Spaghetti Squash alla Carbonara

I make dinner almost every night. It’s the exception, rather than the rule, to have Stacy in charge for supper. So it was a big surprise for all of us when I had to turn over the kitchen to Stacy the other night.

Some of you parents may be familiar with this kind of thing. Finian goes to a private co-op preschool part-time because we are suburban neo-hippies like that. Part of the deal with co-op preschools is that the parents do almost all the non-teaching work in the school. That means a flood of emails with instructions on our assigned next “mission.” Frankly, I simply scan most of these and only focus on the ones that seem relevant to me. This is why I missed an email that said to change the time on the roadside signs I had spent Friday assembling and placing. This is also what found me out on the side of the road at 6 PM on a dark Sunday night taping last minute replacement paper signs in the most professional of ways. Ah well. Such is life as a parent in Fairfax County, I suppose.

While I was out doing that, rather than freak out that nothing was planned or started on my behalf, Stacy took an opportunity in the test lab. As you know, we’re doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox until this coming Saturday when we celebrate the completion of our tenth year together with a giant replacement wedding for the one we never had. Our food choices have felt a little restricted the past couple weeks because of it. Earlier that week I had screwed it up a little bit by serving butternut squash as a side when that’s on the limited list.

Stacy, however, took a look at the list of approved foods, then our pantry and invented Paleo Spaghetti Carbonara. Or, more aptly, Spaghetti Squash alla Carbonara. Carbonara is traditionally a creamy bacon and egg pasta. Originally, that was all the carbonara needed, but often you’ll find something green in there as well, like peas. If you want to add something else, we recommend you roast some broccoli and toss that in.

This is delicious stuff and was a wonderful surprise when I came in from the cold and found a great hot meal waiting for me!


Spaghetti Squash alla Carbonara



  1. Cut the spaghetti squash in half, scoop out the seeds, place open side down on a plate and microwave for 10 minutes (alternatively, bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees)
  2. While the squash is cooking, fry up the strips of bacon (whole) in a pan over medium heat. Use one you can also scramble eggs in, we like a cast iron skillet
  3. When the bacon is finished cooking and crispy, remove from the pan and set-aside bacon
  4. Over medium heat, whisk in the arrowroot powder to the bacon grease and let cook for a few minutes
  5. * While the arrowroot cooks, combine eggs, coconut milk, seasoning, parsley, salt and garlic powder in a bowl until all yolks are fully incorporated
  6. Pour eggs into pan, stirring frequently, and cook in bacon fat until still wet but cooked through (about 3 minutes)
  7. Slice bacon into 1/4 inch strips, add to serving bowl and top with egg mixture
  8. * Scoop out spaghetti squash "noodles" with a spoon and and add to serving bowl, top with lard
  9. *Slowly start to incorporate lard into spaghetti squash; once melted, stir to combine all ingredients


* Let your little ones help with these steps.
Note: the prep and cook time for this is insanely short at 15-20 minutes, and it’s best served right away.  In other words, have the table set and be ready to eat when you begin making this!
Serves 4, or 6 if you add roasted broccoli or serve a side salad. This would also  make a fantastic breakfast, so you might want to double the recipe to ensure leftovers – because we sure didn’t have any!



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  • Ute Mitchell

    This looks absolutely delicious. I could have this for breakfast right now. Yum. Thanks so much for posting it.

  • Ute Mitchell

    Hmmm… I really didn’t mean to post my comment without showing my blog… And now I can’t seem to change it. 🙁

  • Okay this looks fabulous & I am at a loss as to what to make for dinner tonight. I have everything except arrowroot powder, is there something else I can use in it’s place?? 

    • Well, it’s just a thickening agent. Tapioca might work best, but any flour alternative could work. Or skip it and it would just be less thick!

      • Hunacre

        I’m just starting on Paleo but was confused on the butter…aren’t butter and ghee no-no’s in the Paleo diet?

        • We don’t use butter, but a lot of people find that after they’ve gotten clean their bodies don’t have a problem with quality grass-fed butter. We use lard in the recipe – to each his own 🙂

          • Hunacre

            Thank you for clarifying that. So I made this recipe last night and it was by far the best recipe I’ve made so far since being on paleo..delicious. I used some bacon fat I had left over in the fridge and added sauteed mushrooms and onions and crushed red pepper…the kids went nuts over it. I will be trying more of your recipes for sure..thanks a bunch..

          • Thanks for trying! So glad you enjoyed it!

          • I will be making this tonight and adding mushrooms and onions…thanks for the idea!! 🙂

  • CrossfitMom

    I made this tonight and it is fantastic!  Thank you!!

  • Kat

    made this tonight and the whole family loved it! I couldn’t find the arrowroot powder near here, so I skipped it and it still turned out great! Thanks!

  • This looks amazing! My mom makes a wicked carbonara, which I have sadly not been able to enjoy since I changed my way of eating…but I think she and I could collaborate and come up with something we both could enjoy. Though, good to know if I’m feeling less creative, I’ve got a recipe right here I can try!

    • Thanks! Yeah Carbonara was something I used to make for Stacy with regular pasta. I had no idea she missed it so much that she invented a new one the second she got control of the kitchen!

  • susan

    What is spagetti Squash, I am from Perth Australia and not sure what i can use?

    • Spaghetti squash, while readily found in the States, is not prevalent in Australia. As an alternate, use sliced and steamed zucchini instead.

  • Heather Jones-Charlet

    I adore spaghetti squash and love its convenience.  I’ll be trying this recipe very soon.

  • Skip

    This is why I love spaghetti squash! I used it to make paleoized pah thai last night. Can’t wait to try this one too!

    • guest

      you should post your pad thai on fastpaleo.com 🙂

    • Pad Thai is my favorite. I have another squash and and the Well Fed cookbook waiting for me!

  • Quanita17

    Where can I get arrowroot and Spagetti Squash in NZ…and I don’t quite get how you get the spagetti out of the squash…..excuse my ignorance, I’m new to this:) Looks Delicious though I really want to try it if I can get my hands on the ingredients.

    • A quick search indicates that it’s not at all prevalent in New Zealand. Some recommend checking organic and specialty grocery stores. Or growing your own.

      The spaghetti simply scoops out just like that!

      As an alternative, zucchini cut into strips also work well as noodles!

  • My best friend is in town this week and we had this for dinner tonight.  She couldn’t stop eating it (neither could I), and she kept commenting how she could “definitely eat this way” and that everything I’ve fixed since she’s been here is like gourmet restaurant food.  🙂  

    • Glad to hear! Amazing how good your food can taste when you make it yourself!

  • Greek4pearl

    I love your blog and the simplicity of all your fabulously delicious recipes.  As I do all my meal planning about a week ahead, I have been excited all week to try this recipe.  I made it this morning for breakfast, and I couldn’t believe how yummy it was.  My husband and I were cheese addicts before going paleo, and I asked him this morning if he seriously missed cheese and he said he did not.  The eggs/coconut milk combo made a super creamy sauce.  Thanks again for your creativity and for keeping us all well fed. 🙂 

    • Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it! Who needs cheese when you’ve got coconut?

  • Nicole Clements

    I’m new to your blog, but; not to Paleo.  We love our spaghetti squash, but; we have one little guy who doesn’t like tomato based sauces.  🙁  He will love this recipe; I bet!  I’m going to try this really soon– maybe even tonight!  Also, what a good idea to have it for breakfast!  Yummy!

  • Oh, my, that looks AMAZING.  It’s so hard to believe that there’s no dairy in it.  

  • Megan

    Yum! I just made this for lunch and it is delicious!

  • Wow, that looks amazing. I will have to mark this for the future.

  • finnsaid

    I just made this and OMG is it ever good! so easy and super tasty! THANKS

  • Danniellethatcher

    looks super yummy… need to buy some arrow root powder.. never bought that before.. but then i’m so on this.. cant wait!!!!!

    • The actual arrowroot isn’t key. All you need is a thickening starch of some kind. Even coconut flour would work. In fact, you could skip it, potentially, and just have a runnier sauce. Good luck!

  • Lisa

    I made this for dinner last night, and one of my daughters LICKED her plate when she was done.  Normally I’d be appalled, but I was so pleased to have made something healthy and kid-approved to the point of plate-lickage that I let it slide.  Thanks guys!

    • That’s really awesome! Glad we could provide something that exciting. Also, happy and surprised to see you here.

    • kate

      as if you would be appalled at your daughter doing that, you rude bitch .

      • …what? How about we refrain from posting mean spirited comments on this blog?

  • Mary Beth

    Oh.my.goodness.  Made this a few nights ago, and all 5 kids devoured their bowls! It was so good!!  Thanks for sharing!!

  • Dorye

    looks delicious!!

  • Holly Smith

    I have to say, I am so thankful for your blog.  We just switched to Paleo, and my husband is not happy.  However, he is a good guy and knows it is best for our kids.  I love to cook, and your blog has made me realize that I can make things they ( HE ) will be happy with.   I am trying this tonight with some sausage instead of bacon.  and I will be adding grated summer and zuchinni squash with garlic and onions,  THANK YOU for giving me inspiration, and guide lines!

    • Thank you do much. I hope this is a hit for you!

      • Holly Smith

         It turned out really well.  The sausage gave it a pretty cool flavor, though, I still think I would like bacon better!

  • Monica

    Made this tonight and its delicious! Yum!

  • whoduexpect

    Just finished making this. I used coconut cream ’cause we didn’t have any coconut milk on hand. I also added some chicken fried with garlic and Italian seasoning. The recipe is amazing. Thank you for posting it. I have always LOVED carbonara so it’s nice to have a good paleo-friendly version. This is honestly the best paleo recipe I’ve tried so far.

  • Lookingprettygoodat47

    Since carbonara is my absolute favorite pasta dish and I have been missing it since going Paleo, this recipe totally caught my eye. I ran to the market and eeeeek, no spagetti squash. What is a girl to do? Improvise is what I do! Is poached organic boneless, skinless chicken thighs and shredded it to create the “spagetti”. Ooooo-la-la a perfect 10!!! My 13 year loved it. I added a salad to get the veggies and I think I have found my heaven!!
    Great recipe! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • Dee

    this looks really good – i’m going to try it with kelp noodles rather than spaghetti squash since i know that I have those at home…mm yum!

  • Erica_StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Yum! Made this tonight, it was terrific. Thanks for the great recipe!

  • The Lawyer-Mom

    Am I the only one this recipe did not work out for? My sauce was way too runny, despite the arrowroot powder. It looked more like spaghetti squash soup! If I try it again, I am thinking of using coconut cream instead of coconut milk. Any other suggestions for how you got the sauce to set up?

    • I can’t really say! Perhaps cook the sauce longer or add more arrowroot?

  • Sara

    I made an adaptation of this with broccoli slaw instead of spaghetti squash, and it was an instant favorite at my house! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ryan

    I made this with Miracle Noodle fettuccine and it was fantastic. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Nick Morton-Grant

    In a Microwave! A Microwave?!!!

  • Jill

    A co-worker made this and brought me a sample. I’m making it for my son’s birthday later this week. He will love it!

  • Heather LaRoy

    Anything I can substitute for the coconut milk as I don’t have any of that?

  • Tina

    Thanks for this recipe! I over cooked the sauce at which point it became spaghetti squash w/ scrambled eggs and bacon but whatever, it was still really good and know I know for next time 🙂

  • Debra Wallin

    I am wondering if you can use zoodles for this instead?

  • Desiree Nett

    We made this last night. Wow! It was super delicious and decadent. It didn’t take that long to make either so it’s a keeper for us! Thanks Stacy and Matt!

  • Stacy Benka Siegmund

    From one Stacy to another, this was Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

  • misses jingles

    Can I sub arrowroot powder with coconut or almond flour?

  • Alyssa

    First time I made this, it was after a 12-hour shift and I accidentally put in Italian SAUSAGE seasoning instead of Italian seasoning … and it was delicious! I’ve made it both ways now and like them both, but my family actually prefers the more savory Italian sausage seasoning version. I urge you to try it!

  • Sweeney

    Does it taste like coconut? I have a strong aversion to coconut. Also, how are you doing bacon while on the 21 DSD?

    • No, I don’t think it has a strong coconut flavor because there are so many other flavors at play. However, you could also try a Light Coconut Milk, which is just a watered down version of coconut milk, to see if that helps tone down the flavor. And if you tolerate dairy, perhaps you could use cream. For the bacon, we used US Wellness Meats bacon without sugar in it.