Strong Woman Radio, Episode 24, Entering into Training with Heather and Nicole

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Welcome to Strong Woman Radio, a sanctuary free of testosterone (except for a few special guests), where ladies who like to lift heavy things can chitchat about the struggles and success that comes with being a woman in a male dominated sport. We welcome listeners of all sports, be it strongman, Crossfit, olympic lifting or more; but be warned we don’t like running very much unless we are carrying or dragging something heavy while we do it.

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Episode 24, Entering into Training with Heather and Nicole

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:14)
    • Welcome back to a beverage infused show!
    • On this week’s show Nicole and Heather will be sharing on their experience from entering into training
  • More from Nicole & Heather (4:44)
    • What was exciting when they first got into heavy lifting?
    • Measuring your strength against your own PRs, not others
    • How they have built out their own home gyms?
    • Other workouts that Nicole and Heather do in addition to lifting and when
    • Seeking training and programming, especially when you are new to lifting
    • Achieving gains
    • Surprises from taking on a lifting regimen
    • Finding and creating a lifting community
  • Thanks ladies for coming on this week’s show! Don’t forget to find Nicole on her blog and Heather on her’s
  • If this episode sparked questions, please feel free to email – and if you have already submitted a question and it hasn’t bene answered yet, please resubmit to
  • Outro (53:47)

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