Wesley’s Favorite Things

Wesley's Favorite Things, Paleo Parents

At the suggestion of the team, and encouragement of people through social media, we’re working on making simple lists we can share with everyone of things we recommend, use, and love. We decided the best way to start of was with the boys. So, we’re kicking off 2015 of the boys’ favorite things – both from 2014 and what they’re looking forward to in 2015.

Wesley is our youngest, currently 4 years old (his birth marked the start of our Paleo journey!). He is VERY excited to make his first post on the blog. Like jumping up and down squealing to see his face on the website excited. Please, let Wes know you appreciate the time it took him to sit down and do this with us!

Previously our older boys listed their favorite things (Finn here and Cole listed his favorites here). Each of the boys has their own interests, hobbies, and favorite foods – we hope the boys sharing inspires your family to try something new! ♥

Food & Snacks

Wesley Eats Carrots on PaleoParents

Carrots and Wholly Guacamole – We’ve caught Wesley eating carrots straight out of the fridge he fetched himself, but if there’s guacamole to dip expect a double-dipper to disappear it quickly!

Fresh Fruit – Oranges, Bananas, and Apples – “because I eat them all the time”

Plantain Chips – “I like to take them to school for a snack.”

Apple Sauce Squeezers – “I take them everywhere, I love them!”

Dried Blueberries (Steve’s Paleo Goods, Trader Joe’s, Costco) – “Don’t forget to tell them blueberries. They’re my favorite!”

LaraBars – Banana Bread, Pecan Pie, and Carrot Cake flavors

Ham and Roast Beef (recipe in Paleo to Go) dipped in Tessemae’s or Real Life Paleo’s Honey Mustard – “I do like meat in my lunch!”

Epic Bars (Bacon Bison and Cranberry) – “I put them in my lunches or eat them in the car. These are good for Batman, because he’s busy all the time. And, he likes eggs, too.”

Coconut Milk Yogurt with granola (homemade, Steve’s Paleo Goods, or Whole Me) – “I like yogurt and ‘nola because they’re delicious! I like them for breakfast and lunch!”

Marshmallows – (recipe in Real Life Paleo) “Marshmallows is my favorite treat. They were super yummy on Snowman Cookies!”

Wes the Cookie Monster, Paleo Parents


Easy Peasy Pancakes by the Paleo Parents

PancakesEasy Peasy Pancakes, Trader Joe’s gluten-free pancakes, Silver Diner coconut pancakes – ANY pancakes! “I love pancakes. I always choose pancakes!”

Blueberry Sage Breakfast Sausage from Real Life Paleo – “This sausage is super yummy with pancakes!”

Pulled Pork – “I love when daddy makes the piggies, they’re delicious because I gave them my apple when we visited them at the farm.”

Simple Mills Banana Muffins with Equal Exchange Chocolate Chips – “I like it when I got the muffins off the computer. And then we made them, and they were good!”

Smoothies – I love trying all the smoothie recipes in Real Life Paleo!

Wesley Loves Smoothies on PaleoParents“This is my cowboy mustache!”

Creamy Chocolate Chip Coconut Macaroons – “Chocolate chip cookies with the coconut in them are my favorite cookies!”

Egg Pizza (frittata) – “I like daddy’s eggs for breakfast, and egg pizza is fun to eat!”

Chocolate Pudding – “Pudding is creamy and delicious, it sounds good to eat right now!”

Chicken – “I only like chicken. Chicken wings, Peruvian chicken, Chicken Fingers. All the chicken with Honey Mustard!”  (recipes in Real Life Paleo)

Fish Sticks – “Oh, I DO like fish too! That’s probably my favorite.”

Soup – “All of Daddy’s soup with the vegetables in them are so yummy!”

Wesley Eats Soup on PaleoParents


Original Pancake House – “Can we go to the pancake house? They have the best gluten-free pancakes!”

Elevation Burger – “I would rather have extra meat than a bun, Elevation Burger is the best!”

Chipotle – “I like to go to Chipotle for lunch with Daddy.”

4 Sisters – “I like the soup place!” (he means the pho and crispy pork rolls)

Sandwiches from Jimmy John’s (unwiches) or Jason’s Deli (gluten-free bread)

Sushi – “Sushi is good for your tummy! And I like fish. It’s healthy for you.” (read our take on white rice and sushi here)

Paleo Kid's Favorite Restaurants, Paleo Parents

Stuff That’s Not Paleo (but I love it)

Wesley Loves Books on PaleoParents

Reading books: My First Superhero series, Pete the Cat, If You Give A series, Skippy John Jones series – “I like it when we read stories. I like reading books with you, Mommy.”

Wesley's Favorite Things, Paleo Parents

Hiss – “It’s my favorite game, I like to play it by myself.”

“Jumping on the Trampoline with my brothers!”

Guys! I like to play with all the guys and superheroes, like Imaginext Batman and Green Lantern and Batman Castle

Lego – “Playing LEGO and The Lego Movie because Batman is in it. He’s so funny, he says ‘I only work in black, and sometimes very very dark grey.’ That’s my favorite part. And with you. I like it when we play Lego games together!”

Wesley's Favorite Things, Paleo Parents

Wesley’s Words of Wisdom

Batman didn’t get strong by eating junk food. He ate eggs, and bacon, and worked hard to get strong. I eat healthy foods to help me get big like a giant so I can be strong too!

What do you think I would like to try?!

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  • Kelly

    A BIG thank you to all three boys for the awesome tips!!! I’m so excited to try your suggestions! 🙂

  • Carmen

    Thanks so much for your ideas Wesley! I’m sure my boys will love them too!

  • Krisia

    Super cute!!!!

  • Ami M. Lee

    Aww Wesley, That was an epic post! My little boys like Batman too and I think all of this great Batman info might help them enjoy eating healthy foods just like you and Batman. Thanks for working so hard on this post. We’re all very proud of you for an awesome job.

  • leslie

    Thesr are fantastic. My daughter looooves batman and batwoman (dad is nerdy comic book guy)! I think she would like that reasoning as a way to enjoy her food. She loves to say how big and strong she is, too!

  • Julie

    Thank you Wesley! My nephews are your age & like teenage mutant ninja turtles. They like to eat carrots too! Straight from the fridge:). Maybe I need to bring them some wholly guacamole to try!

  • Batman is my favorite superhero! I like carrots and guacamole, too! I’ll have to try those creamy coconut chocolate chip cookies; they sound yummy.

  • Alicia Schultz

    Oh man, these kid posts are so adorable. Thanks for continuing to share your family with us.

    Thanks Wes for sharing your words of wisdoms. I hope my son is as thoughtful as you someday.

  • Christine

    Great post, Wesley! I think I could go for some pancakes right about now!

  • Charlie 2 Years Old

    Thank you, Wesley, for your list. I love blueberries too, but I still have a hard time with my colors, so sometimes I forget and call them greenberries because green is my favorite color. I’m going to have my mom make the pancakes for Brinner night at our house.

  • Brittany Bach

    Wesley, you have great taste! Thanks for sharing your favs and setting a healthy example for others.

  • alyson

    Thanks for sharing Wesley! You’ll get big and strong like Mommy and Daddy eating like that. Good for you!

  • Tracy

    Great Job Wesley. My son MAx loves your great ideas

  • Amber

    Wesley, I have a little boy named Atticus who is 4 too! He like a lot of the same things as you, and now we have more fun things to try. Thank you and your parents for all your posts that help families like mine eat better and have fun.

  • Charmaine Taylor

    We love Skippyjon Jones! We went to see the play of Skippyjon Jones last year. We really liked the Bumblebeeto because he had bouncing shoes and his costume moved when he did. I wonder if Skippy will wver need to call on Batman for back-up…

  • Renee V.

    We are going to have our first baby in Feb. 16′ and I’d love some advice on raising little one Paleo. What kind of milk did you drink? What were Wes’ first foods (I know SAD mixes milk with rice/oat cereal)? Any tips, advice, articles, or stories would be the greatest. Also if you know other Paleo Bloggers that had babies other than Against All Grain’s Danielle and Liz Wolfe. THANK YOU!!!!

    • Hi Renee, thanks for reaching out and congratulations on the soon to be newest member of your family! I actually didn’t drink anything beyond coconut and almond milk with Wesley because I knew of my dairy intolerance by that point in my paleo journey. And yes, there are so many resources on the site that you will want to check out.

      Using the word ‘baby’ as a search item on the site, you will be able to scroll through so many posts that incorporate baby advice, tips and tools: http://paleoparents.com/?s=baby

      There are a number of podcasts recordings on baby related topics, ad a series of posts on baby led weaning that will offer some guidance on first foods. In fact, this episode of The Paleo View in particular is a wealth of tips on baby’s first foods: http://paleoparents.com/featured/tpv-podcast-episode-7-paleo-pregnancy/

      And finally, these lactation cookies are a breastfeeding must have: http://paleoparents.com/2011/video-blog-ep4-breastfeeding-qa-and-grain-free-lactation-cookies/

      Good luck with everything!

      • Renee V.

        Thank You!

  • Ria


    It’s so great to see that you have raised such a happy and healthy child and to see other parents believing in paleo for their children . My daughter is now 14 months old and has been a paleo baby since she started weaning onto solid foods .she is so happy, healthy and thriving ,

    My daughter has not once been sick or had a temperature either . She has been around many poorly children and her half brothers her frequently poorly and she doesn’t catch their illnesses . I strongly believe this is linked to the foods I give her and don’t give her .her gut/immune system is not comprised on a daily basis by eating grains/gluten etc . her baby friends are always mucusy and catching infections which is upsetting to see .

    this is a great blog !