Weekday Fun-Do! Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Nothing gets the kids excited more than making sweets in the kitchen.  Add dipping delicious berries on sticks to the mix and you’ll have yourself ecstatic little ones.  Since a friend at work had a birthday this week and I knew she wasn’t eating dairy or grains, I offered to bring in dark chocolate covered strawberries instead of the traditional office cake.  Needless to say, the boys were happy to help!

Weekday Fun-Do! Chocolate Covered Strawberries



  1. Making chocolate covered strawberries isn't particularly hard, so I kind of winged it. Stacy called me at about One P.M. and told me the plan, so I didn't have time to go for any higher cacao content than 60% dark chocolate chips, available at our local grocery store.
  2. I melted about a pound (use less for less strawberries) of it in a double boiler on the stove top with two tablespoons of palm shortening (helps the chocolate to set and harden). You could add a flavor extract at that point if you wished, but I did not.
  3. As I got grocery store strawberries, they did not have the long stems that you would usually use for this process. Instead the boys and I skewered them for the dipping. We ended up dipping 3 lbs. of strawberries. Pop the sticks off and they're hard and ready to eat in 15-30 minutes.

Then… try to have patience while the chocolate sets!

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