TPV Podcast, Episode 99: Madelyn Moon

Our ninety-ninth show!

Ep. 99: Madelyn Moon

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Madelyn Moon to discuss health and how the definition of health varies from person to person

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 99: Madelyn Moon

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Canada is better for Sarah because The Paleo Approach Cookbook is officially printing
    • The book went to print the same day as Sarah’s sister-in-law’s bridal shower, and from there the wedding festivities were in full force before Sarah’s family drove to her mother-in-law’s house – the impact of the book being done hasn’t yet set in since they have been so busy
    • Sarah’s next project is to focus on better work-life balance and to live without deadlines, she also wants to get into horseback riding and connect with nature
    • Next week will be a special show to celebrate the 100th episode where Stacy and Sarah will be answering any question that fans have – submit questions on either social media or through Stacy’s or Sarah’s comment forms
    • Stacy shared on realizing the importance of work-life balance and how book writing impacted her and Matt’s priorities
    • Sarah and Stacy shared on what setting yourself up for success means to them – think about what success means to you
    • Welcome to this week’s guest Madelyn Moon (14:33)
      • Her blog is
      • Her podcast is Mind Body Musings
      • Madelyn is very passionate about helping women with body dysmorphia , disordered eating and the emotional struggles related to food
      • More about Madelyn:
        • Suffered from obsessive dieting and body dysmorphia for as long as she can remember
        • She is an all or nothing person and became obsessed with her body and her weight when she discovered the world of dieting
        • She got involved with body building and became obsessed with building her composition and developing even more rigid rules around food
        • Between her two body building competitions she discovered paleo and didn’t quite understand the eating for health aspect just yet, but looked to paleo as a vehicle for weight-loss
        • When she got involved with another fitness competition she realized how unhealthy and unhappy she was and decided to overhaul her life
        • She found a way to develop self-love and to make that her primary focus
    • Sarah reflected on what is actually healthy for most women and how each individual must set their own definition of health
    • Madelyn shared more on her history with modeling, body dysmorphia, diet structure and the impact of feedback from those around you
    • Stacy shared on her struggles to look beyond the numbers on the scale and to base her health on how she feels, performs, lives, etc.
    • Madelyn reflected on fitness competitions and what happens when we look to others when defining our self-worth
    • Sarah hopes that listeners will scrutinize their goals and priorities, and adjust their mindsets when thinking about what is healthy
    • Madelyn wants to stress to the listeners to not be afraid to change, and to listen to your heart and what you need from your life and in your life
  • Don’t forget to check out Sarah’s upcoming book signing events!
  • Send those questions in for episode 100 of The Paleo View!
  • Special thanks to Madelyn Moon for joining us for this week’s show!
  • Outro (53:50)

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