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Seafood Egg Casserole

On Easter morning, we really wanted an interesting way to serve some delicious and nutritious seafood with our morning brunch. The inspiration was a crab cake with poached egg on top, but in a way that wouldn’t require Matt…


Garlic & Herb Perfect Pork Chops

There aren’t many things I genuinely believe I have mastered. Even pretty mundane things, like walking or reading or talking, I know I could do better.  But when it comes to cooking chops and steaks, I really feel like…


All about Paleo Marshmallows + Our First Broken Bone

Marshmallows, ER trips, and other spring break happenings! Here’s a look at what you will find in this week’s newsletter: Finn (our middle child) gave himself quite the birthday present: a broken elbow! Womp womp. Well, OK they think it’s…


Dining Paleo in DC: Peruvian Chicken

We continue our review of local restaurants in the tri-state Metro DC area (if you’re not local, that’s Northern Virginia, District of Columbia, and Southern Maryland) to focus on an entire type of cuisine that we eat at least…