – so we’re sharing our favorite EASY camp meals in this week’s newsletter!

Our Real Life

Last week Matt and I traveled (sans kids!) to Chicago- and enjoyed ourselves immensely! The food, the sights, the history, the shows… did I mention THE FOOD!! We had some of the BEST food we’ve ever had – from gluten-free doughnuts to these burgers sitting on top of a hash brown “bun,” we were completely blown away by the incredible eats. We plan to write a post soon, but there are also sooo many pics on Instagram!

The morning after we arrived back home, these two wanted to make us a special breakfast all by themselves. It literally doesn’t matter how messy the muffins turn out or how overlooked the eggs, the meal is just as magical as all the James Beard ones we had in Chicago. And yes, they made this entirely themselves – we only pulled the muffins out of the oven! This and then Cole mowing the lawn inspired our new post this week – don’t miss it!

Getting back into the swing of things plus prepping for our camping trip this weekend means we’ve been keeping dinners pretty simple and straightforward. Matt made this super simple Thai Chicken Curry from Nom Nom Paleo’s new book Ready or Not(phenomenal book, by the way!) and not only did it hit the spot, but it was easily adaptable to be AIP friendly, too! We plan to tell you more about this awesome resource as we use it more!

Our Favorite Camp Foods & Tools

These definitely aren’t Paleo, but they are a once-a-year treat that doesn’t leave us feeling yucky. We use these gluten free “graham crackers” for s’mores…. because what is a campfire without s’mores?!

When we camp, lunches are often hot dogs on a stick or simple lettuce leaves, wraps, or gluten-free bread filled with deli meats, veggies, avocado, and served with Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips and fruit. We keep it simple and quick so we can maximize our merry-making time.

We’ve been making muffins lately with this gluten-free muffin mix. People have been asking about it on social media and we’ve of course made a batch (well, Finn has – he’s become the resident muffin expert) to take camping.

Lard, camping, and cast iron are best friends. A jar of lard is easy to pack and is perfect for cooking up anything and everything on a grill or camp fire.

cast iron skillet always comes along with us. It makes the best steaks, the best breakfast hash, and even the best scrambled eggs.

Paleo Pro-Tip

You can absolutely eat Paleo while camping!

We’ve been camping with the boys (okay, sometimes we rent a cabin and call it “glamping”) for years now and have it down to a science! Our menu is sooo good that it largely stays the same from year to year- we’ve outlined our menu and shopping list in this post. We always make a few things ahead of time to bring (like cookies and muffins) but do most of the cooking when we get to our destination.

If you need even more inspiration, try our Grill and Picnic Box from One Stop Paleo Shop– it contains all of our favorites for making “outdoor” food easy and flavorful! And don’t miss out on free shipping at OSPS when you spend $49+.

Roughing it? Paleo Meals to Go makes legit healthy and clean freeze dried meals- so if you’re back packing or just want something super easy (just add water!) these are a great option! We really loved the Berry Coconut “N’Oatmeal!”

Our Favorite Camping Recipes

Cider-Braised Brats

Sweet Potato Apple Hash

Broccoli Raisin Salad

Fruit Sweetened N’Oatmeal Cookies

Chunky Monkey Muffins


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