What people are saying about The Reset & THRIVE Library (LAST CALL!)

We often hear from readers that this time of year, while a favorite for many, is a disaster for healthy living! September hits and it is pumpkin flavored temptations galore, football parties with the onslaught of SAD foods are a weekend norm, next it is the Halloween candy at every turn, and as we hit Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are promising ourselves that things will be different come January 1.

While this season tends to be the busiest time of year, it is also the BEST TIME OF YEAR to establish healthy living habits. With a little bit of planning and organization, you can completely avoid the snowball that hits with Halloween, and get yourself on track to health NOW!

What people are saying about The Reset & THRIVE Library (LAST CALL!)

As we explained in our announcement post, the Reset & Thrive Library bundle, you will have 58 PDFs (available for instant download) that will walk you through the process of planning, organizing, and putting into action a strategy that will help you reach your health goals NOW! We invariably hear from people after the close of sales like these that they accidentally missed the deadline and ask for us to re-open the sale – unfortunately when the sale includes 40 different authors who agree to only have a short-time sale, we cannot do that and have to stick to the deadline; after midnight EST tonight this sale will no longer be available. So don’t miss out!

What are others saying about the bundle?

 What people are saying about The Reset & THRIVE Library (LAST CALL!)
What people are saying about The Reset & THRIVE Library (LAST CALL!)What people are saying about The Reset & THRIVE Library (LAST CALL!)

And these are just a handful of the comments that we have received!! Customers are loving this amazing resource, and how straightforward these tools make the process of organizing, de-cluttering, troubleshooting health challenges, clean eating, and so much more.

Available for only a few more hours, the bundle features: What people are saying about The Reset & THRIVE Library (LAST CALL!)

  • 13 e-cookbooks, a number of which were developed specifically for this bundle
  • 16 e-books and resources to help you de-clutter your life and re-priortizie
  • 10 e-books to help you tackle specific health goals, troubleshooting the areas that matter most to you
  • 5 e-books and resources specifically for the kids – complete with tools for lunchbox meal planning, organizing all those toys, establishing a grain-free diet for the little ones, and printouts to aid in education at home
  • 28 discount codes to top health and wellness vendors, exclusive to bundle customers
  • AND a two-week meal plan featuring only recipes from the e-cookbooks found in this bundle!

What people are saying about The Reset & THRIVE Library (LAST CALL!)

So I may or may not have already used 3 coupon codes already from the set 😉 Plus the recipes are helping with meal plans and helping to transition my sweet 8 year old boy who is having some health issues too – Vanessa Wright, happy customer


We are thrilled to be able to offer our readers this amazing resource at such a low price of only $39!! The value of the items is over $1,000, which means we were able to slash the prices on these tools by 98.5% by bundling them together – that is huge! And what is even better, NOT A SINGLE ONE of these items has ever been bundled before, only adding to the value of the Reset & Thrive Library. Honestly, I’m astounded at the quality resources included and am so proud and happy to be able to offer them to you this way – with all of the numerous resources available in the community, finding such a deal that covers such a broad range of topics is something I wish I’d been able to have years ago.

What people are saying about The Reset & THRIVE Library (LAST CALL!)

Featuring resources from Dr. Loren Cordain, Stefani Ruper, Abel James, Trina Felber, Cindy Santa Ana, Sarah Ballantyne, and 35 other leading healthy living and organization experts and authors; we are confident that this bundle will give you all that you need to create lasting change in so many areas of your life!

This is a fully digital bundle, which means that you can literally download the PDFs and put them on any device of your choosing to get started today, just in time for the launch of September tomorrow. In fact, we recommend printing off the meal plan right away so that you have an easy to follow plan to immediately put into place with ease! Who doesn’t love a short-cut on a Monday?!

As of midnight tonight, the Reset & Thrive Library bundle will no longer be available for purchase!

Don’t miss out on this huge resource. Don’t put your health on the back burner and wait for January 1. With the Reset & Thrive Library, create lasting health changes with ease – TODAY!

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