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So, dear readers… how you doin’? I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to write a true blog post where I just brain dump. But, it’s Sunday afternoon and I promised myself I’d make more time to do the things I want instead of the things I need… so here I am.

I wanted to let you know what Matt and I are up to. In the event you don’t listen to the podcast or follow us on social media, you might think we fell off the face of the earth. But that, in fact, did not happen – thankfully! Instead we’ve been managing some personal things in our life, like I promised I’d be doing in this post. (p.s. I love training and have been sticking to that commitment too)


Stacy Lifting Heavy at PaleoParents
Stacy takes that whole “lift heavy things and put them back down” a bit seriously when training Strong(wo)man at The Edge 2.0 hosted by NOVA Strong

For us this blog was never intended to be a forum for product reviews or even just recipes. It’s always been our family blog, and unfortunately we haven’t had much time to dedicate to that lately… so I just want to catch you up.

Coming off of the heels of launching Beyond Bacon came the busiest time of the year for Stacy in her day job. In September the day job becomes an all day and night job. Then the Federal Government shut down and it caused the front half of October to also be a very busy month for Stacy. In the midst of all of that we discovered Matt had a medical issue that required surgery. He’s totally fine and no, not food related. It was a genetic predisposition that no amount of clean eating could help avoid. So, Stacy had to step-up and attempt to be Matt for a while as he recovered from surgery. At the same time, we started having site hosting issues and our awesome assistant Monica had to pull back some of her hours supporting us – a big impact on our creative time since we had to do a bit more administrative duties than usual. And, last but not least Stacy’s sister and nephew (7 years old) moved in to our basement suite and joined our home.

Pumpkin Waffles and 4 boys at PaleoParents
This is our Pumpkin Waffle recipe. Did you miss out? Get details on how to get it here.

We feel very strongly that families and homes are happiest when filled with love and support, we believe that it truly does “take a village” and are thrilled that we’re lucky enough to have family nearby to fill that role. To be able to share responsibilities and entrust our children in the care of our own family is a peace of mind that is a huge relief. As time goes on this will be an awesome opportunity for Matt and I to be able to rely on my sister’s help… but for the month of October it has been a bit of chaos! As you can imagine, it’s quite a disruption to routine and behavior when you add a big change to a large household.

I guess what I’m saying is that for the short term our priorities had to change and we focused on managing our own lives. But what stepping back has allowed us to do is realize that for the past couple of months there is more content on this blog from other people than from the people who run it! Between guest posts and the review team there isn’t much space for our own content, recipes or shares. So, we’re working with our new assistant Courtney (who you’ll meet in an upcoming post soon!) to reprioritize the type of content we’d like to get back to on the blog. There will be a tapering off of guest posts as we get back to just hosting them on Wednesdays and most of our giveaways and reviews are now being done through Facebook (make sure sure you not only LIKE PaleoParents but sign up for NOTIFICATIONS if you want to ensure getting our content and giveaways on Facebook, they’ve further limited what people can see in an attempt for pages to pay for posts in order to have a broader reach)!

Stacy at BarbellsforBoobs on PaleoParentsDid you see the pictures and videos of Stacy’s WOD for Barbells for Boobs? She did Grace at the prescribed 95lbs in a little over 4 minutes!

We’ll continue to strive for at least one new recipe a week for you, but we also have a few topics we really want to write about. I’ve asked Matt to write about his experience with naturally regulating his hormones (mainly testosterone) and how that has affected our lives, while I want to write about my own personal health improvements this year through nutrient dense foods (micronutrient sufficiency) after having issues with severe deficiencies and post-nursing depression last year.

In the meantime we’re getting ready for our annual Candy-free Halloween Party and are SUPER excited that our friends Bill & Hayley, Diana and Jill are all coming into town for a joint book signing on Friday before Saturday’s party, where we’ll also be joined by Russ, Brent & Heather, Aimee, and Courtney among many other friends. So, be sure to check back on the blog soon for a recap of what will surely be a wonderful weekend – or even better, attend the events!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is… hi!  Please have patience as we try to figure out how to manage being The Paleo Parents with all the duties associated with being busy and engaged parents of 3 active boys (and a nephew) and all the things that go along with that… like my full-time job and Matt’s full-time responsibilities of said boys.

As a reminder, we have been busy updating and keeping up with lots of social media where you can always find us! If you read our newsletter that is delivered every Friday, listened to our podcast which goes live every Friday, or followed us on facebook, instagram, twitter you’d get lots more information regularly!

Paleo Parents Newsletter

Last but not least, while I’m posting random stuff… we’ve been nominated for FOUR Best of 2013 Awards by Paleo Magazine and would LOVE your votes to help us win at least one… Vote here: http://bit.ly/paleomagbestof2013

We’ve been nominated in four categories:
*Best Culinary Recreation: Mango Sticky [Not] Rice
*Best Paleo Podcast: The Paleo View
*Best New Cookbook – Special Topics: Beyond Bacon
*Best Treat Recipe – Cookbook: The Best Brownies – BONUS: if this recipe wins we’ll be publishing it on the blog!

To celebrate our nominations, we’re also giving away a signed copy of Beyond Bacon to ANYONE who votes here.

the-best-brownies-PaleoMag2013 thepaleoview-PaleoMag2013Mango-Sticky-not-Rice-by-PaleoParents-PaleoMag2013 Beyond-Bacon-by-Stacy-Toth-and-Matt-McCarry-the-Paleo-Parents-PaleoMag2013

So, while we’re here… any requests? Thoughts? We hope you’re all doing well; we’re grateful you’re still here and are looking forward to connecting with you more in the future!

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