TPV Podcast, Episode 127: Hashimoto’s Disease

Ep. 127, Hashimoto’s Disease

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah have a part-two discussion on autoimmune diseases, specifically Hashimoto’s, and are joined by Mickey Trescott to help answer questions related to weight-loss when one has Hashimoto’s disease.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 127, Hashimoto’s Disease

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Stacy is not feeling well, but thinks she brought this one on herself
    • Sarah is back at Crossfit and incredibly excited about it
    • This week’s guest is Mickey to help us have a part-2 discussion on autoimmune diseases, specifically Hashimoto’s
    • Sarah will be starting IV nutritional therapy
    • More from Mickey
  • Science with Sarah (25:30)
    • What the thyroid does and why there are certain symptoms of hyperthyroidism
    • The red flags and why of weight gain with Hashimoto’s
    • Tests to confirm
  • Questions & Answers (44:35)
    • Cali – belly aches have returned despite improvement when first going AIP, thoughts on how to figure out what caused the return?
    • Molly – appear to be unable to lose weight despite how deep she is digging into her health and lab tests – thoughts on what other paths to explore?
  • Thank you Mickey for coming on this week’s show!
  • Outro (1:18:01)

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