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We were looking through old posts while putting together 3 Phase Paleo and found an old video from Cole and Stacy on our pantry from a couple years back. Hey! Remember when we tried to do videos? In addition to the memories of 6 year old Cole, we were also reminded of how different our pantry actually looks now. Not only is it in a different spot, but in those two years so much has become more convenient for your modern suburban paleoite!

There’s an entire section in 3 Phase Paleo that goes through our pantry items and tells you all the various products that we are using these days. We thought it might be interesting for you to take a peek in our larder and see what’s feeding our family these days!

First of all, do you remember what our kitchen actually looks like? Check out this old guest post we did for a quick peak at the layout of our kitchen. Since then we’ve expanded our storage shelving to the far corner of our kitchen on a set of IKEA shelves we were able to perfectly fit in an awkward corner. In 2011 our pantry was half empty because there we so few “products” we could find. Now, it’s a whole different story and we’ve doubled up on our storage space!

Paleo Parents Pantry 1

OOH! Look how organized! Do not be intimidated. I assure you that it is rarely this organized. We got it all perty since we knew you were coming to take a peak…


Here’s the thing. We know that many of you are just starting out or unsure in general on what the “rules” of paleo are. That’s why we wrote 3 Phase Paleo, to help you figure out what the rules are and how to navigate your family through them in a way that’s sustainable and right for your family. We see time and time again people set themselves up for failure by trying to do the cold-turkey, all-or-nothing method. And for our family, that just doesn’t work.

That said, some of the items in our pantry might be cost prohibitive or perhaps you don’t want them or you don’t like a specific brand. Great; we’re glad you found out what works for you! Our point is to show you how our family makes this work – we have found “short-cuts” that are easier for us, and yes they cost a little more. If you want to make your own nut butters, almond flour, etc. by all means go for it. But if we did all that, we’d never have time for much else.

Since one of the most frequent questions we get is on short-cuts and making this work for a family, we thought a picture tutorial through our pantry would help everyone out. So get ready, we’re revealing all today. And if you want more information on what all these products are, how we use them, and what kinds of things can be substituted we cover all of that in 3 Phase Paleo. And this week (launch week) the eBook purchase also includes discount codes to some of these very products and vendors we love!

We wanted you to check out how we did this, so lets’ break it down by section!

Paleo Parents Pantry 2

Upper Left!

Paleo Parents Pantry 3

Lower Left!

Paleo Parents Pantry 4

Upper Right!

Paleo Parents Pantry

Middle Right!

Paleo Parents Pantry 5

Bottom Right!

We hope you enjoyed this trip into our pantry! For more information on how to stock your kitchen and what replacement foods are out there for you, check out our new ebook 3 Phase Paleo!

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  • Jefferson

    I love the mason jars full of healthy munchies… It makes them look so appetizing and no doubt keeps them fresh. Great idea..

    • Wendy C. Wood

      I had the same thought!

  • Laci Garza

    I can’t believe that everything on this list is a link!!! I love how easy you made it to find the things I’m missing! You guys are the best!

  • Jamee

    I want your pantry!

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing – it’s helpful to see a paleo pantry done right 🙂

  • Katie

    Love it! Curious, do you give your kids free reign with all of this or do they need permission/have limits?

    • No – they ask before they do pretty much anything in our house, food included 😉 They know if they want fruit they also need protein. So they’ll ask for nuts with dried fruit or apple with sunbutter or paleo cookie with hard boiled egg.

  • Diane

    Thanks for posting! I was relieved to see that your pantry looks a lot like my pantry – except your cookbook collection totally trumps mine 🙂 We have three kids also, so I don’t think there is any way to not have some processed/packaged food available to them for quick munchies, emergency trip road snacks and lunches.

    • I’m so grateful for all the products now available that are made JUST like how I’d make them at home – minimally processed and made with whole food ingredients. Nothing wrong with that, IMO! 🙂

  • Steph Cormier

    So envious of your gorgeous pantry! Helpful to see the condiments and snacks you have 🙂

  • Karyn

    We can’t afford too many packaged items but, boy, do they look delicious! Question – do you have problems storing your flours on the shelf? I’ve been storing mine in the fridge, I guess to avoid the nut flours going rancid(?) but I would rather have that fridge space back. Or do you only store a little bit on the shelf and freeze the rest?

    • We store small amounts on the shelf, as they do better for baking if they are room temperature, and then freeze the rest. A chest freezer is an invaluable tool so that you can buy in bulk and save money. We use ours to store our bulk meat and also flours and nuts and things.

      • Karyn

        That’s true – didn’t think of the better cooking being at room temperature. I do have a chest freezer, so, time to reclaim my fridge space!

        BTW, congrats on the upcoming book. I have done a Whole30 and it was valuable to “kick start” but I think the step-by-step approach is more valuable in the long run and/or with getting the whole family on board. Or when you’re overwhelmed with pregnancy and can’t bear to deal with “ripping the band-aid off”, like me!

  • jmcevoy

    What’s your take on canned fruits? We buy them packed in 100% juice for convenience and because they are so much cheaper. We still buy as much fresh produce as possible, just wondering how bad it is to eat canned every now and then? Or frozen for that matter. Thanks!

    • We aren’t paleo perfectionsists. If using canned fruits helps you with your budget and helps you eat more fruits and veggies, go for it. 🙂 If possible, try to by organic and BPA free cans. Frozen is a good resource too, and usually organic frozen fruits and veggies are inexpensive.