TPV Podcast, Episode 283: Handling Critics, Conflicts and Vegans

Ep. 283: Handling Critics, Conflicts and Vegans

In this episode, we talk about conflicts with people, especially vegans, about the paleo diet and how to defend your choices.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 283:  Handling Critics, Conflicts and Vegans

  • News and Views (0:41)
    • Wow! It’s been 5 and a half years of podcasting! We’ve really evolved over these years!
    • Reminder about Sarah’s AIP Lecture series!
    • We’re in the season where you’ll encounter well meaning people who want to challenge your diet choices and there’s a ton of new vegan propaganda documentaries out there.
    • Sarah’s takedown of What the Health is here.
    • Sarah thinks that Stacy, a reformed vegetarian, might have insight on how to handle social situations
  • Monique says (10:09), “Hi Stacy and Sarah! Thanks for your amazing work in promoting health and wellness. I am not new to Paleo and have been a fan of you both for a while but only recently started listening to your podcasts on my daily walks.  So, my question is this: how do you approach vegetarians, vegans, or pro-plant based people in a social setting who talk smack about the Paleo diet and claim that meat eaters are unhealthy, sluggish, ignorant, selfish, etc? I usually either get mad and start going off about how they overload on grains and don’t actually eat a lot of vegetables compared to Paleo, say nothing, or talk about how a diet based in vegetables, fruits, and animal protein has drastically changed my life for the better. I don’t necessarily have a problem with vegetarianism/veganism (I have a couple of meatless meals per week), but it’s not a lifestyle that’s sustainable and healthiest for me full time – a Paleo template is. What is your way of approaching these situations?”
    • If someone is aggressive and trolly at you, don’t engage! It won’t turn out well.
    • And sometimes you have to agree to disagree.
    • If someone is vegetarian for religious reasons, we don’t think it’s appropriate to question it.
    • Stacy is reminded of eating with Matt as a vegetarian and being repulsed by his rare burger. They eventually changed their views due to intellectual exploration.
    • There is common ground on animal welfare between paleo and vegans. We both want animals to live as close to natural lives as possible and to live cruelty-free lives.
    • Also, growing corn, soy and wheat is hard on the planet.
    • Beef is better than chicken, too. You take fewer lives per meal and its better for you.
    • Sarah points out that eating nose to tail is more respectful, less wasteful and better for your health
    • Sarah considers paleo to be a plant based diet and is shocked that some paleo people think you only need meat. The evidence is very strong that we are omnivores!
    • Stacy is reminded of her brother, the twinkie vegan. He’s only interested in not eating animals, not in health benefits.
    • Break down what’s most important to the other person and address it from their concerns. Listen to what they have to say!
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  • Outro (42:46)

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