We Wanna Be Your Homie!

It was brought to our attention that we were nominated for a The Homie awards over at The Kitchn. It’s an awesome honor and we’re very proud to represent both the Best Family & Kid Blog as well as the Best Healthy Cooking Blog! Wow – thank you! That said, can we ask a favor?

We’d LOVE your vote (if you like our blog) in the Best Family & Kid Blog category. There are some AWESOME fellow paleo bloggers in the Best Healthy Cooking Blog that we feel do an excellent job representing the movement as being delicious, healthful and beautiful foods. There are not, however, any top rated blogs focused on health in the Best Family & Kid Blog category.

The Homies Award for Best Family & Kid Blog to PaleoParents

Since winning this award garners much attention throughout the internet – not just in paleo circles – it would be fantastic if we as a community could rally to take over all of The Homies categories! So make sure you vote for a paleo person in Best Food Photography and Best Recipe Blog, too. Previous winners include The Clothes Make the Girl and Nom Nom Paleo – it is sincerely an honor to have been nominated aside the likes of them and the other fantastic bloggers nominated.

To ease your concerns about the complications of voting, you do need to register with The Kitchn. But, they won’t spam you and you can even use an existing Facebook or Twitter account to register. It took me less than 30 seconds to vote myself, so click this link and please go vote!

And, for those new to this blog because you found us listed as a nominee, here are some of our favorite on-topic posts!

Thanks to everyone – sincerely. It means so much that we are a part of your life and look forward to many more months & years together as an online family ♥

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  • The Real Deal

    To get votes you need to walk the walk. Everyone I know who has taken on the Paleo lifestyle looks incredibly fit. That is what Paleo is about, getting back to the way we were meant to be; fit, mobile and incredibly healthy from the inside out. It is not only what you put in your mouth. You might have great recipes but then I look at you and see a real disconnect, “Are your recipes and what you pontificate really Paleo?” There are many great blogs out there that deserve votes for being healthy. Those blogs don’t raise the Paleo-flag because it’s the latest & greatest and make it into a Fad-Diet to market and become a ‘guru’like you are trying to do. If you’re so Paleo, why don’t you look it?

    • I realize you’re probably a troll simply seeking to stir the pot and that this e-mail probably isn’t real. I shouldn’t spend my time on a response, but in the event you’re a real person with a genuine question – here is where you’ll find all the answers to that question: http://paleoparents.com/our-before-after-story/about-stacy/

    • Jaime

      Really, if you having nothing nice to say, do not write anything at all! You should never judge a person from the outside. Just because they dont “look” paleo doesnt mean they dont live a genuine paleo lifestyle.

    • And there are people who look really fit who subsist off of junk food….I think genes have something to do with it too

    • Ing

      What a ridiculous thing to say. Even you refer to “GETTING back to the we were meant to be.” Take a look at the before and after pics. Unless you have lost over 100 lbs you are a far cry from Stacy’s example. If going from obesity to freaking crossfit isn’t an example of “GETTING BACK to the way we were meant to be” I’m not sure what is. Also, getting back to basics and “the way we were meant to be” can also include not being spiteful. Just a thought. And by the way- if you’re so opposed to this why are you even reading it? What a sad waste of time to read a blog you don’t even agree with; guess that fact alone answers the question of whether or not you’re a troll. Get a life.

  • Jaime

    I voted! And to the person who made such an inappropriate comment, Stacey and Matt work very hard at what they do. Just because they dont “look” paleo does not mean they dont live a genuine Paleo style. Everyones body is different and sometimes the healing process takes longer for some of us. I love this blog and you guys rock! Cant wait for the second cookbook!

  • Not really sure what “the real deal” is all about. Perhaps they will post some photos of themselves making even more amazing progress in their battle with obesity. (not that it would prove much of anything) It’s too bad that Paleo has become known as a fad, since it takes something away from a simple idea about healthy living that goes beyond nutrition. As far as I’m concerned the work Stacy and Matt are doing is a pretty good example of how you can live a genuine life in the modern world that embraces the notion of eating real foods. If you think the real recipient of this award ought to be another site, why not put forth a debatable argument for that site, rather than taking cheap shots at a family who cares about something enough to do something about it. If it makes you feel good to put people down, by all means take a few shots at me. I’ve been eating like this for a while and I’m still overweight, 65lbs lighter than I used to be, way fitter and stronger than I used to be, but hey walking the walk only moves you down the road at a certain pace.

  • Shaina

    I didn’t realize you had to look a certain way to ” be paleo :p I thought it was a lifestyle! I don’t think people realize that some people have to work extra hard to get the same results that come so easy to some. Some of us have underlying issues that make it hard to lose weight despite a strict paleo lifestyle. You would think that the fact that we keep pushing forward despite the constant challenges should be something to applaud! I’m so thankful that Stacie and Matt have decided to be real and share their ups AND downs with us. They have truly been an inspiration to me!!

  • Linda G

    Now that the Whole30 is over at work, my much younger coworkers indeed “look Paleo” and are having fun strutting around the office showing off their new bods. But now they have to cook for themselves. They spent a small fortune buying a company’s pre-made Paleo meals to get through the challenge.

    I brought in several resources for them to look through, including ELAD, and they were overwhelmed. “You eat like this all the time?” more than one of them asked, and I nodded, “yes.” “Isn’t it expensive?” they queried. “Worth the added expense,” I replied. Then, the inevitable look, up and down my body. At age 57, I eat this way to help with an autoimmune condition–so the positive results are not necessarily “visible.”The negative judgment in their eyes was palpable.

    Their reaction only stung for a monent. I’m the only one I need to please, and I’m fine with the person who looks back at me in the mirror. I know how far she’s come.

    I wish them success, but I fear the effort involved to cook and prepare good food will prove too much for them.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m listening.

  • Cathy Silverman

    Stacy I LOVE having a person who has had the same struggles as me succeeding on this WOE. Yes there are other sites out there. I have 2 teenage girls and a husband. I’ve struggled with cancer, PCOS, and morbid obesity. I work and run a house and am involved in my community. You are the person I can relate too and who is succeeding! I am down from 380 last year to 290 in one year. People like you keep me going and make me BELIEVE I can do this! Will I ever have six pack abs, probably not, do I care no. But I have no pain in my hands anymore. My kids have clear skin my husband has had me replace 2 belts. Thank you for putting yourself out there and being there for people like me. HUGS!!!!