TPV Podcast, Episode 313: The Bone Broth Show Part 2

Ep. 313: The Bone Broth Show Part 2

In this episode, it’s been years since we’ve talked about it, so let’s rediscover how much bone broth rules!


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 313: The Bone Broth Show Part 2

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  • News and Views (0:40)
      • Sarah’s kids are back at school! Time is now SQUINCHED!
    • Rapid Fire Broth Questions!
      • Can I reuse bones, and if yes how many times?
        • Until they are crumbly! With chicken this might be one time
        • First time is more collagen, more times is more minerals.
      • Mine never gels! To gel or not to gel, does it really matter?
        • Not really. It just means more collagen in the broth. You’d need a lot of skin or connective tissue to get gelling or more concentration
        • Try chicken feet or pig feet or ox tail or ham hocks or chicken heads if you want that. And it’s cheap!
        • Tip: skim off the scum that rises after ten minutes or dump and refill after ten minutes for a better, less bitter broth!
      • Is two hours really long enough for broth in the the instant pot?
        • That would be fine, but we do several cycles of two hours for best broth. 2 for chicken, 4 for beef
        • Divide by four for what you would do on the stove top.
      • How can you consume bone broth with a histamine intolerance?
        • Histamine is created by immune cells in an allergic reaction.
        • Lots of food contain histamine, particularly meat foods. Its converted histadine
        • In The Paleo Approach, Sarah has a list of every food that has been tested for histamine. But there is no study that has broth as a high histamine food!
        • If you’re having problems, make your own from cold bones and don’t keep it at room temperature.
        • Check out our collagen show for more!
      • I’m struggling with the taste, any tips? When do I add my veggies when making it?
        • Make sure you’re skimming or dumping the bitter scum!
        • Don’t add your veggies too soon! Only in the last hour of cooking!
        • Take the fat off, but don’t reuse it! That fat is oxidized and not good for eating!
        • Try different kinds of broth! Any animal will make a broth!
        • Salt your broth so it’s not so bland!
        • And if you don’t want to drink a mug of broth, that’s totally fine too! Add it to recipes, make soup!
      • Do you need apple cider vinegar to make broth and if yes, why?
        • No you don’t! It’s supposed to help demineralize bones. But you’re not adding enough to actually do anything.
        • And it doesn’t add free glutamate either
      • Does it matter if I buy the more expensive, or will any bone broth do? Are there bone broths as good as homemade?
        • Kettle and Fire, of course! It’s made with real grass fed bones.
        • Keep in mind that broth is not nutrient rich. It’s for the collagen mostly! You need a quality base for that broth.
      • When drinking broth is there any other ingredient needed to aid in the absorption?
        • Check out the amino acid show! You’ll absorb the amino acids very well with broth.
      • If you forget your broth overnight is it spoiled?
        • Did it simmer over night or was it off and sitting?
        • Hey! Just boil it for ten minutes to disinfect.
        • The important thing is are there food particles in there? Because bacteria needs something to cling to.
      • How often should you drink/cook with it to have gut health benefits?
        • Depends on the overall quality of your diet! Are you getting a lot of other collagen?
        • For AIP people, Sarah says 1/2 C per day
        • Take whatever applies to your life and make that a habit!
      • Why is it now so popular when it’s been around forever?
        • Because it’s amazing!
        • Stacy noticed it started its revival when Brodo started in New York City
        • Plus it has been popularized by GAPS diet and Weston A. Price Foundation as well.
        • It’s also a way to use your food more!
        • Stacy recommends Hungry Harvest as well
      • Is it true that microwaving kills the good stuff?
        • Absolutely not! It’s the same as heating any other way!
    • Get your questions in! We want to hear from you! And there’s no end to questions we can answer and topics we can address!
    • Engage on social media! That’s how we get feedback!
    • Thank you for listening!



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