TPV Podcast, Episode 270: Lady Gaga and Taking Care of Yourself

Ep. 270: Lady Gaga and Taking Care of Yourself

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about Lady Gaga and her health issues and how we can learn from her hectic lifestyle potentially causing her trouble.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 270: Lady Gaga and Taking Care of Yourself

  • News and Views (0:41)
    • We have put out one episode every week for 270 weeks in a row!
    • This week’s episode is about Lady Gaga on her new Netflix special Gaga: Five Foot Two (Warning for boobs)
    • Gaga has had autoimmune diseases, Fibromyalgia that have affected her touring and health.
    • She could get up for her shows with the adrenaline rush, but her health was always declining.
    • She also said her thyroid medication was “unrelated” to her health issues (but it’s probably not!)
    • There have been rumors floating about concerning her maybe being paleo. She uses words that are adjacent to paleo without ever saying paleo.
    • (By the way, Sarah is totally like Lady Gaga.)
    • Sarah relates because she is also constantly derailed by lifestyle factors.
    • You need to keep up with health and activity and stress to keep yourself healthy! But we always convince ourselves they aren’t important! Diet is much easier than slowing yourself down.
    • Reaching for crutches (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, other comforts) is often seen when your lifestyle isn’t in order.
    • It’s important to listen to your body throughout the day, not just on the highs where you feel great.
    • Sarah handles this by setting up rules for herself: she has a bedtime, she caters her dedicated exercise schedules to how she’s feeling, and focuses on diet when her stress is high, and cuts back on activities she agrees to when she’s stressed.
    • Putting out health issues is better for the public understanding of them. It reminds Stacy of Selena Gomez having a kidney transplant this summer. Use celebrities to talk health with your loved ones.
    • Autoimmune diseases are isolation so seeing a public figure suffering makes people feel better.
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  • Outro (53:09)

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