TPV Podcast, Episode 378: Did you know? (Current Events)

On this week’s episode, Stacy and Sarah catch up on life’s latest happenings. The hosts also share a ‘did you know’ round-up covering everything from the things happening in the personal care products industry, to favorite family-friendly shows, to solar panel household additions, Black Friday deals and more. Enjoy!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 378: Did you know? (Current Events)

Welcome back to The Paleo View – episode 378. (0:40)

Today Stacy and Sarah plan to talk about some current events.

Stacy wanted to take a moment to thank the imperfect Skype for being there for 378 episodes.

Before jumping in, Stacy shared a side tangent on a podcast Matt has taken to listening to with the boys, where they use the show to read funny reviews.

Sarah shared some thoughts on the proper use of puns.

This show is Stacy’s fault. Sarah has a lot going on and is about to travel, so Stacy decided to take the reins.

Stacy and Sarah are both going to share about what they have going on, and things that are going on in the world that is interesting and fun to explore.

It is almost like rapid-fire, but The Paleo View style banter that is not at all fast.


Sarah’s Updates

Sarah is leaving for San Francisco the morning after this episode is recorded, and by the time this show airs she will be back home.

She will be giving a public lecture on the gut microbiome for Cider Health Care Systems Institute of Health and Healing.

Sarah thinks she overcommitted with her travel itinerary this year.

At the start of 2020, Sarah is also doing a three-day workshop in San Jose, CA in February.

In the midst of this all, Sarah is still trying to wrap up her Gut Microbiome book.

There are still some tickets left for the San Jose workshop, so if you are interested, you can purchase those here.

This will be the last trip Sarah will plan for awhile.

Eventually, when the book releases, there will be a book tour, with very limited stops.

The next section of the AIP lecture series is coming up in March, but Sarah wants to make time for even more projects that excite her.

Even though Sarah loves public speaking, it is not a smart use of her time right now.

Stacy stressed the importance that we all need to prioritize the things that make us feel our best.

It was a difficult decision for Sarah to make to not attend Paleo Fx in 2020.

Sarah shared the way that she got crystal clear about her expectations and goals, and is aligning with those.

For the first time in a long time, Sarah feels optimistic about the way she is structuring her time.

Stacy feels like healthy living is all about constant reevaluations. It is a process of constant learning and evolution.


Stacy’s Updates

For today’s ‘did you know’ episode Stacy is going to share on a new bill for preventing greenwashing on personal care products.

Stacy referred to this previous podcast episode when they discussed personal product care safety act.

Stacy recently went to California for more training on this, as this is her full-time job.

She specifically works with BeautyCounter, but she also works with a lot of other brands who are things safer.

If you have any questions about all of that stuff, this is where Stacy has gone with her lifestyle and her expanding journey.

If you want to try safer samples or anything, Stacy does offer those.

Just send Stacy an email at and put in the subject, ‘BeautyCounter sample’.

Be sure to include details on what you are currently using and what your goals are.

Stacy loves to troubleshoot with people both on skincare and lifestyle.

Sarah and Stacy discussed their love for the Overnight Resurfacing Peel, which you can still get for free in the month of November.

If you are loving BeautyCounter, there is a half-price enrollment special through the 17th.

Sarah’s birthday will be taking place when this show airs.

In honor of her recent 8th blogiversary celebration, Sarah wrote a post about her personal journey as a blogger.

Sarah reflected on the journey Stacy and Sarah have been on together since this podcast launched.

They have both been able to find their voices in the community and the change they want to affect in the world.

One of the things that amaze Sarah about Stacy’s journey is that she has been able to channel her passion for healthy living in a way that impacts people whether they are Paleo or not.

The work Stacy is doing is not just about BeautyCounter, it is about the regulations that go into personal care products.

It has been a journey for Stacy.


The Personal Care Product Industry

Stacy does want to take a moment to discuss where the personal care industry is.

People have this idea that natural is safe.

Stacy has been diving into the science and explanation for years now so that she could be a leading voice in the personal care products conversation.

This second bill won’t go to committee until they want to spend the resources for a committee to look into it.

The Personal Care Safety Product Act has some interesting components to it and Stacy shared more on why companies are lobbying hard around this one.

Stacy thinks the Natural Cosmetics Act will go through faster, even though the other one has been around longer.

The second one only seeks to define what terms mean.

This one is sponsored by representative Sean Maloney from New York.

Stacy read a press release more on this act, which you can read in full here.

Sarah and Stacy discussed their concerns around the way in which we breathe in and absorb (through the skin) the toxic ingredients in the products we use.

Stacy’s passion is to educate people on the reality that you cannot trust the labels you read.

What you can do is scan products in your own house, or products you are considering buying, using the app EWG.

If these bills go through, it is a lot less of a burden to the consumer since you won’t have to do all this research.

The Personal Care Product Safety Act’s goal is to strengthen human health by testing the ingredients.

If you are interested in asking your representatives to support either of these bipartisan bills, BeautyCounter has created a textbot to help you do this.

Text ‘BETTERBEAUTY’ to 528886.


The Clean Fifteen & Dirty Dozen

Stacy asked Sarah if she knew that the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen changes every year.

Sarah noted that these lists also look at trends and the types of foods that make it onto the list frequently.

EWG does a great job of empowering people with knowledge.

Sarah feels that they have a balanced approach to their feedback and recommendations.

This year’s clean fifteen includes: Avocados, Sweet Corn, Pineapple, Sweet Peas frozen, onions, papaya, eggplants, asparagus, kiwis, cauliflower, cantaloupes, broccoli, mushrooms, honeydew melon

This year’s dirty dozen includes: strawberries, spinach, kale, nectarines, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, tomatoes, celery, potato, + hot peppers

Just because something isn’t classified as organic, it doesn’t mean that the farmer didn’t use a variation of safety practices.

Be sure to ask your local farmers about their practices.



Did you know that there is now an EWG verified perfume?

The company is called Henry Rose.

There are five perfumes and they are fragrance-free.


Solar Panels

Did you know that there is a 30% tax credit for the installation of solar power on your home?

Sarah did know this because her family has been going through a big shift at home to swap to more earth-friendly practices.

Sarah does want to make the switch, but the timing isn’t right for her household just yet.

Matt has been doing the research on this as they prepare to move to a new house.

Switching to solar will save you $400 per kilowatt per year; an average 5KW system will save a homeowner $2000/year. 

Sarah and her husband are looking at possibly moving, so they aren’t sure if investing in the solar panels makes the most sense.

Stacy referred listeners to this podcast episode for more information on Sarah and Stacy’s earth-friendly practices.


Climate Trends

Stacy asked Sarah if she knew that September 2019 was earth’s hottest month ever, specifically North Ameria.

On July 31, Greenland lost eleven billion tons of ice.

A lot of this goes back to why Stacy and Sarah make the choices they do, with the goal to lower their carbon footprint.

Sarah’s family has the mantra, ‘but the planet’ and she shared on how this mindset has impacted her lifestyle and family’s choices.

Branch Basics is a product that Stacy and Sarah both cannot say enough good things about.

You can use the code ‘ThePaleoView’ to get 20% off your Branch Basics set orders.


Black Friday

A lot of Stacy and Sarah’s favorite brands will be running Black Friday sales, and they will be telling people all about their favorites.

Simply subscribe to their newsletters to catch those details.

Stacy is offering an exclusive special that only she is offering with BeautyCounter.

To subscribe to Sarah’s, visit this link.

To subscribe to Stacy’s, visit this link.


Family-Friendly Shows

Did you know that there are a lot of family-friendly shows that help educate about topics like food, health and more?

Below is a list of Stacy’s recommended shows:

Planet Earth, Netflix

Rotten, Netflix

Explained, Netflix

Diagnosis, Netflix

Food, Delicious Science, Netflix

The Paleo Way, Netflix

Final Table, Netflix

Nile Red, YouTube


Queer Eye

Great British Baking Show


Closing Thoughts

Stacy and Sarah hope you enjoyed this week’s episode.

If you have suggested topics or questions please be sure to do that by using the contact forms on both Stacy and Sarah’s sites.

Stacy wants Sarah to cover one of her questions – why do we not feel good after we travel?

Again, Stacy and Sarah love hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

The contact forms on the site are the best ways to touch base, but social media works if you need to use those channels instead.

Thanks for listening – Stacy and Sarah will be back next week!

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