How I’m Healing After a Back Injury and Weight Gain – Both Emotionally and Physically

We’re talking all about healing – both emotionally and physically in this week’s newsletter!

Our Real Life

My momma and I enjoyed a gorgeous Mother’s Day at Eastern Market – one of our favorite places to shop, and the inspiration behind one of our popular recipes: Shrimp Salad (perfect for summer picnics, by the way!).

My boys spoiled me all weekend long with incredible food! We had a big family dinner on Saturday of Chinese takeout by Matt since his food is better than restaurants; and he made us smoked brisket on Mother’s day too!

Overall it turned out to be a pretty incredible weekend – we also found two houses we liked, and are now under contract on one, plus my mom (who was adopted) found her biological family who she’s been searching for her entire life! Crazy awesome!!

A few weeks ago on The Paleo View I talked about how my back injury and medications from it had caused weight gain. As a literal figure head for health, I’d had this looming guilt and shame about the whole thing. But it took my emotional healing to make me realize that my philosophy on self love, self respect, and self acceptance was something I myself needed to focus on.

One of the first things I did was buy clothes that fit. Clothes I loved. Clothes I felt GOOD in. I started accepting where I was, without giving up on the idea that I still wanted to improve. Let me tell you, fashion was huge for my healing. I know that sounds stupid, but that first step of acceptance led me to start respecting myself more as well as loving myself more.

In the few weeks since that podcast, I’ve gone off medication completely. I’ve been enjoying an even keel of emotions despite immensely high stress from house hunting and work. That is because I’m focusing on my health, my healing, and being my best self. Physical and emotional. Broth, Collagen Veggie Blend green smoothies, less coffee, less sugar, and prioritizing foods that make me feel my best. Of course I’ve lost a few pounds, too – but that’s not where my priorities lie. I still firmly believe weight can be a factor of health but not the only thing to consider. For me, there were a number of things I wanted to change, the most important being getting off medication, which meant I needed to improve joint/back pain as well as mood stabilization.

I tell you all this because it started with a choice to accept where I was and not punish myself with clothes that didn’t fit. I was so grateful to find the brand you see me wearing here, Lucy and Co Boutique because supporting women-owned small businesses is important to me. Lisa was so fantastic to talk to and shop with. But best of all, I LOVE the stuff I got from her shop!

Check them out, and use the code: REALEVERYTHING15 for 15% off your entire order! Shop for plus-sized clothing –> here!

Our Favorite Health and Healing Products

Other than going Paleo, using these products has been one of the biggest positive influences on my health and improving the way I feel every day. We’re so excited about the discount that Vital Proteins is offering you, that we wanted to make sure you knew just how powerful and healing their products are and how to use them. Here are our top favorites!

In the red canister, the Collagen Veggie Blend is the same collagen you’re used to, but with the added benefit of nutrient-rich, whole organic veggies & fruits – 4 total per serving! I’ve been using this as a super-charged breakfast and love the energy it gives me to start my day!

Collagen Peptides, in the blue canister is our old favorite standby. This is the collagen that I put in every single warm beverage I have, and has greatly improved the quality of my skin, hair, nails and intestines. I won’t go a day without it. It’s colorless and odorless, so it can be added to pretty much anything.

Even if you don’t mind the taste of liver, it’s a fantastic supplement form for those who may need to heal or want an extra nutritional boost. I’ve been doubling up with both beef liver pills and my requisite weekly organ meat in an effort to help heal my adrenal fatigue and manage thyroid disease better. I definitely feel the boost of energy from all of the vitamins in the liver!

A newer product from Vital Proteins, their Chicken Bone Broth Powder in the yellow canister is made with bones from free-range chickens and is simmered slowly to extract maximum nutrients. The result is a pure, nourishing broth that is packed with 9g of collagen protein, and other vital nutrients. With its natural taste, it is convenient to use and mixes well in water, savory beverages, and your favorite recipes.


When you order this bundle of my absolute favorite products, Vital Proteins is gives you a phenomenal discount! It’s built right into the bundle —> find it here!

Our Favorite Collagen-Rich Recipes

Matcha Latte Collagen Bites

Superfood (Chocolate Chia Seed) Pudding

Peanut Butter & Honey Protein Balls

Strawberry Fridge Pie

Smoothies – 4 Ways!

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