TPV Podcast, Episode 215: Introducing Real Everything!

Ep. 215: Introducing Real Everything!


In this episode, Stacy introduces the new reinvention of Paleo Parents! Welcome to the new site: REAL EVERYTHING!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 215: Introducing Real Everything!

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
  • Introducing Real Everything!
    • We’ve moved everything over to the new site, but Paleo Parents still exists!
    • We polled our audience and they describe us mainly as “REAL” and we were inspired by that!
    • We won’t be suddenly releasing recipes that aren’t “paleo”, but we are trying to expand what we talk about. We’re more than just a food blog!
    • Get up on Thirsty Brain you guys! First episode released last night!
    • We might even brush against religion or politics. Uh oh!
    • It’s all just so that we can be more of ourselves.
    • Are we brave enough? Hopefully! You’ll still love us, right?
    • We’re not only paleo, we’re not only parents. We’re interesting real people!
    • Don’t worry, we still eat paleo. We still use the word paleo. We still do the Paleo View!
    • Real Everything is live right now!
    • Tune in on Saturday as we kick off a week of giveaways and excitement!
    • And hey, we designed our website ourselves!
  • Outro (38:49)


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