Strong Woman Radio, Episode 38, Live Q&A

Strong Woman Radio SWR 38 Live QandA

Welcome to Strong Woman Radio, a sanctuary free of testosterone (except for a few special guests), where ladies who like to lift heavy things can chitchat about the struggles and success that comes with being a woman in a male dominated sport. We welcome listeners of all sports, be it strongman, Crossfit, olympic lifting or more; but be warned we don’t like running very much unless we are carrying or dragging something heavy while we do it.

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Episode 38, Live Q&A

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:16)
    • A live Periscope-cast took place for episode 38
    • A recap of what happened to Stacy recently
      • Was feeling better and worked out twice
      • Went to a volunteer event and was helping move rocks
      • Stacy wanted to show off her strength by picking something up that was very heavy, and despite proper lifting form, she injured her back again
    • Vivian has been training a lot, and she has been sharing more of her workouts on Periscope
    • Vivian also found out that in her next competition she will be competing against men
    • A reminder to listeners to take advantage of the Why Our Way straps discount, exclusive to listeners, type in SWR at checkout to receive 10% off
  • What Has Benn Happening on the Internet (9:23)
    • Vivian found out that a USS show in Detroit, that is an all women’s show before the new year, is now a pro world champion qualifier event – and this will happen on December 12 if anyone wants to do this show – find more details here
    • Bumper plates versus metal plates – do they make your lifts easier
    • The hercules hold
    • Keg presses
  • Questions (15:09)
    • What is happening with Stacy’s back?
      • Stacy went and talked with an ortho person and found out that she has a dislocated, twisted tailbone
      • There is only one way to fix that, other than surgery, and that is to have someone manually turn her tailbone the same way you would pop-in a dislocated shoulder…but in a very different region of the body
      • She is planning to have her tailbone popped back into place, but has been mentally preparing for the fix
      • Apparently once it is back in place, everything feels back to normal in about five minutes
    • Knee wrap preferences?
      • Stacy has only used Reebok knee sleeves to date, she has never tried knee wraps or straps, and she has only used them when she feels like she is needing some support or to feel a little sturdier
      • Vivian doesn’t use any knee straps or wraps
    • How do you fix a squat when you are lopsided?
      • Stacy thinks that it tends to be an ankle mobility problem for most people, or you could have misalignment from quad squatting
      • Stacy recommends getting back to basics, making sure you are mobile and loose before you squat, dropping weights and really focusing on form, and seeing if you can fix that – working up in weight as you correct that
      • You can also see a medical professional for more guidance
      • Vivian suggests using butt engaging warm-ups
  • Vivan’s grip-tember goal
  • What Heather and Stacy were working on in the gym recently
  • Prior to her recent injury, Stacy was working body-weight exercises, wall balls, Bulgarian split squats, and presses
  • Question (27:07)
    • How to balance the 5-3-1, Wendler program with WODs?
      • Cycle it in so you don’t over do it
      • Vivian would do three strength days, and factor in WODs on the other days, keeping her metcons very short
      • How best to incorporate will vary from box to box based on the programing
      • Stacy reminds people to really focus on form
      • Vivian reminds people to take your time and focus on your lifts and recovering in between sets
      • Don’t forget about mobility and core work
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  • If you like this live Q&A periscope show format, please let us know and we will schedule more on Friday evenings
  • Thank you for tuning in – we will be back soon!
  • Don’t forget to get the Why Our Way straps at a 10% discount with the code SWR
  • Outro (33:45)

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